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Games of the day – Championship Basketball Madness: It’s amazing how things worked out this season, but we will have seven league championship games today and we’ll have all of them covered. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

BCL Central boys basketball championship
(2) Bay 67, (4) Leadership 58

BCL West boys basketball championship
(3) Lick-Wilmerding 58, (1) University 53

WCAL boys basketball championship
(1) Mitty (San Jose) 50, (3) Sacred Heart Cathedral 47

BCL Central girls basketball championship
(1) International 56, (2) San Domenico (San Anselmo) 39

BCL West girls basketball championship
(2) University 50, (1) Convent 47

WBAL girls basketball championship
(F3) Menlo (Atherton) 53, (F1) Mercy 52

WCAL girls basketball championship
(1) Mitty (San Jose) 63, (2) St. Ignatius 47

Non-league baseball
Sonoma Valley 17, Washington 3

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  1. FREE PICKs of the DAY: I know alot of you hope I’m wrong, but here are my FREE picks……Mitty girls +2 and Mitty Boys -3.

    • The Mitty boys have played in 8 WCAL Championship games and won all of them. And if you count Championship Point Games played in 1971 and 1977, it is 10 Championship Games Mitty has played in and won.

      Mitty beat the Round Robin Champion St. Francis in 1971 twice to win the championship.

      In 1977 the Round Robin Co-Champs both lost in the first round, and Mitty beat one that day and one in the Championship Game, while beating Riordan in the other Championship Point Game as the Round Robin Champions (SI & Serra) played in the other Championship Point Game. Riordan and Mitty tied for third place, that year, but Riordan got third place because of the tie breakers.

    • You crack me up with you “free” picks. As if someone was actually paying you for your really secret and important picks. If you were a gambling website you would have gone belly up a while back. Don’t quit your day job as Domingo’s agent. ;)

    • I won with my Mitty girls pick and pushed with my Mitty boys selection. The linesmakers got the boys line down to a tee.

  2. Heartbreak for Mercy today.

    • Not really…. :)

      • They may have won alot of battles but they didn’t win the WAR.

        • Just out of curiosity, do you ever comment on anything that’s not related to Mercy? Everytime you post a comment it has something to do with Mercy(mainly negative). I do not understand how someone can have so much disdain for a particular school like you do, but that’s your right to.

          Mercy had a great season. Even though I thought that their schedule was a little weak compared to that of SI, SHC, and Lowell, it doesn’t take away from the fact that they had a great season.

  3. Hey Arthur we still had a great season

  4. Congratulations to the boys basketball team from Bay! You did your “talking” where it really mattered – on the court. Kudos to a great coaching team as well!

  5. is their a problem with the bay preps website? Can’t get to it

  6. GO LICK!!!! 11-12 BCL WEST CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!

  7. Finally came on!

  8. Halfway home to the title. Let’s go Irish. Gordon getting hacked and lovin’ the no calls. Refs just awful. I don’t know what a foul is anymore.

    • For once, I agree. There were a couple of mauling no-calls and some ticky-tack fouls called. Not so sure what the standard is tonight.

      • It is the WCAL, they are allowed to travel, set moving screens and hard fouls only get called a third of the time. The the coaches set the tone. I like it!

  9. Jb I was there and I just saw refs makeup call for another refs bad call over and over again. Up 5 the last minute of the 3rd, Mitty took over and played their game. SH was just hoping for points.

    Just gutsy this SH team, no Fox and still only lost by 3. Loss is a loss but this team is just all heart and effort.

    I don’t know what Gordon expects? He’s just way too dominant the refs need to let alot of stuff go or he’ll foul out the entire opposing team.

    Those two dunks especially the one handed alley oop were just sick. And the league has to deal with him for one more year!!!!

    Hope Fox’s ankle is not as bad as it looked. I passed by him on the bench while leaving and he was just down down down. You know he just knew if he didn’t get injured SH would’ve won. No question. Johns was just gassed.

  10. Girls: Mitty girls looked dominant. Game was over when they made their run in 2nd Q and Maria K-D picked up second foul and sat down. Have to imagine the Cats will lose the D-2 CCS game to them as well. I am an SI guy through and through, but was surprised to hear that Maria beat out Kelli Hayes for POY. Hayes is by far the best in the league even though she is only a soph.

    Boys: Gutsy game by SH. Had a chance with that late steal. Fox’s injury looked bad in that he couldn’t put any weight on it at all. Looked more like a knee than an ankle to me, but I was sitting behind the bench and couldn’t see what they were working on when he sat down. What the hell is Gordon spending so much energy bringing the ball up court? That is a strange decision in my mind. I know the alley oops were great, but I thought Gordon’s most athletic play was the catch he made of a long lob pass in the 3rd Q that was headed out of bounds before he skied to snatch it and lay it in. My Question: Is Gordon the best player the WCAL has ever had? I can’t think of anyone else who was on every recruiting list as a national top 10 (or top 5) pick?

    • Uncle Frank, Gordon might be. I don’t see why he wouldn’t be the WCAL POY next year, making it 3 in a row. Im sticking with my guns and still will say its Senque Carey. 6’4, played PF/C freshman year and led St Francis to the state title. By the time he was a senior, he played every position. There wasn’t anything he couldn’t do and he was a better outside shooter than Gordon. Gordon is definitely a better inside post player, dunker, and rebounder. Its really close between the two and I’ll put Gordon ahead if he wins another state title or wins his 3rd straight WCAL POY next year.

    • I think AG32 will go down as the best WCAL player that the WCAL ever had. If he stays at Mitty, he will win 3 player of the year awards in a row. He already won 2 in a row ( the 2nd announced just tonight). Plus, he’s nationally, a top 10 player. I don’t think the WCAL ever had a nationally ranked player in the top 10. If the NBA could still draft high schoolers, I think he would be a late 1st round pick.

      As far as Maria Kemiji-McDonald, I think she deserves the player of the year award, although Lovely, Hayes, and the point guard Gardner of Mitty looked very, very good. I don’t see how SI will beat Mitty next year, cause there was alot of sophomores and juniors in their starting lineup. MKM helped SI win a share of the WCAL even though Mitty overall had the better talent. Like you said, it will be very hard to beat Mitty in CCS.

      On a side note, I feel bad for Josh Fox. What a competitor. He wanted to go back on the court, but his ankle couldn’t hold up. I hope it’s only a sprain, and nothing is broken. Once Taylor Johns picked up his 4th foul, Mitty kept feeding it down low to AG32 and he basically couldn’t be stopped.

      • JJ: Congrats on your client (SD31) being named first team. I didn’t think it would happen. Of course, I assumed there would be only 5 players on first team. I didn’t count on 7 first teamers plus Gordon who in the WCAL’s weird logic is POY but not on the first team. SD in the top 8 is about right. However, I am surprised both Domingo and Dunbar make first team since SI went 4-10 in league. I still see SD in Vegas next year on his way to UofA.

        SI girls will be very good the next couple of years. 3 freshmen on varsity this year (Little and Raggio played significant roles). I think there were 5 freshmen on the undefeated JV team and the freshmen team only lost twice. Having said that, Hayes will be at Mitty for 2 more years. Yikes.

        • I knew all along that SD31 was gonna make 1st team, but I am surprised that Trevor Dunbar made 1st team as well. They should’ve made him 2nd team, and put an upper classman in that spot such as Herman Pratt, the 4th. Pratt didn’t even make 2nd team, he was honorable mention. Neil Vranicar shouldn’t have made 2nd team, he only takes like 3 shots a game. I think Pratt got robbed of at least 2nd team.

          • Pratt is a junior too.

          • Not taking anything away from Dunbar, but he should not be first team….? Anyone here agree with that?

            • Yea, I agree that he shouldn’t be 1st team, but I’m not the one who votes…it’s the WCAL coaches who vote. My guess is that the Riordan and Serra coaches voted for him, as well as the Mitty and Bellarmine coaches because he had pretty good games against those teams. Also, the SHC coach may have voted for him since he’s from San Francisco, lol.

              As for the girl’s, how does Courtney Lisowski (sp?) of Mitty get a D1 basketball scholarship and she’s not even picked for 1st team, 2nd team, nor honorable mention?? WOW.

            • Looking at the 1st team list, it’s all centers and forwards, it seems Dunbar is the only guard, let alone point guard. If you think about it thoroughly, he is the best point guard in the WCAL. He also has the best cross-over in the WCAL. Whether you agree or disagree, he should be congratulated.

          • Oswald Jefferson | February 19, 2012 at 9:04 AM |

            Maria KM is hands down the WCAL top player. She is the cog that makes the wheel go for SI. It will be a huge drop off next year for SI. They will lose the majority of their scoring and I cant see the so called great freshman class playing to the level of Maria and company.

            Mitty will be tough as always, and SHC should be better.

            • There are no players from the great 2015 class that can compare to MKM. MKM and KC will be missed next year.Although i’m predicting Raggio will be the key for SI next year, she will be better. MKM and KC’s production will be diificult to duplicate. Mitty will still be a force even with the graduation of some of their best players, and will be assured that they will be rebuilding to counter SI’s bigs Little and Raggio.

            • Mitty had 5 players on 1st and 2nd team, only 1 was a senior. Do the Math. One of their D1 recruits didn’t even make honorable mention. SI beating Mitty in the Sunset was such a big upset…….that’s probably why MKM won player of the year.

          • I think Dunbar deserved first team over Domingo. Domingo did not have a good year. How would it look if the
            “30th ranked junior in the nation” didn’t make first team in his league. The system is flawed. A team that went 4- 10 should not have two members on the first team.

        • I think Hayes of Mitty was called for traveling alot tonight. I also think Mitty’s point guard (Garner), who is a junior, is better than Hayes; she rarely missed from 3. Also, Lovely from Mitty will be gone, so Little and Raggio will have a easier time in the post. With that being said, Mitty will have the best point guard next year, and Who will be SI’s point guard? Advantage Mitty.

          • I think Dunbar is good, but not first team this year….He is the most talented point guard, but he didn’t win enough games or carry his team? I think I would say second team or honorable mention. I do think Pratt should have made 2nd team, and James should have been honorable mention at least for SHC.

  11. Congrats to all of the champions today. Sad that SHC, again, lost to Mitty. However, by the sounds of things, the refs were playing favorites. Mercy got beat at the buzzer, but they had a great season.

    • The refs were pretty bad, both ways. The reason why SHC lost was mainly due to the loss of Josh Fox and the last minute of the 3rd quarter when they used poor time managment and let Mitty tie the game up. SHC should’ve been up by 5 going into the 4th.

      • So SHC could’ve won the game? That sucks. Game management is extremely important in close games. However, it doesn’t help anyone when the refs aren’t doing their jobs.

        • Yea, if me memory serves me correctly, I think SHC had a 5 pt lead with like a minute to go in the 3rd. They had the ball, and their shot rimmed out (in and out) which would’ve gave them a 7 pt lead. After they missed, Mitty got the rebound, and A. Gordon made a 3. Then SHC could’ve let the clock dwindle down, but they went for a quick shot but screwed up some way, enabling Mitty to tie the game with the last seconds tip-in.

  12. Bball fanatic | February 19, 2012 at 8:50 AM |

    @Scott, just as JJ said, Dunbar was the best PG in the WCAL. You don’t get promoted to second class for a 1st class job. It’s good to see the young man get a fair shake this year after being condemned to Frosh ball only last year. You obviously looking at his grade level and not his talent level, but the consensus among the coaches begs to differ along with myself. “Respect the Selection Process”.
    Herman Pratt’s hardwork and dedication makes him nowhere near an honorable mention player. But having having 3 SHC players on one 1st team would have been a bit excessive.

    • Bball fanatic//In my comments, I acknowledged that Dunbar is the most talented point guard in the WCAL. But look at SI’s record, how many wins did they tally with all that talent with SD too? Pratt should have gotten at least 2nd team and James honorable mention. I agree with you. (if this is what you are sayin) I don’t have an argument with the process and respect the voting. Again, congrats to the all the selections.

  13. Bball fanatic | February 19, 2012 at 8:57 AM |

    Oh and BiG shout out to all the selectees on the 1st, 2nd team and HM list…they were all WELL DESERVED!!!

  14. Just curious, how many times did Gordon go and talk to the refs during the game?

  15. jeremy when do they announce all-league selections for bcl?

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