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Game of the day – Jewish Community vs. Trinity Christian basketball: The Wolves (9-11) made their first CCS playoff appearance in school history last season and proved they could win, before falling to eventual-champion Pinewood. This season, they open the tournament against Trinity Christian (16-3), the second-place finisher in the Coastal League. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/SanFranPreps.

CCS Division V boys basketball playoffs
Trinity Christian (Monterey) 50, Jewish Community 49

AAA boys basketball
Mission 88, Washington 67
Lowell 48, Wallenberg 21
Burton 53, Galileo 48
Lincoln 51, Marshall 29
Balboa 100, Jordan 29
ISA 69, O’Connell 43

AAA girls basketball
Lowell 59, Wallenberg 19
Washington 55, Mission 21
Galileo 64, Burton 37
Lincoln 58, Marshall 46

Non-league baseball
San Rafael 5, Galileo 0
Riordan 13, Mills (Millbrae) 1
Jefferson (Daly City) 5, Marshall 2

Non-league girls soccer
Gateway 5, SFI 0
Leadership 4, Oakland Military Institute 1
San Marin (Novato) 5, Mission 0

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  1. marshall @ jefferson(daly city)4:00

    • What sport? My spring master schedule still isn’t entirely complete.

    • This is most likely baseball, and if it is, Marshall will probably get a “L” because the Roger Clemens of the AAA is still playing basketball. Also, the Matt wieters of the AAA graduated, as well as the Prince Fielder of the AAA.

  2. Hey JB – this is great for the Lick coach (has nothing to do with today’s scoreboard, I didn’t know where to post it: http://www.positivecoach.org/our-programs/double-goal-coach-awards/2012-double-goal-coach-award-winners/?utm_source=h5m&utm_medium=e&utm_campaign=mom

  3. I just looked at Jefferson’s baseball record last year, and they were 1-18, with their only win coming against Marshall, winning that game 8-1. I wonder if the Marshall Phoenix still remember that game and get revenge on the Jefferson Indians this afternoon.

  4. I wish more schools & organizations embraced PCA. SFLL has used the program for many years, very little issues. Wish CYO would use them too.

    • Mike – I thought SF CYO was using the PCA for their coaches certificates. I haven’t coached CYO in a few years so never had to go through the tests. But I have to check all the coaches cards when I officiate.

  5. Tuesday triple FREE picks of the Day: O’Connell +30.5, Mission -5, and Burton -1.5. Good luck to all teams.

    • So far, I’m 2-0 on my picks today. Still waiting for the O’Connell- ISA basketball score……

      • Finally a score on the O’Connell-ISA game. O’Connell only lost by 26, so I was 3-0 on my free picks for Tuesday, since I had O’Connell +30.5. Hot streak!!

  6. marshall lost. it was a blow out

  7. Hey jbalan i read the story on the girl from june jordan will she be able to make a girls all-city team if she played girls by far she is the best not player of the year but maybe first or second or even honorable mention. Just a question let me know.

  8. Burton Pumas 53, Galileo Lions 48.

  9. not marshall? so burton dosnt host the game because they beated gal

  10. So I guess no one knows the ISA-O’Connell boys score? If ISA wins, they play Wallenberg in a one-game playoff tiebreaker tomorrow at Kezar. If ISA lost, Wallenberg sneaks in as the #4 seed and plays whoever the #1 seed is from the other division (sorry, I lose track of which division is which :)

    • Unless the whole ISA team contracted the norovirus, ISA should’ve won this game. They were favored by 30 pts. It will be the biggest upset in the history of AAA if O’Connell won this game.

  11. Balboa beat Jordan 100-29…

    • Was the score 97-29, and the Balboa point guard made a 3 at the buzzer?

      • Anyone else see a problem with scoring 100 points and beating a team by 71 points? Or am I in the minority?

        • I think that is just horrible. Why would a coach do that. What comes around goes around.

        • @airball… its the AAA, its what they do. No score is high enough and no sportsmanship rules apply. The Dean Maye Balboa “Jet” teams in the mid ’90s used to murder teams by 50-60 points every game.

        • I want more information about the game, before commenting.

          All teams want to score 100 points.

          The question is what did Balboa do in the fourth quarter, I know there was already a running clock.

          The first Balboa vs. Jordan Game was 44 to 15 at half time and Balboa outscored Jordan in the second half 32 to 20, with 18 of Balboa’s points scored in the 3rd qtr. The 4th quarter was won by 2 point by Balboa. Balboa won that game with a score of 76 to 35.

          • I believe bal had only about 13 or 14 points in the 4th quarter and had everyone on the bench play throughout the whole game.

            In some ways you may see this as mean or whatever but if you think about it from bal’s point of view this was their last game of the season. They didn’t make playoffs after working so hard all season and they just wanted to have fun during their last game.

            They did just that, and the game was actually pretty amusing. Both teams had some laughs.

          • @Ari Gold…at least those “Jet” teams had legit college players on the roster. If I am not mistaken this is an average Balboa team at best that missed the playoffs. How could it be okay to score 100 and embarrass the other team not to mention the league? I am by no means trying to single out one particular team. If you look over some of the scores throughout the season in the AAA there are a number of teams that have shown no mercy to the less talented teams in the league. Where is the sportsmanship?

            @ARHS Stats…if I am doing the math correctly the score going into the 4th quarter was Balboa 62 Jordan 23 in that first game. The game is over! Why not play a soft half court zone, tell your players to guard only within the three point line, no fast breaks layups under any circumstance, work the shot clock to under 10 before shooting it and all of this with your second or third stringers for the whole fourth quarter? I guess the point I am trying to make is that there are ways to play hard and compete the whole game regardless of the score, without embarrassing the other team, the league, and the Game itself.

            • There was no sportsmanship, but like Bal Fan said, it was their last game of the season, and probably the last game of organized basketball for the seniors. I doubt Jordan lost any sleep after their drubbing. I think Lisa Leslie and Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 pts in a game by themselves, where was their sportsmanship?

            • No coach can change his team’s offense to an offense the team does not use.

              From what I saw Balboa plays a fast paced game.

              They might have trouble running their offense for 25 to 30 seconds a possession, since they don’t do this a lot or at all.

            • @airball… they only had two legit D1 college players, unfortunately Winters died, and Marquette had a solid stint at Hawaii but nothing after that… the rest were CC caliber.

              • The Dean May Jet Offense Baboa teams, had few players that went onto to college. Maybe not all Division 1, but college somewhere.

                Dean, usually had at least one if not more players heading to college after each season.

              • Remember that game, SI vs Bal 1996. Wow. We still talk about it.

              • @Nicholas…. The “Cassidy Raher” show. Lets just say Balboa wasnt known for defense that year. Their defense scheme was 4 players above the free-throw line waiting for a fast break outlet pass from Marquette. Who would blame them? He was 6’8, 250.

                I took 2 things from that game. 1) How incredibly ignorant Balboa was to not guard a guy that hit 3 after 3 after 3 after 3 after 3 after 3. 2) Im still bitter that it was supposed to be SH to face Balboa after SI upset us. We had arguably the best starting 5 with Russell, Johnson, Love, Braucher, Smith and we lost to Raher, Thomas, Hunt, Labaugh, Hicks.

  12. Great job tonight Burton. I was at the game and Burton played really well. It was raining three’s tonight from both schools. Burton and Gal are now tied for second place.

    On a side note Happy Birthday to Coach Breaux of Burton. No better gift the team could give Ccoach Breaux than a win.

    Great job Pumas!

  13. Burton is playing Mission this Friday at Mission High School.

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