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Game of the day – Lincoln vs. Mission boys basketball: The two AAA favorites are in first and second place in the Lang Division. The Bears trail the Mustangs by a game, but won the first meeting between the two teams and can pull back into a first-place tie with another win. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA boys basketball
Lincoln 80, Mission 74
Lowell 54, Burton 27
Balboa 54, Washington 40
Galileo 48, ISA 43
Marshall 91, Jordan 32
Wallenberg 61, O’Connell 35

BCL Central boys basketball
Gateway 65, International 40
Leadership 41, Waldorf 25

BCL West boys basketball
Lick-Wilmerding 60, Drew 17
University 67, Marin Academy (San Rafael) 49
Urban 56, Stuart Hall 48

WCAL boys basketball
Riordan 68, St. Francis (Mountain View) 59

AAA girls basketball
Lincoln 60, Mission 52
Washington 51, Balboa 43
Lowell 65, Burton 19

BCL Central girls basketball
International 53, Gateway 17
San Domenico (San Anselmo) 54, Bay 28
Waldorf 61, Leadership 16

BCL West girls basketball
Convent 52, Urban 37
Lick-Wilmerding 48, Drew 36
University 49, Marin Academy (San Rafael) 37

WBAL Foothill girls basketball
Mercy 52, Eastside Prep (East Palo Alto) 48 OT

WBAL Skyline girls basketball
Crystal Springs Uplands (Hillsborough) @ ICA, 6:30 p.m.

WCAL girls basketball
Mitty (San Jose) 69, Sacred Heart Cathedral 42
St. Ignatius 56, Presentation (San Jose) 39

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  1. How can Stuart Hall vs. Urban @ Kezar Pavilion, 5:30 p.m? Since O’Connell vs. Wallenberg @ Kezar Pavilion, 5:30 p.m. too.

  2. bballobserver | February 10, 2012 at 2:43 PM |

    Stuart Hall v Urban is @ Hagen Gym (USF campus) 530pm.

  3. Does anyone know if Alexander the Great blocked any of the shots from the Girl of Jordan?

  4. Horrible, just horrible. The Pumas played stupid tonight. Disappointed.

  5. Riordan might pull off the shocker tonight like SI did last night @ Serra (San Mateo). They lead after three 51-47.

    • The shocker happened tonight for Riordan @ St. Francis (Mountain View). FS: Riordan 68, SF (MV) 59

    • Riordan beating St Francis is an upset, but SI defeating Serra is much bigger. I’m sure there was only “50” people at the game, so homecourt advantage wasn’t that great when compared to the sold-out packed gym of Serra. Also, I’m sure Riordan has beaten St Francis numerous times in the past 10 years, while last night was the 1st time SI beat Serra in San Mateo in the past decade. Nice win for Riordan on a back to back game, though.

      • Really guys? Does it really matter who won and what was the bigger game. Just congratulate each other and move on.

        • Daniel Selsor should be considered for honorable mention WCAL: 26 points tonight. He’s the 4th best all-around player in THE CITY, hands-down.

          • Easy there tiger. He had a great game tonight, but came in averaging 6.4 ppg with a season high of 12 points and a WCAL high of 10 points.

            • He may get Honorable Mention, as long as he was nominated. All he needs is one coach to vote for him.

          • I said he was the 4th best “all-around” player in the City, not best scorer. By all-around, this means diving for loose balls, deflecting passes, passing to the open man, taking charges, creating turnovers, rebounding over bigger forwards, etc. Pound for pound, one of the City’s best.

            • All due respect, I follow the WCAL basketball pretty well, and I never heard of guy; dont even know what team he plays for. Glad he had a very good game. Yes, in order to at least make HM, his coach (or some other coach) has to nominate him. Historically, not too many coaches nominate kids from other squads. If a player gets enough votes from other coaches, he gets put on the respective 1st, 2ns team. Either way, I am glad the kid had a good game and made most of the effort throughout the season.

              • Players are nominated by their coach, which are sent in to the League Commissioner, who sent out a list of players the the WCAL coach can vote.

                The coach votes for 10 players on the list. He can’t vote for any of his players.

              • How many players can each WCAL head coach nominate? The St Francis coach will put a check-mark next to Daniel Selsor’s name, when he sees it on the ballot, thereby making Daniel Selsor an honorable mention WCAL. Hard work = results.

              • I am pretty sure it is 5 player’s can be nominated by each team’s coach.

              • Daniel Selsor plays for Riordan, he has started some League, but not all the league games.

                Daniel scored 26 points last night, which is a career high for him. Previous career high was 12 points against Aragon on 12/17/11.

                Daniel made 6 three point shots last night, which is a career high for him and ties the Riordan Record for three point shots made in a game. Previous career high was 3 three point shots made against Valley Christian on 1/28/12.

                RIORDAN PLAYERS who have made 6 three point shots in a game:
                Ray Kelly 1989 McAteer
                Ray Kelly 1989 Junipero Serra (WCAL LEAGUE GAME)
                Alex Baldridge 2008 Burlingame
                Alex Baldridge 2008 Castlemont
                Ivan Dorsey 2009 Righetti
                Ivan Dorsey 2010 Junipero Serra (WCAL LEAGUE GAME)
                Ivan Dorsey 2010 Saint Ignatius (WCAL LEAGUE GAME)
                Daniel Selsor 2012 Saint Francis (WCAL LEAGUE GAME)

              • Dorian Manigo must’ve made 5 3-pointers in a game, cause he was a great shooter from Riordan.

              • It is a list of Riordan players who made 6 three point shot in a single game.

                Dorian Manigo was a great shooter, but he never did this. Dorian Manigo made 60 three point shots in 62 games played.

                Ray Kelly made 27 three point shots in 61 games taking almost 100 less three point shots than did Dorian. It just happens that 6 of Ray’s made three point shots came in two different games.

                You also need to realize the Three Point Shot Line was started in the 1987-1988 High School Basketball Season. So it was only in it’s third year of existence when Dorian was a senior at Riordan.

  6. girls international and gateway scores should be reversed

  7. Also, the Marshall boys hoops team attempted to ran up the scoreboard once again today.

  8. that lowell and burton score looks shocking

  9. Masoli, Sabahi, & Ilalio we’re mostly quiet tonight for Mercy. They we’re combined for just 25 points, Masoli had just 8 points while Sabahi & Illalio had just 9 points apiece.

  10. Yeeah Crusaders! That’s how you do it. Great job young men.

  11. Should be Gatweway 74 International 43.

  12. bballobserver | February 11, 2012 at 10:46 AM |

    Urban winning may not be news this season anymore. Julian Matulich holds the center as well as anyone, Matt Monges is among the best 3 point shooters in SF and Nate Cohen is among the all around b ball players in SF (no one can stay with him driving to the basket, playing defense against the oppositions best player and playing point guard at his size). These guys and then Krinsky, Baer, Rosner, Cinti…..solid ball. What may still be news is that Joe Skiffer has emerged as a first rate coach taking each and every one of these players and making them better individually and making them play their roles on the Urban team. From conditioning, to attitude, to thinking about the game…..Skiffer deserves recognition. Urban has players…..Coach Skiffer made them a team.

    • Yes. Soundly coached. From his playing days at SI and career at Boise State. Has smart ballplayers (ie very coachable); it was only a matter of time before they were competitive. Other than depth issues similar with other BCL teams, they should O.K. moving forward.

  13. SI girls tie for first to finish the regular season…….CONGRATS!!!!!!

  14. Ray Kelly is one of the best pgs to ever come out of the city/wcal. Quick, great handles, always found the open man, jumper , great defender and hops. He won a few slam dunk contests too. 3 yr varsity player that I believe had only one loss in league in career. 3 time WCAL Champs and 2 CCS titles. He wasn’t called “baby magic” for nothing.

    • Ray Kelly played 2 years of Varsity Basketball at Riordan.

      2 WCAL Round Robin Titles, 2 WCAL Playoff Championships, 1 CCS Division 1 Championships

      20 wins and 4 losses in WCAL League Games, 4 wins and no losses in WCAL Playoff games, 6 wins and 1 loss in CCS Playoff Games.

      1988 Ray’s Junior Year: Riordan lost to St. Ignatius, at Mitty, and at St. Francis, St. Francis beat Riordan in the CCS Championship Game; 2 wins and 2 losses vs. St. Francis (SF won by 3 {60-57} and 1 points {74-73 in CCS}, AR won by close to 20 points both games {72-53, 85-64 in WCAL Championship})
      Riordan won 23 and lost 8

      1989 Ray’s Senior Year: Riordan lost at St. Francis, beat St. Francis in the WCAL championship game and the CCS Championship game, also lost to St. Francis in the third place game of the Crusader Classic, after losing to McAteer in the Semi Finals in the Crusader Classic, lost at Kezar Pavilion to McAteer {88-93} in the Nor Cal Division 1 Quarter Finals
      vs. St Francis 3 wins and 2 losses (SF won by 2 {66-64 in the Crusader Classic} and 5 points {79-74 at SF}, Riordan won by 12 points {83-71}, 4 points {76-72 in the WCAL Championship}, and by 22 points {81-59 in the CCS Championship}), vs. McAteer 2 losses
      Riordan won 25 and lost 5

  15. Thanks Stats! Its been a while since I graduated in ’86. I recall Ray was brought up for playoffs in his soph year? Yeah I forgot how loaded they were at guard w Reggie Jackson and downfield Wade. Great game last night Irish!

    • Ray may have been brought up to the Varsity for Playoffs his sophomore season in 1987, but the 1987 team played only 4 playoff games.

      Riordan won two WCAL Playoff Games to win both the Round Robin and Playoff Championship, by beating St. Ignatius {72-48} and Bellarmine {53-43} for the Championship, both games were played at U.S.F.

      Riordan won one CCS Division 1 Playoff Game before losing to Independence {57-62} in the Division 1 Semi Finals. Riordan beat Pioneer {65-50} at Serra High School in their first CCS Game.

      Only 3 League Games finished within 10 points as Riordan won all 12 league games. [ 79-70 at Mitty, 82-79 vs. St. Ignatius at Kezar (Riordan Home Team), and 59-57 vs. St. Francis at Riordan]

      So I think the SI playoff game might have become a 20 point blowout in the closing minutes of the game, which would have allowed only the Varsity players on the team the whole season to play.

      So any Lower Level players brought up to Varsity in 1987 probably did not get into any playoff games this year.

  16. From Fri. 2/10:

    WBAL Skyline girls basketball
    Crystal Springs Uplands (Hillsborough) 39, ICA 21

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