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Games of the day – Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. St. Ignatius boys soccer: Both teams are still within reach of first place in the logjammed WCAL standings, and a rivalry win will net bragging rights and three key points. St. Ignatius vs. Sacred Heart Cathedral girls soccer: Both teams are in the bottom half of the WCAL standings, but could gain valuable playoff positioning with a win. St. Ignatius vs. Riordan boys basketball: The Wildcats have dropped six straight WCAL games, but will look to get back on the winning track against the Crusaders, who they beat 40-27 to open league play. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

BCL Central boys basketball
Leadership 45, International 28

WCAL boys basketball
St. Ignatius 48, Riordan 43
Serra (San Mateo) 60, Sacred Heart Cathedral 57

Non-league boys basketball
Waldorf @ Athenian (Danville), 5:30 p.m.

BCL Central girls basketball
International 64, Leadership 7

BCL West girls basketball
Convent 53, Urban 46

WCAL boys soccer
Sacred Heart Cathedral 2, St. Ignatius 1
Serra (San Mateo) 6, Riordan 3

WCAL girls soccer
St. Ignatius 3, Sacred Heart Cathedral 0

AAA wrestling
Washington 48, Lowell 16

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  1. Go Serra!

    • Boo!!! Hiss!!!

      • IC stars, SHC freshman are still undefeated? I heard they play well as a team? Does anyone know how they look or which kids are individually doing well to watch for? Thank you.

        • Yes, the Frosh A’s are 15-0 and beat Serra 53-48 which is their closest margin of victory. Most of their wins have been by double-digits.

          I’ve only seen them play twice but they are very impressive. I think they could beat the JV’s. I think their best players are Khari and Omari Brown, Arnold Lee Hart and David Parsons.

          11 Ian Mitchell Apellanes 5’5″
          33 Khari Brown 5’9″
          5 Omari Brown 5’7″
          31 Kean Cruz 5’4″
          43 Ramiro Gonzalez 5’11”
          21 Arnold Lee Hart 5’11”
          35 Jason Jao 5’4″
          42 Joe Merriwether 6’0″
          13 David Parsons 5’11”
          25 Christian Reus 5’5″
          23 Brian Taran 5’6″
          55 Erik Torkelson 6’1″
          15 Bruno Valan 5’9″

          • I’m pretty sure SI’s freshman teams (both A’s and B’s) last year killed the WCAL. A good freshman team just means that your JV team will be good, but it may or may not mean that your varsity will be any good.

            • That’s usually the case when there are freshmen who start on the varsity or JV’s. SHC proved that much with Kevin Greene, Jerry Brown and Albert Johnson, Jr. They were all on championship teams. But this particular Frosh A team is a very cohesive unit.

  2. Kinda hoping SHC pulls it off…….then they beat Mitty at home and they earn at least a tie for the WCAL league title…….

    • Torn between driving down to Serra vs SHC to watch the better game (haven’t seen Serra play this year) or staying closer to home to watch the SI vs Riordan game. Tough decision as they should both be competitive games……

  3. Riordan and Serra’s soccer teams were tied 3-3 at the half.

    Great job by SHC to beat SI 2-1 today.

    Frosh A’s beat Serra 53-48. They’re undefeated.

  4. Feel The Pain | January 25, 2012 at 9:01 PM |

    From San Mateo: Serra wins 60-57.

    • Boooo!! Hiss!!!! Hard to win there. How bad were the refs?

      • Both teams played tough defense. A lot of blocks and steals. I would of expected the score to be lower. Taylor Johns was very fun to watch.

      • The refs were as bad as when SHC lost to Mitty and Bellarmine. This loss falls solely on the refs! God forbid that any team that beats SHC is any good.

        • I agree the refs did have some calls that went in Serra’s favor. I was at the game. However, in the end, good teams have to learn how to play with that and find a way to win. SH played a good game but they have to rise above the bad calls because their 3 losses combined are less than 8 points!!!! Lets go Irish, rise above, just have to fine tune.

          • And no calls went to SH’s favor…come on man…this is so CYO to blame the refs. Serra is a very good squad, maybe best in league…’s always SH that whines about the refs…..I believe Serra was up 8-10 in the 4th so maybe they took their foot off the gas like all the SH fans claimed they do to other teams.

            You have a very good team, they will win some and lose some but mosly they have won…don’t boast when you win and don’t cry when you lose!

            • Hello Anon, that is why I said, Good teams have to learn to rise above, you can’t control the refs, but you can control your own play. I don’t think SH whines about calls more than any other team. Coach B was pretty composed, I didn’t see him yelling at any refs or any SH fans riling the refs more than normal at any high school game, so I do not know why you are making a general statement like that.

              • Hello, have you ever read IC Stars’ posts? Why don’t you check them out and see if you don’t think he’s a whiner. And he is SHC in the eyes of many.

              • IC Stars doesn’t “whine”. I didn’t see the game. I was asking others’ opinions. Where’s your 15 wins?

              • I don’t see IC Stars is a whiner, he is just a die hard SHC fan. Does he rub it in? Sure, but so does Johnny Drama who is a die hard SI fan, they both are constantly ripping on the WCAL schools in SF.

              • You’re half-right. I’m a die-hard Irish but I don’t rub it in, otherwise I’d be Ari Gold on steroids.

  5. Does anyone know why Terence Roberts, Jr. wasn’t @ the game @ all tonight?

  6. Overall, SI played a good game vs Riordan, but Riordan’s pressure defense gave SI a tough time in the 4th quarter. Maybe if Riordan did the pressure defense the whole game, they could’ve came out on top. Riordan plays hard for 4 quarters. When SI had a double digit lead, Riordan started the press, and they cut the lead to 3. They had a chance to tie the game with a 3, but all their shots came up short. Zach Masoli and SD31 almost got into a fisticuff, but the refs broke it in time, but I doubt anything was gonna happen, just 2 kids playing hard. CAL’s head basketball coach was at the game too, and so was JB.

  7. What a stinker of a game. Both teams looked bad. Riordan was up 7-2 with 4 minutes to go in the first quarter. SI scores 19 points to end the first HALF leading 21-7. In other words, Riordan doesn’t score for 12 minutes. Second half got close with some 3 pointers and an effective press from Riordan.

    Dunbar looked better than Domingo. However, just like the last time they played Riordan, Domingo went inside frequently and did well. That’s happened twice this year, both times against this undersized Riordan team. He went 1-4 or 1-5 from 3 point range (even 1-5 would improve his season long 3 point shooting percentage). Nonetheless, he played well inside and on the boards. Wished he would get into the lane against real big guys from real big teams (see Fox, Josh and Johns, Taylor next week). Don’t think it will happen but who knows.

  8. I was hoping that SHC would beat Serra. Great try though SHC. I hope they beat Mitty when Mitty comes to their place.

    • With Serra, teams play against 5 players, 3 refs and the fans.

      • That is the Serra culture! We pay a lot for tuition, we want to utilize every penny we pay to the school by showing up to all events.

        • Funny Nick, all the schools in the WCAL pay a lot for tuition…lol. A catholic secondary education is not cheap at all. In the old days, a middle class family could easily sacrifice to send kids to these schools. Nowadays each school can average about $20,000 a year. Without a trust or the grand parents helping, or some type of aid along with some savings, it is impossible to send the kids to any WCAL school.

          • True, the cost of a Catholic education is almost out of reach for most middle income families which is sad.

            • Then, how come enrollment is increasing, if the middle class cannot afford the tuition? Is 50% of the student body getting “scholarships”?

              • Maybe, the schools do give out a lot more schlorships than before, but I do not know if it is 50% of the students. But I highly doubt that.

          • But Nick, it is nice to see Serra Cheering section in full force. It makes the difference, the “Jungle” is a hard place to win in.

      • I wouldn’t be worried about the fans so much. It’s the three refs that would worry me since they are supposed to be “fair” in their officiating.

  9. Wash must have a strong wrestling team this year. Great job Wash.

    • The Wash Wrestling team just keeps reloading. A very good group of hard working coaches and kids

      • That’s good. It seems as if Wash is probably the strongest wrestling school in the AAA. I wish them luck this season.

  10. Good Job SH! Hell of a fight!

  11. I sure hope the losing coach didn’t proclaim ” We are the best team ” again in his post game interview.

    • If you consider that SHC won by 11 at home vs Serra, and “only” lost by 3 to Serra at their house, this would mean that SHC would win by 7 on a neutral court ?? Maybe/maybe not ???

    • Hey WCAL, quit hating on SHC! Don’t take one quote and keep bringing it up. Why don’t you take the quote from that same SH/MItty article where COACH says, ” I am more proud of this team, than any W we had this year! ” He is talking about the way his kids played. The team is playing well and he feels his team can be the best, nothing wrong with that!

    • SHC did beat Serra earlier this season 67-56 so he can say it.

  12. From Wed. 1/25:

    AAA wrestling
    Balboa 30, Galileo 26

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