Boys Basketball Top 10: Marshall moves in

Marshall upset Mission last week, made the Lang Division race a lot more interesting and may be the most dangerous AAA team come playoff time. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Marshall upset Mission last week, made the Lang Division race a lot more interesting and may be the most dangerous AAA team come playoff time. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Every week, we will be publishing our take on the top ten boys and girls basketball teams in San Francisco. Feel free to make your own rankings and discuss ours in the comment section.

1. Sacred Heart Cathedral (20-4, last week’s ranking: 1)

Since the beginning of the season there has been no doubt that Sacred Heart is the best team in San Francisco. The Irish wrapped up the West Catholic Athletic League regular season last week with wins over City rivals St. Ignatius and Riordan, then lost another heartbreaker to Mitty (21-3) in an overtime regular-season finale.

2. Lincoln (17-11, last week’s ranking: 4)

The Mustangs are all alone atop the Academic Athletic Association’s Lang Division and are the only squad that has clinched a playoff spot in the division. The Mustangs took down Balboa (19-8) last week, then dominated No. 4 Mission through three quarters and withstood a late push from the Bears.

3. St. Ignatius (10-14, last week’s ranking: 3)

The Wildcats caught lightning in a bottle with a win over Serra (20-4) on the road in the Jungle Game, but also lost three games to No. 1 Sacred Heart, St. Francis (13-11) and Bellarmine (14-10) in a packed week.

4. Mission (17-10, last week’s ranking: 2)

The Bears lost consecutive AAA games for the first time since the 2007 season last week, with losses to No. 10 Marshall and No. 2 Lincoln, and are now in a tie for second place with the Phoenix in the Lang Division.

5. Riordan (10-14, last week’s ranking: 5)

The Crusaders ended their WCAL regular season on a high note with a road win over St. Francis and also played No. 1 Sacred Heart tough in a nine-point loss to the Irish last week.

6. University (16-10, last week’s ranking: 8)

The Red Devils renewed their claim as the top team in the Bay Counties League West with wins over No. 7 Urban and Marin Academy (13-12), which beat University by 12 points earlier in the season.

7. Urban (15-9, last week’s ranking: 6)

The Blues missed an opportunity to take over first place in the BCL West with a loss to No. 6 University, but rallied back with a win over No. 10 Stuart Hall and will have the second seed in the league playoffs.

8. Marshall (12-11, last week’s ranking: NR)

Despite a concerning roster size, the Phoenix may be one of the most dangerous teams in he AAA and showed it last week, when they upset No. 4 Mission before blowing out Jordan (1-19).

9. Gateway (17-2, last week’s ranking: 10)

After wins over defending champ Waldorf (13-8) and International (7-17) last week, the Gators are the top seed in the Bay Counties League Central playoffs and are the favorites to win their first league championship since joining the league.

10. Stuart Hall (18-8, last week’s ranking: 9)

The Knights are clinging to the final spot of the Top 10, but knocked Lick-Wilmerding out of the rankings with a 16-point win over the Tigers last week, before falling to No. 7 Urban to wrap up the regular season.

On the brink: Lick-Wilmerding (16-10), Lowell (15-10), Balboa (18-9), Bay (17-8), Washington (14-14)

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32 Comments on " Boys Basketball Top 10: Marshall moves in"

  1. Marshall Fan | February 13, 2012 at 8:40 PM |

    Lets go Marshall for beating the Mission Bears! (=

  2. jeremy im sorry ur actually being ridiculous. theres no way lick is not top 10 in the city right now and gateway is. they lost to stuart hall, at stuart hall, completely playing knowing they already had a playoff spot. gateway plays nobody. im sorry. they are nobody. they play nobody. its a joke to have them in the top 10. They beat walforf and international. are u actually joking. why does mission get to lose to marshall (out of the top 10), and stay in the top 4, while lick loses to stuart hall (already solidified top 10 hungry after getting thoroughly beaten by lick earlier in the year). It’s time to be real. these rankings matter, they get people pissed off. and also gateway over stuart hall? that might be a 30 point blowout game if they played.

    • have you seen gateway play?

    • you should stop complaining and be happy for a team that is playing really hard and really well together. Who really cares about a ranking? Its basketball and you should love the game and not hate on a team that is talented

    • Gateway blew out International a couple of times yet International only lost to Stuart Hall by 12. Yes, teams have good/bad games. But your logic is flawed.

      Don’t discredit Gateway. They are good – lots of length, athletic, and are playing as a team.

  3. Gateway should be ahead of Urban for 3 reasons:
    1) they hold the first place seed in the BCL Central
    2) they beat Urban earlier this year
    3) they have a better record than Urban
    …… come on now!

    • Stick to your original name please. Remember the Code of Conduct. If you continue to change your name, the comments will be deleted.

    • bubba sorry to be rude bro but i’ve seen gateway play it was a literal joke. lost to lick by 11 with lick playing scrubs the entire last 5 minutes. i like the following that gateway has on sf preps but judging by that last jbalan comment it might just be one jokester who thinks gateway is actually a good team. yo jbalan just hollla if im going too far not tryna get over the code of conduct line

    • Bubba:
      1) Sorry, but the BCL central is not competitive, whatsoever.
      2) Anyone who has seen Urban at the beginning of the season vs. the Urban now would recognize there is a VAST difference
      3)Sorry, but record doesn’t mean anything. For all we know you could be playing the worst HS teams around just to stack your record.

      Tell me if I’m going over the line Jbalan, but I just had to put my 2 cents in.

    • yo all i know is that these lick boys work their butts off and have beaten some solid teams and theres no question that the dynamic duo of PJ and isaiah could single handidly take down the gateway squad. also ppl never account for the clutchness (mainly due to starting sf a-shaw clutch baby) of this lick squad. i dont think theres any question that theyll finally rise to the challenge and take down urban in the semis

  4. p.s. Marshall’s jerseys are phressshhhh

  5. and and Urban beat lick, who also lost to Stuart Hall who is #10 hence explaining why Lick is not on the top 10 and gateway is behind Urban. Besides, its pointless for people to get worked up over rankings, in the end the teams are going to do the talking with their Bball skills and where they are in the rankings isn’t going to change that. This is just one guys perception on how the season has gone so far.

  6. A bit surprised that Lincoln passed SI, but if the two were to play, it would be a good game.

    Bottom part of the rankings are pretty even. You could make a case for any of the “on the brink” teams to be ranked and anyone past Riordan to be dropped out. It’s clear which teams are the top five in the city.

    And I also love Marshall’s black jerseys.

    • I think SI and Lincoln would be a good game too, but it seems like the AAA doesn’t really play lockdown defense when I watch the bonus videos. I rarely see a player dribble through 4 defenders to make a layup in the WCAL, except when Taylor Johns made that slam a couple weeks back. In the AAA bonus videos, I see guys dribble through the lane constantly and lay it off the glass at a high rate. In the WCAL, the guy is usually hammered or the shot is blocked, if they do that. I understand those were the highlights of the game, but when I see the highlights of the WCAL games, at least you see guys challenging the shot and try to block it. Riordan already beat Balboa by 20+ so I’m not sure if Lincoln could actually beat SI. It’s like saying do you think St Mary’s of Moraga can beat Duke? I also think you are a Raider fan if you like Marshall’s black jerseys.

    • It actually would be a good game, two stars from the same middle school going at it..

  7. Kezar For Keeps | February 14, 2012 at 1:53 AM |

    I’m so tired of the private school players/students/parents/fans coming on here to whine whenever something doesn’t go their way. Paying 40k a year to go to school doesn’t entitle you to have everything happen exactly the way you want. Guess what, you may not be a good as you think you are.

    • As a Catholic school parent I don’t and couldn’t afford $40K a year.

    • bb fan always | February 14, 2012 at 10:57 AM |

      As an Independent school parent we don’t and couldn’t afford $40k a year. Kezar For Keeps, which schools are you referring to. Try not to hate the private school athletes, you have your share in the public school system. Just check out the comment that was made by a Lowell Girls basketball player.

    • Your private school must be ripping you off because it does not cost $40,000 to go to SH, SI, or Riordan.

      • Kezar For Keeps | February 14, 2012 at 12:29 PM |

        Im talking specifically about Lick and University. But all the BCL privates: Convent, Stuart Hall, Drew, Lick, University, Bay, International, Urban. Are all between 30 and 40k

        • Well if youre poor and your kids make it to Stanford or Harvard, its free.

          Do you get sour when you see someone driving a Benz or BMW? Do you clench your fist when you see people dine at Ruth Chris? You can certainly block it out and pay it no attention but I guess it really does bother you.

          To be honest, all those other private schools I dont even know where they are in SF. Are they located in secret underground locations?

          • Kezar For Keeps | February 14, 2012 at 12:57 PM |

            My focus was not intended to be on the money it costs to go to those schools, rather the entitled attitude posters associated with those schools seem to have. Like when University girls fans whine when they don’t get enough “credit” in a game they lostby double digits. Or the Lick people whining that they’re not in the top 10 despite losing by 16 against Stuart Hall.

            • bb fan always | February 14, 2012 at 1:18 PM |

              If you dont like these comments and they bother you so much, dont read them. I think you sound just like these people that you are describing as whiining..BTW, you’re the one that started this with the 40k comment, it must really bother you.

            • eh, its just a poll. the fans are the only ones that complain about it. players and coaches particularly always say they pay no attention to them. and those other schools are not going to supplant SH boys and SI girls in the poll no matter what they do in the playoffs.

    • boom roasted | February 14, 2012 at 1:14 PM |

      Kezar for Keeps quit hating on the private schools. there is a reason why they win and its not money but hard work, game plans, defense, and talent.

      and i do not think that the people you are referencing are whining for a unjustified reason. the bcl west has been the strongest of the bcls for a while with perennial contenders in lick, university, stuart hall, marin academy and now urban. and also send 4 teams on average to NCS while i have yet to see 4 teams from the central make ncs in the same year. Not to mention the past two players of the year in the BCL Ikenna Nwadibia (Kenyon) and Noah Springwater (Columbia) are both playing significant minutes in college. right there you have four teams that have all been in the top ten this year. and last year even had university at the number two spot for a majority of the season and i believe they finished in either the two or three spot. just the quality of play in the bcl west and bcl central is not comparable. gateway played arguably the weakest schedule of any team in the top ten while the “40K” privates battled against each other all season. so dont say they are whining when they have a justified reason for feeling snubbed

  8. i think marshall-lincoln game will be intense this will prove and show who really run the aaa i think marshall will pull through lincoln won in ot playing but if they think they can run around and make them tired well guess again this is the furious 5.

  9. riordan is 5-19. 5 forfeits, remember?

    as for the $40k tuition, the catholic high schools are about 1/3 of that. the other private schools like lick, urban and university are in the mid $30k range

  10. Whenever Marshall cracks the top 10, they always seem to lose their next game. Maybe they get a big head from reading all their SanFranPreps press clippings.

  11. Good job Marshall. Marshall is the most dangerous school in the AAA. What’s really impressive is the fact that they’re getting the job done with a extremely low roster.

  12. Gateway plays in a really non competitive league, therefore their record seems a bit inflated.

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