Prep Wrapup: Sacred Heart Cathedral wrestling gets first win over Riordan

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Wrestling: Sacred Heart Cathedral 36, Riordan 27

The Irish got their first win over Riordan in school history, ending a 25-match losing streak to the Crusaders that dates back to 1986.

The Irish led from the start, did not relinquish their lead and got pins from Alex Sinclair (120 pounds), Greg Weinkouf (132 pounds), Patrick Reidy (182 pounds) and Gabriel Flores (220 pounds).

Riordan’s Julian Morrisette (171 pounds) and Christian Garcia (195 pounds) pinned their opponents to cut the Irish lead to three points on two separate occasions, but Sacred Heart responded to each with wins.

Other winners for Sacred Heart (by points) included Kiko Valle (106 pounds), Richard Dilag (113 pounds), Dixon Hoffett (138 pounds) and Alexander Descole (152 pounds). Other Riordan winners included Dante Biagini (126 pounds), Maarten Deschaumes (160 pounds) and Chris Stradford (285 pounds).

Boys Basketball: Crystal Springs Uplands 49, Jewish Community 33

The Wolves (8-9) saw their record dip below .500 for the first time this season, but still got solid performances from junior forwards Michael Kostukovsky (12 points, seven rebounds) and Anthony Gumberg (11 points, nine rebounds) in a non-league loss on the road against the Gryphons (5-13).

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17 Comments on "Prep Wrapup: Sacred Heart Cathedral wrestling gets first win over Riordan"

  1. this was perhaps the greatest dual meet I have ever seen. The SHCP wrestling team went into this with the mentality that they were going to win no matter what. Riordan did not give in at all, and fought with all they had too. It came down to who wanted it more, and who showed up to wrestle. Riordan has one of the best teams in the WCAL in my opinion, and has a bright future from standout Zach. But last night belonged to Coach Tran and the SHCP wrestling team. Congrats guys. Like I said, I am extremely proud of each and every one of you for wrestling with all your heart.

  2. When did SI put a halt in their wrestling program? If wrestling was still at SI, I think it would help the football players stay in shape.

    • Mickey Blue Eyes | February 3, 2012 at 9:05 PM |

      SI stopped the wrestling program shortly after going co ed in the late 80s early 90s. It was done possibly in part to comply with Title IX. Interest in teh program had been on a steady decline when it was dropped.

  3. 1999 was the last year. I was on that team. We had some really good wrestlers, but people would not come out for the team. There were too many coaching changes. I agree, wrestling would help keep the football team in shape.

  4. I doubt SI gets govt money…………………………..

  5. SI probably dropped wrestling in favor of manly sports like Volleyball and H2O polo.

  6. How come every conversation on this board turns into an SI/SHC topic. SI doesn’t have a team. That’s it. Who really cares why not. I was on the team back in the early 90’s (yes, I graduated from SI and coach at SHC now). Both are great schools with great kids. I am sure if SI wanted to bring back their program, they would see some great successes. Ir recently met the guy who started the SI program. his some just won the state title at the 103lb weight class. We discussed the program at SI and how good it could have been. 1999… Coaching changes are a surefire way of getting rid of a program quick. From what I understand, there was a state qualifier in the final year of the SI program too. I run into Coach Patane (I think he was the last coach there), at various tournaments. He tells me the SI wrestling program was experiencing some success when the program got dropped.

    Any program can be great. SHC is the only team in the WCAL NOT to have a mat room (due to space, and other constraints). We did this by working out in the gym in between basketball practices. These kids did not win based on skill (although there is plenty of that), rather the kids won with heart. These kids worked out in the offseason, as well as on their own time during the year.

    Now come support the SHC wrestling team as they take on Mitty tonight in the SHCP gym. This is Senior night, and these kids deserve the support. Anyone that has ever wrestled knows how hard these kids work.

    BTW, you guys all have one thing wrong. The wrestling team does not keep the football team in shape, its the other way around. The football team keeps the wrestlers in shape for wrestling season. ahahahahah

    • Feel The Pain | February 9, 2012 at 1:37 AM |

      Hope SI brings the program back, I think they could build something special over there in the Sunset. They have great facilities, but what they need is a commitment from the Athletic Director and the hiring of some experienced veteran coaches. Washington High has experienced success, due in large part to the involvement of experienced alumni going back there to contribute to building a dynasty in the AAA. They defeated Riordan earlier in the season, who was ranked close to the top 10 in the CCS, not bad for a public school. I believe SI could be a championship contender if they do bring the sport back, it would be nice to see. BTW, I was at the state tournament when SI had it’s last state qualifier, I believe his name was Eric Carcamo.

      • I think when Eric Carcamo was a senior, there was only 4 wrestlers on varsity, so the sport was losing interest very rapidly in the Sunset. That’s probably why they axed the program,…..

  7. Why doesn’t this website have better wrestlimg coverage? Wrestling is not even listed as a sport on this sites menu? On the wcal sports site it says SH finished 2-4 in the WCAL. I don’t think SH has ever had a winnung WCAL record? Kids at all schools benefit from a good wrestling program and SI should bring it back. It all comes down to a school hiring a good coach. I bet Riordan tops SH in WCAL finals. mrt

    • MRT, GREAT question. I emailed the person that runs this site this exact same question a few times. Never got so much as a response. My guess is that since it si not football, basketball, baseball, or croquet, it is not considered a sport. We have 2 amazing teams in teh WCAL as well as some great teams in the AAA. Riordan has a kid that is going to make history over there. And still no recognition. To say this is upsetting is an understatement. Especially with the rise of the UFC and the importance of wrestling, still no respect.

      The funny thing is all the kids know about basketball, baseball, football,… But very rarely do you get kids that know wrestling is even a sport they can play in high school in San Francisco. We are working on changing that and bringing wrestling back to the forefront of high school athletics.

      • Kezar For Keeps | February 10, 2012 at 11:17 AM |

        I appreciate the effort these kids put out,but let’s be honest, the interest in wrestling coverage probably isn’t there in the middle of basketball season, which I think is probably the biggest draw in SF. I think we’d all love to have coverage in every sport, but when is the last time you saw a wrestling story in any local media? Same goes for badminton, crew, fencing, golf, swimming and tennis. The interest just isn’t there. People just care more about football,basketball and baseball.

  8. No league finals news up? Maybe SI owns this site since they get the most coverage and wrestling is disregarded? Wrestling is not even on the map here as I have to use the search engine to find anything. I travel often and I read about wrestling in other papers. It’s not a headline sport but it has a faithful following. I think the problem with SF is that the writers aren’t athletes so they don’t get it. At Riordan, guys that didn’t wrestle knew we worked our butts off so they gave wrestling a lot of respect. I went to a few basketball games this year and the gyms were empty unless it was a big rival game. The crowd and excitement at the SH-Riordan dual was terrific. I remember being on Riordan’s team 88-92 and wrestling against WCAL teams while having the gym close to full. There is an interest for wrestling as anyone who has wrestled,like myself, appreciates the sport. I’d even like to read about the AAA kids too as the city produced a lot of sucessful college wrestlers. Maybe coverage here will expand or I hope to soon find it else where.

    • There is no league final news because no one sent in anything. If a coach or anyone associated with any of the teams would have sent in the results or a wrap up, we would have posted something, as we do with regularity for everything that is called or e-mailed in.

  9. @ Coach A: Chris Delgado was the last coach @ SI. He was an excellent coach. He left the program in 1999 and the program has never started back up. Good luck @ CCS. I’ll be rooting for you guys.

    @ JJ: Leon Bonney was the last SI state qualifier (1998). He took 3d in CCS.

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