Boys Basketball: Riordan’s epic cold streak too much to overcome against St. Ignatius

St. Ignatius sophomore point guard Trevor Dunbar hangs in the air as Riordan senior guard D. J. Harvey skies to contest his layup on Wednesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Luis)

St. Ignatius sophomore point guard Trevor Dunbar hangs in the air as Riordan senior guard D. J. Harvey skies to contest his layup on Wednesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Luis)

By Jeremy Balan

Zip, zero, zilch.

That’s how many points Archbishop Riordan High School’s boys basketball team scored in the second quarter on the road against St. Ignatius.

The Crusaders were scoreless over 12 minutes of game time spanning the first, second and third quarters in a 48-43 St. Ignatius win in West Catholic Athletic League play on Wednesday.

St. Ignatius junior forward Stephen Domingo goes up for a contested shot in the lane against Riordan on Wednesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Luis)

Riordan (9-9, 2-6) had a 7-2 lead late in the first quarter, but the extended drought allowed the Wildcats (8-10, 2-6) to go on a 19-0 run and carry a 21-7 lead into the halftime break.

“You sit there and you see the snowball getting bigger and bigger, and it’s about to crush you, and there was nothing we could do about it,” said Riordan head coach Rich Buckner. “We had open looks we didn’t make. We only had eight turnovers at halftime and that’s pretty good in high school basketball. We just couldn’t put the ball in the basket.”

Riordan came out of the locker room inspired after the break, though, and cut the St. Ignatius lead to 44-43 with 2:10 remaining in the fourth quarter.

The lead was extended after two free throws from junior forward Stephen Domingo 30 seconds later and after an empty possession by Riordan, unheralded St. Ignatius senior forward Michael Loginoff put the game out of reach.

After the Wildcats worked the the shot clock down, Loginoff banked in a leaning jump shot in the lane with 17 seconds left to squelch any hope of a Riordan comeback.

“It was a three-point game, so I didn’t mind if went down to the end of the shot clock and missed, and just played [defense],” said St. Ignatius head coach Tim Reardon. “I was just happy they didn’t turn it over and it was a great clutch shot. He claims he called glass.”

The difference in the second half appeared to be a change in the game’s tempo, combined with a stretch of scorching shooting from the previously-frigid Crusaders.

“The first key to the game was tempo, tempo, tempo,” Buckner said. “We wanted to control the pace and flow of the game, but that did not happen in the first half. It was totally to SI’s liking. In the second half, we told them to get it and go. Put your track shoes on and get it up the floor.”

Midway through the fourth quarter, Riordan scored seven points in 30 seconds of game time and connected on 5-of-11 3-point attempts in the second half.

Riordan senior guard D. J. Harvey pushes the ball up the court against St. Ignatius on Wednesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Luis)

“We knew they were going to make shots in the second half,” Reardon said. “We got excited about playing up-tempo, because we got some buckets out of it, but they’re better at it and the next thing you know, it was a close game.”

While both teams struggled offensively during several stretches, the one constant was Domingo, who had a game-high 19 points and 11 rebounds, featuring multiple athletic put-backs and a key 3-pointer in the fourth quarter.

“He got tip ins, he hit that 3 and he’s getting more comfortable in the paint, but I thought they did a good job of pushing him out of where he wanted to be,” Reardon said.

The Wildcats also got a lift from sophomore point guard Trevor Dunbar in the middle quarters, where he scored 13 of his 15 total points, mostly on skilled drives through the teeth of the Riordan defense.

The two teams now find themselves tied for sixth place in the WCAL, but both of St. Ignatius’ wins have come against Riordan. With the recent developments forcing Riordan to forfeit five non-league games, the Crusaders are tasked with reaching a 7-7 league record to qualify for the Central Coast Section playoffs, which is slipping away with every loss.

“When we look back at the end of the year, we only lost by five points without scoring a point in the second quarter,” Buckner said. “Looking back at those games, those are the ones that hold you back from where you need to go.”

Scoring Summary

St. Ignatius
Stephen Domingo – 19
Trevor Dunbar – 15
Michael Loginoff – 5
Noah Bull – 4
Two players tied with 2 points

D. J. Harvey – 14
Daniel Selsor – 10
Geru Mabrey – 8
Anthony Castillo – 7
Two players tied with 2 points

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49 Comments on "Boys Basketball: Riordan’s epic cold streak too much to overcome against St. Ignatius"

  1. Tough break for Riordan. What gets me is how can Riordan go scoreless for 12 game time minutes, but SI only wins by 5? Not to mention, Riordan cut the lead to one AFTER going scoreless for 12 minutes. SI should’ve taken a better advantage of this.

    I will say this again about Riordan. These young men have A LOT of heart. I’m extremely proud of you.

    • I agree GCJ01, Riordan always plays with heart and emotion. To only win by 5 points when Riordan had an offensive funk in the thrid quarter? SI is really sad, they don’t play together.

    • A Concerned Parent | January 28, 2012 at 10:41 PM |

      My heart goes out to the kids on both teams. First to Riordan for not being able to muster any offense in the second quarter. Second to the SI team who’s lackluster ability to closeout a game is a testament to the poor coaching and strategy deployed by a staff that is mired in the past. When I played my favorite part of the game was trying to outrun the other team – exciting! SI is does not even have a fast break. Walking up the court does not pack the house!

  2. I was proud that the Crusaders did not give up and almost could have pulled it out.

  3. Too bad SI can’t play Riordan every game, they’d be undefeated!

    • Just the facts | January 28, 2012 at 8:29 AM |

      Too bad Valley Christian doesn’t play SI every game and then they could be undefeated too.

      What goes around comes around. Surely you are not bragging about SI’s league season record as something to be so proud about?

    • sure they would but SI probably couldn’t handle D.J. harvey, and Grahm Gilleran

  4. One thing seems constant about SI basketball: they don’t play that well in the 4th quarter or 2nd half for that matter. Except for the 1st game vs Riordan, SI played pretty bad in pretty much all the 4th quarters since the Jesuit game. In the close games, when the score is pretty much even, they go into scoring droughts in the 4th enabling the other team to win such as the Bellarmine, VC, and St Francis games. In the Mitty, Serra games, they were still in the game until they tightened up in the 3rd and 4th quarters. In the BM game vs SHC, they froze up in the 3rd quarter and essentially ran out of time. If Riordan was a really good team, they probably would’ve tied the game and won in OT. They had many chances to tie the game, but SI’s size was too much to handle as SI got essentially every rebound and gave no chance for Riordan to get 2nd chance putbacks. If SI only played in the 1st half, their record in the WCAL would probably be like 6-2 and if they only played in the 2nd half, their record would be like 1-7.

  5. That 2nd picture most be photoshopped because SD31 is allergic to the paint. Wait no, against Riordan?? Nevermind then, no one fears Riordan. AAA teams can beat Riordan.

    Zero points in the 2nd quarter? Against a soft SI team that has no inside presence? Thats just awful. ARHS Stats must have really dug deep to fill his laptop with “STATS” for that 2nd quarter.

    • This was funny Mr. Gold

    • City Lights | January 26, 2012 at 2:25 PM |

      Can you play any sports “Ari”? Are you just an internet beast-mode bully? Does Steve fill your waking thoughts? You sure do seem to obsess on him. Is your hatred from the years and years of beatdowns and losses to SI?

      By the way, Riordan is a tough squad that would pummel AAA teams. At least you won the CCS Championship in football… oh wait…

      • @ “City”.. I play for recreation only… You know as much as it pains YOU to see my CRITICAL comments, JB loves the website hits that come from me and from people like YOU who just want to comment back. The more hits the probability of him getting more sponsors on his website so he doesnt have to rely heavily on donations or hopefully that grant.

        So what if i diss SD31? You expect me to kiss his butt for his performance this year? 6’7 with his wingspan and athletic ability should be dropping 20 and 10 EVERY NIGHT!!!! He barely even averages half of that! Hes not even 1/3 of Mrlik and Mrlik was blood, sweat, tears, and gutts.

        Lowell & Marshall would play Riordan tough… Mission would beat Riordan by 10… The others would love to Riordan by 10 or more.

        • Riordan already beat Balboa by some 20 odd points, and Marshall barely beat Balboa by a buzzer beater. Lowell would not beat Riordan, and I don’t think Marshall would either. A Mission vs Riordan would be a close game, but I think Riordan would come out on top, because they face tougher defenses than Mission. I think no one on Mission would be able to stop Daniel Selsor, because he’s like the energizer bunny.

          • honestly ari dude just give it a rest how old are u? he is a high school kid. i hope u realize how ridiculous you sound… “jb loves my comments”, “so what if I diss on SD31”. The so what should be basic. man it just feels like this is your life you comment on here so often just give it a rest dude. It’s high school basketball and its a high school kid you don’t need to use three exclamations marks when exclaiming how a high school basketball player should be using the paint more.

            • Guys, we don’t need every SI game turn into a rant about SD31 and just focusing on all his cons. He has talent, and you could probably see that in his AAU team. He is good enough to make it into the Team USA-development team and rank #29 in the ESPN Super 60. Being nationally ranked. And yet you guys still make a heated argument about SD31 and what he can’t do? C’mon guys. And second of all, please stop making AAA look like a garbage peewee league. We have talent. We can play and put up a good show. We might not have guards that are 6’0+ tall and centers that can do posterize dunks, but we have talent.

              • I AGREE. What people fail to realize is that WCAL teams DO scout in the AAA and “lure” the talent away (for you JB, I didn’t use the word recruit!). The AAA has great talent. Even some of the WCAL’s alum were once part of AAA at one point.

                A good example of this was Riordan’s John Tofi, who played at Burton prior to going to Riordan. Miles was at Balboa before going to SHC. So all of you people (ESPECIALLY ARI GOLD) who claim that the AAA doesn’t have talent, you are making eroneous claims!

                Lastly, Lay off of Domingo. Quit blaming him for something that’s not his fault. Better yet, stop posting on here, attend one of his games, AND TELL HIM TO HIS FACE IF YOU HAVE THE GUTS!!!!! If you don’t, leave the young man alone and be more supportive.

    • Honestly Ari, you are one of most persistant and annoying internet jerks ever to grace this site. JB should ban your comments. I bet people would would donate right now to cover the clicks lost as the result of your absence. I know I would.

      Everyone on San Fran Preps

      • You’re welcome jerk.

      • I love the “Sorry Gold” name. The sad thing is, Ari Gold is exactly that….a sorry individual who probably receives no attention except for when he comes on here.

        @ARI GOLD: Do not think that you’re the reason why there are so many hits on the site. We mainly come for the stories and connect with people. Unfortunately, JB allows idiotic, immature, and childish people on here (like yourself). But I’m guessing he does that because he gets a good laugh out of all the stupid things people like you say. Problem is, what you say is never “ha ha” funny. It just makes you look pathetic.

      • “Donate to Ban Hate?” Where can I send my check?

  6. Why do you hate AAA teams so much?

    • Because he’s probably a AAA reject. You know some people hold grudges and just can’t let go of things. He’s obviously one of them. But you just have to take what he says with a grain of salt. The majority of what he says is just him rambling on just to hear himself talk (or see himself type).

      We ALL know he’s immature and has been called out on it several times. He has been called out on his hypocracy as well(by me and someone else just last week). Even JB put him in his place last week. So don’t worry, I guess he needs friends so we’ll all be his “friend.”

  7. Im referring to Ari Gold and the AAA.

  8. Nice writeup JB!

    Too much Domingo and Dunbar for Riordan to overcome. Riordan’s combination of poor shooting and lack of size is too much to overcome in the WCAL. Riordan’s primary big gave them nothing offensively last night but played pretty good defense on Domingo. With Riordan’s lack of size and Geru’s quickness – I would have them playing a more up tempo / full court press style of basketball as their half court offense is extremely challenged with no low post presence and poor outside shooting.

  9. Big win for SI. I don’t see them finishing in the top 3 in CCS Division III unless they get some wins and some help, though (they need VC and Burlingame to lose a few).

    Did they bring out the seats behind the basket and was Riordan’s pep band there? I know the band was there for the CCS quarterfinal last year.

    • No, they did not bring out the seats underneath the basket. There was more people at the Mitty and Serra games and they didn’t even bring out the bleachers underneath the basket in those games neither. The Riordan band was not at the 1st game nor the 2nd basketball game vs SI. There was probably only about 35 Riordan students at the game, and most of those students were from the JV and freshman basketball teams. CCS seeding is pretty much meaningless, because in the 1st couple rounds, the score is usually lop-sided wins for WCAL teams. Until it’s finally dwindled to the last 8 teams, it starts to get a little competitive.

  10. also jb thats getting dangerously close to a personal attack on stephen. im adding on to my last post…

    • Seriously. Athletes come on this site to read about their games! Its one this to hear smack talk from another kid, but to hear consistent criticism from an adult is just no good for anyone. AAA players especially since commenter on here *ahem Sorry Gold just bash the league so much.

  11. Ari, you always make references to SD and always how disappointed you are with his performance but bottom line is your comments sound obsessed in nature and very ignorant. That’s probably why you write on this site and not a professional sports analyst. You think you sound intelligent but you sound more of a person who thrives at ripping certain kids for your own satisfaction. He plays for the love of the sport and not for you constant ridicule or approval. First and foremost he is a kid not a professional player. He’s a student first, athlete second. You are an adult in age but not in mentality. Act your age not your shoe size! God bless these kids and their many talents. That’s what makes it exciting and fun to watch. Good luck to all!

  12. Just the facts | January 27, 2012 at 10:46 AM |

    JB: Riordan’s epic cold streak? and SI’s epic cold streak too?

  13. Just the facts | January 27, 2012 at 4:36 PM |

    I would like to open up a discussion to the forum about the sentiments or opinions about a player talking trash to the players of the opposing team throughout a game. How do others view this behavior? I know some will say it is common but that is not the point or the question. Should it be common? Should it be tolerated? Should it be something that a coach allows? That is, the coaches must know who is doing it and do they do anything to stop it from going on? Opposing coaches certainly know. The player’s colleagues must know and hear it. Parents of the team’s other players know about it and talk about it too.

    So what I would like to know is how this should be viewed in the setting of high school basketball and in particular, in our league; why tolerate some player bad-mouthing and belittling as many other opposing players as he can? Why does he do it? He wants to work on them mentally? He wants to start bad feelings? He wants to see if he can cause the other players to start into physical altercations? Is there anything that can be done through the league?

    Do any of the posters want to have that kind of player on your team? Or do the posters think that this is poor sportsmanship? Does anyone think that they would not want their players or team known for this type of behavior? Or does the goal of winning justify the means of this trash talk and other occult actions of intimidation? Should we hold our players in general to a higher level of behavior? Aren’t we all values-based institutions? – or is that true except on the court?

  14. Sorry Gold, GCJ, and whatever anonymous, you guys crack me up. You certainly are entitled to your own opinions. They mean nothing to me.

    Accusing me hate is pretty over the top. Lets just be clear, I dont hate anybody or any teams.
    – I prefer WCAL over AAA.
    – I prefer to see SD31 light it up because it makes for entertaining bball.
    – I prefer a team kick an extra point when up by 50 instead of going for 2.
    – I prefer SHC win every time.
    – I admit Trevor Dunbar is exciting, and eat my words about him not being anything special.
    – I admit that a AAA bball team like Mission can beat a Riordan team by double digits.

    You guys are so hard to please and have such thin skin. Did mommy have cartoon bandaids ready everytime you had a boo-boo? Critique makes you tougher. Praising every single thing you do makes you soft like Pau Gasol. And I give props when someone really deserves it. My lovefest for Johnny Mrlik is second to one JB…

    Lastly GJC, stop blowin’ up the comment wall with your hip-hip-hoorays for every single game. Nobody cares that you think they did a great job. And every so often you lick JB’s boots as if hes going to ask you to work for him and cover games. Sorry Junior, you have a long way to go with your writing skills to be on Bonta’s or Jeremy’s level.

    • Ari Gold. With a testimonial creed like that-why dont you just reveal yourself for who you are. Be proud, be brave. Youre speaking from the mountain top, but nobody can see you. Show yourself and be respected. Othewise, every comment you make will be first looked upon with a rolling of the eyes.

      Come on everybody in the immortal words of Diana Ross –

      “I’m coming out! do, do. I want the world to know, what to let it show……..

    • Johnny Drama | January 27, 2012 at 10:20 PM |

      That’s the Ari I know and love! In honor of Juan Epstein who passed away….welcome back! Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!

    • If you’re going to call me out get my name correctly. it’s not GJC it’s GCJ. You obviously can’t read! Unlike you who try to hide like a coward behind your hate, I congratulate everyone on a job well done. Unlike you, I try to keep things positive. You’re a hypocrite and EVERYONE on here knows it. You’re like an unwanted stepchild. You’re like the little kid that no one wants to play with so you find other means of getting attention. So you come on here looking for it. I respect that. If you want the attention so bad, I will give it to you. It’ll be my charity work for the year!

      Don’t take this as a personal attack like you did several weeks ago and you went crying to JB to get me to stop. I’m just speaking the truth. Although I did find it funny when you did cry to JB he just basically told you to man up and shut up! Unfortunately, you didn’t listen to the latter part of it.

      Lastly, don’t get me started on writing. My writing is superior to yours. You just type things and HOPE they make sense. I type things that are FACTUAL and I know make sense. Listen, don’t be envyous of me. I even gave you credit several time where you ACTUALLY said something that was correct. I don’t need to work for JB because I’m already employed! But since you want to mouth off, I have a challenge for you:

      JB and ARI GOLD: JB since Ari Gold wants to open his mouth about writing, why don’t you let us write an article for you on anything you want and you can review it and tell us who the better writer is? DO YOU ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE ARI GOLD?

      • I don’t accept that challenge. I have enough to do every day.

        • You’ve just saved Ari Gold from being embarrassed. I don’t think he would’ve taken me up on it anyway. Just going off of the comments that he posts on here, he wouldn’t be able to put a simple sentence together. It’s sad really, all that money his parents paid to send him to SHC was wasted!

          • To everybody –

            My mom once told me. Be careful when you start are arguing with a fool. In time people may not be able to tell the difference. : )

            • To everybody-

              My mom once told me, “If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

            • It’s not an argument WCAL Alum. I’m just stating facts and issued a simple challenge to Mr. Ari Gold to see if he could back up what he says. Obviously, since he didn’t accept it, he can’t (but when was the last time a hypocrite can back up what they say anyway).

              However, you do have a point. Ari Gold is the fool and I look forward to the next time I can correct one of his MANY misguided comments.

              Cats Pride: I will heed your advise and say this to Mr. Ari Gold: Why don’t you and I attend the Burton/Gal game on February 21st at Burton. It should be a good game.! I will even pay your way in and we can discuss things in person.

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