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Games of the day – Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. St. Francis girls basketball: Brian Harrigan, who coached at Sacred Heart for 18 seasons and led the Irish to four state championships, now coaches St. Francis and will return to Sacred Heart for the first time since joining the Lancers. Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. St. Francis boys basketball: The Irish rolled on the road against Valley Christian last night and will look to carry that momentum against the visiting Lancers. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

WCAL boys basketball
Sacred Heart Cathedral 57, St. Francis (Mountain View) 55 (OT)
St. Ignatius 55, Valley Christian (San Jose) 41
Bellarmine (San Jose) 71, Riordan 61

Non-league boys basketball
Drew 40, Waldorf 35

WCAL girls basketball
St. Francis (Mountain View) 55, Sacred Heart Cathedral 40
St. Ignatius 71, Valley Christian (San Jose) 43

Non-league girls basketball
Drew 44, Bentley (Lafayette) 29
Urban 38, International 35

WCAL boys soccer
Valley Christian (San Jose) 3, Riordan 2
Mitty (San Jose) 5, St. Ignatius 0
St. Francis (Mountain View) 1, Sacred Heart Cathedral 0

WBAL Skyline girls soccer
Harker (San Jose) 2, Mercy 1

WCAL girls soccer
St. Francis (Mountain View) 4, Sacred Heart Cathedral 2
Mitty (San Jose) 4, St. Ignatius 2

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  1. Taylor Johns’ slam-dunk with two seconds remaining wins it for the Irish. He had (about) 16 points in the game and played the late fourth and OT with four fouls. Herman Pratt hit two 3’s and Josh Fox had one.

    St. Francis seemed to never miss a shot until the 4th when the Irish ran out to a 7 point lead. Irish shot about 45% for the game and had double-digit turnovers.

  2. Frosh A’s lost their first game as one of their players was brought up to the varsity.

    • Sounds exciting, thanks for the update!! Who did they bring up to Varsity and did he get any playing time?

      • Irishi Italian | February 4, 2012 at 8:06 PM |

        The freshman brought up according to the roster on the SHCP website was David Parsons. I was told by one of the jv players that he was clearly the top freshman on the A team. Don’t know if he played tonight.

  3. The SanFranPreps twitter feed said the Irish looked sluggish in the 1st half, was that true?

    • Yes. Too many turnovers. They shot about 37% in the first half and had no free-throws attempted at all. They shot about 54% the rest of the game. I kept waiting for them to put the Lancers away but they just kept making their shots. I suspect a day home game after a night road game took something out of them too.

      I thought Herman Pratt stole the show with his 13 points (by my count) including a 3-pointer in the first and another in overtime.

  4. The Irish looked over confident and very sluggish today. They had enough to get the victory though. The moving up of a frosh kid who won’t get playing time makes no sense in my opinion. They should have let him finish the season with his teammates and if necessary move him up. My opinion kids get moved up for no significant reason these days. If you didn’t move a kid up from day 1 then leave them alone for the year cause i’ve never seen a kid who was moved up at the end do any damage for a team, again my opinion only..

    • I agree to a point, but it is also done for other reasons. For the CCS run it never hurts to have extra players to contribute if someone goes down. But you are right, someone on the varsity roster should be good enough? But this action is done on a lot of teams. For example, The SH football team brought up 15 Jv’s, maybe someone can explain away. I think it is just good to get the kids to see more exposure at a future level?

  5. I agree that it doesn’t make sense to bring a kid up, but the SHC coach probably wants the kid to “learn his system” during practice. The guy won’t get any playing time, though. It’s kinda like in major league baseball, where they bring up the best minor league players to the majors in the final month of the season. I guess it’s like a “reward” for playing well. The 1st and 2nd rounds of CCS is usually a blowout in favor of the WCAL team, so maybe he will get playing time then

    • Makes sense JJ. Parsons did get a little playing time, he didn’t score from a previous poster. But you are right, the more the kid practices on the varsity, the easier the transition for him in the future. Good move if that is the case.

  6. Irish gave every chance they could to St Francis to win this… Playing 2 games in less than 24 hours is a tall task even for teenagers. The number of turnovers probably was due to fatigue although you wouldn’t have known it with how Johns and Fox played. That chocolate thunder by Johns with 2 seconds got me sounding like a monkey. It was an emphatic dunk. Between Johns and Fox I think they had about 6 dunks for the game.

    Great to see Coach Harrigan again. When I saw him hugging and talking to everyone especially A.D. Momono, I just kept playing it in my head, “ok Brian, we want you back, please come back and make our girls’ team dominant again.” ,,, all wishful thinking, but love Brian Harrigan and all he did for SHC.

    • Does anyone know why he left in the first place, someone said before that he didn’t get a teaching position at the school that he wanted?

      • I think he left because he wanted to leave on top, like Phil Jackson, former coach of the Lakers and Bulls. Once he saw that SHC was going to be mediocre, he left. At least one of his teams was ranked #1 in the whole US of A. Not bad for a kindergarten teacher.

        • Basketball Fan | February 5, 2012 at 12:00 AM |

          His “retirement” was a joke. He had talent who were able to play and his ego loved it. He is a preschool teacher not a kindergarten teacher for the city.

  7. bballobserver | February 5, 2012 at 10:41 AM |

    Just to acknowledge that Drew won against Waldorf. This was coming. Drew came out scrappy (even tough) against Urban (which kept starters on the bench most of the game but returned the starters late in the game as Drew played harder…..a sign of respect). A tough season for these players….gotta hand them the no quit award.

  8. Seems like sickness really affected the St. Ignatius soccer teams.

    • It may have had an affect, but the Mitty girl’s soccer team has like 6 girls who got college soccer scholarships, while SI had only 1. As for the SI boys soccer team, they got beat by Mitty who are at the top of the WCAL, while SI is closer to the bottom. Maybe Mitty didn’t have any sportsmanship, since they won by a large margin.

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