Commenting Code of Conduct

This is our new Commenting Code of Conduct and it is effective immediately. Any comments deemed inappropriate will be deleted or edited at our discretion. We reserve the right to close comments on any story and modify the code of conduct at any time.

– The old rules still apply

Comments that advocate or feature violence, racism, sexism, homophobia or libel, as well as comments with profanity or of a sexual nature, will not be permitted (this includes acronyms, abbreviations or veiled references). Personal attacks will also not be permitted. Repeat offenders will have their commenting privileges suspended.

– Pick a name and stick to it

We’re not going to make people register, but we will no longer be approving “anonymous” comments. Pick a name or moniker, and stick to it. Do not switch names. We’re not asking you to identify yourself personally, but at least maintain one identity on this site. A valid, consistent e-mail for each poster is also required, so we can make sure that you, and only you, are posting under your name, and so that no other people can imitate you.

– Don’t slam youth athletes

There is a way to discuss our stories and the performance of the players without disparaging the youth athletes we cover. Malice toward youth athletes in the comments section will not be tolerated.

– Be respectful

Sharing your opinion is encouraged and debate is one of the great things about our site, but be respectful in any potential disagreements. It is possible to to disagree with others while still being cordial.

– Stay on topic

Please stay on the topic to the post/story you are commenting on.

– Don’t type in ALL CAPS

There is no reason for typing in all caps, ever. If your point is pertinent, the need for emphasizing that point with all caps will not be needed.

– Don’t discuss personal information

This mostly deals with players, coaches and others involved in events we cover, but it is not a commenter’s responsibility or is it appropriate to share personal information, even if the information is flattering. The most common issue we’ve had on this topic is referencing a student’s GPA. If it is relevant and made available to us for a story, we will mention it. It is not your place as a commenter to share this type of private information.

– Be coherent

We’re aware that not everyone who comments is a trained and polished writer, but please do your best to make your point as coherent and as clear as possible. If your comment is unintelligible, it defeats the purpose of commenting at all. Also, sarcasm can sometimes be difficult to understand in the context of a text comment. Some may not be able distinguish your inflection or intended sarcasm. Again, clarity is most important.

– English only, please

Only comments in English will be approved.

– If you have a tip, send an e-mail

If you have a tip for a story, especially one that is sensitive in nature or that is hearsay or a rumor, e-mail editor Jeremy Balan instead of posting a comment about it. If it is worthy of a story, we will vet the lead to the best of our ability.

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