St. Ignatius to close school, cancel games due to stomach flu

By Jeremy Balan

(Developing story)

Update (9:43 p.m.): St. Ignatius athletic director John Mulkerrins and Sacred Heart Cathedral athletic directors Phil Freed and Jo Ann Momono will be discussing the status of the boys basketball game scheduled for Wednesday night, tomorrow morning.

Update (9:41 p.m.): The St. Ignatius boys soccer game against Serra scheduled for Wednesday will be tentatively scheduled for Thursday.


The St. Ignatius athletic department has cancelled its scheduled home athletic events and practices, and will be closing the entire campus on Wednesday due to a viral stomach flu that caused nearly 200 students to miss school today.

Several girls basketball players are absent from tonight’s game against Sacred Heart Cathedral due to the illness, 75 students were absent this morning and more than 90 left school during the day, according to St. Ignatius athletic director John Mulkerrins.

“It’s all viral stomach flu,” Mulkerrins said. “It started three days ago with a couple of kids and spread pretty quickly.”

The boys basketball game between SI and Sacred Heart Cathedral is still scheduled to be play tomorrow at Sacred Heart, but the Wildcats could be missing as many as seven players, including all five regular starters.

Mulkerrins and SI boys head basketball coach Tim Reardon said they will honor the game if the Irish wish to play, but would also be willing to reschedule.

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37 Comments on "St. Ignatius to close school, cancel games due to stomach flu"

  1. Tough spot for SHC (to consider reschedule). Do they want to reschedule and play 3 games in week they play Mitty? Or a game leading into playoff week. How does this affect all other school teams this and next week. In a no win situation.

    • I’ll say reschedule in my opinion.

    • It could be done.

      Reschedule the game for next Tuesday. Then play at Riordan on Thursday and host Mitty on Saturday.

      Three games in the City for SHC and the first & third games at home.

      Same schedule as this week, but they would not leave the city and would have a day of practice between each game. Instead of playing on both Friday and Saturday.

      But I don’t think SHC will do this, since they would play SI and Riordan in back to back games.

  2. I really hope SH re-schedules. I don’t think it would be that is a tough decision for SH, though.

    • I don’t think it’s that tough a decsion. The most morally correct decision would be to re-schedule, but sometimes you have to be “selfish” in order to accomplish your ultimate goal, and SHC could use an easy win right now.

      • JJ. In light of what happened at the women’s game last night, do you want to retract your statement?

      • Selfish? Using your words then How “moral” was it to play a game at a facility that just hours before they closed for a 24 hour period? In light of the chance of infection, I believe it should be postponed.

  3. If they reschedule it, I think Tuesday, February 7 would be a good date to play, because they are playing Friday and Saturday back to back, then Tuesday would give them 2 days rest with maybe a light practice on Monday. Then if the play on Tuesday, their next game would be on Thursday, February 9.

  4. Uncle Frank | January 31, 2012 at 9:53 PM |

    Weird scene at SI tonight for SI v SH girls. SI had four players out including starting freshman Josie Little and a top sub as well. Not very much help from the bench tonight. That meant frosh Sydney Raggio started in place of Little. Close game. Tied at 3rd Quarter until SI pulled away in the 4th and won by 7 or 9.

    SI starter Stacey Ward, whose three pointing shooting had kept SI in the game, left the court sick and went to the locker room at the end of the 3rd Quarter, but she came back to play the 4th. That is, until the last minute of the 4th, when she threw up at mid-court causing a 15 minute delay while disinfectant mopping was applied. Ward was taken to locker room by trainers. However, as soon as the game re-started, Raggio also was taken off the court and went to the locker room trembling and very green around the gills,

    On my way out, one of the SI JV players was puking into a garbage can. (JVs won tonight (down 4 players also) to go to 8-0 in league and 17-1 overall.)

    Never seen anything like it.

    • Frank,

      A ref I know just told me he worked the varsity game. I told him it may not have been a good idea for the game to play given all the sick players plus the opposing team, fans, refs, etc.

      Great the SI will close the school but may have been better to just stop all events indefinitely.

  5. SI girls managed to win tonight…..short 3 players prior to the start of the game, with another 2 that got sick during the game! What a wild night! The only bench players left at the end were injured players! I hope SHC postpones the game. SI is a flu incubator right now.

    • Who got sick during the game?

      • Further details on what happened during the game will be in the game story, which will be posted later tonight.

      • I know for sure that Josie Little & Chantal Nguyen didn’t show up because of the sickness & Tatiana Ranis got sent home before today’s game because of the illness.

        • Paul – thanks for updating on Chantel. She actually remembered me officiating her CYO games and we have chatted the past few years a bit whenever I was officiating her Asian tournament games or at SI. I had sent her a message when I saw the story. Hopefully she and her classmates will be get better soon.

      • Stacy Ward and Sydney Raggio

  6. Yes they are a flu incubator, If the game happens tomorrow, the SH players will most likely get sick as well

  7. maybe had something to do with food served in cafeteria

    • Don’t think it is food related. It has been going through the school for a few days.

    • Water?

    • How could you possibly rule out food poisoning? Are you kidding me?!?! 200 people in two days?! That’s absolutely insane. My kids would be staying home all week.

      There is no WAY I’d want to play if I were on SHC’s team. I would be HEATED if I was playing and someone puked on me. Then you gotta just wait as the sickness sets in. SHC would be very wise to reschedule.

      • I don’t think food poisoning should be ruled out, but I know it began last Friday with a couple students. I don’t see how food from Friday could be making people sick on Tuesday.

        My brother had the same bug at the beginning of last week. I honestly think it was just making the rounds last week and made its way into SI. When you’ve got 1500 people in a fairly confined area, it’s fairly plausible that so many people could get infected.

  8. After hanging out at the Conservatory of Flowers sunday, I felt a little sick the next day (wasn’t too serious but I could feel it). My friend warned me that something was going around as her brother got sick too. Now I see this. I hope all the SI kids and others are alright. It’s a pretty wild thing to hear……

  9. I hope all that was affected by the illness gets well soon. Hopefully they can find out what’s causing this before it gets out of hand.

  10. Just heard the games for tonight have been postponed to February 6th. Can you confirm that Jeremy?

  11. The administration of SI are the most irresponsible staff that I have ever seen. You have an epidemic and a health concern on your hands and you’re
    1. Focusing on sporting events!
    2. Exposing other schools to the disease
    3. Facilitating the spread of the illness
    4. Disregarding the welfare of your students and staff
    You should be FINED by the health department for your socially irresponsible acts. Any parent that would allow their child to engage in sporting activities during this time should be reported to CPS and ashamened of themselves. I’m disgusted with the way this matter was handled!!!

    • Well said on many fronts. There will be people that will probably disagree with you, but you are correct. The student’s well-being always comes first. Seemingly, this was not the case at SI.

    • More irresponsible than the football staff at Penn State (RIP Joe Pa)? According to the principal, it was a health offical who gave them the go-ahead for the game to be played.

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