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Game of the day – Lowell vs. Washington boys basketball: As the Neff Division’s top seed, the Cardinals host the rival Eagles, but Washington has shown in recent weeks that they can beat the AAA’s best, with wins over Lincoln and Marshall. Galileo vs. Marshall boys basketball: The Lions and the Phoenix have had plenty of peaks and valleys this season, but their only meeting this year was a 44-42 Marshall win. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA boys basketball playoffs
(L1) Lincoln 59, (N4) ISA 30
(L2) Mission 103, (N3) Burton 87
(N1) Lowell 41, (L4) Washington 33
(L3) Marshall 60, (N2) Galileo 42

AAA girls basketball playoffs
(L1) Washington 72, (N4) Wallenberg 21
(N1) Lowell 59, (L4) Mission 30
(N2) Galileo 67, (L3) Lincoln 45
(L2) Balboa 63, (N3) Burton 29

Non-league baseball
Sacred Heart Cathedral 3, Saratoga 2
Balboa 7, Jefferson (Daly City) 1
Leadership 4, Oakland Military Institute 0
Gateway vs. Marshall @ Moscone, 3:30 p.m.

Non-league boys lacrosse
San Rafael 19, Bay 10
Urban 10, Sacred Heart Cathedral 9 (OT)

Non-league girls soccer
Athenian (Danville) 7, Mission 3
Drew @ College Prep (Oakland), 3:45 p.m.
Bay @ Oakland Military Institute, 4 p.m.
Leadership @ Contra Costa Christian (Walnut Creek), 4 p.m.
SFI vs. Chinese Christian (San Leandro) @ Crocker Amazon, 4 p.m.

Non-league boys tennis
Urban 5, Riordan 0

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26 Comments on "Friday Scoreboard"

  1. Here are the lines for today’s Boys AAA playoff games: ISA vs Lincoln -10.5, Burton vs Mission -12, Wash at Lowell -8, and Marshall at Galileo +6.5…… I will give my FREE plays once I do some research.

    • Since the lines are so sharp, I decided to make OVER 137 Mission-Burton as my FREE play of the Day. Good luck to all the AAA teams who are playing today, both girls and boys.

  2. I’ll set the lines, thank you very much.

    ISA +17@ Lincoln
    Burton +11.5 @ Mission
    Washington +4.5 @ Lowell
    Marshall -1.5 @ Galileo

    Wallenberg +25.5 @ Washington
    Burton +23 @ Balboa
    Lincoln +9.5 @ Galileo
    Mission + 29.5 @ Lowell

    • Is the Marshall-Galileo +1.5 a trap line? ….because I think I would lay everything on Marshall to cover.

      • I think some of your lines were off. Easy winner on Marshall and Lowell. ISA didn’t show up. My FREE pick was a winner, winner, chicken dinner.

  3. marshall got this +10

    • Yea, I have to agree with you. I’ll put a large chunk on Marshall -1.5 and dabble a little on ISA+17 and
      Lowell -4.5. Lean: Mission -11.5. I don’t watch girls AAA basketball, so won’t lay anything on those games.

  4. Why are AAA playoffs so late? Do AAA teams not play in NCS or CCS?

    • The AAA is its own section, like the OAL. The San Francisco and Oakland sections send their own representatives to the state tournament.

  5. Marshall won 60-42.

    • yes but who reported the score.

      • I was talking to Bonta on the phone and I misheard him. Fifty and 60 sound very familar over the phone.

        • i dont think marshall will blow lincoln out .like they did gal and i dont think lincoln will blow marshall out like before..this is the semis everything is tense and the stakes are chance go HARD or go HOME

  6. Wow – Did the Mission and Burton coaches decide not to play defense and turn it into Nellie ball? 103-87 has got to be one of the most high scoring games in recent years. I’m not surprised if an AAA team put up 100 points but usually, it’s when they are blowing teams out. Looks like Burton was game and gave it one heck of a run. Anyone care to provide some recap from the game as it looks like SFPreps didn’t cover it?

    • Don L.,

      I wasn’t at the game, but from what I’ve seen with Burton and Mission, both teams have great 3-point shooters. This could’ve been an old fashion “shoot out” between the two schools. Especially since the score was so high (not too mention, it wasn’t a blow out). As you know, the AAA is more of an offensive league.

  7. AAA boys played out just as everyone thought it would. Now things get interesting.

    By the way JJ and “Oddsmaker”, you do realize you are setting “betting lines” for children playing a high school sport? Kids that read this every day. Kids on the teams that win and lose. Way to set the example for the student-athletes. smh

  8. tennisobserver | February 25, 2012 at 12:08 AM |

    shoutout to Urban’s tennis team! what a squad. david immerman is all business this year.

  9. Great job Burton. Y’all had a great year and I’m proud of your efforts and accomplishments.

    We need to turn our fortunes around. This is the fifth straight year (and sixth straight playoff appearance) that we’ve been knocked out of the first round of the playoffs. Despite this, the team has been improving over the past few years. Keep up the great work.

  10. I forgot to mention earlier that I was at the Lowell / Washington boys game tonight. Wash came out fast but Lowell came back and eventually took the lead. Both teams offenses went stone cold for a while but Lowell did just enough to win.

    I’ll be curious what Coach Jolinko from Wash says about the game. His #5 player looked like the quickest (and maybe best) player on the floor for Wash (hit a 3, some tough drives) early. He had some other shots in the second half but he was surprisingly passive while letting some of his other teammates miss a lot of shots.

    Lowell didn’t play great ball but did enough to win. They’ll need a lot more to compete against Mission though.

    (BTW Jeremy – didn’t see you in the stands when I arrived and you were obviously busy so didn’t get a chance to say hi).

  11. In reference to the Mission-Burton game. It seems that both coaches agreed to turn up the defense, pressure the ball whenever and wherever they had the chance and push the tempo. Majority of the game’s points came off turnovers and freethrows.

    Great game gentlemen.

  12. is it me or some teams arent really trying their best in trying to WIN in the playoffs.these should’ve been close games because it’s playoff but teams winning by more than 15.i don’t think anythings wrong about that but it’s the playoffs and you only get 1 chance.we win some and we lose some that is why we try our very best to win and if we still lose, they will know we were the best team they every played.

    • PF,

      What games are you referring to? If you’re talking about some of the blowouts (especially in the AAA girls side), the blowouts were to be expected (except maybe Galileo / Lincoln). The AAA in girls basketball has usually been a three team race with others just there for the ride.

      Wallenberg girls have (like the boys) fallen on some hard times. The fact that the Mission program has played for three straight seasons is a testament to their coach’s dedication. He basically inherited a program that couldn’t form a team and gotten the varsity team to play hard and compete against the lower tier AAA programs. Mission’s even got a JV girls team so obviously there is interest now. Burton and Lincoln have also fallen off a bit.

      In AAA girls basketball, it is basically a battle between Lowell and Washington with Balboa / Galileo being pretty big underdogs. Lincoln used to be in the mix but as I said, the talent hasn’t been there recently.

      As a side note (this is NOT a criticism of SFPreps or Jeremy) but it would be good to get a story on the Mission girls basketball program. As an official, I had games scheduled for Mission in past years that were cancelled because the team got dropped. The past few seasons (I did not officiate this year), Mission had teams. They didn’t always win but were competing. Unlike the football team, the girls haven’t won a title but the coach does deserve a ton of credit for staying with the team and reviving a pretty dormant program.

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