Boys Basketball: Lincoln holds off late Mission rally to extend first-place lead

Lincoln senior guard Nick Young skies for a contested layup against Mission on Friday at Lincoln High School. (Photo by Eric Luis)

Lincoln senior guard Nick Young skies for a contested layup against Mission on Friday at Lincoln High School. (Photo by Eric Luis)

By Jeremy Balan

It’s almost unfathomable to imagine a team scoring 39 points in a quarter of high school basketball, let alone have enough offensive possessions to do so.

Mission High School did just that in the fourth quarter against Lincoln on Friday – and lost.

The late surge wasn’t enough to beat the Mustangs, who went on to secure a 80-74 Academic Athletic Association win, because visiting Mission scored more points in the fourth quarter than it did in the first three combined.

Lincoln senior guard Ares Brown goes up for a layup against Mission on Friday at Lincoln High School. (Photo by Eric Luis)

Lincoln (17-11, 12-1) played nearly flawless through three quarters, led by as many as 27 points late in the third and carried a 62-35 lead into the final frame.

The Mustangs even held a 74-60 lead with 1:13 remaining in the fourth quarter, but then things got a little bit crazy.

The Bears (17-10, 10-3) scored 14 points in just over a minute of game time, capped by back-to-back, 35-foot 3-pointers from junior point guard Antoine Porter, which cut the Lincoln lead to 78-74 with 11 seconds left.

Three seconds later, Lincoln senior guard Chris Young put the game out of reach with two made free throws.

“They were able to get us flustered like they did last year, when we were up by the same amount of points with about a minute to go,” Lincoln head coach Matt Jackson said of Mission’s trapping press defense that forced eight turnovers in the fourth quarter. “We didn’t want to foul and those are the shots we want them to take and they just went in. I don’t know if it’s luck or if they work on that, but they hit some big ones.”

Porter had 10 points in the final quarter to finish with 17 and Mission senior forward Gione Edwards had 16 in the fourth to finish with a game-high 25 points and 18 rebounds, but the game was largely controlled by the Lincoln guards.

Led by a team-high 24 points and 10 rebounds off the bench from senior Nick Young, the Lincoln guards combined to score 68 points.

Nick Young, who starts at times but mostly comes off the bench, was seemingly unstoppable in the second quarter. He scored 12 points on 6-of-8 shooting from the floor in the second frame, including a contested fall-away jumper at the buzzer to give the Mustangs a 43-24 lead at the half.

“He is a spark,” Jackson said. “When he starts, [all of the guards] get tired at the same time and we look for that spark. He’s doing a great job [in that role].”

The Lincoln guards drove through the Mission defense at-will, and Chris Young had 13 points and junior guard Mitchell Lee scored 15 points on 7-of-8 shooting from the floor.

“We knew we’d able to do that against them,” Jackson said. “When we spaced the court, our guards were aggressive, made the extra pass when necessary and stayed in attack mode.”

Mission senior forward Gione Edwards drives past a Lincoln defender on Friday at Lincoln High School. (Photo by Eric Luis)

The Mission defense had plenty of success forcing turnovers with its press, but could not stop the Lincoln guards in halfcourt sets.

The Bears also struggled mightily on the offensive end, shooting just over 20 percent from the floor in the first three quarters. The Bears also had difficulties with Lincoln’s zone defense, a strategy for defending Mission that has worked in recent games.

Some of the difficulties on both ends of the floor stemmed from Mission head coach Arnold Zelaya suspending four seniors for the game, including one starter, for disciplinary reasons.

“Sometimes when you don’t have your entire [roster], it takes them a while to realize they can still play,” Zelaya said. “Our game is to go to the rim and we want to get to the rim before they can even set up the zone. It’s easy to hit jumpers when you’re down 20 points.”

The win gives the Mustangs a two-game cushion in the Lang Division and puts the Bears into a second-place tie with Marshall, which routed Jordan on Friday.

“Maybe this is the wake up call for them,” Zelaya said. “We lost two in a row in the AAA and I don’t remember the last time that happened.”

Scoring Leaders

Nick Young – 24
Mitchell Lee – 15
Chris Young – 13
Ares Brown – 8
Remfel Ganal – 8

Gione Edwards – 25
Antoine Porter – 17
Miles Prescott – 11
Kevin Murray – 7
Armani McFarland – 6

Here’s another highlight video from our friend George Nguyen

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10 Comments on "Boys Basketball: Lincoln holds off late Mission rally to extend first-place lead"

  1. Mission is slipping just a little. I hope they can get back on track. Lincoln, on the other hand, needs to step up their defense. There is no way that you should have a 27 point lead and then almost blow it. Also, there should be no way you allow your opponent to score 39 points in a single quarter. That is lazy defense. To make matters worse, all this happend on their own court.

    I’m guessing Mission had a bad night and will bounce back. They are still my pick to win it all. However, it would be a foolish move to sleep on Marshall with the way they are playing.

    • marshall has been playing the same way since the beginning with a few changes. as for the opposing team it’s either they did not go to practice or they did not do their h.w. mission beat marshall at their first meeting i think by 20 but in their second meeting they thought marshall is weak and we will play the same way we played them. but marshall practices hard and probably studied why they lost and said we aren’t going to lose again.mission had a hard weak facing #2 and #3 this week and only by 6 but it gets better. marshall and lincoln should be a good game. at the first meeting that game slipped from marshall hands, lincoln played hard and earned that w i give props to marshall with a roster of 7 those boys played their hearts out but didn’t get it but i think marshall and lincoln game will decide who the #1 really is but mission is always a. contender

    • Looking at some of these scores from the mission-Marshall, mission-Lincoln, Lincoln-Marshall, and Marshall-Lincoln games is eye opening. These teams are scoring 70, 80 points against each other in a 32 minute game! When you watch these games, don’t expect to see too much defense. That is not a knock on any of those teams. Because what they may lack on defense, they surely make up for with explosive offense leading to very entertaining games! Looks like Lincoln-Marshall is next.

      And congratulations to mission’s boys’ f/s team for winning the championship!

      • AAA boys basketball games normally are high scoring games. There are exceptions, but when you go out and watch the top tier teams in the league, you can expect to see high scoring games. Mission, Marshall, and Lincoln are doing well (especially Marshall) and it’s going to be a fight to the finish to see which two of those three teams will end up with home court advantage in the first round of the AAA playoffs.

  2. It seems like Lincoln has new guys that step up every game! They play unselfish, with arguably the best combined guards in San Francisco! its just a great joy to watch them play.

  3. I just the bonus video, and Mission’s defense is like the St Francis defense when Taylor Johns made the game-winning slam dunk last Saturday afternoon.

  4. Feel The Pain | February 12, 2012 at 9:24 AM |

    Lincoln is on a mission, no pun intended. When their JV team had to forfeit those games and were eliminated from the playoffs, it revitalized those kids who didn’t get a chance to defend their JV crown. The kids they brought up to the Varsity will definitely help and the addition of Troy Morrell to the coaching bench will add invaluable experience. Mission/Marshall/Lincoln should get to Kezar for the semi’s with Lowell. Lincoln and Marshall game at the end of the season will be interesting, but the Stangs at home will be hard to beat. The big question will be, who will be the Lang #3 and have to travel for their playofff opener against either Galileo or Burton?

    • You raise interesting points. The top three in the Lang division (Lincoln, Mission, and Marshall respectively) are in a tight race. Lincoln still has to play both Mission and Marshall. But don’t forget about Washington (who is sitting in fourth place) because they can spoil everything by upsetting anyone of these three schools.

      Your assessment regarding Lincoln is correct. They have something to prove, especially since their JV’s who got brought up probably have a chip on their shoulder because, prior to having to forfeit their games, they were seeded first and probably would’ve won the JV championship (which Mission ended up winning). Lincoln might stay atop the Lang division with, dare I say Marshall leap-frogging Mission to take the #2 and Mission falling to #3. Washington will stay at #4.

      On the Neff side, it’s a no brainer that Lowell will take the #1 seed and have basically already clinched it. They’ve already beaten Gal and Burton (the #2 and #3 seeds respectively) and have the bottom tier of the division left to face.

      Gal and Burton are tied at a 6-6 league record and will definately beat ISA, O’Connell, and Wallenberg. The important game for them will be on February 21st when they play eachother at Burton. This game will decide who will host a playoff game and who will end up traveling. I’m definately going to be at that game (hopefully you will be to JB).

      The AAA is getting interesting!

    • marshall is undefeated away because they like embrassing other teams at their house.

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