Girls Basketball Top 10: Despite loss, International moves up

International sophomore Natalie Kelly is known best for her work on the basketball court, but also played tennis and badminton. (Photo by Doug Ko)

International sophomore guard Natalie Kelly (right) and the Jaguars have been playing impressively in BCL Central play, but it was a close loss to Convent on Saturday that moved them up in the Top 10. (Photo by Doug Ko)

Every week, we will be publishing our take on the top ten boys and girls basketball teams in San Francisco. Feel free to make your own rankings and discuss ours in the comment section.

1. St. Ignatius (16-3, last week’s ranking: 1)

The Wildcats only played one game last week, but it was their signature win of the season. St. Ignatius handed first-place Mitty (15-5) its first West Catholic Athletic League loss and the Wildcats put themselves in a position to share a regular-season league title.

2. Mercy (19-1, last week’s ranking: 2)

The Skippers dropped their first game of the season on the road against Pinewood (12-8), but won’t drop from the No. 2 spot. Mercy opened the week with an overtime win over Menlo (12-7), but lost some ground to St. Ignatius, who knocked off one of the best teams in the Bay Area in Mitty.

3. Lowell (17-4, last week’s ranking: 3)

The Cardinals met their toughest week of Academic Athletic Association competition with double-digit wins over No. 10 Lincoln and No. 8 Washington, solidifying their claim as the top public-school squad in the City.

4. Sacred Heart Cathedral (10-10, last week’s ranking: 4)

The Irish are back at .500 after a 1-2 week, with their only win coming against Notre Dame-Belmont (10-10). The two losses came on the road against Presentation (12-8), who Sacred Heart beat by 20 at home, and another tough road test against non-league opponent St. Francis-Sacramento (12-9).

5. Convent (12-6, last week’s ranking: 5)

The Cubs have won seven straight, including Bay Counties League West wins over Urban (12-9) and Drew (10-9), along with a close call on the road against No. 7 International in non-league play last week.

6. University (19-2, last week’s ranking: 6)

The Red Devils had victories in all three of their games last week, but did not win convincingly over unranked Lick-Wilmerding (6-11) in their annual rivalry game at Oracle Arena. The close win was sandwiched between double-digit victories over Marin Academy (13-9) and Bay (9-10).

7. International (12-7, last week’s ranking 9)

The Jaguars cruised in Bay Counties League Central wins over Leadership (7-14) and Waldorf (7-14), but moved up mostly do to a game performance against No. 5 Convent, where they held a lead late before the Cubs prevailed by one point.

8. Washington (7-13, last week’s ranking: 7)

The Eagles’ only game of the week was a loss to Lowell in the Battle of the Birds, but they will get another tough AAA test when head to No. 9 Galileo this week.

9. Galileo (14-6, ranking last week: 8)

The Lions took down No. 10 Lincoln at home in their only game last week, but will have an opportunity to move up next week with No. 8 Washington and Balboa on the schedule.

10. Lincoln (8-13, last week’s ranking: 10)

The Mustangs are clinging to the last spot in our Top 10 after a week where they dropped two AAA games, but both came against ranked opponents. Lincoln then went on to beat Mercy-Burlingame (9-11) in non-league action to wrap up the week.

On the brink: Lick-Wilmerding (6-11), Urban (12-9), Drew (9-8), Balboa (5-8)

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24 Comments on " Girls Basketball Top 10: Despite loss, International moves up"

  1. Before anyone asks, the Boys Top 10 will be up later tonight.

  2. Go Natalie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Put Kuperschmid and the Blues innnnnn!!! They won Rincon after all. Also thank you for fixing the comment system. Keep it up Jbalan! Much obliged!

  4. Happy Monday everyone! It is also Confession Monday and my confession is this:

    I’m sorry for riding SD31 too hard this season, the truth is I get pissed at him so much because I got the #2 pick of my WCAL basketball fantasy league and obviously #1 pick was AG32, so I had a tough choice. Should I pick Fox or SD31? I figured SD31 was going to light it up this year being the primary offensive option and he was going to be a stat monster. So he’s disappointed my team this year and I probably wont make the playoffs. Ok? Happy now?!?!

    JB, find some guy to make some app for SF HS fantasy league football & basketball. Would be absolutely fun and grow your the site.

    • thanks for saying that ari i can understand man.

    • If all the High School teams would enter their stats into MaxPreps, then you would be able to make an HS Football or Basketball Fantasy System.

      Since you would have all the offensive stats for all the High School Teams.

      You would only be missing the Defensive Stats (Sacks, Interceptions, Fumble Recoveries, and Yardage Allowed) for football.

      • @Ari You have no idea how many people I’ve talked about WCAL Fantasy Football with. High school football is becoming big business as seen by the uptick in ESPN broadcasts and even local broadcasts and the WCAL is the perfect local league to do it with, although unfortunately it’ll probably never happen.

        As for your pick with Domingo, it could happen to anyone man. Think about all the “football drafts” in which Byron Marshall got picked first. He still put up numbers, but the guy who made VC go was Lawson. And fortunately for the Cats, Dunbar has kept them in games this year. Domingo does seem to be making strides with his shot though and he’ll need a big performance on Ellis Street tomorrow night if the Cats want to keep it interesting

        • @Roll Cats… B. Marshall would have been the #1 overall pick in most draft magazines, but E. Wilson probably scored more fantasy points for the year… sorry I dont have all the stats in front of me. Wilson and Miles if you had either would put you in the drivers seat. Bells McHugh I think was a better fantasy scorer than SI’s Stinn because he also ran for some yards and was the occasional TD hoarder. Next year Stinn would be the top stat QB… Masoli definately would be a “sleeper” pick because he will accumulate those garbage stats since AR will be coming from behind most of the time during league but with two AAA games on the schedule can pad his stats nicely before league starts.

          This is fun JB, make it happen!

  5. Shoulda picked Dunbar… He passes… scores…. shoots…. dunks…. coaches….. rebounds….. does shot clock…..

    • Sells popcorn at halftime…. right. The only way he could dunk is if somebody picks him up.

    • The best basketball scorers by average will usually be in the BCL or AAA or other leagues. Most players that will have a chance for College Scholarship in other leagues than the WCAL will have better averages.

      One of the Marshall players might be the guy, you want to start your team, since Marshall is playing 5 to 7 players and scoring about 60 points or more per game. Only 4 league games below 60 and another 4 league games above 70 points.

      The WCAL teams play tough defense on the best players, which lower their per game averages. WCAL teams also only average about 50 points per game, only 3 teams average more than 56 points per game.

      • If there ever was a fantasy high school basketball team league, I think it would be unfair to include AAA and BCL teams with WCAL teams. Gione Edwards would be getting the same amount of fantasy points as Aaron Gordon, and Antoine Porter would be ranked higher than Trevor Dunbar, fantasy-wise. It would be like playing fantasy pro basketball and combining the NBA and the D-League together. No offense to the BCL & AAA. Either have WCAL fantasy league only or AAA only fantasy team.

        • A High School Fantasy League would make WCAL Fans look for good players in other leagues.

          There would not be enough basketball players to make a WCAL only Fantasy League.

          There are only 8 WCAL Boys teams and about 35 to 50 players you would want to draft and only 15 to 20 would be good fantasy players. Most years there are about 12 to 13 players averaging 10 points per game in league in the WCAL.

          • Just make a 3 team fantasy WCAL league, ARHS Stats, Ari Gold, and Arthur Chin aka Rebecca. it would make for great entertainment to see who wins.

            • This would be alot more complicated to set up given that some player(s) that are 6’7 consider themselves a SG and some players 6’4 are playing at C…. And all the positions must be made so one fantasy owner doesnt hoard all the players for one particular position.

              If I were to rank the top 10, it would go
              1) Gordon [AM]
              2) Fox [SHC]
              3) Grosey [SER]
              4) Crooks [SF]
              5) Caruso [SER],
              6) Johns [SHC]
              7) Domingo [SI]
              8) Goudreau [BEL]
              9) Stewart [VC]
              10) Dickey [SF]

              • It’s not really hard to set up. Each team just picks 3 guards, and then take 3 forwards/center(s). Then you add up the stats like points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, turnovers, whatever stats you want to use…..But, I doubt JB has the time to do all the number crunching, as he is extremely busy writing articles and updating the website every day. Also, sometimes the boxscores don’t really show how many steals or turnovers a player had, so you can just use a few categories like points, rebounds, and a couple other categories.

              • You are correct that I don’t have the time and the stats would be difficult to track down. A lot of teams don’t even keep stats other than points.

                Also, I don’t think these kids need any more pressure on them, especially for something like a fantasy high school league.

            • That could work.

              All we would need is some people to go to the games to record stats for different player’s and report the stats back to our Fantasy League Commissioner, who would tell us how many points each player scored and the Team totals after each night’s games.

              But since I keep stats for Riordan, I should not be one of the Fantasy Team owners.

              3 Guards and 3 Forwards/Centers sounds like good mix.

              Scoring could include Points, Rebounds, Assists, and maybe Steals, and Blocked Shots.

              I would not want to include turnovers, since there are many times the turnover could be assigned to either the passer or the catcher. I usually run into this at least once a game.

              A lot of Turnovers are easy to assign, but there are about 3 or 4 game, that I do not see because I was recording the previous stats.
              Like recording a shot and a rebound and looking up and finding out the ball has been turned over by someone. Was it the Rebounder or the Point Guard that the rebounder passed the ball to?

          • My AAA knowledge goes to the extent of Porter and Edwards from Mission, Lee from Lincoln, and that guy from Marshall… They would definately play in WCAL. Edwards would be the top AAA pick in this draft. He would go probably between 6-12.

  6. wildcats soccer | January 30, 2012 at 9:33 PM |

    now way trevor can dunk!!!! LOL! i wont believe it ’till i see it at war memorial gym during next years bruce! LOL!

  7. are the guys rankings still dropping tonight or should I go to bed? i’m not tryna piss u off jbalan i know u said tonight I just want to know if i should stay up waiting for them

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