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Games of the day – Lincoln vs. Galileo boys basketball: The surprising Lions are atop the Neff Division and have already beaten AAA favorite Mission. Now they’re looking for another win over a Lang Division power. Galileo vs. Lincoln girls basketball: Both teams sit in second place in their respective divisions behind Lowell and Washington, but are likely the only contenders to knock off the top two teams. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA boys basketball
Lincoln 49, Galileo 36
Burton 79, Marshall 77 (OT)
Balboa 64, ISA 38
Mission 90, Wallenberg 46
O’Connell 76, Jordan 66

BCL Central boys basketball
Waldorf 55, International 37
Gateway @ Pescadero, 5:30 p.m.

PSAL North boys basketball
Alma Heights (Pacifica) 38, Jewish Community 36

AAA girls basketball
Burton 44, Marshall 40
Mission 52, Wallenberg 47 (OT)
Galileo 60, Lincoln 47

BCL Central girls basketball
International 61, Waldorf 32
San Domenico (San Anselmo) 60, Leadership 11
Gateway @ Pescadero, 4 p.m.

BCL West girls basketball
Convent 43, Drew 27

PSAL girls basketball
Alma Heights (Pacifica) 45, Jewish Community 27

WBAL Skyline girls soccer
Mercy vs. Latino College Prep (San Jose) @ Crocker Amazon, 3:30 p.m.

Non-league wrestling
Stuart Hall 42, SFI 31

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  1. Waka Flocka Flame | January 26, 2012 at 5:17 PM |


  2. Burton 79-77 ot

    • Feel The Pain | January 26, 2012 at 7:41 PM |

      Great win for Burton! With Lowell playing there in a few weeks, that showdown could be for a #2 Neff seed. If the Cardinal faulter in the next 4 games, they could be a #3. After losing to the Bucs by 10, the Pumas have pushed Mission, Lincoln, and Marshall to the end of each game, they are definitely putting it together.

      • they showed a lot of heart tonight, big shots made by #32, #23, #15, and #4 with the game winning layup.

        i know it’s been said but Terrance Ching is a great shooter he doesnt need much space either. missed his shots in OT because he was a little tired but Burton wouldn’t have gotten to OT without him.

        • Kind of a lame excused if Marshall 5 man rotation wouldn’t have got tried the game would have been over. lol but for real lets not make excuses. TC heaka of a player was scoreless in OT lockdown D by #10 only a 10th grader nice really good floor general

          • scoreless in OT? i remember 32 hitting a layup off a steal in OT.

            that was a good game and both teams deserve credit.

            it’s always hilarious to hear people in the stands complain about the refs when the refs call a fine game. it’s also funny that the refs fled the building as soon as the game ended

            • Yea i agree what you on that one the Refs runnnnn forest ruunnnnn! Great Game in the nieghborHood!!!!

            • Yeah, I was at the game. The Refs were doing fine and I don’t know why people were complaining. When Burton won, I ran down onto the court and congratulated everyone of my fellow Pumas for their victory. Yeah, TC made a layup after a steal in OT. Therefore, he wasn’t scoreless.

            • Yeah, the Refs were out of there. Packed their bags and left. Maybe they were afraid something might happen because of the area they were in, lol.

              • Refs are supposed to leave the game as soon as it is over. In an OT game, odds are one of the coaches or players are going to be upset and by hanging around without a purpose, the officials are essentially welcoming trouble. When the game is over, our job is done – therefore, we get out of there. Sorry to ruin your fantasies as to why we run…

    • Given that most AAA schools don’t have dressing or shower facilities, most refs just leave when the game is over. If you’re at SI, SH or Riordan (maybe some of the privates), after the game, the refs go to a dressing facility to discuss the game and/or shower.

      I’m sure the neighborhood factors a little bit but most of the AAA schools have parking lots or in the case of Lowell, a relatively safe neighborhood if you have to park in the street. It’s not like refs have to walk through all sorts of people to get to their cars. I don’t think too many incidents have occurred in AAA gyms.

      The Oakland League used to have a rep as rough league to officiate. The talent is still there though I don’t hear anything going on anymore. There was a great book in the 90’s called Skyline: One Season, One Team that documents some incidents. In fact, to tie back to the discussion of officials, the main protagonist of the Skyline book (Shawn Donlea) was also a ref with the group that officiates AAA games. I worked with him a bit in my early years and I think he moved onto other things.

      • I agree Don L. During my playing days, I can never recall a ref sticking around. They would get their belongings and leave. Contrary to popular belief, they do not run out of the gym.

        Think about it, their job is done, so why would they stick around. They’re not getting paid extra to stick around and socialize.

        Also, most refs (depending upon what time of day it is) may have other officiating duties to tend to after the conclusion of the game. Sometimes it’s to go officiate another basketball game, or another sporting event.

  3. There was no reporter covering the Lincoln-Galileo girls basketball game?

  4. That would be nice to see Burton take the second seed it would be a great rematch game to go wacth Marshall vs Burton nice Rivalry game! Let go city Youth stay focus


    • yes it was a great win for Burton, Marshall shot themselve in the foot twice. Marshall had a 14/0 lead in the first quarter and a 14 point lead in late in the third. Marshall had a 2 point lead with 9 second left, when
      # 15 for Marshall would foul # 32 thirty five feet away from the basketball
      (a big bone head play, what was he thinking) giving Burton three free throw with 2.2 left on clock sending the game into overtime. Marshall would take a 4 point lead late in the overtime, with 34 second left Burton would score a 2 point basketball putting Burton down by 2 with 15 second left in the game;
      # 15 for marshall would attempt a no look pass at half court, which would be stolen for an uncontest fast break basket for Burton, Tieing the game at 77/77, With seconds left on the clock Burton would score on a layup to win the game.

      I must give Marshall’s coach big love, this is what happen: Marshall coach exited the gym and enter the lobby and was approach by some waiting Marshall supports, who were very upset about two calls late in the fourth quarter and wanted to protest the calls; before I go further let me say this, the two official who officate the game, they did not have the ability to officiate a game played at that level; going back to the coach being approached by Marshall supporter in the lobby and the protest, this is what the coach from Marshall told them, There is no need to protest because the refs did not lost the game, we ( Marshall) lost the game, and that Burton deserved the game because they out played us in fourth quarter and wanted it more in the overtime. As we all know, he could have taken the lower road and feed into what the support wanted.

      • “before I go further let me say this, the two official who officate the game, they did not have the ability to officiate a game played at that level”

        What are you talking about? The refs did a good job last night and the fans who were upset should be happy they saw a good game.

        I’m sick of people blaming refs. Also, some of the marshall supporters should be embarrassed at some of the things that were being said in the crowd. Marshall’s AD needs to control that. You represent your school and the district. You are allowed to cheer and be loud, but you should not be allowed to repeatedly curse at the opposing players and the refs. It’s a high school basketball game, not candlestick.

        • The foul language is one of the reasons I don’t like going to AAA games. I went to a Balboa-Marshall game earlier in the year, and the foul language was pretty rampant. Luckily, there wasn’t little kids running around. This is a high school game, where alcohol isn’t being served, so why do people have to resort saying F-bombs every time the ref blows his whistle? I just feel uncomfortable when people curse around me, because it can lead to violence later on. If I tell the person to tone it down, who knows, that kid or adult might follow me back to my car, and do some harm to me, when all I want to do is watch a competitive basketball game.

          • @jj Dont make up stories Marshall had a very control crowd it gets exciting and yea people make comments but be real when is the first or last time someone was follow to there car and had harm done to them at Marshall? Its 2012 cameras everywhere. Yea there has been fights in the AAA but behind everythings there another story most of the fights that breakout is not due to the “Game”or “Refs” but other BS so as long as your out of the BS there’s no worry! realtalk peace

            • I am not making up stories. This was a 1st hand experience. Someone else was complaining about what was being said in the crowd at a Marshall game, so I assume it’s the same people who are cursing out the refs, players, etc….I guess I can try to block it out, or better yet, the rowdy supporters can at least use language that is more appropriate, rather than yelling the F word every minute.

              • @jj Still didn’t answer the main question. When is the first or last time someone was follow to their car and had harm done to them at Marshall? I’ve been to sporting events for 5-6yr olds baseball heard f-bombs drop it happens but no violence no harm yea watch the language yet this is American freedom of speech what do you expected a perfect world lol

          • don’t get mad at marshall fans this is how much love they give for their team and what they would do for their team.

  6. From Thurs. 1/26:

    WBAL Skyline girls soccer
    Mercy 5, Latino College Prep (San Jose) 0

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