Boys Basketball Top 10: Lincoln moves into top 5

The Lincoln cheerleaders are at every AAA home game and the Mustangs are undefeated at home in league play. (Photo by Eric Luis)

The Lincoln cheerleaders are at every AAA home game and the Mustangs are undefeated at home in league play. (Photo by Eric Luis)

Every week, we will be publishing our take on the top ten boys and girls basketball teams in San Francisco. Feel free to make your own rankings and discuss ours in the comment section.

1. Sacred Heart Cathedral (16-3, last week’s ranking: 1)

The Irish have three losses, all on the road and all in West Catholic Athletic League play, by a combined seven points. One of those losses came to Serra (17-2) last week, but Sacred Heart rallied to wrap up the week with a win over Bellarmine (10-9).

2. Mission (15-8, last week’s ranking: 3)

The Bears return to their preseason spot after a two completely different wins last week. Mission nearly gave up a 17-point lead, but hung on to beat Burton (9-13), then routed Wallenberg (4-16).

3. St. Ignatius (8-11, last week’s ranking: 4)

The Wildcats haven’t impressed in the large majority of WCAL play, but may be showing some signs of life. St. Ignatius completed a regular-season sweep of No. 5 Riordan last week, then gave Mitty (16-3) all it could handle on the road in a four-point loss.

4. Lincoln (13-11, last week’s ranking: 6)

The Mustangs beat the two best Neff Division teams last week by double digits. Lowell (11-10) and Galileo (11-10) could be second-round playoff opponents for Lincoln and the Mustangs remain a favorite to reach the AAA championship game.

5. Riordan (9-10, last week’s ranking: 2)

The Crusaders have lost four straight games in WCAL play, including two close losses to No. 3 St. Ignatius and Valley Christian (11-8) last week.

6. Lick-Wilmerding (14-8, last week’s ranking: 7)

The Tigers have won five straight games and pulled into a first-place tie with University and Urban in the Bay Counties League West with a win over the Red Devils at Oracle Arena last week. Lick also took down Drew (2-16) and St. Elizabeth (1-16) in lopsided victories.

7. University (12-10, last week’s ranking: 5)

While Urban and Lick have been surging, the Red Devils are in a bit of a slide. Before its loss to the Tigers, University was handed its first BCL West loss on the road against Marin Academy (12-8) by 12 points.

8. Urban (12-8, last week’s ranking: 10)

The Blues continued their hot streak with wins over No. 9 Stuart Hall and Marin Academy last week. A battle for first place with Lick this week could vault Urban up even more.

9. Stuart Hall (16-6, last week’s ranking: 8)

The Knights continue to slide after a loss to No. 8 Urban last week, but also collected double-digit wins over Drew and International (5-15).

10. Gateway (15-2, last week’s ranking: NR)

The Gators are back in the Top 10 after vindicating their only Bay Counties League Central loss with a win over Bay (13-8) last week. Gateway also took down last-place Pescadero (2-12).

On the brink: Waldorf (12-4), Marshall (8-11), Lowell (11-10), Galileo (11-10), Balboa (16-7), Burton (9-12), Bay (13-8)

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  1. Jeremy – if I may suggest, the comments code of conduct should be listed on your nav bar somewhere as a reminder or something. You could publish the list or link to it as newcomers may not see it.

  2. with their win over st. elizabeths, lick is 14-8 not 13-8

  3. That overtime loss to Burton really hurt Marshall; their ranking in the top 10 was short-lived. I would like to see Mission in the Sand Dune Classic next year, because I really don’t think they are better than SI. SI only lost to Mitty by 4. I can only imagine how much Mission would lose to Mitty if they played against each other, but we will never know…..

    • Mission participated in the Sand Dune this year. They lost to Oakland Tech in the first round.

      • Thanks for the reminder. I went to the night games and wasn’t able to see Mission play. Anyways, Mission finished in 7th place in the Sand Dune Classic, while SI finished in 2nd place, losing to Jesuit. Mission beat St Mary’s of Albany in their only win, and lost — like you said — to Oakland Tech, and also to CCS contender, Burlingame. SI beat 2 good teams pretty handily in Branson and Santa Cruz, but got pounded by Jesuit. Hopefully, Mission and SI does well in the their respective sections, so they can face off with each other in the NorCal playoffs.

        • I really don’t see SI or mission making nor cals.

          • Both have a good chance, but Mission has a better chance.

            It depends on how the bracket looks, but SI getting to the CCS D-III championship game would not be shocking. If they get into the championship game, they are in the state tournament (aka NorCals).

            Same goes for Mission. If they get into the AAA championship game (which they have in the last two seasons), they are into the state tournament. Mission and Lincoln are the prohibitive favorites to make it to the championship game.

            • oh i thought only the CCS champ made it. I could definitely see SI making it then. Thanks for clearing that up.

              • I disagree. They’d need to be seeded 2, 3 or 6 to have any shot (SHC is the clear top seed and almost certainly will win the section).

                Their win over Santa Cruz certainly gives them some leverage, but they also have to deal with El Camino (likely 2nd seed), Valley Christian and Burlingame in the race for the 2nd and 3rd spots. They’ll also have to put up with Aptos, Mills and Monterey.

                Calpreps currently has SI just about even with VC for the third seed, with Burlingame slipping a bit from a bad loss to Woodside.

                The way I see it, neither SI or VC will win Wednesday or Friday, making Saturday’s game between the two even more important. That makes Burlingame the main wild card. They play El Camino Wednesday (El Camino won the first time in a blowout, but Burlingame’s top scorer missed the game due to injuries). They then play Jefferson, who is 4-16, on Friday. Saturday Burlingame plays a non-league game at Palo Alto. Burlingame can change up everything with a 2-1 or 3-0 week, but if they go 1-2 (Jefferson is nearly a guaranteed win), they’ll almost certainly be out of the running for a top 4 spot.

                SI needs wins and some help. The odds of them finishing 2nd are almost none, since they lost to El Camino, so the #3 spot is their best hope at any shot at a state tourney birth. 4th or 5th is practically a death sentence with the prospect of a date with the Fighting Irish in the semifinals.

              • Games important for Saint Ignatius for C.C.S. Seeding:

                SI needs to Beat Valley Christian and finish higher in the standings than VC. After VC plays SI, VC will play Mitty and Serra.

                SI would help themselves by beating Bellarmine

                And SI would really help themselves if the beat SHC.

                If Valley Chr. beats SI, then Monterey should be the #4 seed and SI will want to avoid the #5 seed.

                Monterey lost to Valley Chr.

                Mills needs to beat Burlingame to get into this conversation.

                Aptos, if they don’t finish higher in the league standings than Santa Cruz, will be waiting for both SI and SC to be seeded.

        • Does anyone know how Domingo played against Mitty? I can’t find stats anywhere.

          • According to the Mercury News, Domingo made three 3-pointers and 2 free throws for a total of 11 points. Dunbar 16. Nick Johnson 14 points

            • Domingo played well against Mitty and had a much better 2nd half than 1st half. His shooting was a little rocky in the first half but he came alive in the 2nd when SI was able to swing the ball and get him open (not his sometimes contested) jumpers on the perimeter. Even his misses in the 2nd half looked like they were quality shots which are good signs if you’re a Cats fan, and his passing looked good as well. Do note that Mitty used Gordon to guard Dunbar because they saw him as the bigger scoring threat.

              • wow that’s pretty crazy, but a smart basketball move. you figure it would be really hard for a short dubar to score against all that length

  4. Ricky Johnson | January 31, 2012 at 12:05 AM |

    Can you explain why Washington is not even on the “Brink” list?

    • Probably that 9 point loss to Lowell didn’t help Washington’s cause. And putting 6 AAA teams on the brink list seems a little too much?

  5. Great job Lincoln and Mission for moving up. AAA is doing big things this year. I’m proud of both schools.

  6. what teams are going to the junior-varsity playoff games

  7. what do you think the chances are of Gateway making NCS?

  8. The chances are great for Gateway to make the ncs. They should be ranked higher than Urban IMO after beating them earlier this season. Gateway is legit, I think they are right there with Uni and Lick. Despite a 10 point loss to Lick earlier this season, they are much better and improved. Theres no doubt that they are the favorites to win the BCL Central this season. Leadership loss 3 straight, Waldorf and International cant touch them. Gateway finished off Bay at home after the horrific 20 point loss to them the first time proving that game was just a fluke. They seem to be a team playing with high confidence despite only seeing them once this year at the Lick holiday tourney. Their record shows they are playing with a high level of confidence.

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