Girls Soccer: St. Ignatius breaks goal-scoring drought to take down Sacred Heart

By Josh Levine

The St. Ignatius girls soccer team did something Wednesday against Sacred Heart that they haven’t done for 20 days – put a ball into the net.

The Wildcats broke a four-game scoreless streak with three first-half goals in a 3-0 West Catholic Athletic League win over rival Sacred Heart Cathedral on Wednesday at the Crocker Amazon Soccer Fields.

“The goal-scoring drought was tough on us,” said St. Ignatius senior captain Alexa Robinson. “We really wanted to win today. We were pumped up especially after we tied them last time we played. We got our momentum going with that early goal and those other two goals sealed it for us.”

Three different players, including Robinson and fellow senior captain Kate Bettinger, each scored one goal for the Wildcats (4-6-6, 1-3-5). The Wildcats took 28 total shots, including 20 on goal. Irish goalkeeper Sara Harrington had a busy day with 17 saves.

Sacred Heart (8-5-4, 1-5-3) managed only one shot in the first half, but came on strong in the second half with 11 shots, with nine of those on goal.

“I told my team we played 40 minutes in an 80 minute game,” said Sacred Heart head coach Matt Nuttall. “We had a much better second half. It seemed like in the first half we watched the game. We’re disappointed, [but] we showed the kind of team we are in the second half.”

The win was the fourth-consecutive game in which the Wildcats have held their opponents scoreless, but three of those games have been draws.

“We’ve been able to get points on the draws. A win gets us two points in league and a draw gets us one, so it’s always better than losing,” said St. Ignatius head coach Carlos Rodgers Escobar. “Ideally, we want to get a home game in the playoffs and we need to win our last three games to have a shot at that. Today we gained a lot of offensive confidence and that’s important going ahead.”

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19 Comments on "Girls Soccer: St. Ignatius breaks goal-scoring drought to take down Sacred Heart"

  1. Sister Frances Meyer, D.C. | January 26, 2012 at 12:41 PM |


    • For headline purposes (at times, although we mostly use Sacred Heart Cathedral) and on second reference, our policy is to use Sacred Heart. It is more concise and everyone knows who we are talking about. The same goes for Convent (full name Convent of the Sacred Heart), SFI (full name San Francisco International), Waldorf (full name San Francisco Waldorf), ICA (full name Immaculate Conception Academy), ISA (full name International Studies Academy), Jewish Community (full name Jewish Community High School of the Bay), Lick (full name Lick-Wilmerding) and Riordan (full name Archbishop Riordan). Not to mention the AAA schools that we take the first name out: Balboa (Vasco Nunez de), Burton (Philip and Sala), Jordan (June), Lowell (James Russell), Lincoln (Abraham), Marshall (Thurgood), O’Connell (John), Wallenberg (Raoul) and Washington (George). We even use SI in headlines at times. We are treating Sacred Heart Cathedral no different.

      • Doesn’t bother me any unless there’s confusion with “Sacred Heart Prep”. What bugs me is when Cal-Hi Sports says “Cathedral”.

      • This is a normal practice…I don’t see what the big deal is. As long as you get the names right, it shouldn’t matter! Most, if not all, of us who visit the site know what you’re talking about. If the alumni, school supporters, and players do not even know the names of their own schools or know the names of the schools in their respective leagues, something is seriously wrong with them.

        • Out of respect for Sister Francis Meyer D.C. The full name is Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. The Daughters of Charity (operated Cathedral) were a big part of Sacred Heart to remain a viable secondary school. We should respect her opinion. However, in the nomanclature of the City prep sports, Sacred Heart is commonly used, and in that light, I am sure no disrespect of Daughters of Charity is intended. Dont forget, the new student life center (including the gym) WAS secured from donations from the Daughters of Charity.

  2. JB, Sr Frances is very particular with the Cathedral part because SH is in reference to the historical boys school of Sacred Heart and when SH went coed by combining Cathedral and St. Rose (all girls schools) in the late 80s-early 90s thats where the name came about. Leaving out Cathedral is like leaving out the girls.

    I admit I have a habit of just saying SH instead of SHC. It just sounds natural for me but thats because I’m a male. If I was a female I probably would feel different about it.

    • I understand the reasoning. That’s why we always use the full name, like every other school, on first reference. I’m sure the Wilmerding family isn’t all that pleased that we call it Lick on second reference and in headlines either.

  3. Instead of using SH use SHC since you say everyone knows who we are talking about! Adding one more letter then will make it even more clear.

    • I don’t believe we’ve ever used SH, because that would be confusing with Stuart Hall. We either use Sacred Heart Cathedral, Sacred Heart or SHC in headlines.

      • SHC works, and for Stuart just call them “The Hall”. Actually Sister is even more particular. She ALWAYS says the whole thing which is Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory.

        I feel bad for Sister. For football games at Kezar, they decided to go against the small cap gun she used for end of quarter signal. Its now some horn. Yes Sister owned a gun.

  4. Guys it’s San Fran Preps …… After all,, they only cover San Francisco Schools

  5. there is a “Sacred Heart Prep” down on the peninsula but no city schools play them regularly. SHC is one of the biggest sport schools in the city – everyone knows SH, SHC, or Sacred Heart is referring to well, Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep so it really doesn’t matter. People shouldn’t be picky about it – I’m a female and I don’t care about the boy/girl school stuff!

    • Crusader 70 | January 26, 2012 at 8:23 PM |

      Actually, Mercy plays Sacred Heart Prep twice a year, they are in the same league. Prep was also a member of the WCAL a few years back and would play SHC and SI regularly.

      • SHP also still plays in the WCAL in water polo.

      • Prep had probably three of the best players in NorCal girls history in Liz Rizzo, Alexis Felts and Renee Robinson. They dominated the GPSL (pre-wcal) which was amazing given how small their school was. The equivalent would be if Mercy joined the WCAL and won league, section, and state.

        • Those SHP squads won 4 straight State titles with the middle two being in D1, very impressive teams.

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