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Games of the day – Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. St. Ignatius boys soccer: The Irish have showed the ability to score goals in bunches this season, but both games with the rival Wildcats have been close. The first was a 2-2 tie and the second a 2-1 Irish win. Lowell vs. University girls basketball: The teams added this game late in the season, but it provides a key competitive matchup for both squads heading into the most important phase of the season. Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. Mitty boys basketball: The game lost a little bit of its luster when the Monarchs clinched the regular-season WCAL title on Thursday, aided by St. Ignatius’ upset win over Serra, but the Irish can secure the No. 2 seed with a win over Mitty. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

WCAL boys soccer playoffs
(5) St. Ignatius 1, (4) Sacred Heart Cathedral 0
(1) St. Francis (Mountain View) 5, (8) Riordan 0

WCAL girls soccer playoffs
(3) Presentation (San Jose) 3, (6) St. Ignatus 0
(2) St. Francis (Mountain View) 2, (7) Sacred Heart Cathedral 0

WCAL boys basketball
Mitty (San Jose) 60, Sacred Heart Cathedral 58 OT
Bellarmine (San Jose) 53, St. Ignatius 45

Non-league girls basketball
Oakland Tech 63, International 39
Lowell 58, University 34

WBAL Skyline girls soccer
Pinewood (Los Altos Hills) 11, ICA 0

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  1. Yea! SI beat SHC in futbol. That’s what happens when you run up the score vs Riordan.

  2. SI Soccer Dad | February 11, 2012 at 2:29 PM |

    Stellar goal keeping by Senior Reuben Young kept out several dead-on shots from SHC’s front line. SI also had several shots turned away by SHC’s keeper. A very exciting game.

    • Good luck.

    • SH v SI,
      Great game played by two very well coached teams, WCAL soccer in the City has never been better, watch out for SI under 1st year Coach JP a long tome friend and colleague, this guys knows how to coach soccer, and he plays the game the correct way. A nice mix of strong Euro style defending, always strong in the middle, get the ball to the outside, use your wingers and take your chances, especially from set-piece situations. Hey 1-0 might not be pretty, but WCAL soccer is not “Futsall” and its not for the faint of heart, you better come prepared to play and mixed it. This team can still win WCAL playoffs and go a long way in CCS, soccer at SI has a marvelous future under Coach P.
      Coach Jeff Wilson! wow what can we say, this guy has done an amazing Job at SH, he has built a program for the the future (freshman finished a strong 2nd behind the Bells in League) another dark horse for CCS. Jeff has to be a contestant again this year for WCAL coach of the year, folks don’t forget we are playing in one of the premiere leagues in not just California but the entire country. Once again, great job Coach Wilson and Prior, you guys make us proud.

      “Go Irish”

  3. Where u at Drama?

  4. SI played horrible in the 1st quarter, giving Bellarmine a double digit cushion. SI starting chipping away at the deficit starting in the 2nd quarter. SD31 single-handedly trimmed the lead to a couple baskets driving to the basket and hitting 3’s in the 3rd quarter. Foul trouble caused him to miss alot of the 4th. I believe the Bells had a 4 pt lead with about 3 minutes to go. SD31 shoots a 3, and the ball hits every part of the rim and the ball swirls out. Bellarmine gets the rebound and gets fouled down low, hits both FT’s and SI really never got close after that. SD31 finishes with 23 points. I think TD10 scored maybe 6 points. Bellarmine NJ22 had about the same. I think Bellarmine got a big lead because SI’s coach was playing alot of seniors in the 1st quarter who really never get off the bench. TD10 drove alot in the lane, but many of his shots were blocked by the BELLS huge frontline. Good game, but the BELLS can beat you many ways, since their scoring is spread around between about 6 or 7 players.

    • Does anyone know if SI plays at Serra or at SHC in the 1st round of WCAL playoffs?

      • Riordan is at Serra in the WCAL First Round of the Playoffs.

        The Saint Ignatius Boys will play at SHC on Tuesday after the SHC girl’s game vs. Valley Christian. The Girl’s Game starts at 6:00 PM and the Boy’s Game will follow or start at 7:30 PM depending on the length of the Girls Game.

      • Never mind,I think SI will play for Bruce Mahoney part 3 on Wednesday near Van Ness Avenue.

    • I forgot to add that Lob City was in McCullough Gym on Drucker Court tonight. Dunbar to Domingo alley-oop. Too bad SI lost, though.

  5. Packed gym, Dorell Wright in the house, Mitty’s best vs. SH’s best, no team ever up by more than 5, Fox 3 to tie and send to OT, Gordon just proved too much, and refs gave way too much star power to AG32. All for $5!!!! Cant beat that.

    You can take away that Mitty is the best in CCS across all divisions but SH hung with them and can beat them. But they need AG32 to have a monster game. Khalil James was big time. He picked up the slack. This was definitely enjoyable and I hope SH can run the table for the WCAL playoffs next week for a share of the league title.

    Yup, AG32 is the real deal. And we are lucky to see him one more year but without Fox and Johns next year, that is a scary thought.

    • He’s not transferring to Findlay Prep?

      • no, but maybe sd31 will.

        • Maybe both SD31 and AG32 will head to the Vegas area to finish their 4th year of high school. i heard it’s free as long as you “qualify”. Period 1 is probably basket-weaving

    • Mitty did have a 47-40 lead until the Irish came back. That 3-pointer from Josh Fox at the buzzer to send it into OT was a Godstrike. Too bad AG32 got away with a travel late in OT. Irish can play with the best any day.

  6. SHC vs. Mitty was incredible. Everything I hoped it would be before the game. Crazy playoff vibe. It will be very difficult for anyone to beat either one of these teams in D2 or D3.

  7. I seriously thought SHC would’ve got the best of Mitty. They were my pick. Good game to both schools.

  8. I think the Mitty coach Tim Kennedy put the statement of SHC head coach Barbour “We are the better team” on their bulletin board, because when AG32 was interviewed, he mentioned to the reporter about the comment and that his team wanted to prove them wrong. I think alot of people read quotes and comments on SanFranPreps and try to use them as a psychological advantage.

  9. There were a lot of quotes said by Coach Barbour. He also said in the first Mitty game this season,” I am more proud of this loss than any of the wins we had this year.” Of course, he feels his team is the better team, he is their COACH!! SHC played Mitty tough two times. Maybe the third time can be the charm if they are fortunate enough to play again. SH is the 20th best team in Northern California and I think Mitty is the third best team according to the polls. I would say the Sacred Heart Kids play as a team and represented San Francisco well. SH has nothing to be ashamed of, Coach Barbour has the kids giving it their all and they play hard every night.

    • Scott, I could not agree more with what you said. I am very proud of the SHC kids for how they played, and I wish I could have been there to see the look on Gordons face when the game was going to overtime. I still agree that the SHC is the better team, but sometimes the ball rolls the other way. To go into overtime and win by a mere tip-in tells me these teams were pretty evenly matched up.

      JJ, I read above that Stephen had 23 points in the game at SI. Do you have a breakdown of these scores? I have the breakdown of the field points vs free-throw points. Stephen went 6-22 from the field. Doing the math (something I am pretty good at), he shot at a 27.27% from the field. He had 7 regular free throws out of which he made 4 (not a bad 57%) and 4 bonus free throws of which he made all 4 (An amazing 100%). So I am going to stand by my theory that he shoots more times which is why he scores more. With that said, he did pass the ball more in this game than in past games. That dunk was very nicely played out. That seemed to have been a turning point of the game until the next play when stepehn was called for a foul.

      So all in all. Great game on both sides of the court. Bellarmine seems to be a taller team, but what won them the game was the 3 pointers that were being made. $33 from the bell squad was unstoppable. If Stephen could hit 3’s this way, SI would have been the victors. One last question about this game as well as all the others. Why does Stephen shoot his 3 pointers from 3 feet PAST the 3 point line. We are not playing college or pro ball. take the 3 feet and use it.

      It was nice to finally see Loginoff play and shoot the ball. He seems to have been one of many sleepers not he team. I see he has the boards a lot, and knows the plays. He tends to pass the ball off way more often than not, but given the opportunity, he has no fear of charging the basket. He is one of many sleepers on this team.

      With all that said, Stephen is a great player with a bright future. But he is not the one player I would watch in the next year. Keep an eye on Dunbar and on Neil? Those are going to be a great couple of players. Dunbar has already proven himself to be capable. Now he just has to learn when to shoot vs when to pass (but that will come in time).

      A few things I can see that would make SI the team to beat for the CCS playoffs…
      1. Move the ball around and when you have a shot, and ONLY when you have a shot, shoot the ball. do not force the shots in the playoffs.
      2. No pouting and wining when the ball doesn’t roll your way. Shake it off and keep playing. We are not grade schoolers anymore
      3. If someone is not playing well, don’t hold onto them, Sit them. This may not be there game
      4. Control the pace of the game. PRESS!!!! I know it is tough, but the only way to beat some of these teams is to get them off their game.

      Good luck SI cats and SHC Irish.

      • I only knew he scored 23 points because the announcer said the scoring totals after the game on the intercom. I don’t have a breakdown on S.Dot’s shooting percentages, but I’m pretty sure he missed his 1st 3 or 4 shots to begin the game. A couple of his shots were also blocked in the 2nd half. He was double-teamed whenever he went inside by those 2 bigmen of Bellarmine. He got hammered down low alot, that’s why he shot a good amount of FT’s. A couple of the role players made 3’s such as Al Watters and Daniel MacLean-Vernic, but SD31 was the main reason why they came back from a double digit deficit. I can tell he’s being more agressive because in the past, he would hang around the perimeter, but now he’s dribbling to the hole agressively and getting fouled. I’m not sure if that will work against Taylor Johns on Tuesday, but he should just let it all hang out because he really has nothing to lose except maybe a scholarship to Duke.

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