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Game of the day – Riordan vs. Sacred Heart Cathedral boys basketball: The Irish have a showdown with first-place Mitty looming on Saturday, but need a win over Riordan and losses from Serra and the Monarchs tonight for an outside shot at a split WCAL title. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

PSAL North boys basketball
Mid-Peninsula (Menlo Park) 51, Jewish Community 39
Kehillah Jewish (Palo Alto) 57, San Francisco Christian 44

WCAL boys basketball
Sacred Heart Cathedral 50, Riordan 41
St. Ignatius 57, Serra (San Mateo) 54

PSAL girls basketball
Mid-Peninsula (Menlo Park) 40, Jewish Community 39

WCAL girls basketball
St. Ignatius 56, St. Francis (Mountain View) 46

WBAL Skyline girls soccer
Pinewood (Los Altos Hills) 3, Mercy 0

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  1. Welcome to the Jungle cats. Go Serra.

    • Way to go Cats, major shocker tonight @ Serra.

      • The Serra coach, Pat Rapp, should definitely vote for Dunbar & SD31 for 1st team WCAL 21 and 22 points, respectively. Nick Johnson chipping in with 8 points

        • I meant Chuck Rapp, Pat Rapp is a baseball player. As you can see, I can’t wait for baseball season to start. Opening Day can’t come any faster.

  2. It’s not the 1st time SI has been to the Jungle, and someone from SI coined Serra’s homecourt as the Jungle. 1-star special of the day: SI +8.5

    • I should’ve took the moneyline!!! At least those annoying Serra fans can shut up for once.

      • They definitely have no choice but to shut their mouths. I love it any time a team from SF can beat the Padres. You know they are gritting their teeth pissed off tonight. Wait wait… I can hear the chants:

        “WEEE CAAN’T HEEEAR YOUUU! Clap Clap Clapclapclap”

        or maybe “SCOOOOREBOOOARD!”

        Congrats Irish on winning a game you were supposed to win and congrats SI for winning one you definitely were not supposed to win.

        Watch out for the Cats in CCS!

        • It’s great to see Serra lose, especially in front of their own crowd.

          Where do you think SI will be seeded in CCS? SHC is definitely 1st, and El Camino 2nd. From there, it’s interesting to see where they put SI, VC and Burlingame. Santa Cruz, Aptos and Monterey could also be up there.

          • After beating Serra, I think SI will be seeded 3rd, Maybe B-Game or Santa Cruz seeded 4th

            • You’re crazy. They will be 5-8 somewhere. Their record is terrible. They may be the second best team in the tourney but they won’t be ranked that way. Politics. Someone call the “CCS Watchdog” lol.

              • Yea, you’re probably right, but if they win a couple games in the WCAL tourney, they can still get a top 4 spot. Tough task, though. They still need to also beat a tough Bellarmine squad this weekend too.

        • @City Lights– Actually, the SI student section was a lot more clever than that, they cheered “Just like Brady” when the Padres late heave didn’t fall and they rushed the court to celebrate in what was truly a special evening for the program and the school. Serra’s usually stout student section had to be held off the court after halftime knockout between students nearly ended in chaos and half of their section fell down (a la SI over the barrier in the CCS football game) during a third quarter cheer. SI’s students responded very cleverly with “Fundamentals”.

          Before this season, Coach Reardon had never lost a Bruce Mahoney game and never won a Jungle Game, so it’s been an interesting ride. If Dunbar and SD31 can click like they did on Thursday, who knows how deep of a run they could make in CCS. I don’t project the Cats to do much in the WCAL playoffs because they’ll likely open up with Sacred Heart on Ellis Street and I just don’t think the Cats match up well with the Fox and Johns combo. Hopefully, the Cats can pick up a little momentum in CCS before a potential 4th showdown with the Irish. Maybe they’ll keep some of that playoff magic the kids at SI seem to have alive and follow in the footsteps of the football team and the soccer team after today’s huge win out at Crocker.

  3. Off to the Riordan – SHC game. Let’s go Riordan – hopefully they’ll keep it close for a quarter or two before getting blown out. I expect Johns and Fox to have a dunk fest against the undersized Crusaders.

  4. Any scores from the AAA frosh/soph championship games?

  5. City Lights | February 9, 2012 at 8:31 PM |

    The Crusader Forum is an amazing place to watch a basketball game. Can’t figure out why they got rid of the spaghetti dinner. lol

  6. City Lights | February 9, 2012 at 8:49 PM |

    SHC refuses to let ARHS climb that mountain…

    • Thanks to SI beating Serra, SHC will have to play big against Mitty for a slice of the WCAL title!! Go IRISH, let it all hang out on Saturday!!!

      • Nope. Mitty clinched the WCAL title with Serra’s loss. Sacred Heart and Serra have three losses and Mitty has one with one game to play.

        • Thanks for the info, JB…Either way, Saturday night at SHC should be a packed house!!!

          • probably not, unless it’s packed with Mitty fans

            • I agree with this statement. The game somewhat lost it’s luster after the game doesn’t really mean anything in the grand scheme of things, except bragging rights. I had alot of leg room in the SI-SHC game part 2, so I think there will be even more legroom on a Saturday night, when” there is so much to do in SF”. Plus, I think it will be hard to find parking in downtown on a Saturday.

  7. SI upset Serra 57-54. Mitty @ SHCP on Saturday is a must-see game.

  8. City Lights | February 9, 2012 at 9:28 PM |

    WOW! Just got back from SHC vs. ARHS and find out that SI beat Serra AT Serra?! Can someone please post some details?

  9. Loved the Fans and Band at the Crusader forum tonight.

    • My fourth grade son and I really enjoyed to the Riordan – SHC game tonight. Highlights included Taylor Johns with two emphatic explosive dunks and a few nice shots late in the game but had a difficult shooting night with at least two to three airballs. Fox also didn’t play that well – he seemed to be coasting / waiting for Saturday night’s game. Riordan gutted it out to the bitter end but could not get closer than six points. It was a nice crowd tonight and the Band is always entertaining. As always Riordan played their hearts out but don’t have the size or consistent enough outside shooting to match up against the top tier WCAL teams.

      I am looking forward to the SHC – Mitty game. I haven’t seen Aaron Gordon play yet this year so it’ll be exciting to see Taylor / Johns vs Gordon.

  10. The PSAL girls basketball score listed above doesn’t make any sense @ all.

  11. Very impressed to see the positive vibe and great spirit at the Crusader Forum on Senior night! Nice touch to also acknowledge the SHC Seniors and Senior Band members. No school in the City can match the total participation of the student body, faculty, staff and fans @ Riordan, especially since they are having a challenging year….Riordan fought hard but were no match to SHCs big 2. Good luck Irish in the playoffs .Congrats to SI on the road win @ Serra.

    • I was at the game and I thought that Johns played poorly. Petroni was the best player for the Irish, in my opinion.

  12. SI played their hearts out tonight! What a game! Everyone was on fire and their defense was phenomenal! Way to go Cats! You found your MOJO! Keep it up!!!

    • I can’t believe they won with just four players scoring: Dunbar, Domingo, Johnson and Loginoff.

      • The “Big 3″ is TD10, SD31, and NJ22”. Look at the boxscore after every game, those 3 score approximately 90% of the points every game. Whenever, Loginoff, Aguilar, Watters, or anyone else scores, it’s just a bonus.

        • JJ, I hate to be negative, but come on. Do you ever ask yourself why SD and TD score so much. They shoot many more shots than anyone else on teh team. The plays are setup to get the ball to them more often than not. Instead of looking at how many points, try looking at percentages. The reason SI beat Serra is because the team played like a TEAM. They did great. Every single person on taht team can be attributed with a part in this win. This is high school basketball people. The team with more heart usually comes out on top. SI had more heart from the beginning to the end.

          Congrats to the WHOLE SI cats team. You guys all played your hearts out and deserved this win. To all you guys that think your points are just a “Bonus'” that is wrong. SI won by 3 points. Without your “bonus” points, SI would not have won. Way to play the boards, and way to play defense.

          This is a team sport. To win, you have to play like a team, not an individual. Looks like SI finally figured it out.

          • You’re entitled to your opinion, but who besides “The Big 3” scores points at a consistent basis. I don’t think anyone else scored in double digits, besides TD10, NJ22, and SD31 (Run DJD). It’s like the Miami Heat, no one scores except Lebron, Wade, and Bosh. The other role players just have to play good defense and don’t turn the ball over. In high school basketball, are you sure the team with the most “heart” comes out on top or is it the team with the most “height”? One of the greatest wins by SI in the past 10 years, regardless. have a nice weekend

            • JJ did you play ball in high school? Have you ever even been around it other than watched it? This reminds me of all the “pro” football players that have every stat on evcery kid, but have never touched a ball in their lives. I could be wrong, but unless you actually played one of these sports, it is tough to understand the “heart” comment. Bellarmine probably has the most height in the league, but they are not in first place. SHCP has 2 tall players, but is in the top 3 (even though the rest of the team is short). In all honesty, height has a lot to do with it, but is nowhere NEAR as important as people think.

              Granted, I never played bball, nor have I ever coached it. I coach wrestling. I understand all about heart and whatit takes to win. Serra lost because they lost their heart in this game.

              As for the 3 players you have listed in this post and every other post, theya re good, no doubt about it. Trevor is a heck of a bball player. Stephen can play when he has to (proved that last night). Nick is also a great player. But once again, this is a TEAM, not 3 players. Otherwise what is the point of even having the other 2 players on the court? Come on, give ALL the kids credit for a job well done. After reading all your posts, it really does feel like you are related to Stephen, or have a vested interest in the kid. Me? I have no interest in any of these kids. I just call it as I see it. And what I see is a team that got their MOJO last night. Had this team payed like this from the beginning, they would have been THE team to watch.

              I would LOVE to try an experiment. Take the “big 3” out and see what happens. See if anyone else can score the double digit points. Or better yet, don’t pass to the big 3 and see what happens. According to your post, the team should have no more than 45 points (5 players all scoring a MAX of 9 points each because they can’t score int eh double digits). I am not taking anythin away from the big 3. They are great players and well worth the hype. They finally proved that last night.

              Now before anyone asks, I am an SI alumn, that is why I watch these games. I like to see the local kids do well. The Serra game is huge because these kids grew up with each other in many cases (SI is as peninsula now as Serra is). This was a HUGE win for the cats. Lets hope they can keep the ball rolling when they face Bellarmine on Sat, and then into CCS. I hope nothing but the best for them (until they meet SHCP that is…)

              • I played basketball in grade school and throughout middle school, but when I tried out for the freshman basketball team, my name wasn’t on the white piece of paper, after try-outs. Then, I tried out for tennis, then I got “cut” again. That’s true that heart is important, but I had alot of heart, but I still wasn’t selected. I know this is a small sample size, but if you look at the top 4 tallest teams in the WCAL, the top 4 teams in the standings are generally the top 4 tallest teams, and the 4 “shortest” teams are near the bottom of the WCAL standings such as Riordan, VC, SI, etc. Heart is needed, but it’s not gonna help you put the ball into the hoop, because the taller teams will block it and/or get all the rebounds if you miss. good luck in your wrestling career.

  13. Bball fanatic | February 10, 2012 at 12:07 AM |

    The SI Wildcats are the “Kings of the Jungle”…
    The whole team was intense for 4 quarters. SD31’s performance was phenomenal. He blocked shots and scored in a variety of ways…Dunbar definitely solidified his value to the squad, with a team high of 22pts and 6 assists…this kid shouldn’t be in anymore conversations with other sophomores in the WCAL…I think the Cats might have just turned the corner. Way to go Cats!

    • Feel The Pain | February 10, 2012 at 12:18 AM |

      One of the best soph. point guards in all of Norcal, and yes definitely not in any other conversations with OTHER sophmores in the WCAL. Been saying it since the beginning of the season, when others questioned his height. This kid is special. Can’t wait to see what they can do next season, but they can make some noise this post season as well. Great job Trevor!

  14. Great win by SI to ruin Serra’s senior night. It’s especially big because they haven’t won at Serra’s gym since 1999. All those great teams the past 12 years, and this team which gets slammed every week, managed to beat the Serra Padres who were undefeated at home, until tonite.

    • It’s funny how things work out this way. Great job SI.

      • Well done SI, you cost me some To To s Pizza. I gladly paid up to my SI buddies. My SI buddies asked who I thought would win, I said, who knows, remember 1997.

  15. Lucky to get a last minute tix to the SI vs Serra game. My 1st time at that game and what an incredible high school atmosphere. Being Serra’s senior night and since SI hasn’t won there in a while, the place was rocking! I have seen SI play 4 times this year and last night they finally put it all together. On offense they were attacking basket more and making hard back door cuts in that Princeton stuff. On defense, SI was battling/chugging and playing with some fire/passion the entire night. Had a swagger I haven’t seen out of this team this year. Looked like a team that was pissed off. Domingo definitely showed his potential and why he is ranked where he is. Him and Caruso were going at it all night with neither one being able to stop the other. Domingo hit about 3 “in the paint” fade aways in the 2nd half with Caruso right in this face. Dunbar is really something special. Time and time again he broke his defender down and got in the paint for either a layup or to setup Domingo or #22. Coach Rapp is a great high school coach that gets tons out of his players. Best of luck to both teams the rest of the way. One of the best games I have seen this year. Looking forward to the Mitty vs SH game tomorrow.

    • bball fanatic | February 10, 2012 at 2:30 PM |

      Coach A, you said the reason Si beat Serra is because they played as a team. Agreeable, but the Big 3 (TD10, SD31, NJ22) had the bulk of the points again…not sure what your point was, about them taking too many shots.
      I agree Bphilly, as hostile as the Jungle game was I couldn’t believe how “off the chart” the Wildcats swagger was and although Coach Rapp is indeed a great coach, next time he might want to take a page out of Coach Barbour’s book and have his guards play help defense on TD10, because no 1 guard is going to stay in front of him…and just think, 2 more years of this…Scary. Hopefully I can catch another game as “Electric” as that one was before the seasoncloses out.

      • I agree Trevor is very good, but I think Sophmore Otis can be just as good and effective as a point guard for the Irish. Don’t get me wrong Otis and James are not individually as good as Trevor, but the two point guards keep SH going and paced for scoring and are good for the SH team. I agree with Bball Fanatic, you can’t leave Dunbar by himself, Serra had to learn the hard way.

        • Now what would be interesting to see is Trevor with Johns and Fox, I think they suit Trevor’s style of play better than Domingo Aguilar and Johnson.

          • @Scott, unless you bring Lippi back, SI will never run and gun as long as Reardon is there. Theres a reason why it was called Showtime in the Sunset. Now its Slowtime in the Sunset. Forget school loyalties, Dunbar shouldve did his homework and went to SH. Run uptempo with Coach Barbour or do the 3 man weave to death with Coach Reardon?

  16. Gordon & Domingo, both USA basketball U17 members are the only two high major college recruits & future NBA prospects in Wcal.
    Big time college coaches like Romar, Thompson, Miller, Amaker, Pitino & many others have flown in to request their services because they are truly special. We should be proud of them.

  17. SI Sports Radio | February 10, 2012 at 11:54 AM |

    Here’s an article about last night’s SI vs. Serra Jungle Game from the San Mateo Daily Journal.

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