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Games of the day – Convent vs. University girls basketball: The teams are locked into the top two spots for the BCL West playoffs, but the Cubs are undefeated in league play and the Red Devils need a win if they want a share of the regular-season league title. Mercy vs. Menlo girls basketball: The Skippers would all but lock up the WBAL Foothill regular-season title with a win over the Knights, who are in a three-way tie for second place. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA boys basketball
Mission 91, ISA 51
Washington 61, Burton 52
Lincoln 41, Wallenberg 16
Lowell 67, Jordan 35
Balboa 56, Galileo 51
Marshall 112, O’Connell 41

BCL Central boys basketball
Gateway 60, Leadership 52
Bay vs. Waldorf @ Letterman Gym, 7:30 p.m.

BCL West boys basketball
Urban 45, Drew 31
University 46, Stuart Hall 38

WCAL boys basketball
Mitty (San Jose) 64, Riordan 56
Sacred Heart Cathedral 67, Valley Christian (San Jose) 37

AAA girls basketball
Washington 65, Burton 20
Lincoln 68, Wallenberg 44
Balboa 51, Galileo 44

BCL Central girls basketball
Bay 32, Waldorf 30
Gateway 37, Leadership 36

BCL West girls basketball
Convent 55, University 44
Drew 34, Urban 30

WBAL Foothill girls basketball
Mercy 70, Menlo (Atherton) 57

WBAL Skyline girls basketball
Castilleja (Palo Alto) 49, ICA 15

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  1. I wonder who will go to Mercy High & the other to University High today?

  2. Anyone know when the SI-St. Francis game will be made up? I expect Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Pretty sure they will play their game against VC tomorrow night as scheduled.

  3. Do you think SI will just cancel the St Francis game? Because if they reschedule the game, that would be like 5 games in 8 days. But they play for 3 straight days in the Sand Dune Classic, so I guess they can do it.

    • The Lower Level games vs. St. Francis (Boys) have been canceled.

      The Varsity Game is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 7th at Foothill College at 7:00 PM.

      • You mean the the other lower level teams can’t get theirs rescheduled @ all? That totally sucks & totally unfair. BTW, sorry if I totally offended anyone.

    • This is very true.

  4. DIdn’t SHC play Valley Christian on Friday, no score?

  5. Way to keep it close tonight Crusaders.

  6. Johnny Drama | February 4, 2012 at 8:28 AM |

    I was at this game and I will say this, Riordan plays a grind it out style and Coach Buckner definitely gets the most out of their talent. I will also say that Mitty is vulnerable. They have one other kid that is 6″6 and can shoot the 3 consistently but the rest of their kids are very average. If Gordon struggles, which he did in the 1st half, Mitty is not that good. Riordan was actually ahead in the 2nd Q. I will also say this, Masoli is cast iron! That kid is tough and he reminded me of Rick Mahorn out there. He was banging with Gordon and was actually in his face. Gordon looked perplexed and actually air balled a free throw after their exchange, to the delight of the Crusader Band. Riordan was in the game in the first half because of Masoli getting in Gordon’s head.

    This was also a tale of 2 halves. At halftime, after having time to reflect on what transpired, Gordon’s competitiveness came out big time. He had about 5 monster dunks and looked every bit the nationally ranked player he is. He dominated the 3rd quarter and the 4th Q was just a formality at that point. He was the one getting in Masoli’s face at this point and even the Riordan crowd was cheering his monster dunks. Mitty was up by about 16 when startes were pulled. The 2nd unit struggled to break the press so the starters were put back in to bring it home.

    I brought my new lady friend with me and we had a great time. She thought I was nuts, wanting to spend a Friday night at a HS bball game but the band and the gralic fries made the Forum a better place to be than the symphony. For Riordan’s sake, I hope they become relevany soon in hoops.

    They still have larger crowds than SHC, who has a winning team.

    • If you compare last year’s Mitty team to this year, it seems like last yr’s team was much deeper. Along with player of the year A. Gordon, their whole backcourt last yr made the 1st team WCAL, both of those players graduated. Also, Neil Vranicar made 2nd team, he’s a senior this year, but they lost White to graduation also, who made the game-clinching basket in the State Championship game. Last year’s Mitty team could hit 3’s which opened things up for Gordon. This year’s guards aren’t as lethal from downtown. I agree that they are vulnerable.

      • FYI…Jeremy LIn 25 points 7 assists 5 rebounds for Knicks tonight…. Stop invalidating!!!!! and start rooting for him

  7. Johnny Drama | February 4, 2012 at 8:48 AM |

    relevany should be relevant, can u correct for me…thanks

  8. SHCP 67 – Valley Christian 37 Final.

  9. Finally a score: Sacred Heart Cathedral 67, Valley Christian 37.

  10. Mickey Blue Eyes | February 4, 2012 at 10:13 AM |

    SHC blew VC out by close to 30 I believe it was 67-37 I heard

  11. With the end of the Boys Varsity AAA Lang vs. Neff basketball matchups, looking at the Lang vs. Neff cross-division games the last three seasons (09-10, 10-11, and 11-12 seasons) the records in theses games (Regular Season Only):

    Via: > sports info > varsity results and standings > 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12

    Team: (09-10 Record), (10-11 Record), (11-12 Record) = Overall Record

    1. Washington: (5-0), (6-0), (5-1 Lost to Lowell) = 16-1
    2. Mission: (4-1 Lost to Wallenberg), (6-0), (5-1 Lost to Galileo) = 15-2
    3. Lincoln: (3-2 Lost to Wallenberg & Lowell), (5-1 Lost to Lowell), (6-0) = 14-3
    4. Marshall: (3-2), (4-2), (5-1) = 12-5
    5. Balboa: (0-5), (5-1), (5-1) = 10-7
    6. Lowell: (4-2), (2-4), (3-3) = 9-9
    7. Wallenberg: (5-1), (2-4), (1-5) = 8-10
    8. Galileo: (2-4), (2-4), (2-4) = 6-12
    9. Burton: (2-4), (1-5), (2-4) = 5-13
    10. O’Connell: (2-4), (1-5), (1-5) = 4-14
    11. ISA: (Did not field team in 09-10), (1-5), (1-5) = 2-10
    12. June Jordan: (0-5), (1-5), (0-6) = 1-16

    With ISA not fielding a team in 09-10, the Lang division only played 5 games vs. the Neff division and the Neff played 6 games vs. the Lang division.

    From a division standpoint the Lang division has had the edge vs. the Neff division during this span:

    09-10: Lang 15-15 vs. Neff, and Neff 15-15 vs. Lang
    10-11: Lang 27-9 vs. Neff, and Neff 9-27 vs. Lang
    11-12: Lang 26-10 vs. Neff, and Neff 10-26 vs. Lang

    With the debate weeks ago going into Lang vs. Neff play and the talk about which division is stronger it is interesting to see how the schools broke down by year and their record in cross-division games. It was also interesting to see that Lowell had the best record of Neff teams vs. the Lang division at 9-9.

    But that’s why the games are played and once the post-season comes around all this does not mean anything. But it was interesting to see how the teams performed against one another in the regular season.

    • Thats alot of homework there AAA and interesting. Here is a couple of quick facts. Of the past 8 AAA champions 5 have come from the neff side, 6 times at least one neff team was in the championship game. Also I am not sure how far to go back but only one team has gone undefeated in the season for a long time and it was lowell/neff. Yes these games are fun to observe but there are some good coaches out there that position themselves for the playoffs and dont worry about putting up 80 and 90 against lesser teams (which is a whole other conversation). That said it does look like its the Langs year.

  12. DRAMA! Gordon never, and I mean never, got in Masoli’s face. Did not happen. Why you even wrote that is crazy. Mitty played 13 players throughout the game. If they had played their starters and regular rotation guys it would have been a bigger margin. That said, Riordan played hard the whole game and kept it so close that Kennedy had to put his starting 5 back in the fourth qt to save the W.

    • Mitty played their regular rotation of players most of the game. Mitty played their Top 8 players most of the game.

      3 additional Mitty players played less than 1:45 of the game and 2 other players played about 4 minutes of the game. The first 3 players mentioned in this paragraph played all their time in the fourth quarter. So Mitty played only 10 players in the first 3 quarters.

  13. And they don’t play a grind it out style. Were you even at the game?

    • Johnny Drama | February 4, 2012 at 4:59 PM |

      wcal, I saw what I saw and he did get in his face. After one of his dunks he started woofing at him. That is what I mean by “get in his face”. It wasn’t a heated exchange but those 2 were yapping at each other the whole game. As they were running down court AG was woofing at him. In the first half Masoli was doing most of the woofing but once AG got hot, he started. Again, it wasn’t close to coming to blows but those 2 were getting in each others face. Well, face to chin because of the size difference. I’ll even go as far to say that Gordon bypassed the handshake to Masoli after the game. When they walked by each other, from my vantage point, it appeard AG didn’t shake his hand. It was no big deal so not sure why you reacted like Mother Theresa.

      Grind it out is a polite way to say they play ugly. They are not a pretty team to watch and they get no style points. They are a tough and aggressive team, which in my opinion equates to grind it out.

      I acknowledged the subs struggled so the starters had to finish the game, same as you which kinda proves I was there. I also stand by my statement that Mitty is not head and shoulders above the rest of the league

      • Johnny— Thought you might like to know…..J Lin 25-7-5 for Knicks tonight in win over NJ!!!! MSG goin crazzzzzzzzzy… Shall we tell JJ or not!!!!!!!

        • Johnny Drama | February 4, 2012 at 8:07 PM |

          Thanks for the update Jumpah…we’ll let JJ hear it on his own.

          27-7-5 at any level is impressive but in the NBA it is awesome!

          • Congrats to J. Lin on his career high. Maybe you can have a great game against one of the elite of the NBA like the Lakers or Heat, rather than one of the NBA bottom-dwellers, like New Jersey. I hope you make the NBA Hall of Fame one day, so you can be the 2nd asian (after Yao Ming enters in 5 years) to enter the Hall of NBA royalty. Much success.

            • Johnny Drama | February 4, 2012 at 9:43 PM |

              That’s like saying hopefully SD31 can score against anyone except the bottom-dwellers like Riordan and VC.

              • Like SD31, J. Lin is improving. I hope they both continue to get better, so that we will add 2 more NBA Hall of Famers who are from the Bay Area. Good luck to both individuals, as they are both a class act on and off the basketball court.

              • Johnny Drama | February 4, 2012 at 10:05 PM |

                We both agree on that JJ!

  14. @ Drama, I can’t argue SH crowds are light and the fans in the visitors’ section are a little more boisterous. People got things to do you know? Sports isn’t high on the list. Plus this isn’t the majors. They don’t have the jumbotron guess the attendance game.

    I believe you and what you saw with AG32… Im sure he knows guys are gunning for him. If a guy thinks he’s being Gary Payton glove on him on defense and yaps in his face, he should be careful not to wake a sleeping giant. AG32 will get his 20 and 10.

    Going next saturday Drama?

  15. Johnny Drama | February 4, 2012 at 10:15 PM |

    I feel you on that Ari !

    I wasn’t saying anything bad against AG32 but him and Masoli were trash talking and Masoli got in his head a bit. After halftime the sleeping giant was awoken and he threw down some nast dunks. Me and my date were keeping an eye on those 2 and they were talking for quite some time. At one point, he ref stepped in and told them to stop. Again, it wasn’t emphatic but they were yapping, no big deal. He ended up with 23 according to the Mercury News.

    Mitty killed Serra tonight from what I heard so it appears they will win league if they can beat SHC and have pretty much clinched a tie with Serra even if SHC beats them.

    I will try to make it next week, should be a good one.

  16. Ouch – Wallenberg really taking some punishment this season on the Boys AAA side. The AAA has some pretty good teams this season but weird not having Wallenberg up there with the top teams.

    • Wallenberg is in a rebuilding phase. Every program goes through it at some point. Believe me, it stings just a little more when you see the league is going strong, but your school isn’t playing at the same level. I’m speaking from personal experience because I had to sit through Burton’s rebuilding years during the past seven years. Eventually it will get better. I do agree, however, that Wallenberg, even when I was playing, was always a strong team, so it is a little strange to see them at the bottom of our division.

  17. gateway vs leadership was a sick game!

  18. Marshall 112 OConnell 45 marshalls having a great season so far

    • If a team has a major lead, they should stop running the scoreboard because that game got way out of hand.

    • Kezar For Keeps | February 6, 2012 at 12:11 PM |

      I wouldn’t say having a sub-.500 record is a “great” season by any stretch.

      More importantly, this score is enraging. There is absolutely no excuse for it and the Marshall coach should be disciplined for allowing it. It is shameful that a team would score 112 points in a 32 min game that was never in question. This is not what high school athletics should be about. If I was the coach on the O’Connell team, I would have lost it.

  19. the_dogpatch | February 5, 2012 at 11:17 PM |

    Was hoping ISA would put up more of a fight against Mission. That’s OK. We will rise again.

  20. From Fri. 2/3:

    PSAL North boys basketball
    East Palo Alto (Menlo Park) 84, San Francisco Christian 43

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