Boys Basketball: Edwards leads Mission to home victory over Lowell

Mission senior forward Miles Prescott (right) pushes the ball up the court against Lowell on Friday at Mission High School. (Photo by Clarivel Fong)

Mission senior forward Miles Prescott (right) pushes the ball up the court against Lowell on Friday at Mission High School. (Photo by Clarivel Fong)

By Bonta Hill

Mission High School forward Gione Edwards slumped through the non-league season, as off-the-court issues plagued his on-court performance and nearly got him cut from the team.

But since Academic Athletic Association league play began, Edwards has shaken off the issues and has catapulted himself into the conversation for City Player of the Year.

Edwards played a key role again for the Bears, with 21 points and 17 rebounds in Mission’s 66-54 victory over visiting Lowell on Friday.

Mission junior guard Antoine Porter leans in for a jumper against Lowell on Friday at Mission High School. (Photo by Clarivel Fong)

“We took [our first] loss at Galileo hard, so we were really focused in on Lowell,” Edwards said. “Things were looking shaky for me in the preseason, and for this team after [the Galileo game], but me and the other captains called a team meeting. We’re just trying to win and get back to the championship.”

Lowell head coach Rob Ray was pleased with his team’s effort, but a slew of missed lay-ups and 21 turnovers doomed the Cardinals.

“I’d say we missed seven, eight lay-ups [and] had some turnovers, which Mission makes you do, but I’m happy with what happened out here today,” Ray said. “We’re going into a new direction and we’re going to do what we want to do, and not be afraid to go up and down the court. I’m still proud of the kids effort tonight.”

Lowell jumped ahead 12-11 in the first quarter, but Mission went on a 9-0 run to close the quarter with a 20-12 lead.

The Cardinals again took a lead in the second quarter, when Lowell guard Jonathon Li’s 3-point play gave them a 26-25 advantage, but the Bears forced five turnovers in the last two minutes of the half, leading to a 37-29 Mission lead at the half.

Edwards had 14 points and ten rebounds at the break and Lowell didn’t get closer the rest of the way.

Mission junior guard Kevin Murray, who was benched by head coach Arnold Zelaya in the first half due to issues in the classroom, started the third quarter and made his presence felt immediately, scoring eight points in the frame while Mission increased its lead to 53-42 by the end of the third quarter.

Mission led by as many as 17 points in in the final quarter, before turnovers allowed the Cardinals to cut into the deficit late.

Zelaya, who had to sit other players for disciplinary reasons in Mission’s loss to Galileo on Tuesday, still wants to see his team play a complete game.

“I still feel like we’re only playing well in spurts, but we got the win,” Zelaya said. “The goal here – since I’ve been here – is to get to the championship [game] and win it. Last year, we fell short with this group and it’s still fresh in my mind, and hopefully it’s still fresh in [the team’s] mind.”

As for Edwards, Zelaya spoke highly of the senior and has commended him on his effort to overcome his personal struggles.

“Gione has been carrying us and is probably playing better than anybody in [the] league.” Zelaya said. “He went through a lot of non-league issues and he was one of the guys I was going to cut loose, but we had a long talk, he’s answered the challenge and he’s become the most consistent player on our team.”

Scoring Summary

Gione Edwards – 21
Laron Davis – 13
Kevin Murray – 10
Antoine Porter – 7
Miles Prescott – 7

Jonathon Li – 11
Jorell Cacatian – 9
Jackson Miao – 9
Avery Nicastro-Aikman – 7
Max Pollard – 6

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24 Comments on "Boys Basketball: Edwards leads Mission to home victory over Lowell"

  1. Ok JB and BH, I’m woke this morning So hopefully my comments will be on point. I was a little off yesterday; especially after the 12 hour mark….

    I was hoping Lowell would’ve pulled this off. I’m really pulling for some upsets by the Neff division. I can see that we’re beginning to make some noise against the Lang division. Perfect example, Gal almost beat Marshall. Burton lost by only ten points to Lincoln and Bal (although they could’ve beaten Bal in my estimation).

    But it was a good game by both. Mission is a great team and still my pick to win it all this year

  2. Looking at the pic of Mission’s gym got me thinking. I must be getting up there in age. I remember when I was playing, Mission played their home games at the Mission rec center and Gal played thier home games at the gym in the Presidio. Now both schools play their home games on campus. The only thing that hasn’t changed is Wallenberg playing their games at Kezar.

    O’Connell didn’t have a bball team back then either, but it’s good that they’re able to field one now.

  3. Gione Edwards should’ve went to SI

    • Seems like he made the right choice to me. At least his team is in a better position to win the championship than SI is. He obviously wanted to win!

      • So the basketball players that choose to go to SI, want to lose?

        • You took my comment out of context. That might be my fault since I probably wasn’t clear enough.

          What I’m saying is that SI is underachieving and probably won’t win any sort of championship this year. Mitty or SHC will probably take the WCAL. Mission is the best team in the AAA and are the heavy favorites to win the championship.

          Of course SI doesn’t want to lose. However, the changes that need to be made to turn their season around have yet to be made (seemingly). Mission, on the other hand, is running strong and are definately playoff bound. So, looking at it from a championship calliber team standpoint, he made the right decision to go to Mission.

        • yes, SI is weak

      • Lets face it, a WCAL championship means more than a AAA one does. The league has way more depth.

        • all it means is some people goes to private school and some goes to public. it has nothing to do with which has better players. there are some very great talented palyers in AAA and there is some great players in WCAL.

        • Your comment is a half-truth. The WCAL championship means more to those in the WCAL. The AAA championship means more to those who are in the AAA. Depth has nothing to do with it. Now, if this conversation was about which league were stronger, then you can say depth plays a part in it. However, the value of the leagues respective championships is based upon which league you play for and/or support.

  4. In your eyes it mayb but a championship is still a championship. Regardless of what league. Cause there is always a league better then WCAL.

    • Well said!!!!!

    • Name one league more competitive than the WCAL? Player

      • I’m sure there are more competitive high school basketball programs in the country than the WCAL. I’m guessing the best leagues are in the East Coast like in the New York/New Jersey area. Every year, some high school player from NY City or a NJ suburb makes the NBA in a few years. Who in the WCAL has made the NBA??? To my knowledge, no one?

        • Well, if you are going to open it up nationally…but we were stictly talking Northern California. De Lalle Salle is the best football program in Northern California, but no one says the league they play in is the most competitve.

          • I cannot read minds. You said “Name one league competitive than the WCAL?”. My response was that are better basketball leagues in NY/NJ. Then you bring up football and DeLaSalle, when we were talking about basketball all along. but yes, the WCAL is the most competitive basketball league in Northern California, but I’m sure leagues from the Sacramento Area would differ.

            • Just Northern California, the Bay Area, Yes, WCAL is the stiffest compettion, every match is a clawfest. No need to compare any other league in our area.

  5. Ok, Kevin Restani from Riordan made the NBA, that’s about it…….

  6. Phil Smith, KC Jones played in the NBA from Washington High and Commerce just saying…….

  7. didn’t #34 from Mission go to Lincoln..??
    and isn’t Mission Startin line up all Transfers from other schools/????

  8. #34 is Miles Prescott and yes he did

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