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Games of the day – Urban vs. Marin Academy boys basketball: The BCL West foes split their two regular-season meetings this season and will face off in the first round of the NCS Division V tournament. International vs. Head-Royce girls basketball: The two teams met in non-league play on Jan. 14 and the Jaguars rolled to a 56-41 victory, but the Jayhawks have taken down four City teams this season (Bay, Waldorf, Lick-Wilmerding and Urban). Lick-Wilmerding vs. Justin-Siena boys basketball: The BCL West champs will be underdogs despite hosting the first-round NCS Division IV matchup as the 11th seed. The only common opponent between the two teams is Redwood, which the Tigers lost to 70-46 in their season opener. Justin-Siena lost to Redwood in the MCAL playoffs, but beat the Giants in the regular season. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

NCS Division IV boys basketball playoffs
(6) Justin-Siena (Napa) 58, (11) Lick-Wilmerding 47

NCS Division V boys basketball playoffs
(10) Marin Academy (San Rafael) 51, (7) Urban 43
(8) Stuart Hall 46, (9) St. Vincent de Paul (Petaluma) 40
(5) Head-Royce (Oakland) 72, (12) Bay 61
(3) University 71, (14) Oakland Military Institute 52

AAA boys basketball play-in game
ISA 39, Wallenberg 25

NCS Division V girls basketball playoffs
(2) Convent 58, (15) Roseland Prep (Santa Rosa) 30
(6) International 63, (11) Head-Royce (Oakland) 48
(5) University 62, (12) Valley Christian (Dublin) 46
(1) St. Joseph Notre Dame (Alameda) 70, (16) Bay 33

NCS Division VI girls basketball playoffs
(9) Waldorf 43, (8) Point Arena 41

CCS Division II boys soccer playoffs
(10) St. Ignatius 1, (7) Hillsdale (San Mateo) 0 (OT)

Non-league baseball
Burton 8, Jefferson (Daly City) 8
Burlingame 14, Galileo 0
Mission @ Westmoor (Daly City), 3:30 p.m.

Non-league girls soccer
Urban 2, College Prep (Oakland) 0

Non-league boys tennis
Sacred Heart Cathedral 6, Lowell 1
Urban vs. Wallenberg @ Golden Gate Park, 3 p.m.

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  1. Wednesday’s FREE picks of the Day: Lick-Wilmerding -9.5, Oakland Military Institute +14, ISA -10, and Lick-Wilmerding vs Justin Siena Under 106. Good luck to all teams.

    • So far, I’m 2-1 today, waiting on the University-Oakland Military Institute game. My UNDER 106 was a winner in the Justin Siena-Lick game, as both teams scored only 105. Also, won with my ISA pick but lost with my Lick Wilmerding pick which was actually a typo, it should’ve read Lick +9.5, still lost that, anyways…..Hopefully, Oakland Military Institute will keep this University game close, so I can go 3-1 on my free picks. Let’s go OMI !!

  2. lets go university!! kezar is our house tonight!

  3. Great to see SI win a soccer playoff game, as a lower seed. Cinderella story in the making.

  4. Girls soccer

    Bay 0
    Lowell 6

    This game was a scrimmage. They played four 20-25 minute segments. Looked like both teams played an A team in first and third “quarter”, and B team in second and fourth. A teams played tough and Lowell Dominated field of play, but could only get 1 goal, while they B team scored 5.

    • The Bay “B” teams has half a dozen girls just beginning to learn the game who have never played before. What they’re coaches were thinking is a mystery!

      The “A” teams were much more competitive and more evenly matched.

      • I agree that the “A” teams, varsity, were much more evenly matched, but Bay barely got the ball past midfield. Maybe it would have been a little different if they just played a full match, but I think Lowell would have gotten into their rhythm and ended up scoring quite a few. Lowell looks very good again this year (knocking on wood).

  5. ISA 39, Wallenburg 25

  6. Burton/Jefferson Baseball Game

    Score: 8-8

    Game ended due to the lack of lighting. Said it was getting, “too dark” when there was madden lights.

  7. Drat – there goes my plans to watch Wallenberg boys in the AAA playoffs. I’ll have to double check (if available) the AAA records, but this is probably the first time since the AAA implemented the two division system that Wallenberg hasn’t made the playoffs. I believe the AAA ran a double round-robin schedule back in the early 90’s. Wallenberg wasn’t too good in the early years so I’m pretty sure they didn’t make the playoffs then but they have been competitive over the last decade or more.

    I’m sure Coach Mulligan is disappointed the team couldn’t get in though they would have had a tough match up regardless.

    • I love that you said “drat”… Awesome. I personally would have gone with a dang-nabbit.

    • Don L.,

      I thought Wallenberg was going to win. They split the season series. I honestly don’t know how ISA beat Wallenberg the two times that they did, but, unfortunately, the latter win coast Wallenberg a playoff spot. Like I said before, they’re rebuilding. They’ll be back.

      Also, it’s probably hard to remember when the last time Wallenberg didn’t make the playoffs because you have to remember that for a long time the Neff Division was just a four team division. ISA and O’Connell didn’t field teams (although in ISA’s case, they are the youngest school in the Neff Division and didn’t field one until later on). That meant every team in the Neff Division made the playoffs. The teams were just battling for home court advantage. When I graduated, O’Connell didn’t have a team. It was Lowell, Burton, Wallenberg, and ISA. So it was a matter of battling for home court rather than a playoff spot.

      • ISA was the better team, yo. ISA played the top-tiered teams pretty competitively, while Wallenberg usually got killed playing those same teams. Look at the scores. ISA had less embarassing losses than Wallenberg.

        • City Lights – I could have gone for the really bad words and gotten my post blocked by Jeremy. :)

          GJC01 – True, true. The divisional splits are almost comical especially when the divisions had 4 teams. I’d almost wish they put the all the teams back into one big league but I’m sure there were some reasons for going with the divisional split (perhaps giving the lower tier teams less games against top teams to avoid blowouts). If I recall, one girls season (in the last 4 to 5 years), there were enough teams that dropped that the AAA went to a single division (though I think it was only a single round-robin).

          JJ – I haven’t seen ISA this whole season so can’t really speak for them. I will agree that Wallenberg just had a tough time against the top tier teams. Nothing Coach Mulligan could do. He could usually rely on having some athletic kids who could play defense but I don’t think he had any player that would even be considered for All-City this season. I showed up late yesterday to watch the Wallenberg-Lowell game and it was 33-7.

          I mean, Lowell is not usually the team to run up the score and I don’t think they did. Lowell was just more athletic and out-executed Wallenberg offensively and defensively. Lowell even went zone at one point (not sure if this was to be nice or just practice it). Wallenberg still didn’t score a point in the 3rd quarter until 2 minutes or so were left.

          Again, as a true fan, I feel bad for Coach and his team as they had a rough season. Hopefully, they’ll bounce back in the years to come.

          • If the AAA went to a round robin system each team would be playing 22 regular season games (provided it’s a double round robin like the WCAL). However, they would probably do a single round robin (similar to how the JV league is) each team would play 11 games (which would be five less than our current system). The round robin system, seemingly, wouldn’t work too well.

            What the AAA needs to do is shake the divisions up every year or two like they do with the other sports. They shake the divisions up in baseball (and soccer if I’m not mistaken). I do not know why they don’t do it for basketball. Maybe I should ask Mr. Collins to see why this is.

      • Forgive me, the four teams were Lowell, Burton, Gal, and Wallenberg, not ISA. My apologies to Gal. ISA wasn’t really a major competitor on the boys side.

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