Boys Basketball: Sacred Heart Cathedral comes up just short on the road against Mitty

Sacred Heart Cathedral senior forward Taylor Johns slides past Mitty junior foward Aaron Gordon on Friday at Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Sacred Heart Cathedral senior forward Taylor Johns slides past Mitty junior foward Aaron Gordon on Friday at Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose. (Photo by Devin Chen)

By Jeremy Balan

SAN JOSE – Sacred Heart Cathedral may have had the best team on the floor against Archbishop Mitty High School on Friday, but there was no doubt which team had the best player.

Mitty star forward Aaron Gordon scored half of the Monarchs’ points and had a game-high 14 rebounds in a 62-59 West Catholic Athletic League win over the visiting Irish.

Sacred Heart’s frontcourt tandem of Taylor Johns and Joshua Fox put up more than a valiant effort, with Johns scoring 24 points and Fox adding 19, but Fox’s final 3-point attempt with 2 seconds left clanked off rim and the Irish fell just short.

Sacred Heart Cathedral senior forward Joshua Fox has his shot blocked by Mitty junior forward Aaron Gordon on Friday at Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose. (Photo by Devin Chen)

“I think we’re the better team, but they won tonight,” said Sacred Heart head coach Darrell Barbour. “We didn’t come out here to come close. We came here to win. It was a great high school game, but a play here, a play there, and this is a different game. We just didn’t get it done.”

Gordon scored 12 points in the first quarter and seven points in the second, but the teams were neck-and-neck throughout the first half and the score was tied at 32-32 heading into the break.

Johns, who guarded Gordon for most of the game, had success denying the ball from the standout junior, but he got several baskets on put-backs off offensive rebounds.

“He scored too easy at times,” Barbour said. “He makes it look easy, because he’s so good, but athletically, Taylor is just as good an athlete, he just doesn’t have the size. A player like that is going to score his points, so you have to make him work to get them.”

After playing even with the Monarchs (14-3, 6-1) through the first half, the Irish (15-2, 5-2) came out in an offensive funk in the third quarter and Mitty opened its biggest lead of the game at 46-35 midway through the frame.

The Irish offense settled for jump shots early in possessions and struggled to get the ball inside, as the Mitty defenders off the ball sagged to help the defender guarding the ball-handler.

“Early in the third quarter, we took too many jumpers, but if it’s in the flow of a game, there are certain guys who I want to take that shot,” Barbour said. “If we’re stagnant and standing around, that’s a tougher shot.”

Two minutes later, a series of plays shifted the momentum back to the Irish in the blink of an eye.

Johns got the ball on a fast break and made a layup while being fouled in the process, but the referees ruled it to be an intentional foul, resulting in two free throws for Johns and the Irish retaining possession. Johns knocked down both free throws and guard Herman Pratt hit a back-door layup off the ensuing inbound play to complete a 6-0 Irish run in 2 seconds of game time.

Mitty junior forward Aaron Gordon skies for a layup in the lane against Sacred Heart Cathedral on Friday at Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Mitty held a slim lead through most of the fourth quarter, until Pratt connected on an off-balance floater from the baseline to give the Irish a 56-55 lead with 3:20 remaining in the game.

Mitty took back the lead for good less than 2 minutes later, when Gordon scored on another put-back, and senior guard Jordan White connected on two free throws with 20 seconds remaining to set up Fox’s final shot.

“You always want to protect your own court and the way we battled, it was a big win for us,” said Mitty head coach Tim Kennedy. “After a couple of close losses last week, we needed this one and we stepped up at the end to finish it.”

Other than Fox and Johns, no other Irish players scored in double figures, but Barbour was not dissatisfied with the effort on the road in a hostile environment.

“I was more proud of them after this game than any game we won this year,” Barbour said. “They showed why I love this group. The effort was off the chart and as a coach, you can’t ask for more.”

Scoring Summary

Aaron Gordon – 31
Thomas Peters – 11
Brandon Abajelo – 10
Neil Vranicar – 4
Three players tied with 2 points

Sacred Heart Cathedral
Taylor Johns – 24
Joshua Fox – 19
Herman Pratt – 7
Tyler Petroni – 5
Two players tied with 2 points

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60 Comments on "Boys Basketball: Sacred Heart Cathedral comes up just short on the road against Mitty"

  1. Great Game SHC…

  2. Agreed GCJ 01….happy and proud that the Irish played well. Gordon is back and healthy. I’m looking forward to when Mitty comes to Christian Brothers Court on 2/11. Should be a great game.

    • Funkyevo:

      It should be another great game. If SHC can fix the few mistakes that were made in this game, they have a good chance at beating Mitty. Some may contest this statement, but I stand by it!

  3. We’ll get ’em at our place. Maybe Gordon will be OK and the rest of the team will have mono by then.

    • I find it sad that you would wish disease on teenagers just to secure a win.

      • Not saying that at all. I posted earlier about it being a bad idea to let Gordon play while he had mono. It is contagious and other players on his team and others could get it. A player’s health should come first.

        • I hear what you’re saying IC Stars, but at first look, your comment does seem that you’re suggesting that you hope the rest of the players will have it so that SHC has a better chance to win.

          I think SHC might be able to pull it off. They have the home court advantage. Plus, despite the loss, they’re doing really well overall this season. They only loss by 3 which isn’t bad and if they fix the minor mistakes that were made, they’ll be able to pull it off. Let’s just hope that Johns and Fox doesn’t have a bad shooting night. If they put up identical numbers as they did in the first game, they should be able to pull it off.

      • lighten up.

  4. Way to fight hard at Mitty, hope you learned and saw things that will help the Irish beat Mitty at SHC. I like coach Barbour saying that they went with expectations of winning and having no fear of Mitty in their house. Very good high school basketball and good atmosphere. Congrats to all kids out their playing their butts off.

  5. Great quote from the Coach: “I think we’re the better team, but they won tonight,” said Sacred Heart head coach Darrell Barbour. “We didn’t come out here to come close.”

    • The kids played well last night, SF should be proud holding a powerhouse like Mitty in check and the kids playing hard and giving it their all. I also love the coach’s comments, “We came to win”

  6. Another day at the office for Gordon with 31 & 14, but even more impressive was Johns’ 24 and “holding” Gordon to 31. Mitty needed every bit of his 31 to win. Really good effort. Cant wait for the rematch.

    • Johnny Drama | January 21, 2012 at 1:14 PM |

      Hmmm…I think the 31 and 14 is more impressive…but that’s just me brother!

      Gordon is all by himself out there and is the focus of ALL the defensive attention. Every game he plays the scouting report is him and only him. The other team plans for only him. Johns has Fox with him and it’s hard to defend both. Could you imagine if Gordon had another player even half as good as him, he’d be averaging 50.

      Look at the block on Fox! Who else in the WCAL can do that but Gordon.

      The WCAL is now a 3 team race. SHC at Serra is a huge game and the winner controls their own destiny. If SHC can pull it off, they have a good shot of beating Mitty at home and winning the league title. IMO, that would be much more impressive than a CCS title. I hope they do it this year for you ARI, I really mean that…….because next year you all will be terrible! Unless Nate and Otis come through for you guys again!

      In all seriousness good luck!

      • Easy Drama, I agree with everything you said, but SI can not do better. Doesn’t SI have great players, look how there record is lookin? They can’t even win against Valley Christian. Yes, SHC will not be as good without the twin towers. But I don’t think they will be terrible either, they will beat Valley Christian.

      • Drama, I assume you think SI could do better with their bigs then? SH will not be as good next year, but to say they will be terrible?? What is SI doing with all their talent?

        • merkinworld | January 21, 2012 at 6:35 PM |

          si has limited talent this year. si fans need to take the blinders off, lay off the coach. si is where they should be in the wcal standings. this is from an si grad.

          • I can’t believe I’m about to defend SI, but here it goes….

            SI doesn’t have limited talent. They’re actually good. The problem is the system that’s being ran, seemingly, doesn’t work with the talent that’s in place. Prime example is having Domingo shooting instead of playing big inside. Why would you have a big man who is 6ft. 7 play on the wing instead of inside? Or, why wouldn’t you have him take more shots from inside than you do from the outside?

            If SI was full of players that were all over 6ft 5, then I can understand it. However, they are not. As a coach myself, you have to adapt your system to your talent. Too many coaches make the mistake of running their system without tweaking it to match their player’s abilities.

            This is the problem with SI this year. They DO have a talented roster, but it’s not being used in the correct fashion. Not all of the blame is to be placed on the coach. The players are the one’s out there playing. However, something does need to change because this can not continue.

            The good thing is that the SI JV team is doing really well. So, SI does have something to look forward to next year.

      • merkinworld | January 21, 2012 at 6:31 PM |

        How bout those ‘cats

      • I agree with you Johnny Drama. I think the game against Serra is more important than the game against Mitty for SHC simply because SHC proven that they could beat Mitty. Had it not been for SHC taking so many jumpers to start the third things could’ve went the other way. Sometimes you just have to attack the basket and force the other team to foul you. Especially with Gordon in there, I would try to get him into foul trouble by constantly attacking the basket. Fox can definately do this. The rematch will be a good one and I think SHC will pull it off.

        My main concern for SHC is Serra who is playing good basketball. Plus, the game is going to be played at Serra. We’ll see what happens. If SHC gets past Serra on the 25th, their only major threat for the rest of the WCAL season will be the rematch against Mitty on Feb. 11th.

        • Johnny Drama | January 22, 2012 at 11:57 AM |

          GCJ01…one thing I read last night in a SouthBay paper that nobody is talking about is the fact that Gordon is still not 100%, in fact they said he is at about 60%. Mono may take as long as 3 months to be completely out of your system. The scary thing is Gordon is only going to get stronger and healthier.

          Now…since I was “moderated” in my last comment, I never said SI’s bigs could do better, in fact I said SHC has a shot at league which is much more impressive and difficult than winning CCS. I guess since I went to SI, any shots at me are directed towards SI. Merkinworld, it is clear you went to SHC and are not an alum of SI. And yes, I stand by my statement, next year SHC will be on a level playing field with all city schools, in fact I would say SI has more upside for next year than SHC. The seniors from SHC scored 48 of the teams points. Maybe scored depending on who scored the other 4. We will get to see what kind of coach Barbour is. Don’t be surprised if he quits just like Harrigan did after his stellar recruits left and he would no longer win like he was accustomed to.

          • Ok, maybe we will trade coaches then, SI can have Barbour and we can have Reardon? And that example of SI beating Mitty and Riordan beating Mitty, that didn’t happen so it is invalid who is actually the best. All teams have the potential to be good no matter who they have. I agree that on any given day any one can beat anyone because the WCAL is that competitve.

          • merkinworld | January 24, 2012 at 4:33 PM |

            drama, my parents are rolling over in their grave. All those tuition checks they mailed to 2001 37th ave, and all I got out of it was a diploma from SH? I don’t think so.

            • Johnny Drama | January 24, 2012 at 6:05 PM |

              If that is the case they must have made you go there when you wanted to go to SH. Your tone is very IRISH and less WILDCAT!

  7. The devout Cats fan that I am, I really admire the efforts the Sacred Heart players showed last night. They came in well prepared to deal with the beast of Gordon and Mitty and held their own throughout most of the game, Coach Barbour deserves credit and I’m looking forward to the rematch as well. People from all over the city should flock to Ellis Street to support the Irish for the big game. This is as big of a match-up as it gets in the WCAL this year.

  8. Great post game quote after a loss coach. SHC is not the better team coach B, look at the score. They were the best team with the best player and beat you. If you had a better team you would not have lost to Bellarmine also. The SHC way I guess.

    • merkinworld | January 21, 2012 at 3:35 PM |

      So bitter. Please enlighten us. What is the si way? or is it the Riordan way?

      • Hey, WCAL, you don’t represent the league. If you did, Riordan would be #1 or a player short.

    • WCAL… Please elaborate on that. Coach B never once said his was the better team. He simply stated that he was proud of his kids. As a coach, I totally understand that sentiment. The players don’t have to win for you to be proud of them. What do you mean about the SHC way? Funny how you have a name associated with the WHOLE league, but are obviously biased one way.I know Coach B, and think he is an excellent coach. He teaches the kids more than just basketball. He teaches them about sportsmanship (which you obviously have none of).

      • Kezar for Keeps | January 21, 2012 at 9:48 PM |

        Uh, hello!

        “I think we’re the better team, but they won tonight,” said Sacred Heart head coach Darrell Barbour.

        Can you read? It makes me laugh when people don’t read the article, then talk complete nonsense.

        • So tell me who did Mitty lose to? If they are the Best team as you say, they must be undefeated… Wait, they are not. Either way, you are taking what he said and using that against him. Grow up. Both teams are great. Both teams worked hard. Mitty came out on top. Like Coach B said “We didn’t come out here to come close. We came here to win. It was a great high school game, but a play here, a play there, and this is a different game. We just didn’t get it done.” Even the pros make mistakes. One shot her, one shot there, and the game changes completely. No doubt Mitty is a great team. No one can take that from them. Is SHC the better TEAM? Yes, I think so. Look at the scoring. We have more kids making the points. Mitty has one guy scoring all the points. THAT is why he is one of the best players in the nation right now.

          Either way, bit teams played well. Mitty came out on top this time. Next time, that may change.

          • Kezar for Keeps | January 21, 2012 at 10:10 PM |

            I don’t care who Mitty lost to. I only responded to your idiotic statement that Barbour “never once said his was the better team.” He did. I’m not using his words against him, I just copied and pasted his comment, proving how idiotic your statement was and how you obviously didn’t read the story, but felt the need to comment on it.

            • Kezar for Keeps:

              I always enjoy reading your comments for the simple fact that you’re good at putting people in their place! Keep up the great work!

            • How old are you? OK, you win. I missed that part of the story (I was reading while doing other things). No one is coming on here and calling each other names… Totally unnecessary, but does go for to show your true colors and age.

              With that said. This is High School basketball. You never know who the better TEAM is. Heck, Riordan is doing descent, and since they beat Mitty, they must be the best team. Well SHC beat Riordan, which must make SHC the best team. But then again, SI beat Mitty too, so maybe they are th best team.

              I am done arguing with you about this. Coach B is a GREAT man, and a GREAT coach. Maybe you should try getting off the computer and coaching yourself. Everyone is quick to throw the coach under the bus until they actually try it. I did the math one year. I get paid $.25 an hour to coach. Yup, that is 25 CENTS. We do this for the passion of the sport.

              • Kezar for Keeps | January 22, 2012 at 12:25 PM |

                Again, I’m not criticizing Barbour at all or “throwing him under the bus.” Just pointing out the ridiculous things you are saying. Riordan didn’t beat Mitty, nor did SI this season. SI beat Mitty a full year ago. You need to take some reading comprehension classes. Every time you come on here you say stuff that isn’t true. Maybe you should think before you type.

              • Just the facts | January 22, 2012 at 4:19 PM |

                I think I am accurate in saying that the facts are: Mitty has won most of its games: it lost to De La Salle 62-69 – but that is outside the WCAL and no one is going to say that any of the schools in WCAL (with the possible exception of Mitty on one of its great and healthy days) could be able to take on DLS or possibly Salesian
                -( do we have agreement on that?. I hope some humility and reality will set in here).

                Then Mitty lost to Serra by one basket.

                Someone wrote that Mitty lost to Riordan – again someone on this thread is not reading before remarking. Riordan got within 6 points of Mitty when Gordon wasn’t playing.

                Frankly IMHO: SHC could beat Mitty – if Gordon got sick or injured or fouled out AND a few other of their regulars. But IMHO SHC has a real problem with ‘depth” . I agree with another poster who – Mitty bench is better than SHC’s bench – so were there to be any sickness or injury or foul problems in the SHC Fab3 = well…

                SHC has 5 wins in the WCAL ands lost to Mitty and the Bells. Mitty has had 6 WCAL wins and lost only to Serra.

                I think that some are losing track of the facts in the WCAL that Serra and SHC has had 6 wins, St. F has had 4 wins, Bellarmine 3 wins, ARHS 2 wins and SI one win and VC had one win – and that was a win against SI.

              • Just the facts | January 22, 2012 at 4:50 PM |

                Correction of typo:
                Mitty has 6 wins = loss to Serra by one basket only
                Serra has 6 wins = Loss to SHC 67/56
                SHC has 5 wins= but loss to Mitty 62/59 and to Bells 50/51
                St. F has 4 wins (VC,SI,Bell, ARHS)
                Bellarmine 3 wins (one win was against SHC, others against SI and VC)
                ARHS 2 wins (wins against VC and Bells)
                SI 1 win (against ARHS)
                VC 1 win – that one against SI.

            • merkinworld | January 22, 2012 at 8:37 PM |

              @kezar for keeps .it is an opinion by the sh coach. is that ok with you?

          • Well they did lose to Serra. SHC ran them out of the building. It will be harder at their place with their refs.

        • OK, I had a chance to do my research (I was wrong on who beat who, but I was right that Mitty lost). Mitty Lost to Serra, SHC beat Serra, Mitty beat SHC.So it seems to me as though all the teams are great this year. No matter how you look at it, if a coach does not think his team is the better team, he should not be coaching.

          I am going to assume you are a 49er fan. So do you think the Giants are the better team? I still think the 49ers are the BEST team out there and lost on 2 fumbles by one palyer. By your comments above, you must think the Giants are better because they “won” the game.

          I will stand behind Barbour and his comment. Yes, SHC is the better TEAM!!! If you take Gordon out of it, SHC will beat them every time. As for the depth of SHC’s team? Well we will just have to wait and see. They may not be tall, but these boys can flat out play.

    • He also said ““We didn’t come out here to come close. We came here to win.”

  9. Way to play Irish…we are proud of all of you all.. Don’t let people with negative attitudes influence you. Everything written here is by people who are not playing the game, and would be embarrassed by YOU if they tried. Me included.

  10. Could you give all this bashing of schools a rest!!!!
    When one participates in athletics one must understand that usually only one team can win. (In ties, both teams win.)
    It’s nice when one has above average players but face it… does go on when they eventually leave their schools.

  11. Lets face it, the only reason mitty won was because gordon had the concords on.

    • He only got those cuz not everyone wears a size 14,15… of course they would have those. 8-10s forget coppin’ those.

      If SH got a deal to wear the 13s (Ray Allen’s), sweeeeeeeeeet!

      SI would like nice if they sported the 10s Chicagos that just was released.

  12. Just the facts | January 23, 2012 at 1:45 PM |

    IMHO: Mitty is the best in WCAL now. If you want to say take away Gordon and then who is best, I would have to say sure – take away Gordon and also take away the twins (who together equal Gordon) at SHC and Mitty would win. I have watched both teams and Mitty is stronger overall and the coaching is about the same. IMHO Mitty has more better players. And I don’t have a dog in this fight (or a son or other relative and I am not an alumnus etc.) of either of these two teams. SHC is no more a team than you think Mitty is – or contrary – they are no less a team than you think SHC is. Mitty is not all Gordon. But I am not sure the same can be said about SHC and the twins. Mitty played well even when Gordon was sick.

    I do think it is outrageous for Barbour to say that they are the better team after a defeat. That doesn’t show graciously acknowledging a loss to a very good team and doesn’t show class to the athletes and the SHC students, etc. Just my opinion.

    I just wanted some facts to be mixed into the discussion – especially for those who still think that SI is not getting enough recognition – or who still think that Domingo is in any manner of the caliber of Gordon or some of the De La Salle or Salesian rosters. I have seen those teams’ players at work too and I guarantee that there is a whole lot more talent (not even considering heights) than at SHC or SI. On this side of the Bay the two teams to watch are really Mitty and Serra in IMHOand if something happens to the twins this season (like mono or injury or foul trouble) (and when they graduate), without some transfers (with benefits like tuition help) from some other schools like public schools within SF, SHC is going to be a hard time for SHC to cover the “hole” left. Mitty seemed to be able to handle some minutes – quarters – etc. without Mitty. rememebr Serra only beat them by one basket when Gordon had Mono.

    As everyone likes to say (as if no one knows) it all can change in a New York minute if someone gets injured or sick or in foul trouble or in academic trouble or transfers or gets arrested for robbery/burglary or you name it – all versions of what has already happened in the last 4 years, right? Or just has a bad night….

    • Just the facts | January 23, 2012 at 2:56 PM |

      Oops typo end of 3rd paragraph. Should read that Mitty seemed to be able to handle more than a few minutes – even quarters without Gordon…

      Also I forgot another big thing that can really affect a team’s season: getting a new AD who has never been an AD before at a school where there is a prior AD still at that school but who apparently doesn’t help him to learn the ropes or let him know of the need for paperwork on a transfer done for each sport he gets involved in and as a consequence of both of those men, a team doesn’t get the paperwork done on a transfer player that both schools involved very well knew had transferred a semester earlier. And the AD and coach at the originating school also don’t let the other school’s AD/Coach know about the missing paperwork until after the pre-season games but before the season games such that the hard-working team’s players have to forfeit 5 big/huge blow-out wins in pre-season games and then when it gets to season games, they can’t play a transfer player for several season games, having a major impact on the overall season’s competition for all the WCAL teams. I’d have to say, that is bigger than Gordon’s mono resulting in his partially not playing. Nothing like kicking the kids in the stomach – the kids who are playing their hearts out, the kids who have no malice or guilt or responsibility at all in the issue. Sloppy work but there was no intent of sneakiness involved as the schools were both very well aware of the transfer that had occurred months earlier. The kids get the blow not the adults who screwed up.

      I can’t see how the CCS can see that as a fair consequence. How about giving the AD’s the consequences?

      Does anyone else think this system should be changed? What is the purpose of this paperwork between coaches? They know the athlete has transferred. Maybe if the originating coach thinks that there is something “wrong” on the transfer, it is up to him to put in a complaint within a certain time period after which the statues of limitations takes over. Otherwise, why all the bureaucracy? All it does is punish the players and really beat up a team of kids who only want to play ball like all the rest of the basketball players and teams. If one team is worried about the other team’s roster, is that what goes on? No, if you believe that your team is good, there is no need to let this happen to another team. No one wants to wish ill on an opposing team this way. How does that teach good sportmanship and how does that teach good values to the players? How does that teach confidence in your team either? And many of the adults seem to have possibly deliberately and/or definitely accidentally ruin these players’ futures this year without any malice or intent on the part of the players or the coach of those players. I think the kids deserve more than the adults have played out here for their own sakes. One can see some inexcusable ignorance of the requirements but not on the part of the kids.

      I think that the other CCS schools’ players, coaches and even AD’s, in a showing of good will and comradery, to show opposition to a overwrought set of bureaucratic paperwork, should back up an appeal for the reinstatement of the five wins for fairness for the players who are only out there to do as all the other players and teams are doing and who are working hard despite all this for their teams and schools.

      • I’ll be entirely honest, reading that comment made my head hurt.

        • Jbalan, thats a good move as the admin! Intentionally snark on a person who reads the articles on this site.

          • Get over it. The next thing you know there will be death threats on this site, like what’s happening to the 49er player who fumbled the 49ers chances in making the Super Bowl.

            • All right, let’s take a step back and a deep breath. No one has done anything close to that on this site and lets hope it stays that way.

      • Just shush WCAL, anyone can take a quote and roll with it. Stop being jealous of SHC.

        Coach B thinks his team is the best regardless even if his kids lose. I don’t see you judging his last quote, where he said he is extremely proud of the way his kids played and he was more proud of them than any of the Wins the Irish had this season??. Is he entitled to his opinion, sure he is, he is a good coach, no one disagrees with that. He has the kids playing at their best, this is all you can ask for day in and out in any endeavor. You can not always judge a team with their Win/Loss record because seriously, I believe Riordan is doing the best they can with their talent, Riordan has nothing to be ashamed of. Now, SI is another story, the Wildcats are not playing to their potential, no one disagress with that! Thanks JB for everything you do for this sight and for putting SF athletics back in the game!

        • Hope not, # 10 screwed up, but death threats like telling him to jump off the bridge or threats to his family…NOT COOL!

      • Hey, just the facts, I don’t care of you clean this up, but your writing needs some improvement, thank God you are not on Riordan’s basketball team.

        • Do you have proof that he’s not on Riordan’s basketball team? Who knows, it might be Coach Buckner, lol

        • Just the facts | January 25, 2012 at 10:11 AM |

          “Hey, just the facts, I don’t care of you clean this up, …” I don’t care OF you clean this up…

          Watch your typos or you might lose your job? Or maybe you don’t depend on your typing to earn a living.

          How about you stick to the games and the athletics and stop trying to smear or discredit the other posters.

          Frankly, Anonymous (1 or 2? – I recommend that you two distinguish yourselves or change names), you are quite angry and must have a “dog in the fight” – – or else you should look for more enjoyment in life than just posting on this and other websites…. deal with your life issues…. expand your life … for your health at the least – and for us too. I recommend that you let go of your anger or manage it differently.

          I don’t attend ARHS, I don’t play basketball and I don’t coach basketball.

      • Interesting interactions between all of you….

  13. Just the facts | January 23, 2012 at 3:30 PM |

    Take a rest then. I agree – I could have written it better – but was in a hurry at work.. No need to comment on the style, go for the content despite the composition problems, please.

    This transfer system needs to change and be streamlined. If there is an AD or coach who wants to put in a complaint to CCS regarding a transfer, they should be given a period in which to do so and then after that time passes, the transfer should be okayed. There would be less paperwork passing bacjk and forth for pure formality reasons and less bad consequences or potential bad consequences to the kids/players. How about that?

    It could happen to any school. If you think your team is the best in the CCS, then what have you to lose to allow the games to count and not forfeited. The kids worked hard. It isn’t their fault.

    • It’s not hard to look at the rosters and figure out who transferred. One of the tasks of the AD is to make sure the transferred student’s paperwork is all in order. Unfortunately, the Riordan AD over-looked one of the basketball player’s records, and — as a result — the kids have to suffer, but honestly, I think the parents of the kids have to suffer more. The AD must deal with it, and just make sure it won’t happen again. A free pass would’ve been nice, but just because your dog ate your homework, doesn’t mean you don’t have to turn in your homework.

      • Just the facts | January 25, 2012 at 10:04 AM |

        This transfer system needs to change and be streamlined. If there is an AD or coach who wants to put in a complaint to CCS regarding a transfer, they should be given a period in which to do so and then after that time passes, the transfer should be okayed. There would be less paperwork passing back and forth for pure formality reasons and less bad consequences or potential bad consequences to the kids/players. How about that?

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