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Games of the day – Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. Burlingame boys basketball: It’s a bit early for the two teams to meet in the CCS playoffs, but they’re more than familiar. The Irish have met with Burlingame in the last three CCS Division III championship games, but this time, will take the Panthers in the quarterfinals. St. Ignatius vs. Aptos boys basketball: The sixth-seeded Mariners travel to the City to take on the third-seeded Wildcats and the only common opponent between the two teams is Santa Cruz. The Wildcats beat Santa Cruz handily in the Sand Dune Classic, while the Mariners won two of three meetings with Cardinals in Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League play. University vs. Sonoma Academy girls basketball: The Red Devils host the fourth-seeded Coyotes, who have already had their way with City opponents this season. Sonoma Academy has already recorded wins over International, Bay and Urban this season. For live updates on these game, follow us on Twitter at:

CCS Division III boys basketball playoffs
(1) Sacred Heart Cathedral 56, Burlingame 39
(3) St. Ignatius 74, (6) Aptos 40

NCS Division V boys basketball playoffs
(3) University 56, (11) California School for the Deaf (Fremont) 50
(1) St. Joseph Notre Dame (Alameda) 77, (8) Stuart Hall 37

CCS Division II girls basketball playoffs
(2) St. Ignatius 68, (7) Westmont (Campbell) 32

CCS Division III girls basketball playoffs
(2) Sacred Heart Cathedral 45, (7) Saratoga 22

CCS Division IV girls basketball playoffs
(1) Mercy 63, (8) Notre Dame (Salinas) 27

NCS Division V girls basketball playoffs
(5) University 47, (4) Sonoma Academy (Santa Rosa) 32
(6) International 58, (3) St. Vincent de Paul (Petaluma) 46
(7) San Domenico (San Anselmo) 37, (2) Convent 31

NCS Division VI girls basketball playoffs
(1) Ferndale 51, (9) Waldorf 30

CCS Division II boys soccer playoffs
(10) St. Ignatius 1, (2) Leigh (San Jose) 0

CCS Division III boys soccer playoffs
(3) Sacred Heart Cathedral 4, (11) Stevenson (Pebble Beach) 0

Dick Murray baseball tournament
Sacred Heart Cathedral 6, Marshall 1
Balboa 15, Lick-Wilmerding 2
Lowell 13, International 0
Stuart Hall 2, Lincoln 0

Non-league baseball
Heritage (Brentwood) 12, Riordan 5
Half Moon Bay 5, Washington 1
Marin Catholic (Kentfield) 4, St. Ignatius 2
Mission @ Westmoor (Daly City), 11 a.m.

Here’s another highlight video of the CCS quarterfinals from our friend George Nguyen and Yay Area’s Finest

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26 Comments on "Saturday Scoreboard"

  1. CCS boys
    Sacred Heart Cathedral -16.5 vs. Burlingame
    St. Ignatius -8.5 vs. Aptos

    CCS girls
    St. Ignatius -21.5 vs. Westmont
    Sacred Heart Cathedral -23 vs. Branham
    Mercy -25 vs. Notre Dame-Salinas

    NCS boys
    University -11.5 @ CA School for the Deaf
    Stuart Hall +26 @ St. Joseph Notre Dame

    NCS Girls
    University +2 vs. Sonoma Academy
    Convent -7.5 vs. San Domenico
    International +9 @ St. Vincent
    Waldorf +19 @ Ferndale

  2. These are very sharp lines. Here are my FREE picks: B-Game +16.5…this seems like too many points for a well-coached team, and SHC’s Fox may or may not play. Also putting a ‘lil something-sumthin on SI Boys -8.5, as they are playing on their homecourt and are eager to get back on the court after a long layoff. I expect a strong showing from SD31, as he had time to work on his game. Aptos won’t have anyone to stop T. dunbar too. Also, taking CA School for the Deaf +12.5, these boys know how to get it done even if they have a hearing impairment; the crowd noise won’t bother them when they are shooting FT’s. Good luck to all teams. Make SF proud!

  3. SI – 8.5 all day. Aptos woke up early today and had to travel 2 hours to play this game. Advantage Stephen Domingo and company.

  4. SI soccer wins against #2 leigh 1-0 according to ccs website
    lets hope SH gets a good result and the city teams continue their run in the playoffs!!

  5. Mickey Blue Eyes | February 25, 2012 at 3:34 PM |


  6. SI Soccer Dad | February 25, 2012 at 3:37 PM |

    #10 seed Saint Ignatius boys soccer defeated #2 seed Leigh High School 1-0 in a Division II CCS quarterfinal match today at Pioneer High School in San Jose. Saint Ignatius scored in the second half on a nice crossing pass from senior Eli Love to junior forward Joe Pappas. But, again, it was unworldly goal keeping by Reuben Young that was the difference. I don’t know how many diving saves he made in the second half, but it was more than a few. Next up for SI will be a semifinal match against San Mateo High School on Tuesday or Wednesday. Go Cats!

  7. All great CCS runs start with victories over Aptos! Good luck SI

  8. do anyone know if terra nova won

  9. The Riordan-Heritage baseball final was 12-5 Heritage. I left for the hoops playoffs in the 4th. Free food was plus. Lots of fans out there.

  10. Taylor Johns scored 18 points, making some great athletic moves during the game, including one breakaway dunk. Josh Fox didn’t play. He looked OK but he was still favoring his ankle.

  11. CCS Division III boys basketball playoffs
    (6) Aptos 40 (3) St. Ignatius 74

  12. None of the WCAL teams lost yet, but St Francis had to go into OT to beat Palo Alto. If Riordan didn’t have a “violation”, it may have been a clean sweep for the WCAL. It seems like SI got a favorable seed, because a tough Santa Cruz squad played the #2 seed El Camino pretty tough, and SHC played a gritty Burlingame squad, while SI’s opponent (Aptos) seemed over-matched at every position. I actually think an easy win for SI isn’t a good thing, because their next game will be a tough one. El Camino has a quick point guard as well as very talented wings with crafty centers. It should be a very good game. If SHC plays their game, they should be able to beat VC, even if Fox is still not ready. i’m not sure he will be ready because he’s not even running yet.

  13. Good game for the Irish against R.L. Stevenson.
    Both teams showed good sportsmanship, even the parents were polite.

  14. Jeremy, I hope the DIV 5 Girls game between (5) S.F. UNIVERSITY (BCL-W) 26-4 vs. (1) ST. JOSEPH NOTRE DAME (BSAL) 18-10 on Tuesday 02/29/2012 start on time at 8 pm gotta hope that Mission vs. Lowell game doesn’t goes to OT.

    • I’m not even going to start planning next week until we get all of the times and locations set, but right now, it looks like we’re going to miss some important games. Unfortunately it’s just a numbers game at this point.

  15. I went on saturday to SI and I think I’m going to pass in CCS next year. I’ve seen these demolition derby style games way too often. These other non-wcal teams just don’t even belong on the court. Still need to play the games but I just looked up a staggering statistic. All the wcal teams pretty much average a historical CCS record of about 50-10. The rest of the teams I’d say about 85% of them are either at .500 or severely below .500.

    SD31 looked great for once but lets be real, put a wcal guy on him and he turns back into the Domingo we know. El camino’s #11 is not going to get those easy drives to the basket against SI. And for sure is going to get shut down against Herman Pratt if they are lucky enough to beat SI. Get well Josh Fox.

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