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Games of the day – Convent vs. International girls basketball: In the nightcap of the Bay Area Hoops Classic at International, the Jaguars host the Cubs in a matchup of arguably the best Division V girls teams in the City. Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. Bellarmine boys basketball: The Irish will look to hold serve on their home court after dropping their first WCAL game on the road to the Bells. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

WCAL boys basketball
Sacred Heart Cathedral 58, Bellarmine (San Jose) 43
Valley Christian (San Jose) 52, Riordan 48
Mitty (San Jose) 67, St. Ignatius 63

Non-league boys basketball
Waldorf 54, Emery (Emeryville) 40
Stuart Hall 47, International 35
Bay 72, Valley Christian (Dublin) 30
Drew vs. Calistoga @ Booker T. Washington, 3:30 p.m.
Lick-Wilmerding @ St. Elizabeth (Oakland), 3:30 p.m.

Non-league girls basketball
Athenian (Danville) 63, Waldorf 21
University 51, Bay 33
Convent 49, International 48
St. Francis (Sacramento) 59, Sacred Heart Cathedral 51
Lincoln 46, Mercy (Burlingame) 42
Head-Royce (Oakland) 46, Urban 28
Lick-Wilmerding vs. Chinese Christian (San Leandro) @ Head-Royce (Oakland), 2 p.m.
Drew vs. Calistoga @ Booker T. Washington, 5 p.m.

WCAL boys soccer
Sacred Heart Cathedral 5, Mitty (San Jose) 1
Bellarmine (San Jose) 3, Riordan 0
St. Francis (Mountain View) 1, St. Ignatius 0

WBAL Skyline girls soccer
Pinewood (Los Altos Hills) 8, Mercy 0

WCAL girls soccer
St. Francis (Mountain View) 2, St. Ignatius 1
Mitty (San Jose) 2, Sacred Heart Cathedral 0

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  1. SHCP girls soccer is at Crocker 4pm , not in San jose

  2. and SHCP boys soccer is at Crocker at 2pm, (not 11am)

    • Great job by the soccer dudes to beat Mitty and 5-1 yet. Too bad SI didn’t beat Mitty in hoops.

      I was at the Bells game, barely 100 people showed up. After gaining a 20-point lead and keeping a double-digit lead, I can’t believe they lost to Bellarmine the first time. Taylor John’s had early foul trouble and had maybe 10 points. Josh Fox had about 20.

      Frosh A’s won 33-30, the Frosh B’s won 44-37 and the Bells JV’s won 41-17. The Frosh A’s are 16-0. One of their best players was out but I don’t know why.

  3. Josh Fox doing it inside and outside and on the boards tonight. Is there anything this guy can’t do?

    • Well, he can’t handle the rock… simple as that! There is no chance that Fox can play at the next level. Without a solid left hand and the ability to visualize the court, I don’t see him going any where besides Oberlin or some other low-level D3.

      • Can you please use a different screen name? There’s already 10 “anonymous” and now 2 “JJ”s and I don’t want to be associated with people who slam very good high school basketball players.

        • I made him JJ2.

          • JOsh Fox is being recruited by schools in the Ivy League, Akron, Portland and UC San Diego.

          • Jbalan, can you please not change my name to “JJ2.” I have been a consistent commenter for a very long time. I don’t want some punk kids thinking they are funny by stealing my name. Check the IP address so you can confirm that this is the actually JJ.

            • Everything you said in this comment is not true and most of your string of recent comments have been nonsense. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

        • Look at it this way JJ, at least you have a fan out there!

        • JJ2 – You sure as hell don’t appreciate talent , Fox is easily in the top 5 in the WCAL and ranks highly in Norcal . If you don’t have anything positive to contribute I’d suggest you zip it up . From my observations he is all that and more with tons of guts . He will make you eat your words . Wow , what an example of encouragement you are ? By the way what is your greatest accomplishment ? , maybe you are so great that this just dosen’t meet your standards . Let a young man from a small Pacific Island do his thing . We are proud of you Josh , put Satan behind you and chase your dreams .

      • Fox is good and anybody will take him. It amazes me that so many people think if something isn’t the greatest thing in the world then it’s nothing.

      •, watch FOX and JOHNS, who says FOX does not have a solid left hand? This was his left!

      • Ari Gold – Can’t help but love FOX , what a kid on and off the floor . He surely is versatile and like they say not showy at all . That is probably why alot of us root for him as a player an easy fav .

        • Theres a long list of Irish players that Ive seen that I would consider my favorites and I would put Josh in my top 5 because the fact that he does EVERYTHING and he’s only 6’3-6’4 is amazing. The WCAL is just littered with 6’4 and up guys but few have Fox’s tools. His knock is he’s not lightning quick. But his basketball IQ and knowledge of the court and all the spots puts him ahead of most quick players. And at the Bellarmine game another asset was he was the focus of Bellarmine defenders, he allowed other players like Otis, James, Petroni to get open looks. And he never demanded the ball, the ball just found him. Such a great talent and a joy to watch play.

    • Fox can’t play at D1 level. PLEASE. He’s a nice high school player with very limited upside. I could see him maybe at a Sonoma State, Cal Poly etc.

      But a D1 program??? Anyone who thinks so is completely delusional.

  4. Lincon over Mercy (Burlingame) 46 – 42 today @ CSM

  5. SI only lost by 4 pts to the defending State Champs. I see big improvements in SI boys basketball. At least they are scoring more and it souns like they are playing tough for 4 quarters, not just for 2.5 quarters like when they were in their 6-game losing streak.

    • Johnny Drama | January 28, 2012 at 10:55 PM |

      Can you provide some insight for those that didn’t go JJ? The score is impressive though!

      • Nah, I didn’t go to the game. You should tell that I didn’t go to the game because I said “… sounds like [SI] played tough for 4 quarters, not just for 2.5 quarters…….”. If I was at the game, I would’ve gave you a short paragraph synopsis of highlights of the game, lol.

      • Ok, I just looked at the boxscore of the SI-Mitty game: Gordon 24 pts. SD31 had 11 points on three 3-pointers & 2 FT’s, Dunbar had 16, and Nick Johnson had 14 making four 3pt shots. Al Waters had 1 3pt shot as well. Obviously, SI shot well from the outside, and this is what probably kept them in the game.

        • Had the good fortune of heading down to the unfriendly confines of Archbishop Mitty last night and I can tell you the Cats came to play and didn’t seem phased by Mitty’s vaunted status. Mitty got out to a quick start and they were obviously the more talented and skilled team, but SI never let the lead get out of hand and played tough defense (to spite the 67 points allowed seeming rather high). Coach Reardon actually started the game with Waters, Johnson, Loginoff, SD31, and Big Tone on the floor and Dunbar didn’t make his first appearance until mid way through the first. It felt like the Cats were looking for a defensive edge and Waters played a helluva first quarter offensively, even knocking down a 3 ball.

          I expected Michael Loginoff to produce a little more this time around against the Monarchs based on his past few performances, but sources tell me he had stitches put in on Thursday that may have hindered his aggression (league leading 7.9 fouls per 32 minutes). If Loginoff played as big as he did against the Bells and the Cats knocked down their free throws (17 of 24–an improvement BUT STILL) then this game could have been much different.

          The Cats went into the half down 33-25 and could have easily folded with Gordon picking up steam, but the offense came out determined and put up 38 in the second half, with Gordon guarding Dunbar most of the time. Dunbar had another fantastic performance and it doesn’t seem like there is anyone in the WCAL who can consistently shut him down off the dribble. 16 points and a few unbelievable no look passes had the scouts in attendance for Gordon and SD31 taking long looks at the Shiftteam hero.

          But perhaps the most encouraging sign of the 2nd half for the Cats was the ball movement. Finally, the Cats looked comfortable in their offensive sets and it resulted in a number of open shots including great looks for Nick Johnson (14 points) and SD31. They ended up outscoring Mitty by 4 in the second half and had legitimate chances of winning the game. Hopefully, the Cats can use the 2nd half of the Mitty game to build momentum because I can honestly say that for the first time in WCAL play, they were FUN to watch last night.

          • That’s weird that Gordon was guarding Dunbar. I have a feeling that Gordon and Domingo might be going to the same college together as a package — when they graduate in 2013, so Gordon wanted his buddy to show his offensive moves/shooting range to the scouts?

      • Congrats SI , way to hang in there and battle , a sign of a true champion .

  6. On the Freshman A team, he was out because he was a stomach flu

  7. Good solid win by SHC. Tough game for ARHS. Great effort by SI.

    On another note…
    Why are you guys talking about freshman basketball? Seriously. Get a hobby.

  8. International played a hard fought game against highly touted Stuart Hall. Their hustle and heart kept them in the game and even cut the lead to under 10 points in the 4th quarter. Congrats

  9. Trevor Dunbar going in Gordon get out the way class of 2014 he going so where big Dunbar’s WoRld baby!

  10. From Sat. 1/28:

    Non-league girls basketball
    Drew 2, Calistoga 0 (forfeit)

    • Also from Sat. 1/28:

      Non-league boys basketball
      Lick-Wilmerding 72, St. Elizabeth (Oakland) 37

      Non-league girls basketball
      Lick-Wilmerding 42, Chinese Christian (San Leandro) 23

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