SI-SHC boys basketball game postponed due to SI stomach flu outbreak

By Jeremy Balan

Update (2:15 p.m.): According to school officials, St. Ignatius will be extending its campus closure to Thursday and Friday. We’re still not entirely sure how this impacts its athletic events this week, but we continue to post updates as we receive them.


The second matchup between the Sacred Heart Cathedral and St. Ignatius boys basketball teams scheduled for today has been postponed amid the ongoing stomach flu outbreak among the St. Ignatius students and faculty.

The game has been rescheduled for Monday at Sacred Heart, it’s original location.

The SI girls game on the road against St. Francis on Thursday has also been postponed, but the boys games on the road against St. Francis on Friday and at home against Valley Christian on Saturday are still on at this moment.

The decision comes after multiple SI girls players became ill during their game against Sacred Heart on Tuesday night, after nearly 200 students were absent or sent home with the sickness during the school day.

“After what happened at the game last night, we felt it was in the best interest of the student athletes at both schools to cancel the game,” said St. Ignatius athletic director John Mulkerrins.

The Sacred Heart athletic department agreed to postpone the game, also citing the overall well being of the student athletes.

“We’re just concerned about the health of our own students and we want to make sure SI has a chance to deal with the issue over there,” said Sacred Heart athletic director Jo Ann Momono.

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13 Comments on "SI-SHC boys basketball game postponed due to SI stomach flu outbreak"

  1. trust me, this isn’t fun – ours is quarantined

  2. Everyone come out to the Serra/Riordan game. I can’t wait to check out their snack bar that I have heard good things about.

    • It’s going to be a tough game against Serra but come out and try some of those garlic fries.

    • You must talk about food now?? Kindly beat Serra and I’ll get some garlic fries at the SHC game.

  3. “After what happened at the game last night, we felt it was in the best interest of the student athletes at both schools to cancel the game,” said St. Ignatius athletic director John Mulkerrins.

    Hey coach, your best interest and lack of insight couldve did even worse damage. #1 you are peer who is supposed to watch out for these girls. The girl didnt know any better than to say “I’m good” when she came out of the locker room. Of course shes going to say that. She doesnt want to let you down or her teammates down. You needed to take a step back and take the precautionary measure and sit her down, get her fluids and rest not figuring out what play to run for her or telling her to move her feet on defense. That was just inexcusable. And it cant be all on you, SI… wow I thought all the smart people went there… If the whole school was pretty much sent home, and you have kids on the team that are sick, why the world would you still want to play? Kids’ health and vitality is way more important than a meaningless game.

    Way to go coach. Way to look out for your players.

    • The quote you put up was from the SI athletic director, John Mulkerrins, not the SI coach Michael Mulkerrins.

      • What’s funny is that Ari Gold even stated that the quote was from the athletic director….yet proving my point that this wonderful individual writes things without knowing what he’s talking about.

        On a seperate note, I’m still awaiting for you to accept my invitation to attend the Burton/Gal boys basketball game on February 21st Ari Gold. Just a friendly outing….my treat.

        • You’re bordering on violating our Commenting Code of Conduct. Feel free to disagree, but be respectful.

          • JB: How so? There was nothing to disagree with. I was stating a fact and just mentioned that Mr. Ari Gold ven stated that it was the AD that said it and not the coach. However, if you felt that it was a “borderline” I send my apologies.

            Also, please note that I did offer him to join me at the Burton/Gal boys basketball game. That was no joke. So, I was being respectful. One of the best ways to mend fences is by a kind deed and that’s what I’m trying to do. Despite the wonderful history of debates we can be respectful of one another and that’s why I’m trying to reach out to Ari to see if he would accept my invitation. So, please, if you’re going to ding me on the “borderline comment” at least give me some credit for reaching out to try and mend fences.

  4. I’m going to predict that all of the sporting events @ SI for this coming Saturday will be postponed too.

  5. City Lights | February 1, 2012 at 9:42 PM |

    So the athletic director and the girl’s coach are brothers.

    That’s some good ol’ rootin’ tootin’ stuff right there. lol

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