Boys Basketball: Fox’s absense no harm for SHC in CCS win over Burlingame

Sacred Heart Cathedral senior forward Taylor Johns winds up for a one-handed dunk against Burlingame on Saturday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Sacred Heart Cathedral senior forward Taylor Johns winds up for a one-handed dunk against Burlingame on Saturday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Devin Chen)

By Bonta Hill

In the quarterfinal round of the Central Coast Section Division III playoffs, Sacred Heart Cathedral’s boys basketball team was forced to play without leading scorer Joshua Fox.

That turned out to not be a problem for the Irish.

Without Fox, Sacred Heart breezed past Burlingame with a 56-39 win on Saturday at St. Ignatius Prep.

Sacred Heart junior forward Liam O'Reilly goes up for a contested shot against Burlingame on Saturday at St. Ignatius Prep. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Sacred Heart (23-5) forced 17 turnovers and held the Panthers (19-10) to 24 percent shooting from the floor, as the top-seeded Irish advanced to the semifinals, where they will take on West Catholic Athletic League rival Valley Christian.

“With a week off, our kids practiced hard and each practice during the week got better and better,” said Sacred Heart head coach Darrell Barbour. “[Practice] is nothing like playing a game, and having that much time off, we had moments where we were scratching our heads trying to figure out what was going on. But [there’s] nothing like winning and moving on, and we can’t wait for the chance to play again.”

With Fox on the bench in street clothes due to an injured ankle he suffered in the WCAL championship game last week against Mitty, fellow senior forward Taylor Johns picked up the offensive slack with a game-high 18 points, 11 rebounds and two blocks.

Johns scored ten points in the third quarter, including two shots from 3-point range. His second 3-pointer from the right wing punctuated a 12-2 Sacred Heart run, giving the Irish a commanding 40-16 lead with 3:27 left in the quarter.

“Taylor can [hit jump shots] and I told him at halftime [that] he was trying to do too much in the first half,” Barbour said. “With Josh not in there, he was hesitating too much in the first half on his shot. We know he can hit those shots because he does it in practice for us.”

After Burlingame scored the first points of the game on a 3-pointer from junior guard Connor Haupt, Sacred Heart led the rest of the way and the Panthers connected on just 16 percent of their shots from the floor in the first half. Burlingame only hit one field goal in the second quarter and was outscored 13-3.

“We didn’t shoot well, but I’d say Sacred Heart’s defense had a lot to do with it,” said Burlingame head coach Jeff Dowd. “We knew it was going to be a tough battle, but obviously they’re a great team that’ll probably take the Division III championship.”

The biggest concern for Sacred Heart going forward is the health of Fox, who Barbour classified as day-to-day.

“Hopefully we’ll get Josh back on the court Monday, have him shoot some free throws and go from there,” Barbour said. “We were hoping to win today and get to Wednesday, with the possibility of him hopefully playing, but we’re not taking anything for granted and we’ll continue to monitor him daily.”

Scoring Summary

Sacred Heart Cathedral
Taylor Johns – 18
Liam O’Reilly – 7
Tyler Petroni – 7
Herman Pratt – 7
DeOndre Otis – 6

Frankie Ferrari – 10
Connor Haupt – 6
Alex Otus – 6
Neil DeQuant – 5
Adam Feinberg – 4

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88 Comments on "Boys Basketball: Fox’s absense no harm for SHC in CCS win over Burlingame"

  1. No surprise here. SHC will win the D3 Championship.

    • Josh Weinstein | February 28, 2012 at 3:13 PM |

      They said the same thing about the CCS Championship football game vs. SI at AT&T Park during football season. How did that work out for you, Irish?

  2. In your photo caption you state that Liam O’Reilly is a junior. Actually he is a sophomore. Good win for the Irish. Hopefully Fox will return soon for the VC game and if they get pass that hurdle onto the final which will probably be against SI, in which case they will need Fox.

    • It looks like Liam O’Reilly will be the guy to try and fill the shoes next year, when the twin towers are gone. I know I sound like Mel Kiper, Jr, but the guy has “tremendous upside”. Honestly, I don’t think Fox will play on Wednesday, because the coach said he will be shooting FT’s on Monday…..If he was going to play on Wednesday, they would’ve said he will take part in our drills and practice, not just “he will be shooting FT’s”.

      • O’Reilly will have big shoes to fill If he works hard on the off season, he will make the Irish proud. They are other Irish players such as Pratt, that will do the Irish proud. Pratt has been ignored, he is one of the best players in league.

    • Wow a sophomore..Things look good for the Irish

  3. Great job Irish, we need Josh back if are going to make a serious run at State! Barbour needs to be a consideration for coach of the year!

  4. SHC beat Burlingame easy and Fox got some much needed rest. Burlingame looked terrible, no go to player and the offense was really sloppy. I had Burlingame 5 for 30 on 3 pt attempts=horrible. SHC just toyed with them, would have been a bigger blow out had Fox played. Next is V.C. and i’ll be curious to see if coach B sits Fox out again and rest him. SHC has to run more and get easy baskets vs V.C so it doesn’t become an ugly half court game. Good luck kids.

    • I would have to think the Coach Barbour will rest Fox against Valley Christian as well as the relatively meaningless CCS championship game as the two teams that advance to the CCS finals automatically qualify for the Northern California Regional Tournament. This will give Fox two and half weeks from date of his injury to get ready for the regional quarterfinals which is where the real challenges will officially commence.

      • I wouldn’t say a section championship is meaningless, relatively or not. SH will want a section championship, not only for home court and seeding purposes in the state tournament, but especially if it is against SI.

        Also, a fourth-consecutive section title would be quite an accomplishment. Just glancing at the CCS history, it appears Eastside Prep in D-V is the only school to have done so previously.

        • Good points – I wasn’t aware of the historical significance at stake here. Personally, I’d like SHC’s chances on the road with Fox better than at home without but I get your drift. I guess my primary rationale for the comment is SHC’s aspirations this year run much higher than winning CCS for the fourth consecutive time…..

  5. Keep it real | February 27, 2012 at 5:01 AM |

    J Balan- you haven’t for got about Pratt-but the League did-How did he
    Only make the 3rdteam(HM)and SI get two kids on the first Team??? Pratt play harder than any one I’ve seen this year!!!And he make winning plays!!! And I don’t think fox will
    Play! Til Saturday

  6. Yes, Keep it real, I agree, the WCAL did forget about Pratt, he was already honorable mention last year 2010. He should have been at least 2nd team, and I also can’t believe SI got two kids on the first team even with that record!!! Maybe the WCAL did not like his long hair even though it was tied up with regulation lengths??

    • Pratt got snubbed, plain and simple. He should’ve been selected for 2nd team WCAL, at the very least. Maybe next year, he could get 1st team, since he will be SHC’s best player. I think he was selected honorable mention because the boxscore doesn’t show him getting alot of points and rebounds. But if you watch the games, he’s the hardest-working player on the court. He’s probably better than all the players selected for 2nd team, for sure. I think it’s all politics because the league wants to make everyone happy, so they have to put a Riordan and Valley Christian player on 2nd team. They also have to put alot of seniors on 1st and/or 2nd team to make their families happy, so Herman Pratt was left out cause it was basically a numbers game.

    • First of all, SHC had two of the three Top Players in League this season. [ Johns and Fox ]

      Second, SHC came in third place in the WCAL.

      Third, since SHC’s stats are not posted online anywhere, no one knows how many points per game Pratt scored in league or for the season. If Pratt averaged over 8 points per game, this would have helped him get more all league votes as long as all the WCAL coaches knew where to look for SHC stats. And if he averaged 5 or more rebounds per game, this would also have helped.

      Bellarmine’s Players were also not highly placed on the All League Team because there no stats for Bellarmine.

      These are also some of the reasons, SI got two player’s on first team. Some stats for either Pratt or Bellarmine’s player’s may have moved one of them or other players to first team. This might have also affected Serra’s player’s also, since Serra finished in second place in league

      • First of all, Riordan has no 1st team WCAL players, and Herman Pratt would be Riordan’s best player if he went there.

        Second, Riordan finished 2nd to last and only had 5 total wins.

        Third, real teams don’t keep stats. The only stats that matter are wins. Keeping stats creates players that look at that stat sheets every chance they get and focus on individual performance. You seem to be the only one that cares about it Pat.

        • When I went to school, all the WCAL schools used to keep stats, and every week you could see the top 10 leaders in points, rebounds, assists, etc…I don’t know why the WCAL stopped doing this. Budget cuts?

        • I don’t know if Pratt would be Riordan’s best player.

          Riordan had plenty of good guards this season, adding Pratt would make no difference, unless he averaged 10 rebounds per game. Riordan would still be vulnerable to opposing big men.

          Now, if you added Johns or Fox, it is different story

        • Also, on stats, all the best teams have kept stats. And if your team has been good, some schools have dedicated stats people. Santa Cruz and Palo Alto both have this, and these people were there before their teams best years and after. Back in the 80’s Saint Ignatius had Doctor Robert Jeffries doing stats for their Football, Basketball, and Baseball Programs.

          Stats always help a coach see what happened. It also give the coach areas the team needs to improve in, and the areas individual players need to improve in.

          Did the team shoot well, did the team turnover the ball a lot. Does your team outrebound the other team.

          Did the opponent shoot well, did the opponent turnover the ball a lot.

      • First, SHC finished second, and probably would have won the title game if Fox did not get injured.
        Second, stats are overrated, If the coaches are making the selections, they would have seen Pratt and know what a skilled, valueable player he is. Numbers are great, but sometimes do not tell the real story.
        Maybe it is the hair thing.

        • Sacred Heart finished third, a game behind Serra.

          • Im not entirely sure how you can look at this JB…. Yes, SH finished third in round robin play, but finished second in the league playoffs. And then theres, if you win the round robin title, youre leauge champion, but if another team wins the playoffs, youre also champion so they put in the records for that year as Co-Champions. So this year Mitty was the unaminous champion.

            They dont do this for AAA. Theres no regular season title. Its just the winner of Turkey Day.

            Enlighten us please JB.

            • The WCAL title can be split as regular-season and tournament championships, but I have a tendency to put more value in the regular-season title.

              In football, the AAA has a regular-season champion and the Turkey Day championship. For whatever reason, the value in AAA football is undoubtedly focused on Turkey Day. Mission won a regular season title last year and Washington won it this season, but flip-flopped on Turkey Day. I guarantee you both teams would trade the regular-season championship for the T-Day title. I think it would be a bit easier if they called the regular-season championship the AAA championship and the Turkey Day champion the San Francisco Section champion, but it’s not that cut-and-dry. Same goes for the OAL.

              The AAA doesn’t have a regular-season league champ in basketball because there are two divisions and the standings only apply to the divisions because they play an unbalanced schedule. Again, the AAA tournament also serves as its section tournament, that’s their regular season goes longer than others.

              All of this was foreign to me when I first got here, because when I was in high school, there were no league tournaments. In the Southern Section, the winner of the regular season is the league champ, then you go to the section tournament.

  7. Bball fanatic | February 27, 2012 at 4:51 PM |

    IMO SHC’s “Big 3″(Fox-Johns- Pratt) vs. El Camino’s “Big 3” will be a better match up…I think 4 rounds of SH vs. SI this year is a bit too much.

    • I agree that 4 rounds of SI vs SHC is overkill, but if Josh Fox isn’t 100% healthy, it’s anyone’s ballgame. A 100% healthy Liam o’Reilly is better than 70% healthy Josh Fox. I hope that SI gets to the CCS champiosnhip, so I can see them compete in NorCals. It will definitely be a tough game for SI to beat El Camino, but EC doesn’t have that intimidating center like alot of WCAL teams have, so SI might do pretty well in the rebound category as well as inside scoring. My guess is that the spread will be SI -3.5

      • I really believe it will be SHC vs SI again, and I agree that its too much/over kill. But I would take Fox at 70% over O’reilly at 100% 7 days a week. Fox is smart and a winner. Fox will do whats necessary to win for SHC and his experience is the main factor…my opinion only!

        • O’Reilly is a really young guy and he is really improving, if you watch the games he looks more comfortable shooting and doing more things in the court. I agree he is no Josh Fox as a sophmore but he definitely is improving which is nice to see for the future.

    • I’d like to beat SI in hoops 5 times this year. After the 5th time, SD31 can give us the key to SI’s campus because SH owned them this year.

      • I hope SI loses to SHC the 4th time, but beats SHC the 5th time, so the SHC people will have the same feeling in their stomach that they had at AT&T Park in December.

        • Dream on JJ. Irish have the Cats in the litter box.

          • Josh Weinstein | February 28, 2012 at 3:28 PM |

            Agreed. The SH fans came into AT&T Park way overconfident and talking a lot of smack outside the ballpark before kickoff. Nice to see their backs climbing up the stairs and out of AT&T Park during the 4th quarter.

        • I would personally like to see an El Camino/SHC final, but dont count out the Cats playing well against a non-WCAL team. 4 times in one year. The best 4-5 time competition was SHC/Riordan in 2000 or 2001. Both were the two best teams in league that year and their final match-up was in NorCal Final with Riordan winning.

          Could Cats be the first team ever to go into a CCS Championship with a sub .500 record in both football and basketball in same year (and win!)?

        • Josh Weinstein | February 28, 2012 at 3:16 PM |

          “I’d” like to beat…? What position do you play on the Irish basketball team? Step away and gain some perspective. You are a fan not a current student or player at SHCP.

          • I play the position of alumni and I associate myself with the school. So when you over-analyze me as pretending to be a player or part of the team, you yourself probably cant associate with anything or anyone in your life. What? Youve never said when the Giants won in 2010, “We won?”

      • “Owned them this year”??? Please refer to CCS Div.III game at AT&T park.

        • Whatever, SI will not beat SH in hoops, they just are not physical enough. Football is a different story, all they had to do was stop Miles basically to control the game. SI has proven they can’t stop any member on this basketball team.

        • Please refer to my comment subject as talking about basketball, not football. Try harder next time to decipher rather than jump to conclusions cherry.

          • Cherry? Love it! Old School line by Mr. Gold.

            SHC is clearly better than SI this year, not even close. Next year is a different story, we’ll see what SHC has up it’s sleeve.

            • Can someone explains to me what this supposed “slur” means or the story behind it? You can either comment a response or e-mail me. If it is derogatory, I will remove the comment and the ensuing thread.

              Remember, I’ve only been up here for three years. Thanks.

              • Lowell House | February 28, 2012 at 5:51 PM |

                The old red jerseys

              • Jblan.. Welcome to SF high school sports. This had been going on for well over a hundred years The cheers the “tags ” and the on going rivalry between SHC, SI ,Riordan is great. The mentions of slurs are by people who have no idea of the great histories of these schools have together. I can not explain in a few sentences of how this all came to be. I don’t know if anyone can. I do know when these kids grow up and when meet each other in their profession lives, they will know each other and give each other a little “ribbing” but know that they are brothers. It’s the San Francisco way.

          • Mr. Gold, that was hilarious, definitely “OLD” school fun..!!!

            • Old school? Try the beer cheer sometime.

              • Josh Weinstein | February 28, 2012 at 3:34 PM |

                Yeah, “old school fun” kind of like calling someone “boy” if they are African American. Grow up, Ari Gold. Using derogatory words teeters on racism.

              • I remember SI had a pep band when they did that Budweiser cheer. SH had one, too. What happened to them? Now only Riordan has a pep/marching band. I guess I’m dating myself, but those big games at Kezar were epic when either of the 3 schools were playing each other. Fortier, Thilgen, Mascheroni,Tony Welch, Brett Crawford, Frank Avalos, Francisco Pepin. Who here remember those names! Bring back the Tri-School mass! LOL!

              • @Josh… check it out —> NFL QB Tom Brady Discusses Life at Serra HS and in the NFL (Full Speech) on 2/23/2012…. … fast forward to 15:05.

                I guess that makes Tom Brady borderline racist? Look how he smiles so sheepishly after saying it… Now if Tom Brady is a racist then we must all be going hell.

              • Brady’s still honked that Jamar Sheppard beat him single-handedly in 1994 with a 40-yard TD, a 98-yard INT for a touchdown and a knock-down of a last-minute 4th quarter pass in the end zone.

              • Actually went to that game IC… whats more exciting that a goal line stand that results in a 98 yd pick 6??? I remember Brady having the angle on Jamar but the window was very small, plus he was running like he had lead shoes on. He dove and missed and Jamar was gone… Fantastic game by SH that day. Im probably not going out on a limb if I said that that was SH’s last football victory vs Serra. Im not entirely sure.

              • No, we did beat Serra in 1997 33-28.

              • Cityfan. Unfortunately, I remember those players as well. Yes, Kezar games were epic. Block clubs 2-3 rows deep. No girls in cheering section except for Riordan let some girlfriends in. Brother Draper (SI) and Brother Ellis (SH) in front of cheering sections sat expressionless. But if things got out of hand, both would walk out toward court, turn around, stare, and an erry quite would come over the section. The SI Budweiser Song was classic in the sence that it was led by an oompa band with a band teacher who looked like Benny Legere in a Lawrence Welk coat. SI played it like the USC Trojans band played the Victory song-constantly It would get louder and louder as game went along. It would end with a resouding, When you said SI, you said it all. SH cheering section would try to out yell them with an SH (in place of SI). At Riordan/SI 1980 basketball championship, Riordan ended it with a resounding (well the word starts with “S” and rhymes with “hit”. Classic.

                Wow IC, the SH on Bernal Heights it took a generation for it to fade out. If you look hard enough, you can still some of the lines. Saw a picture in a SH yearbook once with a SH student and a Christian Brother both holding can of Oly (Olmpia) beer can and smoking a cigerette while liming the hill. One of those-wont see that anymore.

        • Yeah, whudevah, owned them. Who won 38-14 at Kezar, hoops at USF and brought home the Bruce-Mahoney Trophy? It wasn’t the cats in the box.

          • Josh Weinstein | February 28, 2012 at 3:06 PM |

            Pulling the derogatory “cherry” nickname. That is old school San Francisco. Get with the times, old man.

            Just remember there’s one trophy that can never leave 2001 37th Ave., and that’s the 2011 CCS Championship football trophy. 12,000 fans saw the favored Irish get out coached (what, can’t stop the run?) and out played (nice fumble) by the Wildcats.

            Remember? Thought so.

            • OK boys, its getting tiresome.

              As for Cherry comment, unfortunately you, past and future generationsf of SI alums wont ever be able to live it down. In fact, Tom Brady this past week at a speech he gave at a Serra fundraiser did the the “I’m a (insert mascot)….til I die cheer, aka, “….but rather be a (insert school mascot) than a Cherry from SI -to big cheers. For better or worst, it’s tatooed on the school legacy.

              Look at it this way… if theyre not talking about you, that means they dont care. Look even a 5-time Super Bowl quarterback, with arguebly the most stunning wife in the world has time to comment on S.I (albeit in a derogatory manner)..

              Ah yes, talking about old school, nothing was better than Riordan raw-raw-chee-chee cheer, SI’s Budweiser (if you say SI, you said it all) cheer, and SH’s Beer Song.

              • Ugh people its just only generation after generation banter between two high school rivals. SI offends SH all the time with their “You’re not I-rish, clap clap clap clap clap” chant… So what if SH has more diversity? Dont look down on us because we like diversity.

                Now, Im asking nicely. I really dont want to see someone from either school graffiti the bridge at the end of Sunset Blvd where Golden Gate Park meets with an SI or an SH tag… Wasting tax payers money I say!

              • There doesn’t have to be any graffiti, just put the “SH” block back on Bernal Heights.

            • Right… I like the way SI “coached” the punter to fake it and run and “coached” the snapper to toss the ball over the QB’s head.

              • You know IC, since you brought it up, it came to me that John Lee said it was Lawlor’s call to run it. The fumble, the shoestring tackle, Miles injury and the fake punt were the culprits. I don’t know any coach that wouldnt have taken the blame for the kid. He basically pointed the finger at Lawlor. Even if it was Lawlor’s fault, you got to think that any coach wouldve took the blame so the focus wouldnt have to be on Lawlor whos just a kid.

          • Josh Weinstein | February 28, 2012 at 4:38 PM |

            Especially using derogatory words pointed at teenagers is very dangerous. It’s bullying. And that’s pathetic when an adult does it to a child. And it’s downright dangerous.

            • Josh Weinstein | February 28, 2012 at 4:56 PM |

              SI stopped cheering “You’re not Irish” a few years ago in the cheering section. I have not heard that cheer in at least 3-4 years at all the Bruce games at USF and Kezar. The SI Deans put a stop to that. SI students have respect for SHCP and visa versa. Just look at the last SI & SHCP boys basketball game on Ellis St. Nothing but handshakes and hugs at mid court. I wish the fans on this board would act in the same spirit of sportsmanship the player show instead of calling out players by name and deriding their playing ability. Saying things like you “own” SD31. C’mon.

              • Haven’t heard that chant in years. The SI students usually do a good job keeping their cheers clean.

                I’m surprised they haven’t picked up any chants about the lack of SHC students at any of their other games besides Bruce-Mahoney.

              • Nope, didnt say that. Putting words in my mouth Josh. I said this year SH boys hoops owns SI hoops. Ok, I’ll taper off that ownage label because 3 in a row is hardly ownage. Ownage was SH girls hoops over SI girls hoops the last 8 years of Harrigan (2001-2009?)… Ownage is SI football over SH football 1985-2007? or that could be still ongoing =) ….

                Im done with Domingo. Hes not a star or SI’s best player. Its Dunbar. I even think Albert Waters is more valuable than Domingo.

              • I am new to commenting here, but the these posts every day. I am an SHC Alum so I am biased a teensy bit. :-)
                I played football all 4 year, soccer for two and volleyball for two, and rooted the other teams on as all the kids did for their schools. Fought hard against SI all the time, talked smack, and then went to the grove that night for a a little get together with all the same guys that we just battled with.

                I guess my point is, is that if your not from here (SF) and weren’t either a Rabbit (Riordan), Cherry (SI), or one of the Irish (SH, now SHCP), then you don’t get it and you never will. It has always been friendly banter between friends, and family in a lot of instances. I do agree that when it takes an ugly turn, it can be bullying, but for the most part we are all family at these schools.

                My kids, who go to Lowell btw, call it St. Ignautious, which I never did. SI was the best all girls school in the city in the 80’s.


              • Mr. Weinstein. Please stop flaming the conversation with misdirected comments like “boy” or bullying reference which we all know is a hot topic right now. Life (as this well as this board) is not politically correct bashion (sp). I respect that you grew up in a everybody gets a trophy kinda world, but frankly life is not like that. Youre sensitivity is virturous if not for your digs against one of the three other WCAL city schools.

                Just imagine how mute this conversaton would be 30 years ago when only the top 4 teams made the WCAL playoffs and only the league champion went onto sectionals.

                And to all, lets refocus on CCS/NCS basketball tomorrow night and hopefully San Francisco schools and their supporters have a lot more to talk about on Thursday and beyond.

              • Sorry for the typos in my earlier post….just can’t get the hang of a keyboard after taking typing class on those old manual typewriters in the old gym with Jerry Phillips as our typing teacher.

                Again, just saying that this is a great old rivalry, even with Riordan, that dates back years, and we should embrace all of it.

                I was at that football game at AT&T, proudly wearing my old jersey, even though it was a little tight, and was disappointed with the loss, but hey, we got the Bruce.

            • Josh Weinstein | February 28, 2012 at 5:06 PM |

              And to say SI “looks down on SHCP because SHCP likes diversity” is a racist statement, plain and simple. Are you saying SI as an institution hates minorities? Let’s back up your statements with some data. Do you have any data on the students of color makeup at SHCP?

              Go to the SI website and see that half of the student body at SI are students of color. Over 27% of all students at SI are on financial aid, white students and students of color. SI has had a thriving Association of African American Students, Association of Latin American Students, and Association of Asian American Students clubs which for over 40 years have been sending students out into the world that are leaders in their fields. How can you, Ari Gold, make such a blanket statement that SHCP likes diversity more than SI. Don’t you see the danger in that comment?

              • JB Im not even going to go there. I think you should end this because I had no idea Al Sharpton was a commenter here and claims I am racist when I simply pointed out that SH is a more diversified student body than SI does. Thats all…

                Do you know if any of the CCS games will be broadcasted on streaming video?

              • SI Sports Radio | February 28, 2012 at 9:02 PM |

                Glad you asked Ari Gold! It’s a doubleheader on Irish Sports Radio and SI Sports Radio on Wednesday night for the CCS Quarter Finals at SI. How cool is that? You can listen live to both games by using a computer, smart phone, iPad or other tablet computer, iPod Touch, or in SI’s gym with a smart bug radio.

                El Camino vs. SI at 520pm on SI Sports Radio. Link:
                or type into your browser.

                Valley Christian vs. SHCP at 705pm on Irish Sports Radio. Link:

                Go Cats and Go Irish! Let’s have another San Francisco reunion in Santa Clara on Saturday night.

              • Racism means a belief or practice that one race is superior to another, thus I see nothing racist about
                Ari Gold’s comments. He just stated an opinion about which school is more diversified. From what I have seen, SHC appears more diversified. SHC has the rep of being the working class catholic school
                and SI the more rich kids school. That may not be true anymore. This is one dynamic that made our rivalry
                more instense than others.

          • That victory against Serra must have been an epic one, missed it.
            Does anyone remember Glen Hubbard, Terry Richardson, Dana Giovannini leading then SH to a CCS championship in 1972, when the CCS had only one section. Much more difficult than today. I believe SH was the first WCAL team to win the boys basketball CCS title.
            I don’t think even Kevin Restani’s Riordan team won the CCS, correct me if I am wrong.
            Playing same team 4 or 5 times in the same year is overkill.

            • The 72 SH team win over defending CCS champ Alisal was the beginning of a run of multiple CCS championships for SF WCAL teams with Riordan and SI playing in the next several. Yes only one division back then(changed in early 80’s). It wasnt until ealry 80’s that the CCS winner played beyond to a round robin State final.

              • In 1976, both Cupertino and Saint Ignatius played in the Tournament of Champions.

                Both lost in the first round and played for the Consolation Championship, which Cupertino won.

                In 1981, Saint Ignatius lost to Wilson (San Francisco) in the third place game in the State Tournament of Champions. Riordan beat Fremont (S) in the Third Place Game, which was the last Third Place Game played. There was even a Consolation Championship Game, which Saratoga won by defeating Milpitas.

                In 1982, their were actual Playoff Games that led to a State Championship Game. The CCS played no Divisions this year, although there were State Divisions (at least 2 divisions). Jefferson beat Riordan for the CCS Championship and Fremont Christian lost to Jefferson in the Semi Finals.

                In 1983, the CCS had two divisions, which were won by Fremont (S) in Division I over SI and Menlo School in Division II over Aptos.

                It wasn’t until 1987 that the CCS played 3 Divisions and in 1988 the CCS went to 5 Divisions.

            • Riordan’s basketball teams with Kevin Restani played in only one CCS Tournament.

              In 1969 after winning the Region I Playoffs, Riordan lost to both Willow Glen {49-68} and Buchser {67-69 in OT} High Schools in the CCS Tournament. Willow Glen beat Santa Cruz {64-53} in the CCS Championship Game. This was Kevin Restani’s Junior Season.

              In 1970, Riordan lost to Hillsdale in the Region I Championship Game and did not play in the CCS Tournament. Buchser High School won the CCS Tournament.

              In 1971, Archbishop Mitty beat the Round Robin Champion Saint Francis twice to win the WCAL Playoffs. Mitty then won the Region I Championship and then lost the CCS Championship Game to Alisal, who had lost the previous year’s CCS Championship Game.

              In 1972, Sacred Heart won the WCAL Round Robin and Playoffs, won the Region I Playoffs and then won the CCS Tournament.

              At this point Riordan had won only 2 CCS playoff games (both Region I games) and lost 3 CCS playoff games.

              In 1973, Serra won the Round Robin Championship with a 10 win and 2 loss league record. Three teams tied for second with 7-5 records; Riordan, Sacred Heart, and Saint Ignatius.

              Sacred Heart got to play Serra in the first round of the WCAL playoffs and lost to Serra {32-54}, while Riordan beat SI {49-40}. Riordan then beat Serra in the next two games {45-33} and {40-28} to win the WCAL Championship. Riordan then beat Mills {68-59} in the Region I Championship Game and then beat Aptos {80-73} in the CCS Tournament and Woodside {51-46} in the CCS Championship Game.

              In 1974, Serra beat Riordan, the Round Robin Champions, in the first round of the WCAL Playoffs, but lost to SI, before Riordan beat SI in the WCAL Championship Point Game. Riordan then went on to win the Region I Championship and the CCS Championship.

              In 1975 and 1976, Saint Ignatius won the WCAL and Region I Championships, but lost the CCS Championships Games to Cupertino, who had Kurt Rambis who went on to play for Santa Clara University and the Los Angeles Lakers.

  8. I think Pratt should have at least made 2nd team. The kid flat out gives it his all each time out. I agree with the comment about SI, having 2 kids on the team. I do blame the coaches in the WCAL for letting this happen. At the end of the day, I think this” snub” will only motivate pratt as he is not the type who go stat looking after games. Great kid, great family as well. Good luck to all SF teams remaining.

  9. Bball fanatic | February 27, 2012 at 6:36 PM |

    Herman Pratt deserved to make the 2nd team at the very least. I don’t know if the hair style came into play but he’s a first team pick for sure next year. Tyler Petroni should of been an honorable mention as well but I guess the coaches can’t please everybody, a team can only get so much if they’re not in first place.

  10. Keep it real | February 28, 2012 at 7:02 AM |

    Well I do think all teams should have stats for the league!! But the Pratt being on the 3rd team should not have happen!! And the coaches pick who make it-but as you might dont no you can’t pick your own players!!! So to me that’s even worst to see that some kids got done wrong!!! But at the end of the day!!! It’s still good to see some
    City kids doing good-I do think SI will win this time vs EC They have played a lot of of good teams and the Wcal all year-So they will be a much better team than EC played the first time!! SI by 7 only to play SHC one more time to lose by 10!! But Still to city teams move on to nor -cal and that’s what the SF City need!!! Good luck to all the teams and lets see some good basketball!!!!

  11. Josh Weinstein | February 28, 2012 at 9:16 PM |

    I’m not putting words in your mouth Ari Gold. You wrote “Don’t look down on us because we (SHCP) like diversity.” It’s clearly a put down to SI implying that SI is not diverse and doesn’t support diversity. Which, if you actually know the school, is not the truth.

    SI has a Diversity & Inclusion Office. SI has the Magis program where many SI, SHCP, and Riordan students of color (and students being the 1st in their family to go to college) attended every summer before they go to high school.

    SI holds a Latino Summit every March that draws Latino students from high schools from around CA and Washington for two days of seminars.

    Does this sound like a school in your words that “likes diversity” less than SHCP?

    Your pal,

    Al Sharpton

    • Josh Weinstein | February 28, 2012 at 9:26 PM |

      And how could I forget Ari Gold, that earlier this month, SI had John Carlos from the 1968 Olympics speak to the students and faculty. Google John Carlos 1968 Olympics and you will realize how diversity is all over SI’s curriculum.

    • To Josh:

      Saying one school is more or less diversified is not racist, but calling someone an old man is ageist.
      So what John Carlos spoke at SI, that does make it more diverse. SI buses in kids from Marin and Burlingame to keep its school on the up. SH let a speaker from a group called Peoples Ideas
      speak to a class. That is diverse

      • Josh Weinstein | February 29, 2012 at 11:01 AM |

        @John Tuvo So in your words “SI buses in kids from Marin and Burlingame to keep its school on the up.” Does that mean SI buses in white kids from Marin and Burlingame to “keep its school on the up?” Does “the up” mean academics? Are you saying white kids are better academically than students of color?

  12. Josh Weinstein | February 28, 2012 at 9:23 PM |

    @WCAL Alum Well, you assumed I grew up in a place where in your words “everybody gets a trophy kinda world.” Not true. I grew up in a poor part of San Francisco and played CYO where kids got cut and put on the B team and only teams that finished in 1st or 2nd got trophies.

    I agree with you that the trophy generation has it too easy. They don’t know how to lose and what to do to get better and win. Anyone can be a winner. It takes a man/woman to get back up after getting hit in the mouth after losing a game. And when you overcome your faults and weaknesses with hard work and win, that’s something the Trophy Generation will never understand.

    • Very true (to your statement). I cant say definatively how it will work out for the all trophy/p.c. generation but I hope they will learn to overcome any sense of entitlement.

      Let’s all enjoy some prep hoops tomorrow.

  13. Keep it real | February 29, 2012 at 6:08 AM |

    Damn here we are talking about (Kids)And you Man have turn this in to something els!!! Just understand its all about these kids and the game of basketball -now let’s all enjoy today’s games!! It should be some good young man playing the game they love are at least like!!!! And I’m a SHC fan but with no fox!!! VC could be a good game also!!! So two good games tonight!! With some kids
    All. Can say one day!!! I remember him and look at him now!!!! Maybe even on ESPN!!!!

  14. I love the huge generalizations being thrown around on this board (not). As if people who aren’t actually in one or the other community know the demographics and breakdown of community of which they are NOT a member.

    Both schools have quite a bit of “diversity”. I’m guessing the “diversity” experts are calling SHC “diverse” because they have slightly more African Americans. Are Asian-Americans part of diversity? How about Latinos?

    You are all treading in ridiculous waters with these statements. How about beyond sports? Does “diversity” equal academic achievement and college success or does “diversity” = being good at basketball?

  15. This has gotten out of hand and I should have ended it a long time ago. If you don’t have anything to say about the basketball game that this post is about, your comment will not be approved.

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