Boys Basketball: Sacred Heart Cathedral’s guards come to play in rout of St. Ignatius

Sacred Heart junior guard Herman Pratt drives past a St. Ignatius defender on Monday at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. (Photo by Eric Luis)

Sacred Heart junior guard Herman Pratt drives past a St. Ignatius defender on Monday at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. (Photo by Eric Luis)

By Jeremy Balan

It’s no mystery that the Sacred Heart Cathedral boys basketball team has one of the best frontcourts in the Bay Area, but when the Irish guards play like they did on Monday against city rival St. Ignatius — look out.

Led by 15 points from senior shooting guard Tyler Petroni, the Sacred Heart guards shot the lights out from 3-point range, shooting 47 percent from distance to push the Irish to a 68-46 rout of the visiting Wildcats in West Catholic Athletic League play.

Sacred Heart senior guard Tyler Petroni goes up for a contested layup between two St. Ignatius defenders on Monday at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. (Photo by Eric Luis)

The high shooting percentage is even deceiving, because with mostly substitutes shooting in the fourth quarter, the Irish (19-3, 9-3) only hit 1-of-7 attempts from 3-point range.

“I’ve always felt that when our guards play well, we’re really good, and when they struggle, we’re a good team,” said Sacred Heart head coach Darrell Barbour. “It’s good to see a kid like Tyler just relax and play. When he plays like that, that’s what he can do.”

After missing his first shot from the floor in the first quarter, Petroni hit all five of his shots the rest of the way, including four 3-pointers.

“I was just shooting the ball, hoping it would go in,” said Petroni, who has battled cold-shooting spells at times this season. “The team just tells me to keep shooting. We have to keep playing hard to help our bigs out. We can’t put all of the pressure on them.”

Standout senior forwards Taylor Johns and Joshua Fox scored their share, adding 16 and 11 points, respectively, and combined for 17 rebounds.

The pair led a third-quarter Irish surge that turned a 32-21 halftime lead into a 56-30 margin by the end of the third frame.

The Wildcats (9-12, 3-8) scored just nine points in the third quarter and never challenged again.

SI shot just over 44 percent from the floor in the game, but was outrebounded 33-18 and had 23 turnovers.

“I don’t even know where to start,” said St. Ignatius head coach Tim Reardon. “We couldn’t stop them and we couldn’t score. It’s as simple as that. We had some positives our last three games out, but this was our worst effort of the year.”

Sacred Heart senior forward Joshua Fox leans in for a layup against St. Ignatius on Monday at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. (Photo by Eric Luis)

Both teams have crucial weeks ahead in the stretch run of the WCAL season, with the Wildcats playing four games and Sacred Heart taking on Riordan on Thursday and first-place Mitty on Saturday to wrap up league play.

With three league losses, the Irish still have an outside shot at a regular-season league title.

“People are asking me about Saturday, but Saturday doesn’t mean anything if we don’t do anything Thursday,” Barbour said. “I’m really good at looking at what is in front at me and I’m good at getting my players to understand what is in front of us. And Riordan plays us tougher than everybody, every year. I don’t care what our records are or what the teams look like, they’re the toughest.”

For St. Ignatius, there is almost comfort in getting back on the court immediately on Tuesday against St. Francis, to hopefully have a short memory regarding the lopsided loss to its rival.

“Hopefully we can bounce back, but that’s not a good way to get rolling,” Reardon said. “They’re confident, sometimes to a fault, so now is the right opportunity to use that confidence, but that was a big hit.”

Scoring Leaders

Sacred Heart Cathedral
Taylor Johns – 16
Tyler Petroni – 15
Joshua Fox – 11
Herman Pratt – 9
Two players tied with 6 points

St. Ignatius
Stephen Domingo – 12
Trevor Dunbar – 10
Nick Johnson – 8
Daniel MacLean-Verinc – 4
Two players tied with 3 points

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  1. First 4 minutes of watching this on Bay Preps and saw SD31 get 4 points, 2 reb and 2 blocks I was thinking uh oh, this is the breakout game… and we know the rest of the story. I don’t get it. I can’t put entire blame on him or single him out anymore. Whatever weave motion offense Reardon has them doing is offensive. I saw passes to the players curling to the wing and bam theres a nice lane to drive to the basket but instead its a couple dribbles below the 3pt line and its a pass again. I used to think it was just SD31 but you see Dunbar do this too and we all know he can get to the basket. But he passes to finish the weave and it didn’t lead to an easier shot.

    The only other deviation from this offensive offense is when they dump it low to Aguilar and thats pretty much means he’s not kicking it out because he does his little pivots and turns to left shoulder and flips it. Where would SI be without beating pitiful Riordan 2x? Would they even make CCS?

    Great games by the Pratt, James, Otis and Petroni…Irish are playing with a lot of momentum which makes for a great game Saturday night…. I know Coach Barbour isn’t going to look ahead but SH can beat Riordan with Fox and Johns both playing with one arm tied behind their backs.

    • We all know that SH has the win against Riordan (who wouldn’t) but let’s give them some credit. The Crusaders played Mitty pretty tough last week so I’m sure the team and the fans will give them a decent game. So come out people and cheer on both teams. Plus Riordan has one of the forums to watch some BB. It has character, good food and the BAND! It will be Senior night too.

    • If Fox and Johns can only play with one arm, all they could do would be to dribble the ball and tip the ball into the hoop.

      This would pretty much take Fox and Johns out of the game.

      Since SHC would no longer have dominating Forwards playing, the game would come down to which teams guards were better.

      Now Riordan has been playing taller teams all season, so their players have excelled when playing players of the same size or smaller.

      SHC has not had this problem all season, if the SHC did not make their 3 point shots. SHC would have trouble scoring, since Riordan would just need to keep Fox and Johns out of the key, and could concentrate on defensing Pratt and Petroni.

      I think Riordan has some of the best guards in the WCAL, which is the only reason Riordan has been able to compete with most teams in the WCAL.

  2. Ari, come on now, Im a SH fan, but Riordan always plays hard and they hustle. They play way better than SI as a team. Riordan is doing the best they can with what they have, this is all you can do and ask of your high school players.

  3. JJ, I agree with your last post about the Sacred Heart Gym, it does seem like it could be a place for church..:) But it is a nice gym and some different shades of paint will really bring it to life one day. As for your comments, about where SH will get their rebounding, dont know, the class of 2015 and 2016 will have some surprises . The other way is to find some big guys to clog the middle and let the fast guards fly around them. Thats what SH did in 1983 when they won WCAL with BIG KEVIN GOGAN. Go Irish!

    • SH lost to SI that year in WCAL championhip (at USF). SI went on to participate in State Final where they lost to I believe Long Beach Poly.

      • SI won the League Championship in 1984 and that is the year SI played Long Beach Poly.

        Riordan was the WCAL and CCS runner up in 1984.

        In 1983, SI and SH were the Round Robin Co-Champions with (9-3) records, Saint Ignatius won the WCAL Playoffs, but lost to Fremont (S) in the CCS Championship. Sacred Heart lost in the CCS Quater Finals to Fremont (S).

        Fremont (Sunnyvale) beat SH 48 to 46 and beat SI 46 to 45. Pat Guisti led Fremont (S).

        • In 1983 who did SH lose to in league? and SI lost to who? Thanks stats..

          • Sacred Heart lost to Riordan, who had 8 wins and 4 losses in league.

            I am not sure who SI lost to, but it could have been St. Francis (5-7), Serra (4-8), or Bellarmine (4-8). or even Mitty who won 3 and lost 9 to come in last place in the round robin. All of these teams have extra wins and losses.

          • SI and SH had 3 losses in league

            SH lost one vs. SI, one vs. Riordan, and one vs. one of the the other teams.

            SI lost one vs. SH, and two vs. the other teams (not Riordan).

      • Unfortunately, we didn’t have tournament play in those days and both school’s shared the “playoff point”, therefore they didn’t play a second game to determine the champion. That’s why it was a co-title.

      • Yes, I remember the WCAL final in 1983. I was there SI’s most talented player was a guard named Wilson, who actually started his career at SH, but ended up at SI. It was suspicious. Could have the SI alum’s or school pryed him away.? Well, that was a long time ago.

    • You are talking like the SHC class of 2015 and 2016 will be full of surprises, but the pickings look pretty slim right now in the SHC class of 2013 and 2014. I see Herman Pratt making 1st team WCAL next year, but after that, all I see is a bunch of 6-2 centers and forwards clogging up the middle next year for SHC. Riordan’s best players right now are sophomores and juniors and I can see them surpassing SHC next yr. David Parsons looks like he can shoot, but he doesn’t look that quick. He would’ve been better served playing in JV, because the JV didn’t really impress and they could use some outside shooting.

      • I think Pratt will be 1st team this year! He plays great D and is a good shooter.

        • I think these player’s will be First Team All League Players for the WCAL.

          Player of the Year: Aaron Gordon (Mitty)
          Henry Caruso (Serra)
          Josh Fox (SHC)
          Taylor Johns (SHC)
          Drew Dickey (SF)
          Thomas Peters (Mitty) or Jack Biebel (Mitty)
          Jacqui Biggins (Serra) or Stephen Grosey (Serra)

          The seventh spot could go to a lot of different players, here is a list
          Nick McGrew (VC), Stephen Domingo (SI), Khalid Johnson (SF), Khalil Johnson (SF), Geru Mabrey (AR), D. J. Harvey (AR), Trevor Dunbar (SI), Herman Pratt (SHC), Cameron Stewart (VC), Jay MacIntyre (VC)

          I think I have named everyone who will be on First or Second Team All League

          • You don’t think Neil Vranicar of Mitty will make 1st or 2nd team? I think he made 2nd team last year as a junior. Also, there will definitely be someone from Bellarmine making 1st or 2nd team such as “Vermeer”. Also, too many players from VC on your list, considering that they are near the bottom of the WCAL. I think Domingo will make 1st team. Dunbar will make 2nd team.

            • I missed Vranicar from Mitty.

              I just don’t know who from Bellarmine. No League stats might hurt Bellarmine, since the coaches will just be going by what players did against them.

              The first Riordan game against Bellarmine, Vermeer did almost nothing, he scored 2 to 4 points in that game.

              • Caruso from Serra scored 0 points in his last game; I don’t think S. Domingo ever had a bagel in his boxscore; I think he deserves 1st team, considering every team focuses on him and he still gets double digits most of the time.

              • Caruso scored zero against Mitty, not against another team. Mitty, as long as they win one game this week, will be the WCAL Champions or Co-Champions.

                SI, VC, and Riordan will have a hard time getting a player on first team.

                From what I have heard Domingo still is playing outside the paint except against Riordan.

      • JJ, regarding Parsons, he is just a freshman thrown on the Varsity last week, I’m sure none of us would be floating and flying when our feet isn’t wet. Next year, they still have Yanoj jackson who was injured all this year.

        • Speaking of Yanoj Jackson, I watched a little of the Bay Preps broadcast, and the commenter kept calling David Parsons by the wrong name. I guess no one told him that David Parsons was wearing Yanoj Jackson’s number, and he kept saying “Jackson shoots for 3”.

  4. Great job SHC. The game against Mitty should be a good one. I still say SHC will beat them the second time around.

  5. SI problem all season…outrebounded 33-18

    • Something is not right about SI cause they do have good talent. SHC just beat them down so easy, it looked to me that SI quit, I was looking at the kids faces and their bench and it didn’t look good. I think they are really frustrated right now, and the only kid looking solid and playing ball is the sophomore Dunbar. SHC moving up a freshman makes 0 sense at this time, what has the kid done to deserve a spot on the varsity team and his playing time won’t justify it either cause he won’t play. Pratt and Otis will be the main guys back next year, Otis is a smart player and Pratt is good at everything he does on the floor. SHC vs Riordan will be a good game cause coach Buckner will have a game plan but he doesn’t have the talent to beat SHC but in my opinion will be a good competitive game. Good luck to all city kids..

      • I’m sure Riordan is frustrated too especiall with the forfiets of the their wins this season but they come to play and fight hard every game. They stand proud every game even though they might not have the bigs to win in the WCAL they compete. Pride, Purpose & Performance is instilled in those Crusaders! Keep working hard boys and coach Buc. Good luck to all players and their families.

      • SI’s defense isn’t that good. SD31 is good at blocking shots, but he can get backed down by bigger players such as Taylor Johns. In fact, I think he was a little intimidated cause he short-armed a couple shots. Other than Dunbar, Domingo, and Watters, they are a slow team. And the 23 turnovers, wow. Dunbar got pickpocketed a couple times by Otis. I think SI hasn’t practiced as a team for 2 weeks, so maybe that’s why they looked lost, but I think it more has to do with SHC’s defense.

        • Just a tough season for Cats. The beauty of CCS is they will still be very competititve whereever they are seeded. Maybe it might come together for them. It’s hard to believe how long it has been since SI has been at the higher echelon of WCAL play. Is there a correlation between SI’s success and the opening of the SHCP gym.

          SImilar to when SI moved to Sunset campus. Until then Bruce-Mahoney was 50/50. Since the move to Sunset, it is at least 5 to 1 for Cats.

          SHC Riordan game tomorrow should be entertaining as any City game is. Riordan just doesnt have the depth and height needed but they play extremely hard and Buckner has done a wonderful job under the circumstances. They really remind me of the SH teams of the 70’s.

          As for SHC and Mitty. Boy, Mitty always seems to play up to the level of their opponent-they are truly a balanced team and strong physically. Would not be surprise to see them clip Irish at home. Hope its a very entertaining game.

          • Wcal Alum, you are right, I went to SHC in the 80s, and the Riordan team does remind me a lot of those SH teams who always played hard but was not always filled with talent.

        • Buckner is the best coach in the WCAL

  6. As always Riordan is a formidable opponent no matter what , they may lack height etc .. , but never heart , that is what I admire most . Good Luck to both teams .

  7. Bball fanatic | February 7, 2012 at 4:06 PM |

    @JJ-you’re assessment on SI’s “D” was definitely valid, but your recollection on Dunbar’s TO’s is a little foggy. Dunbar’s turnovers weren’t results from being PICKPOCKETED, but from force feeding passes to team mates who weren’t as hungry as him. Other than that, like BG24 I thought he played solid. I got him & Geru Mabrey (Riordan) as the best ball handlers in the WCAL.

    • Who’s BG24? And were you even at the game, because TD10 got ripped at midcourt just dribbling up the court a couple times by DO10 and KJ13. Also, the turnovers were a result of traveling calls, guys not looking for the pass, and stepping out if bounds. And what ever happened to Terrance Roberts, Jr? He won the 1st game of the WCAL season for SI and now he’s not even sitting on the bench.

  8. As for SI the chips will come together , they have many good years ahead , just suffering a bad spell right now .

  9. Here’s what I don’t get…if SI’s JV team is so good, why don’t they call up some of those players. They clearly have weak links in their lineup.

    • Just because someone is a strong player on the JV level doesn’t mean that he is ready to compete at the Varsity level. And if JV players did move up, it’s not likely that they’d fix SI’s “weak links.” The best players are already on Varsity.

      It does give me hope for next year’s team, though.

      • Not to disrespect any of the varsity players on SI, but besides SD31, who else gets rebounds? I wouldn’t be surprised if Dunbar is 2nd in rebounding behind SD31. SI JV’s got a couple wide bodies and they could be used to get more rebounds. Also, SI JV’s got some nice guards who can hit from the outside and don’t commit turnovers that much. maybe there is better coaching at the JV level at SI?

        • SD31 does not rebound. He’s allergic to rebounds.

          • I’m pretty sure he’s led SI in rebounding every one of their games I’ve covered this year.

            • You mean the ones that fell to the floor JB?

              For Saturdays game would like you to pick this prop:
              Higher Total:
              A. Aaron Gordon’s Total Pts+Reb+Blks or
              B. Josh Fox & Taylor Johns Total Points

      • SI Cat, I haven’t seen the JV team, but I’m sure they can’t have such a good record if their players aren’t better than some of the SI varsity starters. Domingo and Dunbar certainly belong in the lineup, but other than that, they really have next to nothing. Do you really think their other varsity players are better than some of the JV players?

        In my opinion, they can only win if both Domingo and Dunbar and either Johnson or Waters play well, considering the current roster.

    • Their weak link is at the 4 position. They play two kids who are 6′ and it’s why they always get outrebounded. WCAL teams all have lineups of 6′-4″ – 6′-9′. Do the math!

      • Saint Ignatius can not play two player’s who are 6′ 0″ tall, since only one player on the roster is listed as that tall.

        The SI fans can tell me if I am correct, but I think SI usually starts:
        Dunbar at guard, who is 5’10”
        Waters at guard, who is 5’8″
        Johnson at forward, who is 6’4″
        Domingo at forward, who is 6’5″
        Aguiler at center, who is 6’6″ or Loginoff at center, who is 6′ 2″

        • Seems that Aguilar and Loginoff suffer from program height inflation! Go see a game and you’ll agree.

          • You are correct… Antonio is 6’4, maybe 6’6 with shoes. Waters is legit 5’8… Dunbar is not 5’10… hes maybe 5’8-5’9… SD31 is 6’7, not 6’5. Love height inflation, theres no one that is 5’11, he must be rounded up to 6’0.

      • Only three WCAL teams have at least one forward who is about 6′ tall starting the game for them.

        Those teams are Valley Christian, Sacred Heart Cathedral, and Riordan.

        Serra may join these three if Vika Jimenez is not starting the game for the Padres.

        Remember teams can only start two guards so any third guards that are starting are considered forwards.

  10. Hey ,for all you experts out there trying to predict the future of all these players,. Remember they are still young. They are still growing and getting better The road to success is’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. GO IRISH.

  11. Bball fanatic | February 7, 2012 at 11:18 PM |

    @JJ-I was at mid court, but judging from your contradictions, (and previous post) you were watching First It was DO10 who pickpocketed TD10 and now you’re saying it was both DO10 & KJ13 together. Maybe you should log back on Bay Preps and reassess and give us the facts, cause there’s a small finders fee if you can tell us what quarter Dunbar got the MYSTERIOUS travel call. On another note I just heard that SI’s rebounding woes continued tonight against St. Francis.

    • Domingo traveled, and there is no footage of the 1st quarter on BayPreps due to technical difficulties. Actually, Dunbar got RiPPED 3 times, twice at mid-court and once in the paint while trying for a shot in the lane.

  12. Bball fanatic | February 8, 2012 at 12:11 AM |

    Lol. As I thought…that Bay Preps clarity sucks! That’s why I GO to the games. Well JJ, you didn’t qualify for the first finder’s fee but there’s still hope if you can prove that Dunbar got ripped 3x’s (unheard of)…being the house was pretty packed, I can arrange to get you an HD copy of the game so that you’re “crystal clear ” on this topic.

    • I was at the game. Where did you sit? Behind De’End Parker? Or near the CCSF head coach, In front of JBalan? Dunbar was guarded by 3 different players ( Otis, James, and Pratt). Watch the replay of Bay Preps, he got ripped in the 2nd quarter drving in the lane and then ripped again in the 3rd by Pratt. I saw him get stolen from twice in the 1st quarter. Pratt, Otis, and James are basically all the same size and wear numbers that are close to each other, so sometimes it gets confusing which player ripped TD 10. At any rate, TD10 was very turnover-prone, but your analysis was that the turnovers were committed because his teammates weren’t hungry enough.

  13. Just observed the Bayprep feed. Hey, its not bad and commentary was fine. Just seems as if there is a force-field around the 3 point arc that Domingo just doesnt feel comfortable penetrating. Not sure if its the perimeter style offensive they are glued to or Coach Riordan lack of confidence in his post play (maybe it was just the bug). Throwing this out there-wouldnt somebody like Domingo benefit from going to a JC to hone his skills. Just doesnt seem comfortable with contact on either end of court. The JC game fits his style. Maybe he can team up with Myrlik at Vassar.

    • Not to sound rude, but why would S. Domingo go to the JC route, when D1 colleges are offering him a scholarship? That’s like taking a job at Target when facebook is offering you a job. Yea, you can hone your skills at Target, but you will rise up the ladder faster at a company like FB. I’m a big fan, but I have to admit, his ranking of top 30 in his class seems to be too high, but he can hone his skills practicing and playing against better competition and also get National TV coverage going D1.

      • Not a good comparison JJ… Target has a market cap of $35.31 billion and is one of the more successful U.S. companies considering their main competition is Walmart which blows away every at $211 billion market cap. A better comparison using your Facebook analogy would be say….. Friendster or MySpace.

        • $100 Billion > $35 Billion

        • No disrepsect. But getting an interest and scholarship are two different things. He definately has some skills but needs a lot of work. Let’s just say the route D’ Parker took while honing his skills at CCSF led him to garner a scholarhip at UCLA. As for Mr. Domingo, this year has been less about what he can do oppose to what he needs to do. The WCAL has a way of exposing its talents. Would somebody with his talent want to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond. The summer AAU season will be very important for him-I wish him the best.

      • Has he received any official offers? I’ve seen him play a couple times when D1 coaches have been in attendance and he didn’t have good games. When Romar was in the stands he didn’t dominate but I did see Romar speak to his dad so there is a connection. It’s one thing to drop 30 in an AAU all star game when nobody is guarding you (we all know there is no D in AAU) and as SD31 can attest, to score when defensive minded kids are guarding you. I went to the Mitty game and the Jesuit game at SI where he was guarded by a 6’6 kid from Mitty and 6’5 Parker Uu. Both players had much better performances than SD31. he struggles against kids his size, which he will always face at the next level. SD31 is a smart kid so there is no need to go the JC route but an Ivy league school, on the other hand, would be a great opportunity for him. Any one of them would love to have him. unless he has a breakout senior season, I can’t see too many major D1’s making him a serious offer. He still has time to work on his game and the good news is he is already on the radar. best of Luck to SD31.

        • I read somewhere that USC and UNLV gave him offers, but you can’t trust anything you read off the internet.

  14. keep it real | February 8, 2012 at 11:16 AM |

    Too funny!!!! Both teams have very good Young Player!!!And the PG for both teams are going to be good!!!Dunbar for Si can play!!!Still need alot of work on the def~and Otis as someone said Very smart and got some game!!! both have two more years to play each other!!!So lets just enjoy some good pg around here!!!!!!!(and sorry my friends!!! j j is right on this one!!!Dunbar did get pick by a few guys and turn it over way to many times for his team!!!!

  15. keep it real | February 8, 2012 at 11:47 AM |

    Lets get this Right no one plays harder than (Pratt) and the WCAL!!!!!! Any coach would take him!!!! first team to me!!! locks down everbody his in front of!!!!! love to see him play

    • Dunbar and Mabry and Otis will be fun to watch next year cause they all bring good things to the game. Otis is smart and plays hard within his ability, Dunbar is solid all around but should work on his shot, and Mabry is exciting and full of energy and again needs work on his 15 ft range jump shot. All 3 of these kids are solid and young leaders for their teams coming next year, as far as Herman pratt is concerned he is a joy to watch on both ends and plays the game the way a coach loves, hard and harder. A good kid with a good attitude. Lets finish strong kids and represent the city well.

  16. Nice to see someone agree with me on Pratt, he is a good shooter, getting better too. The best part about Pratt’s game is he is super quick and when he plays D it is like a bee in your ear.

  17. Bball fanatic | February 8, 2012 at 7:16 PM |

    What about Khalil “Big Game” James? There is a reason why he’s the starting point guard. His motor runs almost as high as (my team fav) Herman Pratt. The back up point guard Otis is definitely a smart competitor who won’t take chances, but neither him nor James is doing what Dunbar’s doing as a sophomore…C’mon, leading your team in scoring and assists…Quite Impressive!

    • @Bball… not going out on a limb there to say that your team’s leading assist man would be the PG.

      Khalil James is non-stop. Hes always pushing the ball on offense and a ball-hawk on defense. When Deandre Otis subs in, its more of the same. This team plays really tough tight man-to-man D for really an undersized team. Every coach would want a player like Herman Pratt on their team. Shoots the 3 well, unselfish, plays excellent D. Yes SH is a little bit more than Fox and Johns.

    • Khalil James is definitely ” Big Game”…..and he definitely a TEAM first guy. I think Otis will be a Guard next year while James is the point.

  18. It would be fun to watch Khalil James against Mabry play one on one. Thats a hard one to call , but I will give it to James.

  19. Keep it real | February 9, 2012 at 7:51 AM |

    Yes I love big James game big heart!! And he should be the starter at SH!! But what
    Make Him and Otis so good is that they play both ends of the court!! And Otis is a great rebounder for a pg and looks like his the best shooter of the group of pg!!!Dunber is a great yung pg at this
    Point the best when you
    Look at skills and doing things with the ball-but we must also say not a great leader yet or winner with the team they have and you can’t blame it all
    On the coach!!And as for Maybery if that kid had a Big to play some pick in
    Row with!! He would be talk about from
    Here to LA- he never give up-if he gets a lil jumper!! Could be really
    Good!!!just my thoughts glad to see some good pg in the city!! And their some good one
    In the AAA also!! Keep
    Going kids is going to
    Help them all get looks!!By coaches from D1 or D2 let’s just hope these kids keep working on their game!!!good luck the rest of the way to all of them!!!

  20. Bball fanatic | February 9, 2012 at 10:31 AM |

    A Khalil James vs. Geru Mabrey 1 on 1 would have to be a best of three series…Yes I agree Scott, James will be the starting point guard next year, and if Otis gets a consistant shot he should be the off guard.

  21. Bball fanatic | February 9, 2012 at 11:47 AM |

    Whoa! I’m surprised you let that one slip through JB. I’m far from the grammar police, but that was hard on the eyes. From what I could decipher though, Keep it real sounds “real” excited about point guards.

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