Prep Wrapup: Sacred Heart boys basketball needs overtime to get past St. Francis

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Boys Basketball: Sacred Heart Cathedral 57, St. Francis 55 (OT)

Even after a sluggish first half, the Irish (18-3, 8-3) appeared to be in control late with a 48-42 lead and the ball with 15 seconds remaining in regulation against the Lancers (12-9, 6-5)

That’s when things got a little bit crazy.

Sacred Heart turned the ball over, St. Francis hit a 3-pointer, then got the ball back again with 7 seconds left. On the final possession of regulation, St. Francis guard Khalid Johnson hit another 3-pointer, this time at the buzzer, to send the game into overtime.

The Irish again opened up a 55-50 lead in overtime, but another St. Francis 3-pointer, this time from senior Jimmy Frazier, tied the game at 55-55 with 15 seconds left in the overtime period.

On the ensuing possession, Sacred Heart senior forward Taylor Johns got the ball on the right-hand wing, drove through two St. Francis defenders, then soared between two more for a right-handed, game-winning dunk with 2 seconds left.

Johns finished with 12 points and 13 rebounds, fellow senior forward Joshua Fox added 14 points and 13 rebounds, and junior guard Herman Pratt had a team-high 15 points.

Here is a video of the final series of plays from our friend George Nguyen

Boys Soccer: Valley Christian 3, Riordan 2

Despite two goals by James Cullinane (one unassisted and the other assisted by Marvin Flores), the Crusaders (0-19, 0-13) extended their winless streak to 122 games.

Boys Basketball: Bellarmine 71, Riordan 61

Junior point guard Geru Mabrey was the only Riordan starter to score in double figures with 11 points and Jiday Ugbaja came off the bench to score 10 points in the loss.

The Crusaders (9-13, 2-10) took 23 more shots than the Bells (12-10, 5-7) and only committed eight turnovers, but Bellarmine shot over 61 percent from the floor in the game, while Riordan shot just over 38 percent.

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53 Comments on "Prep Wrapup: Sacred Heart boys basketball needs overtime to get past St. Francis"

  1. Tighten up that defense at the end of the game (especially if it’s a two possession game). But good job SHC.

  2. Were my eyes deceiving me? There didn’t appear to be many people at the SHC/SF game. I thought SHC normally have bigger crowds than what was shown on the video above.

  3. From that angle it looks like there weren’t many people there but it was a decent crowd for a Saturday afternoon game.

    • Thanks IC Stars. The gym looked pretty emptied. I guess I expected more people to attend SHC’s games.

      • If it were when I was there you would have no problem getting a big cheering section every game.

        • IC stars, we were all boys then…lol, we needed to really keep straight and stay out of

          • Having said all that, IC stars, what do you think would make the SHC gym better looking, don’t get me wrong it looks nice but it is also brand spanking new and I don’t think it is sterile. I think maybe if they painted the ceiling black for the under the lights feeling? Put up some banners? I dont know, what do you think?

            • They should retire Jerry Brown, Kevin Greene, and Jason Hill’s jerseys and put it in the rafters, so it will feel like you are in the Boston Garden. And at halftime, throw free T-shirts in the crowd using a nerf gun.

              • JJ, maybe not a bad idea, it does seem like it could use more decorations of jerseys of Irish greats or pictures.

              • Ive been to the gym. Yes it’s a little generic but sometimes less is better. As for banners, right outside the gym is an atrium that does have basketball/volleyball related trophies and a wall lising all championships and montagues of SH athleletes over the years-which is nice. What I dont like about the gym is lack of a true concession stand.

                Also noticed that the video showed the St. Francis side of gym not the SHC side. So it is not uncommon for that side to have less people.

              • What I always like about WCAL varsity games is how its so defensive minded and referees allow the kids to play through contact. I just noticed on the video that over the last two periods and overtime the fouls were 6 and 9 (three whole quarters and still not in double-bonus. No blood no foul.

            • Maybe they could change the lighting and add more color on the walls. Maybe put up big scoreboards like USF has, put the flags on the end wall instead of overhead so people won’t have to contort themselves to look at it. More speakers would help for people who sit up on the top of the stands so the announcer is better understood.

              I did ask the AD about putting banners up but she said they don’t want to clutter-up the gym. The old gym has all the banners anyway and the “Wall of Champions” lists nearly all the titles anyway.

              Not sure what else they could do. When I was there, nobody had to convince me to see a game.

              • IC stars, I think I will just be happy if they painted the ceiling black, for the under the lights feeling like USF.

              • I just came back from the SI-SHC game and I think I know why SHC’s home court doesn’t garner more fan support. The architect or designers probably specialize in churches. When you walk in, it feels like you are going to mass. All they have to do is make the windows stained glass, and put an altar at the end of the court, then you can pass around a basket and drop your monetary donations. As for the game, SHC totally out-played SI in every aspect of the game. Lots of people are fans of the Josh Fox, but I think Taylor Johns is the player that makes that team go. Just a high-flying block or a tap-in around the hoop pumps up the crowd. I don’t understand why that kid doesn’t have a D1 scholarship yet. You could put him at guard and he would shut down the opposing player. Anyways, the most entertaining part of the game was the last 2 minutes when the benchwarmers came into the game. The freshman, David Parsons, looks like he has a great outside shot, but I’m not sure where SHC will get their rebounding from next yr. The starting 5 will be like 4 guards and the tallest player on SHC as center.

              • @JJ I like it. Probably because anything better than our old gym is an upgrade. As some have mentioned before it looks like the sanitation army goes through it everyday. Id much rather have that than a dirty, scuffed up gym. Lighting is great, seats comfy… money well spent.

                Funny you guys are thinking about decorating with retired jerseys. Wonder what criteria is needed to get your jersey retired. SI has the Fouts’ plaque… When are they going to put a Olshansky plaque??? Igor was unstoppable!!!

  4. People, its the city. There are so many more things to do on a Saturday afternoon than attend a HS basketball game. Its always been this way. Parents of players and a sprinkle of casual fans make up the attendance at SH games. Thats not going to change and its not important to the players that the gym is packed. Their focus and the fans’ focus is on the game. You guys got to get over this empty gym stuff.

    • City Lights | February 5, 2012 at 1:10 PM |

      No. You need to stop making excuses for the sorry and pathetic support of your students and alumni for such a great team. I can’t imagine how empty it’ll be when SHC comes back down to Earth next year if the AAU and AAA transfer supply chain doesn’t come through with more magic and 6’6″ bigs.

      • City Lights-why so bitter. Let it go.

        • City Lights | February 5, 2012 at 2:45 PM |

          Definitely not “bitter” and there’s nothing for me to let go of as I don’t really care in the big scheme of things how many people are in the stands at SHC. Please don’t misinterpret my observations of a weak fan base of an amazing team as anything more than keeping it real. Good luck to the Irish players.

        • City Lights, that was harsh. What is up with all the anger? Don’t hate. Kids and sports are not big in San Francisco for lots of sad reasons. The fact that anyone came is big enough on a Saturday afternoon, St Francis is a team from Mountain View. You should compare how many fans St Francis has or Mitty has when SI or SH, Riordan, go down to San Jose. I bet the turnouts are less to see a SF school compared to when St Francis plays Bellarmine, or Mitty.

          • What are some of the sad reasons that kids and sports are not big in San Francisco, besides “there are so many things to do in SF”? I’ve been to a St Francis basketball game in Mountain View and the crowd attendance there is about 50.

            • Well JJ, if the crowd turnout is 50 that is pretty bad considering Mountain View is a pro family town with much less to do. So maybe it is not just SH that has low turnout but so does St. Francis. What I meant was, SF is not so much a kid town anymore, or should I say a pro-family town. It is more of a town for retirees, etc. The cost of living is high and much of the polices are not exactly family friendly. But having said all that, SHC gym can hold a little over 1,500 seats, so it looks more sparse, I guess.

            • 50 people? LOL! don’t hate bro. I understand SHC and St Francis game was played in the afternoon. Low attendance all around. It’s also on a Saturday. Kids have better things to do like “sleep”. LOL! So 50 people at at SF Varsity game. Come on! There was about 100+ people ar the SHC vs SF freshman game in Mountain view on Sat..

              • I went on a Wednesday or Thursday night a couple years ago,, so maybe that’s why there was 50 people. And just cause it looks like 100+ people, if you actually count, it’s normally less.

              • He didn’t say 50 people were there. It was more like 200+.

            • Maybe for a game over winter break, but during the rest of the year, St. Francis draws huge crowds.

        • Jealous is more like it.

      • City Lights:

        That was one of the reasons why I brought that up. I thought SHC had more support than that. I guess I was wrong.

        • SHC used to have alot of support when it was just SH (all-boys), but when it turned co-ed, the school spirit turned sour. The same thing happened to SI when they went co-ed. Serra is still all-boys and they are always louder and have alot of fans, although very annoying. I don’t know why Riordan really never had school spirit and fan support, even when they had great teams in the past.

          • riordan has always had great turnouts – both in bad times and good. couple that with the band and it makes for a great hs atmosphere. just a few years ago riordan had set up courtside seats for the Mitty upset (Drew Gordon-Chiverton-Calairo team) as well as for the SI game. all-boys schools are definitely louder as seen at Bellarmine, Serra and Riordan.

          • I would agree Serra fans are very annoying but Riordan has had some good crowds over the years. I have been at many games were the Riordan fans came out in force. I can remember one game against SI when the boys painted Riordan on their chest and the crowd was crazy. It was awesome!

  5. The only thing packed into the sterile box gym of SHC is the big elephant in the room reason why the alumni and students don’t go to the games anymore. They should have a raffle or post game mini events after the games. Within tthree years SHC will be just C.

    • Whoa, wcal, SHC will be just fine. SHC is the oldest catholic school in the city. If anything, Riordan will be gone.

      • Enrollment has been up at Riordan for 2 strait years under Daly. Riordan’s enrollment will continue to increase as the boarding program gains traction. Riordan will be just fine as well.

      • Riordan isn’t going any where Chris. Can’t wait till that new Arena takes off under Mr Daly’s direction.

        • My comment was just in reply to WCAL..who said SH was just going to be C in three years. I also can’t wait to see Riordan’s new Restani Gym…it should be nice.

    • Now I’m positive jealous is more like it.

      • SHC had a it Hall of Fame dinner Saturday night (hence the afternoon game). Most people arent going to go to a game in afternoon then go home and then come back for event.

        Yes, it is true SHC fan support (particularly from student-base) is suspect on game days, but have it when the baseball, soccer season are both underway, CYO games for other family members most kids (other than immediate familly) arent going to go out of their way for a Saturday afternoon game. Just logistics.

  6. I grew up in the Midwest in a fairly small town ~ 35,000 people and it we’d get a thousand people or more to almost all our high school basketball games so I do find it odd to see how few fans there are in the stands for WCAL games which is a really high level of high school play. Of course in the Midwest there wasn’t much else to do a cold winter night plus the towns have a lot of pride and their identity was partially tied to high school sports.

    Personally with young kids starting to play competitive basketball – I’ve reintroduced myself to high school basketball and prefer watching it to NBA and college ball. I try to make it to as many WCAL games as possible even though my wife is totally baffled as to why I like to watch high school basketball…..

    • I agree SF Mikey, its not about money, its more for the love of the sport and keeping kids positive. It is pure talent and hard work that is displayed. It is nice to see kids playing for pride and learning that life is a game to be won or loss everyday.

  7. The only thing I “hate” is the lack of support for the SHC players on a very good team. I could understand it if they sucked.

  8. Forget about the crowd or lack of crowd, the defense at the end was horrendous!

  9. Sure thing City , the SH family should rally around this team and get out there and support them . It may take a few years for them to put together another contender and the playoffs are around the corner , so get out there and cheer on the boys , Good Luck to all .

    • I am sure there will be a good turnout at the game tonight against SI and against Archbishop Mitty. Fans will show up to the major games.

  10. I am an SH basketball parent, and to just add some insight to the “crowd” issue – it would be nice if I can have my kid(s)+spouse watch as many of the SHC games to show support, but I hate to admit, it’s tiring, especially having a kid on the frosh team, then having to be in opposite gyms, or having to watch games back to back to back, all for the love of basketball and to show support. It’s literally 5+ hours out of the day, especially during weeknight games. At the end of a night when we actually watch Frosh, JV, and Vars (girls and/or boys), by the time I get out of that gym, my head is aching!! This past Saturday was a toss up, because SHC Frosh teams had games at St. Francis starting at 11am, while both boys/girls JV & Vars played at home in the later afternoon. Although we had originally planned to go straight to SHC after watching some of the Frosh games, but after eating lunch, by the time we got back to our area, we were spent. I’m almost positive a lot of famlies are also juggling multiple kids in CYO, PPL, Asian, and AAU ball, as well as soccer, wrestling, and club volleyball, which are all at the same time.

    • crusader 81 | February 6, 2012 at 3:37 PM |

      riordan frosh parent (and alum) here. i concur. 2 frosh, jv and varsity: that’s a long time to sit in the stands. i did it for the SI game, usually i split during the jvs.

  11. And to add, when we can’t be in attendance to any of the Varsity games, I always look to all the twitter feeds and SanFranPreps for updates. Thank you JBalan for having this site and updating it regularly! Much appreciated!

  12. I agree with SH Parent. My kids play at different times, locations and sports. I barely find the time to watch my kids play. I try to catch some of the games before or after my kids, BUT its hard to squeeze i. Time. By the time I leave he gym, im exhausted, starving and ready to do my home duties. It’s a nice to get a big crowd, but it’s not gonna happen all the time.

  13. As an SHC alum, my experience and further expectation for teams’ support will always come from the parents of players. To expect a student cheering section of even 50 kids is already not realistic. To me, as long as the parents and other family is there, you cant ask for anything more. Anyone else that attends is just gravy. … You even get the occasion former players that come through, like LyRyan Russell and Conrad Fox last saturday afternoon. … I hate to break it to you but SH students dont really put watching sports high up their on their things to do list. Outside of the Bruce-Mahoney games, you can expect less than 50 students at the games. Its been like this. It hasnt changed. It doesnt bother me. You ask yourself, for football season, lets see… do I want to go to freezing cold, hard to find parking Kezar for 2.5 hours on a Friday night?

    SH is still SH regardless of who goes and watches. We still get good student athletes that are proud to be green white and blue.

    • Well said Ari, However Im sure tonight’s game against SI will surely have more than 50 students and the Archbishop Mitty game will have more than usual as well.

      • @Scott… yes SI games are the exception… Mitty will draw a few more like you said… I love seeing marquee players. Im sure AG32, Tay-Bang, and Josh will bring their A+ games on Saturday night.

        Off topic, I dont know what Mike Montgomery has to do, but he needs to do everything in his power to get AG32 to go to Cal and not let him go to Arizona. What the heck is there to do in Tucson?

  14. Many people have said it 100% correctly here. Frosh games are usually viewed by parents and a friend or two and Jv is pretty much the same. By the time varsity games roll around many fans have left SHC and a different crowd comes in. It’s not a bad or negative thing cause its just life. Usually when the 3 city schools play their are good crowds cause of the rivalery. And for all the parents who have 3 or more kids playing cyo and AAU and now high school ball, it becomes very tiring to be at a gym all day long. Lets do our best to support these kids and coaches who put in alot of time during the week of practices and film watching…

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