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Games of the day – Marshall vs. Mission boys basketball: With Mission and Lincoln sitting atop the Lang Division, the Phoenix have an opportunity to make a push for the top seed if they can beat the Bears on the road. Galileo vs. Lowell girls basketball: The teams are locked into the top two spots in the Neff Division, but if the Lions want to have any hope of catching the undefeated Cardinals, a win here is a must. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA boys basketball
Marshall 77, Mission 71
Washington 74, Jordan 39
Wallenberg 56, ISA 22
Lincoln 71, Balboa 58
Lowell 45, Galileo 43
Burton 66, O’Connell 31

BCL Central boys basketball
Bay 65, International 40

PSAL North boys basketball
Jewish Community 50, Summit Prep (Redwood City) 35

AAA girls basketball
Lowell 61, Galileo 33
Mission 57, Marshall 41
Balboa 59, Lincoln 47

BCL Central girls basketball
International 61, Bay 36

WCAL girls basketball
St. Ignatius 55, Notre Dame (Belmont) 27

WCAL boys soccer
St. Ignatius 4, Riordan 0
Sacred Heart Cathedral 1, Serra (San Mateo) 1

WCAL girls soccer
Notre Dame (Belmont) 3, Sacred Heart Cathedral 0

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19 Comments on "Wednesday Scoreboard"

  1. Marshall-Mission atmosphere does not top a Lowell/Washington game

  2. Lowell/Washington team does not top a high caliber Marshall-Mission team

  3. Why are all teams playin 2-3zone against Mission. ??? But outside the AAA others play man.

    • tell me about lock up and play man!!!!!

    • No one can probably athletically keep up with them.

    • Probably because Mission is fast and has pretty good ball handlers. Their outside shooting (at least during the preseason) was a little suspect. That’s why most teams in the AAA wouldn’t run with Mission and just slow it down (except Marshall and maybe Lincoln)

  4. Heard there might be a Lowell-Washington matchup in the playoffs, this true? That atmosphere would be insane.

    • It would happen if Wash House can fend off Bal and Lowell wins out the Neff. Wash and Bal play one another Fri. But both remaining schedules are tough; Washington’s in particular.

  5. Looks like it will be a Sacred Heart vs. St Ignatius quarterfinal in men’s soccer.

    • Should be a good tournament. I think SHC has a decent chance at a co-title and a great chance at a first-ever CCS title. The JV’s didn’t do too well but the Frosh only had two losses on the year, both against Bellarmine. Go Irish indeed.

  6. But Marshall and lincoln have just as much talent as Mission to not play 2-3. Excesally Lincoln. They have no excuse to play zone when u have 3 guys that are 6’3 and that play.

    • Enough with this zone nonsense. It is within the rules and has been a part of basketball for a very long time.

      Do you also have a problem with Syracuse or other major college programs playing zone? How about the zone defenses that are allowed in the NBA?

      • its not that i have a problem with it, its i have a problem with the teams that are doing it when they dont have to like marhell for example. im not saying Mission lost cause of the 2-3. they lost it on them and bad mistakes.
        but hear me out. if u play zone all day, does that mean your affread to be beatten in man. and thats just me cause if u ask me no colleges should be playing zone unless your just that uncappable of keeping up.

        • It’s strategy and scheme, just like a zone or blitz defense in football or a shift in baseball. Mission uses strategy with their trapping press too. Would you rather they just play half-court man-to-man? If the zone works better for Marshall, why would they play man-to-man? Also, Marshall’s zone is somewhat of a necessity, to try to conserve energy because they only play five guys.

  7. your right just like how Mission presses all day i kinda see what u mean. but i have a question..say Mission beats Lincoln and they are tied again. how would they deside on who breaks the tie-breaker. cause who ever places in first in lang, will play Marshall second round guarantee.

    • There are no guarantees in life except death and taxes.

    • Don’t know for sure yet, but there are a number of tiebreakers they’ll go through if they finish tied. There’s still one more week to go in the AAA regular season too, so we’ll see.

      • Still way too much basketball to be played to be thinking about tiebreakers…mission and Lincoln, Marshall and Lincoln, plus Washington is surprisingly only a game behind Marshall! I understand your point, finishing second in the Lang might actually better than coming in first.

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