Girls Basketball: St. Ignatius plays through illness to take down rival Sacred Heart

St. Ignatius senior guard Maria Kemiji-McDonald skies for a layup against Sacred Heart Cathedral on Tuesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Luis)

St. Ignatius senior guard Maria Kemiji-McDonald skies for a layup against Sacred Heart Cathedral on Tuesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Luis)

By Jeremy Balan

Amid a rash of stomach illnesses afflicting St. Ignatius and the athletic teams at the school, the SI girls basketball team took down visiting rival Sacred Heart Cathedral 62-51 in West Catholic Athletic League play on Tuesday night.

The Wildcats (17-3, 7-1) were short three sick players, including starting freshman center Josie Little, and also had standout senior guard Maria Kemiji-McDonald playing while still recovering from the illness.

Kemiji-McDonald played the vast majority of the game, scored eight points and led a solid St. Ignatius defensive effort, but the Wildcats got most of their offense from senior guards Kaitlyn Crawley and Stacey Ward. Crawley had 16 points, while Ward shot the lights out, scoring a game-high 18 points on 6-of-6 shooting from the floor and 4-of-4 from 3-point range.

St. Ignatius senior guard Kaitlyn Crawley rises up for a jump shot against Sacred Heart Cathedral on Tuesday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Eric Luis)

After the score was tied at 44-44 heading into the fourth quarter, the Wildcats outscored the Irish (10-11, 5-4) 17-8 in the final frame, but the focus quickly shifted from the St. Ignatius win to Ward in the final seconds.

While jogging back to play defense, Ward vomited with 36 seconds remaining and left the game. As the St. Ignatius athletic trainers and custodial staff cleaned the floor, the Irish crowd grew agitated and vocalized its displeasure, mostly due to the fact that Ward had left the floor earlier in the game to vomit, then returned to the game.

Much of the anger was aimed at St. Ignatius head coach Michael Mulkerrins, who said after the game that he did not know Ward had vomited the first time.

“She ran off the court at that one point and I didn’t even know what was going on,” Mulkerrins said. “She came back and said, ‘I’m ready to go coach.’ I have to take her for her word. I didn’t see anything. She’s fine now and is probably more embarrassed than anything.”

A pair of Irish players were near Ward at the time and sophomore guard GeAnna Summers-Luaulu had to change her shorts before reentering the game, but Sacred Heart head coach Mike Carey would not comment on whether Ward or any other sick players should have been on the court. St. Ignatius freshman Sydney Raggio also became ill late in the game.

“That’s [Mulkerrins’] decision,” Carey said. “I have no idea how she was. Maybe she was fine the whole day. I can’t tell you. People will probably say – and [Mulkerrins] and I were talking about it before [the game] – it would have been easy for a couple of people to make phone calls and we don’t play tonight.”

Despite the unfortunate circumstances, the win was not only important for the Wildcats in terms of their rivalry with Sacred Heart, but it also allowed them to keep place with Mitty at the top of the WCAL standings.

“Our combinations were off, but give the kids a lot of credit. They could have made a lot of excuses tonight and they didn’t,” Mulkerrins said. “They played hard, they played together and I think we’re playing some of our best basketball right now.”

Scoring Summary

St. Ignatius
Stacey Ward – 18
Kaitlyn Crawley – 16
Courtney Gong – 9
Maria Kemiji-McDonald – 8
Sydney Raggio – 8

Sacred Heart Cathedral
Briannah Smith – 11
GeAnna Summers-Luaulu – 11
Juliet Courtney – 10
Kayla Coloyan – 8
Jerrieza Enriquez – 8

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68 Comments on "Girls Basketball: St. Ignatius plays through illness to take down rival Sacred Heart"

  1. 18 points, 100% FG percentage, 4 for 4 from downtown, Ms. Stacey Ward is like Michael Jordan when he scored 38 points with a 103 temperature. WCAL, where amazing happens.

    • If the boys play on Wednesday, SI could have another standout performance.

      Willis Reed Game 7 1970 New York Knicks NBA Championship

      Will it happen?

      • By the way the Irish crowd was reacting, I don’t think there will be a game on Wednesday. A lawsuit is waiting to happen, if an SI players vomits on SHC’s floor or on one of SHC’s twin towers.

        • Well, what if an SHC girl vomited on a SI girl? What if the stomach flu came from SHC, would JJ react this way? Of course not, he went to SI?

  2. Kezar For Keeps | February 1, 2012 at 12:57 AM |

    I feel sorry for Ward, she didn’t do anything wrong. That being said, this game should not have been played and the game tomorrow should be canceled as well.

  3. Parent Concern | February 1, 2012 at 1:45 AM |

    The School already knew that 200 students were ill…they still enforced a game that clearly should have been canceled. It may not be Ward’s fault because it was her coach that kept her playing even when she threw up the first time. Ward’s illness made contact w/ all the girls that played..She’s sweating and vomitting..And she did not just vomit on Geanna shorts, it was her arms, shoulders. Now if she gets sick, all the SH girls will get sick and then the virus will hit SH…why because a coach wants to win..I think he should be sanctioned. The school was set to be canceled today, Wednesday…why didn’t they cancel and reschedule the game…you put everyone in danger….

    • Concerned Parent 2 | February 1, 2012 at 3:29 AM |

      I agree. This was a reckless act from the SI Coach, SI’s Athletic Trainers, Athletic Directors and the Principal. SI knew some of the girls were sick, let alone 100+ students at the school, but still let their athletes play and then to find out Maria didn’t come to school in the morning because she was sick but just because they wanted to win, they allow her to come to school and then play? I am sure SH would have been more than happy to reschedule. And the parents, what parent lets their child play when they are clearly sick and throwing up.

    • Did she really get hit on the arms and shoulders too, because when I saw the video of the game, it looked like Geanna jumped out of the way to the side, and Ms. Ward’s dinner glanced off Geanna’s shorts, not really on her upper arms and shoulders. It was kind of confusing because the announcer thought Ms. Ward got hit in the mouth, then he said “I think she lost a contact”. Then, it seemed like he went off the air, came back on air, then said something like “Ward had a ‘lil accident”. All of a sudden I see 3 people mopping up the floor. I didn’t know what really happened until after the game ended and read the comments section on this site.

    • But is it really completely SI’s fault. I think they would have needed SH’s approval to reschedule the game. I am not completely sure but many of the girls did seem fine at school, just like I had until 5:00 this morning. It just seemed to hit me out of no where and it was probably the same for many of the other girls.

      • Parent Concern | February 1, 2012 at 8:38 PM |


        It was all over her arms..I was right there at the door when she ran out and it was all over her skin..It was digusting…She ended up throwing up last night and getting sick among other players…they should of canceled…they WCAL or whoever would of postpone the game because of a major epidemic at the school, but that SI coach didn’t want too…Write him up!!!

        • The problem may have been SHC would not agree to the postponement.

          Since SI had contacted Serra about Wednesday’s Soccer game and got that postponed,

          I would assume SI had also contacted SHC about postponing the Basketball Games

          and SHC did not want to postpone the games.

          Maybe SHC thought they would have an advantage

          I don’t know why the game was not postponed

          But the blame needs to fall on both schools, not just SI

          • Come to think of it, you are correct. If the SHC coach allowed his team to play in such conditions, the coach is to be blamed as well. The funny thing is the parents on both sides allowed thier daughters to play in the conditions as well….quite interesting you WCAL folks are (with all due respect of course)!

            • Just so you understand timing, some of the parents weren’t aware the school was in such bad shape until the end of the day. We had no idea what was going on there until we were told by our children and the school. Some of us didn’t find out players were sick until we showed up in the gym to watch the game (and kids were missing) and lastly the school alerts, delivered by telephone and by email……they were received when we were sitting in the gym, after the game already started. Some of us now have sick children to tend to that were perfectly fine, on the day of the SI-SH game. So…it was like being in the middle of the storm’s eye and not knowing the danger that was all around. Before you blame, understand the story,,,,,

              • I understand that, but it seems a lot of the people commenting don’t understand that.

                The information about what was happening did not get out to the SI Parents, until late in the day, which means the facts were not probably known to the SI AD until after 2 PM or 3 PM, which would be a little late to postpone that day’s games.

              • So, just by your comment, SI had slow communication regarding the illness? That in itself is bad. However, some of the players still played sick. Kemiji-McD and Ward played and they were sick. Are you telling me that thier parents didn’t know they were sick? If I saw my daughter run off the court, my first reaction as a parent would be to go find out what was wrong with her (I’m hoping that her parents did this).

                Either way you look at it the school knew about it and still allowed the kids to play in that condition. If my kids attended that school and the school didn’t cancel the game, I would’ve been upset. But, I wouldn’t have let my daughter play. Some parents knew about it and still allowed their daughters to play.

                I wasn’t judging, I’m sorry you took it as such. It was a simple observation. If you are a parent and if your child did get sick I hope he/she gets better.

        • I’m sorry but how do you know it was the SI coach?

  4. I’m sure nurses or other health care officials have been vomited on, so I don’t think Geanna would get sick if she was vomited on. If she does get sick, I hope she gets well soon. If SHC happened to win this game, and no one threw up, no one would be complaining, except the SI supporters who would probably feel like SI was playing with a short deck. Alot more worst things have happened on a basketball court than this, like fist-fight brawls, heart attacks, and deaths. Luckily, nothing like that happened.

    • (I’m sure nurses or other health care officials have been vomited on, so I don’t think Geanna would get sick if she was vomited on.)

      @JJ..Im not sure you understand how serious this is, quit trying to down play this by defending SI..Maybe you should hang out with some of these sick kids for a hour and have one vommit on you, maybe your reaction would be different..

      • JJ, nurses and health care providers do get vomited on, but they choose the medical profession. Secondly, they are wearing basic barriers like gloves and covers. Its not a big deal you say because you are from SI.

    • Either way, someone would be complaining about the illness. SHC complained because Ward threw up on the floor. By your comment, if SI lost, they would’ve blamed it on the fact they didn’t have all of their players due to the illness. Hindsight is 20/20, but somewhere common sense should’ve been applied. A common cold isn’t all that bad, however, this stomach flu is a serious matter.

  5. (“She ran off the court at that one point and I didn’t even know what was going on,” Mulkerrins said. “She came back and said, ‘I’m ready to go coach.’ I have to take her for her word. I didn’t see anything.)

    Dont you think that’s a little convient for the coach to say, sure she’s one of your starters and he needed her on the court to win, but there’s a reason she ran off, and it’s the coach’s job to find out what the problem was. Girls getting sick on the floor, then contaminating other girls, and before you know it, SH will have this problem, and possibly their next opponent.

    This was clearly a game that should not have been played yesterday, putting way too many people at harms way. Not just the players but the fans, family, staff…Shame on you SI!

    • Look. Hindsight is 20/20. If SI administration had to do it over again (considering all the publicity on t.v.) they probably would not have played the game at their gym and postponed. I am sure they were thinking, dang we have games tonight, do we take the risk and go; its literally a game-time decision and sometimes we all dont think straight. Lot of logistic into getting a game on that the general public is not aware of. They messed up but are human.

      We’ve all been in time sensitive decison making mode. Most of time, we all are get it right. This one didnt work out.

      Prudent thing to do is cancel tonight and hope for best that SHC does not get this extremely active bug. Yes, this just does not affect the basketball teams, but the entire communities of both schools and all contacts they make outside of school.

      Well worth a few days delay (in my opinion).

      Again not a fun bug to get, I wish all infected a quick recovery.

      PS Wash your hands.

      • Concerned Parent 3 | February 1, 2012 at 9:58 AM |

        It is a shame when well-paid and highly regarded adults can NOT be relied on to exercise proper judgment and sound decision making. Who in their right mind would, after admittedly knowing that nearly 120 kids have been sent home vomitting that day and knowing that some of your own players are sick and contagious, would go on with the game??? I know to make mistakes is human….but please, SI administration officials are paid to make the right choices for our kids….no excuses. They had sufficient and clear information to make the right call…but they blew it. All in the name of sports…..

  6. Major props to Ward for playing the way she did without showing any indication that something was wrong.

    On another note, todays game should be cancelled to give the kids a chance to recooperate. We dont need two schools shut due to a flu outbreak. Also, SI should have alteast warned the parents last night of the outbreak..some came in, with young children, not knowing what they were walking into

    • I agree, I think we need to stop focusing on the fact that Stacy got sick, and focus on the fact that she played a great game. This is no doubt very embarrassing for her, and she probably felt the need to tough it out to prove what a serious athlete she is. Its not her fault she threw up, so move on! Shes a great basketball player who had a terrific performance when she was really sick.

      • With her impressive performance and determination, It’s pretty safe to say that Stacey Ward left it all on the floor.

      • Truth. Really?!! Focus on the fact that a school is closed, people got sick, a game should not have been played. Nobody should be blaming the young lady (flu’s happen). Yes, it was prudent to play or continue to play. But for you to have the posters refocus on that she “had a great game” is so missing the big picture and acentuates(sp) how out of touch some high school fans are being about a game.

        • Just for clarificatin purposes, I meant to say that “it was “NOT” prudent to play.

          JBalen. Only comment on this great site is that you dont have an option to re-edit a draft (after you pressed the button). Thanks.

      • concern parent | February 2, 2012 at 3:52 PM |

        If that’s the case then it is wrong for Stacey to think only about her stats and disregard the health of her teammate and other players on the court. She should not have returned to the floor after ahe vomited.

        • I wouldn’t say she was worrying about her stats. The game was close until the fourth quarter. My guess would be she was more worried with winning the game.

  7. Great job to SI. Again, I hope all that are ill will get well soon. Just my personal opinion, they shouldn’t have played the game. If you close a school for any reason (especially due to an illness), it wouldn’t be wise to play the game at the school. If it had to be played, they could’ve moved the game to SHC (provided that the gym was free).

    • They should’t have even played it. What would be the purpose to move it to SHC, to spread the virus there as well?!

      • Let me be more clear. I would hope that only the players that didn’t have the illness would play in the game. This is why I suggested that it could’ve been played at SHC. However, seeing how some players who had the illness played, I still stand by saying that this game shouldn’t have been played at all.

  8. I came to work this AM and as soon as my co-workers found out I was at SI, they are staying far and clear from me, so to say it’s just “vomit” is an irresponsible act. We are talking about an epidemic. Not one or two sick athletes, but a wave of students, administration and custodial crew exposed to a virus. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s reasonable to say it was a poor decision on SI’s part. So now I’m forced to make sure that my kids don’t expose their classmates, teachers and extended family. And my spouse and I don’t expose our staff and friends. SH plays Valley Christian on Thursday night. I’m pretty confident Valley Christian isn’t going to welcome SH with arms wide open. I’ve read the thread of comments and there is no way to confirm based on the comments who was sick ahead of time or who didn’t come to school, but some of these athletes are old enough to make common sense decisions and they obviously slipped. SI might have won, but I’ll remember this game as the game Geanna Summer got thrown up on by Stacey Ward.

  9. Think about this.

    Saint Ignatius canceled school and all practices on Wednesday, probably between 12 noon and 3 PM on Tuesday.

    SI may have contacted SHC and talked to them about postponing both the boys and girls basketball games.

    I know SI talked to Serra about postponing the Wednesday boys Soccer game, since that game was announced last night as being postponed til Thursday.

    If SHC did not agree to the postponement, then the games would have to be played.

    The other problem with postponing basketball games is, since Basketball Games are almost never postponed, unless their is electrical problem.
    It would be hard to inform all the parents and game support personnel (Referees, Announcer, Clock and Shot Clock Operators), since most would not be looking for changes to the game on a Web Site, unless they had a son or daughter at SI. The Referees would have to notified by the Assignor for the Referees association, who would need to be informed by email or phone, first. We are talking about at least 7 phone calls after the Assigner got the message, with the first game at 4:30 PM. There were a Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity games yesterday.

    There is a League ByLaw stating games must be Postponed by 12 noon if they are being Postponed.

    A. The school seeking the postponement must notify the other school by noon of the scheduled day.

    • Parent Concern | February 1, 2012 at 9:03 PM |

      does it say anything about closure of the school because of an epidemic, lock out…natural disasters…because really, there’s no way you can time those things or predict when these things occur..thoses rules would be nulled and void…they only follow that in an event that something like a retreat at school was scheduled at a certain time and they had to postpone a game by noon…but you can’t predict these things from happening…it’s not because a stomach flu …it’s a virus that spread to 1/3 of the affected not only students, but families, friends..young kids..a player is responsible for her health and should be conscientious about her team mates and the other players…they are many days they can reschedule
      a game..many people get hung up on sports..what happened to the safety of others..if i had gotten sick or my child gotten sick especially…since i just got over a serious illness for the past 7 days..i would be talking to someone pretty upset because it could of been prevented.. It really showed w/ that SI coach..Ok, I’m done…Have a blessed rest of the week and Go Irish!!!

      • I’m pretty sure the SI coach would have been fine with rescheduling the game. It was his team that was sick and at the disadvantage so maybe you should look more into the story and ask why SH’s coach didn’t push more for the postponement? I’m not saying that SI doesn’t deserve any blame. I just think that SI doesn’t deserve all of it.

        • Parent Concern | February 2, 2012 at 5:47 PM |

          Go Cats,

          SI officials knew the extent of the epidemic that was plaguing the school since early tuesday.Sh did not become aware of this until after we have arrived at the school to play. This was not a call for SH to make. It was the responsibility of the Home Team.At least They had enough sense to closed down the campus and notify the Health Department…

          • I was not saying that it was completely up to SH, nor am I saying that none of the blame should be put on SI. According to your comment, if SI officials had known about it since early Tuesday, then they would’ve contacted SH’s administration, just like they had with other schools. I’m pretty positive that SI would not want to play with sick players, they were missing a starter. Maybe it was too late to cancel the game when they found out. Also a large amount of the students that went home sick became sick towards the end of the school day. I wouldn’t exactly call that early, especially considering that schools usually end around 3. All I was trying to point out is that this situation is probably more complicated than we know and so people shouldn’t be so quick to make a judgement when they probably don’t know the situation in its entirety.

  10. The interesting point her is that there SI dad’s that are doctors. Some of which had daughters playing in the game yesterday. You would think this one dad would pull his kid out of the game when he witnessed her throwing up. The medical field has me scratching my head on this one.

  11. ARHS…Interesting Post….I wish the safety and health to all students at SI and SHC. At the end of the day this is still just the flu…Thousands and thousands of people get the flu every year.

  12. @ARHS, thank you for the post. Frankly, I was unaware of the numerous phone calls to be placed to postpone/cancel a game. However, there are exceptions and having a large number of students sick could have been that “exception” Yes, it’s just the flu, which thousands; millions; billions of people contract every year, however, both schools had a chance to avoid further kids from getting sick. Now SH has half of their Varsity girls’ team out. It’s just the flu, but parents will be strained to stay home skip work, and alter their schedules. Every now and then a school gets hit with a general bug, but if the situation could have been avoided then why not go the extra mile? Hope the referees, announcer, clock and shot clock operators are OK. I’m certain they too would have to make a few calls to call in sick.

    • I did not say SI should not have postponed, just there are other things that need to be done to postpone a game besides informing the opposing school.

      Also both schools have to agree to the postponement for whatever reason.

      Rain is the usual reason for a postponement. Most WCAL games played outside are postponed because of rain and the field conditions, or for SHC at Kezar, the threat of rain.

      And it all comes down to when SI found out about the Stomach Flu and then decided to close the school on Wednesday. SI had to get City Health Officials involved also.

      And maybe the SI AD did not have all the information that was available at Game Time, at noon on Tuesday. When the story first came out, is was 100 to 120 students sick, by the end of the night it was 200 students who were sick.

      Most Athletes, I have known will go to school on game days, so they can play in the game that night or afternoon.

      Most Schools should have Soccer Postponement Call List, and Soccer Officials are used to being informed about Postponements because of rain. Basketball Officials would not be used to Postponements, and especially not to late Postponements.

  13. HYPOCRITES!!!!!! | February 1, 2012 at 2:24 PM |

    San Fran Preps I have been a supporter of your site from the beginning, but this article utterly outrages me!!!!

    You guys decide to exclude names when a kicker misses a game winning field goal, or when a player cheats into playing for a team when not eligible by CIF, BUT you don’t exclude a name when a player embarrases themselves during a game when they have no control over the situation!!!

    Who ever wrote this article is a hypocrite of the new rules on this site themselves. The girl is probably already embarrassed enough, why do you have to put her on blast and have the whole world to see on the internet.

    San Fran Preps if your going to make restrictions on how people Comment, then at least use some common sense and follow your own rules.

    Sorry if I sound annoying right now, but I know if I was the player that threw up during a game when it was not my fault at all, then I would be livid that some reporter decided to put my name on the article to let the whole world know.

    I must stress I am still a fan of San Fran Preps and I love what you guys do, but as Keshawn Johnson would say on Monday Night Football “C’Mon Man”!!!!!

    • Kezar For Keeps | February 1, 2012 at 2:56 PM |

      In what way is that hypocritical to the commenting code of conduct? Did you even read it?

      • HYPOCRITES!!!!!! | February 1, 2012 at 3:08 PM |

        “Personal attacks will also not be permitted.” (In the Rules)

        My main argument is this By the Way. Sir, did you read that?
        “You guys decide to exclude names when a kicker misses a game winning field goal, or when a player cheats into playing for a team when not eligible by CIF, BUT you don’t exclude a name when a player embarrases themselves during a game when they have no control over the situation!!!”

        I honestly do not personally know the student, but if I was in her shoes I would be frustrated with SanFranPreps. Just saying with my opinion and you like demeaning people and proving them wrong over the internet, then you be the tough guy and go right ahead.

        I was just saying my opinion sir, and like I said, I am still a fan and support SanFranPreps, but I just disagree with their opinions on what is appropriate to write in the article. I may be wrong and I know what “freedom of press,” but I still believe they a being hypocritical, whether you want to Troll or not.

        • Please stick to one name. That’s in the Commenting Code of Conduct too. I’m not going to keep changing your name. I will just delete your comments.

          Reporting the facts and details of what happened in a controversial sequence of events is nothing close to a personal attack.

          I wrestled with publishing her name for quite some time, but the circumstances of the events called for a detailed and thorough description of what happened.

          • HYPOCRITES!!!!!! | February 1, 2012 at 3:23 PM |

            yeah my bad my computer has auto-fill sorry haha.

            I respect your opinion, but mine just differs. No big deal. Nonetheless keep up the good work SFPreps, love the articles.

          • Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone….
            My point is, her name was part of the contents of the story, so I personally believe it was o.k. Nobody is vilifying her in fact as the saying goes, we’ve all been there before and sympathize with her and all the people dealing with the bug.
            Let’s respect “hypocrites” opinion, but move on.

  14. Just heard SI will be closed until Monday. Not sure if that is true or not.

  15. Crusader 88 | February 1, 2012 at 4:34 PM |

    Hope my referee friends don’t get sick as well. I’m just thinking about the sweat and handling the ball. I hope the kids get well soon and get back onto the courts and fields soon.

  16. When nationally-ranked junior Aaron Gordon brought his mono to the Sunset, I’m glad he didn’t transfer the virus to the SI community. I’m sure he impressed the Arizona Wildcats coach who was in attendance.

    • Kezar For Keeps | February 1, 2012 at 10:38 PM |

      I was waiting for someone to bring this up. Funny how no one had an issue when Gordon was playing for WEEKS with mono. I agree, this game should have never happend or the players who were sick should have sat out, but where was the outcry with Gordon?

  17. Ok fine, everyone, coaches, players, fans, parents, referees…. come to the games and lets play. Everyone must wear a hospital mask and gloves so no one gets contaminated by any airborne or contact pathogens.

  18. Not to say it’s Geanna’s fault or anyone’s fault, but I saw the video on youtube, fast-forwarded to the Ward fiasco, and Ward was covering her mouth slowly walking towards SI’s bench. All of a sudden Geanna ran full steam behind Ms. Ward bumping her pretty hard with her shoulders. The very hard bump on WARD’s back was the reason of the explosion. Maybe next time, Geanna could run around her instead of steam-rolling Ward from the back.

    • @JJ..But you are saying it’s Geanna’s fault for bumping her..Yes, you’re right, next time when there’s a sick girl on the court, the opponents should tip toe around her so she doesnt end up throwing up on the court..Give me a break, basketball is a contact sport…Quit trying to defend SI, they screwed up, now let it go..

  19. Basketball Fan | February 2, 2012 at 10:59 PM |

    There is a lot of frustrating on both sides due to the lack of responsibility shown by the administration of SI and SHCP. Both schools should have cancelled the games due to the outbreak. The significantly high numbers of sick students was the big clue. Don’t use the excuse that people thought it was the stomach flu. When a school normally has 15 students out sick on a given day but all of sudden has higher numbers starting the Friday before this game and then up to 200 the day of it? Let’s be real. As far as Geanna bumping to cause the explosion . . . really!?!?!? Did a bump cause the initial vomiting episode earlier in the game? Also the trainer should be held accountable for allowing Ward to come back into the game. Kids will always say “I’m good.” It is up to the adults to be adults and show responsibility and care. Ward was sick the whole game, sweated and touched other players and spread the contagious virus from the get go. Shame on all of the adults for putting a game ahead of students, fans, families and staffs’ welfare.

    • Monday morning quarterback

      • Basketball Fan | February 3, 2012 at 6:35 PM |

        I don’t see the relevance of your comment. It is not hindsight. I work with children and there has been cases of the virus. We were proactive from the beginning to closing the school, cleaning and ensuring that only healthy members of the community are allowed back into the space. It is a matter of intention and care. There are innocent kids who got sick because of adults lack of responsibility. Let’s hope that this awful situation does cause others to pause and take seriously their decisions.

        • It seems that everyone started pointing fingers and blaming other people, after the game was over. No one said it was a bad decision to play the game, before tip-off. I didn’t see any comments before tipoff like “This is a bad decision by SI and SHC to play tonight; kids are gonna get sick”. People started complaining after the game was over, AFTER all the bad “stuff” happened. People make mistakes, just learn from them, and move on.

    • lack of responsibility on SHCP???, I know for a fact that they were not contacted at all on Tuesday and school administration received information second hand on Tuesday night from other sources not SI about the virus going through the school and school being closed, SHCP could finger point at this point but all of their statements have been in support of SI, but I know that they are very unhappy about the lack of communication that put their girls at risk of illness. Having coached in the league it is not that difficult to reschedule, contact between the AD’s, a call to the head of officials is all that is needed, its done all the time in baseball even a few hours before the game, this could of been avoided with any kind of communication

  20. SI is postponing St. Francis games tonight for the boys. Great Move!

    How about tomorrow games? The website said the games are on between SI and Valley Christian. Why? school is closed until Monday. Why would Valley Christian bring their players over to SI tomorrow. Is it safe for all the players? Adults, please start using your head and think of the players and their families safety first. That’s all Folk!

    • Mickey Blue Eyes | February 3, 2012 at 9:09 PM |

      Should SI insist on playing the games tomorrow, would it not be wise to maybe move teh games to another venue such as Kezar or USF? Or if Riordan is playing down at Bellarmine why not play the game at Crusader Forum? Why risk exposing innocent people to a virus that may not have died down yet?

    • Game on!! Go Cats!

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