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Game of the day – Serra vs. Riordan boys basketball: The Crusaders welcome the hottest team in the WCAL to Crusader Forum tonight. After dropping the first game of the league season to Sacred Heart Cathedral, the Padres have won eight straight WCAL games and sit tied with Mitty for first place. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

WCAL boys basketball
Serra (San Mateo) 54, Riordan 43

BCL Central girls basketball
International 56, San Domenico (San Anselmo) 51

PSAL girls basketball
Jewish Community 52, St. Lawrence (Santa Clara) 32

WCAL boys soccer
Sacred Heart Cathedral 7, Riordan 2

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  1. The WCAL site and the SHC site have the soccer score as SHC 7 Riordan 2.

    • The Riordan Soccer Coach reported a score of SHC 6 Riordan 2.

      Is one goal that important to SHC?

      • Is soccer even played at Riordan or is it just one of those things that looks good on a student’s college application under extracurricular activities?

      • Geez… Don’t give me a hard time Stats… The WCAL site listed 7 goals. SHC-Rojas 3 , Santimauro, Velasco 2 and Franceschini .

        • Well, fine.

          Give SHC the extra goal the SHC fans need, since the SHC fans can’t be satisfied with win by 4 goals by their soccer team.

          It seems SHC needs to have defeated Riordan by more than 4 goals to prove to themselves, they are a good soccer team.

          It does not matter to me.

          The two best WCAL Soccer teams are Mitty and St. Francis. The combined scores for both those schools 2 soccer games vs. the Riordan Varsity are: SF 5 AR 0 and AM 7 AR 1.

          Compare that to SHC’s soccer games against Riordan, two games combined SHC 14 AR 2. This does not make SHC better than St. Francis or Mitty, but it does show that those two schools have more sportsmanship than SHC.

          Only one school has score 7 goals against Riordan’s Soccer team in league and that is SHC twice, now.

          • SHC beat Mitty 5-1.

            • Yes, SHC beat Mitty, but it wasn’t expected by anyone, except by members of the SHC soccer team.

              And Mitty is in second place because of that loss.

          • Thats a very weak argument Pat. So all those decades that Riordan destroyed and murdered SH in football and basketball they could have easily just taken their foot off the gas pedal? Whatever. BIG WHATEVER to you Pat. Just because your teams across the board are underperforming this year and in recent years, or in the soccer team’s case, not performing, doesnt mean you have to pout whenever SH lays a beatdown to your beloved Crusaders.

            • In almost all, of those big wins by Riordan over SHC, every player played for Riordan and the 2nd & 3rd team players finished the games for Riordan in either Basketball or Football.

              WCAL Soccer Championships

              Archbishop Riordan 4 Championships

              Saint Ignatius 9 Championships

              Sacred Heart Cathedral 0 Championships

              So the Riordan Soccer team has more WCAL League Championships than SHC.

              • Johnny Drama | February 2, 2012 at 8:14 PM |

                Ari, haven’t you learned by now not to mess with stats!

                Stats, forgive my bro Ari, all those years of SH being the doormat have given him Vietnam type flashbacks.

                Ari who’s your pick for regular season WCAL title? It’s a 3 team race. This has been one of the best races in some time!

              • Irishi Italian | February 2, 2012 at 8:22 PM |

                ARhs Stats

                SH soccer emptied their bench early in the 2nd half of both games.

              • @Drama, i got to go with Mitty and AG32. But Serra could shock them if they just let AG32 go for his 30 and the rest maybe goes for 15 and Serra gets big games from Caruso, Biggins, and Grosey. Of course I will pull for SH to upset the other two but it will be a tall and tough task.

              • I remember that shoot-out win by Riordan over SI in 1974 to win the league.

              • Sorry, but Saint Ignatius was the league champion in 1974.

                Riordan won league titles in 1975, 1976, 1977, and 1978.

              • OK, Fall ’74 – Spring 1975 then….

            • It’s amazing what happens when the tables are turned. Riordan kids used to literally laugh their heads off at football games. Even their band would play “nyah nyah” at us. Real classy. As for soccer, the Irish have a good team this season and will do well in the playoffs and have a good chance to bring some first-time-ever soccer hardware home.

  2. From Wed. 2/1:

    AAA wrestling
    Galileo 47, Lincoln 21
    Washington 63, O’Connell 6
    Balboa 47, Lowell 23

  3. Riordan’s 4 WCAL championships in soccer were in like the 70s. And back then, Riordan was probably the most athletic school in San Francisco. But just because Riordan has been underperforming does not mean you need to talk smack about SHC. They beat you fair and square. How bout a nice pat on the back and a good luck to them on their road to the playoffs? But no, you have to make a big deal over nothing.

    And SHC’s win over Mitty was not a surprise to me at all!!! Personally, I think the 2 best teams in the WCAL are St. Francis and SHC. After watching the game against Mitty, I personally think SHC has the best defense in the WCAL. And their forwards are phenomenal.

    Looking forward, I think that SHC will go far into CCS and maybe even the championships. (dont say anything about what division there in, its determined by the size of school, not skill level, and who knows, they might even get bumped up)

    • Johnny Drama | February 2, 2012 at 9:16 PM |

      Stats, when was the last time Riordan won a varsity soccer game? How about any soccer game?

      • I believe the varsity losing streak is at 121.

        • That has to be the total opposite of the De La Salle (Concord) football team when they kept on winning & winning in Northern California.

      • MaxPreps has Riordan’s last soccer win on Nov. 26, 2006. A 2-1 victory against Westmoor. The site doesn’t go back any further. (Just to clarify, it’s a winless streak, not a losing streak. I thought they may have had a chance against Valley Christian, but they did tie them 1-1. They did have a 73-game losing streak broken on Feb. 3, 2010 when they tied SHC 2-2.

        I think SHC will have a good shot at the CCS title this season (probably D-III) and who knows, they may pull-off a surpise on the WCAL.

      • Last year the Riordan Junior Varsity won a Non-League Game.

        Riordan’s last Varsity win was on November 30th, 2006 vs. Westmoor. Riordan had won the previous soccer game on Nov. 26th, 2006 vs. Capuchino. Both scores were 2-1.

        Riordan has 121 game winless streak going and a 28 game loss streak.

    • Read what I wrote.

      IC Stars came on here, and saw that the Soccer Score might be wrong, and he commented about it. He seemed to say a win by SHC over Riordan by 4 goals in Soccer was not good enough for any SHC fan.

      I never put SHC down, I just showed 2 WCAL Schools with better records than SHC, who showed more sportsmanship than SHC.

      The only people talking smack are the SHC fans.

      SHC scored 14 goals in two games vs. Riordan.

      Mitty and St. Francis, the League’s first and second place teams, have combined to score 12 goals in four games against Riordan.

      Please explain it anyway, you like, but it really looks like Mitty and St. Francis played their entire team and allowed the Riordan kids to have a little pride in their play.

      It does not look that way in the SHC games, SHC is the only WCAL team to score 7 goals against Riordan.

      Looking at the last game’s stats, 2 SHC players scored 5 goals for SHC. And in the first game, 3 player’s for SHC scored 2 goals or more.

      Looking at the stats for four games against Mitty and St. Francis, one St. Francis player scored 2 goals, one goal in each game.

      Seven different players scored goals for Mitty, four different player’s scored for St, Francis.

      SHC, who scored the most goals against Riordan had only six different players score goals against Riordan. One SHC player scored 6 goals against Riordan, 3 each game. 3 other SHC player’s scored 2 goals in a single game against Riordan.

      It just gets worse the more I look at the stats from the SHC games.

      I guessed with the most goals scored against Riordan, SHC would have the most player’s who scored goals against Riordan. This was untrue.

      I guessed with the closer game scores against Riordan, Mitty and St. Francis would have the more player’s who scored more than 1 goal against Riordan. This was untrue.

      I guessed with the closer game scores against Riordan, Mitty and St. Francis might have the more player’s who scored more than 2 goals against Riordan. This was untrue.

      Everything I look at shows me. Mitty and St. Francis played with a lot more sportsmanship against Riordan than did SHC.

      • ARHS STATS: I will say this…what I find interesting is that I hardly see Riordan fans, students, and alumnus come on this site talking trash or putting down anyone. I can not say that for the other two City schools in Riordan’s athletic league. So your comment about the lack of sportsmanship regarding a particular school just makes sense.

      • Irishi Italian | February 3, 2012 at 7:56 AM |

        ARHS, you don’t talk smack? Every other post of yours is trying to put down SH.
        As to the two soccer games, SH was up 6 – 0 the first game at half and 5 – 1 the second game? The bench was emptied early in the 2nd half both games. These stats disprove your assertion that SH was running up the score. I was at both games,

        As to the scoring, Dash McNamara, Johnny Rojas and Willie Velasco are probably three of the top five players in the league. McNamara and Rojas are the forwards. Of course they are going to score most of the goals while they were in. It’s sort of like Aaron Gordon scoring 30 + points in a blow out win.

        For someone who says he doesn’t really care, you sure wrote a lot about the subject.

        • And Riordan’s winless streak in soccer is part of the legacy left to us by the previous Riordan admin.

        • Sorry, but I would not expect Aaron Gordan to score 30 points in a blow out win by Mitty.

          I am pretty sure the only time he scores 30 points is in a game that is close (within 10 points or so)

          In a blow out win by Mitty, Gordan might score 10 to15 points in the game, probably scoring most of his points in the first quarter.

          Maybe in the second soccer game, SHC can set up some of their other players on the team to score goals, this appears to be what Mitty and St. Francis did.

          Can you explain why SHC had to score so many goals both Games?

          I have seen SHC fans saying they have the best defense in the WCAL, now you are saying SHC has 3 of the top 5 players. With all this going for SHC, how come SHC is in third place?

          NOTE: St. Francis or Mitty will probably win the Round Robin Championship. Saint Francis has to lose 2 games for SHC to have a chance at the League Championship and Mitty has to lose 1 of the 2 games they have left. St. Francis has games vs. VC and SHC.
          For St. Francis to win the WCAL title, SF has to win 1 game and tie the other or have SHC and Mitty lose 1 game each and SF win 1 game.

          NOTE: 11 of the 14 goals scored by Johnny Rojas have been scored against Riordan and Valley Christian. These are teams that have been the last two teams in the standings each week.

          Now, Dash MacNamara stats show him to be one of the better players in the WCAL, he scored against Valley Chr. and Riordan, but only in the first game of the season, in the second game he looked to pass to his teammates, which is what good players do in blow outs.

          • You’re so fixated Pat keeping up with all of SHC’s wins and goals by their players, dont you have Rior…. oh yah, sorry…. you dont win nor score any goals. … Call it what you want, THIS is EXACTLY how Riordan did SH all those years. So dont talk to me about showing sportsmanship. Ive had classmates that went to Riordan and played sports and their coaches’ message to the players were to be relentless in beating up SH. It was their mission. So until your athletic program fixes itself, or until SH decides to regress, get used to it Riordan (the 9th member of the AAA).

            • Johnny Drama | February 3, 2012 at 5:26 PM |

              @Ari…..that last line was classic! I’m heading to the Forum tonight to watch Gordon and have a Crusader dog and listen to their band. I’ll tell stats you said hello.

              • @ Drama, imma give you a fun espn streak prop for you:

                Higher Total
                A. AG32 blocked shots or
                B. ARHS 3pt shots made

                Higher Total
                A. # of AG32 dunks
                B. # of total goals for Riordan’s soccer team in the next 2 games.

                Enjoy the game.. I’ll be checking out the rematch next saturday. I’ll bring a mask so I dont get mono.

            • I concur w/JD, Ari. Classic.

            • No, it is not how Riordan did it.

              Riordan had at least 5 different player’s score TDs, in the last 4 games in which Riordan beat SHC by over 28 points.

              2004 Non-League Game: AR 46 SHC 16; 2 TDs McGraw, 2 TDs Ilarina, 1 TD Perez, 1 TD Taylor, 1 TD Moon

              2003 Non-League Game: AR 54 SHC 0; 2 TDs Taylor, 1 TD Turner, 1 TD Ariche, 1 TD Ilarina, 1 TD Campbell, 1 TD Shanahan

              2001 Non-League Game: AR 53 SHC 27; 3 TDs Wright, 1 TD Konaris, 1 TD Bell, 1 TD Fleming, 1 TD Bugarin, 1 TD Ilarina

              2000 Non-League Game: AR 46 SHC 12; 2 TDs Konaris, 2 TDs Meier, 1 TD Walker, 1 TD Swanson, 1 TD Bugarin

  4. jbalan, Is it OK to mention the CCS Watchdog blog?

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