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Games of the day – Bay vs. Waldorf boys basketball: The teams split their two regular-season meetings, with Waldorf taking the first meeting 63-60 and Bay winning the second 52-42. The game is a rematch of the BCL Central championship game last season, which Waldorf won. St. Ignatius vs. St. Francis girls basketball: The Wildcats are seeking their first trip to the WCAL championship game since 2008 and won both meetings with the Lancers this season. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

BCL Central boys basketball semifinals
(2) Bay 55, (3) Waldorf 44
(4) Leadership 45, (1) Gateway 43 (OT)

BCL Central girls basketball semifinals
(2) San Domenico (San Anselmo) 47, (3) Bay 27
(1) International 62, (4) Waldorf 26

WCAL girls basketball semifinals
(2) St. Ignatius 59, (4) St. Francis (Mountain View) 28
(1) Mitty (San Jose) 61, (3) Sacred Heart Cathedral 36

AAA boys basketball
Mission 89, Jordan 33
Lowell 49, ISA 40 (OT)
Washington 46, Lincoln 45
Burton 45, Wallenberg 32
Marshall 82, Balboa 73

AAA girls basketball
Washington 65, Lincoln 39
Wallenberg @ Burton, 5:30 p.m.
Marshall @ Balboa, 5:30 p.m.

Non-league girls soccer
Marin Catholic (Kentfield) 1, Lowell 0

Non-league boys tennis
Sacred Heart Cathedral 6, University 1
Bentley (Lafayette) 4, Drew 1

We didn’t get to cover Washington’s upset win over Lincoln in boys basketball, but our friend George Nguyen was there and sent in this highlight video.

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  1. Free Underdog pick of the Day. Play at your own risk: SHC girls +18.5

  2. Girls Soccer

    Marin Catholic 1
    Lowell 0

  3. Washington 46 Lincoln 45 final

    • What has gotten into this Washington team? First Marshall, now Lincoln!?! Does this mean Mission is next? Very impressive back-to-back wins.

      • Based on the final score, WASH is probably a team in the AAA that concentrates on defense, rather than the high-scoring offenses that the other top clubs have. As they say, defense wins championships.

      • @Airball-They stepped up huge after the Balboa lost last week and they just been playing tough hard nose ball.

    • I believe that Washington has the potential, but they will never exceed the potential that they had with the championship winning team last year. The squad now looks confused and scared on offense, while last year they had a offense that ran through their star Brenden Glapion. Secondly, the defense of the team last year was much superior and strong than the one this year, much due to the big man in the middle.

      • Don’t use a name that is not your own. If you comment again, use your own name or a moniker that is not another person’s name in reality or on the site.

  4. Sounds like the SI-St Francis girls game will end with a football type score…..

  5. mainey hawkins | February 16, 2012 at 7:23 PM |

    where the baseball previews jbalan

  6. marshall defeats balboa so balboa playoff dreams are gone

  7. Lowell and ISA in OT? Oh no…

  8. marshall may have defeated balboa but it was a hard fought game. balboa senior guard dijon jones and marshall guard mizelle led their overall today. great game

  9. After watching the bonus video of the Lincoln-Washington, the defense of Washington wasn’t that great, although their defense was pretty good in the last minute of the game. Lincoln made some horrible passes, while Washington looked like they committed less turnovers. #55 for WASH made a clutch rebound in the video along with a great outlet pass. Great defense by Wash in the last 23 seconds of the game, but I think Lincoln missed some easy putbacks that could’ve won them the game. I think their shots in the last seconds of the game were rushed because they thought the buzzer was going to go off. i think if they weren’t too worried of the clock, they would’ve won.

  10. I said it in an earlier post that Washington could spoil the party for Lincoln, Mission, and Marshall. They’ve already taken down two of the three. Luckily for Lincoln, they hold a narrow one game lead over Mission, a two game lead over Marshall (provided that Marshall beat Bal).

    Lincoln 13-2
    Mission 12-3
    Marshall 11-4(if they beat Bal) 10-5(if they lost to Bal)
    Washington 10-5

    Please note all of these are league records only not overall records.

    As for the Lowell/ISA game, good game ISA. You almost pulled it off. If ISA would’ve won, it would’ve helped them because they would’ve been tied with Wallenberg for the final playoff spot in the Neff division (in which Wallenberg is clinging to a one game lead over ISA for).

  11. the marshall-balboa game was very intense just like the first don’t just get to win you earn it what i saw with bal, those boys played their hearts out they.they played like they really wanted to win. but it was a shocker those boys had to go through marshall to be in the playoffs.balboa had lots of shooters, 1 thing to remember don’t ever leave them open one mistake marshall made.but other than that they played very good.i know bal will comeback in their next game aganist jordan and marshalls next win over lincoln.

  12. i can’t believe gateway lost thats a huge upset. what happened?

  13. From Thurs. 2/16:

    AAA girls basketball
    Wallenberg 42, Burton 30
    Balboa 47, Marshall 26

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