Monday Scoreboard

Scores will be updated as they are sent in. Please send in your scores to or call them in to (415) 251-0918. The score phone line is open 24 hours a day.

Game of the day – Lowell vs. Stuart Hall baseball: Both teams won their first-round matchups in the Dick Murray Tournament last week and will look to take control of the Blue Division with a win. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at: and you can also follow pitch-by-pitch at with the password FB23526406.

Dick Murray baseball tournament
Lowell 12, Stuart Hall 3
Sacred Heart Cathedral 15, Balboa 0

Non-league baseball
Westmoor (Daly City) 5, Lincoln 4
Mission vs. Richmond @ Jackson, 3:30 p.m.

WCAL boys golf
Mitty (San Jose) 191, Sacred Heart Cathedral 222

BCL West boys golf
Drew vs. Urban @ Presidio, 3 p.m.

Non-league softball
Washington 11, Urban 1

Non-league boys tennis
Lick-Wilmerding 6, Riordan 1

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10 Comments on "Monday Scoreboard"

  1. We’re starting a new feature today on iscorecast, at the link above, with the password FB23526406.

    You can follow the game pitch-by-pitch and play-by-play, featuring all of the player names and game-tracking statistics.

    The game won’t be listed until I get to the field and get the rosters finalized and I think I worked out most of the kinks when I first used it last week, but please let me know what you think.

    • I watched about an inning and a half of the scorecast, and it was pretty easy to understand. I stopped watching because I wasn’t a big fan of the 2 teams, SH and Lowell. I found it very informative and entertaining. It’s very similar to the gamecast tracker. Hopefully, you guys can use scorecast during some basketball and WCAL football games too.

      • We’ll see about football. I tried basketball, couldn’t hang with the speed of the game and went back to my paper method. Baseball is really easy and football could be an option too, if there is an app.

  2. From Mitch Stephens, this week’s Boy’s Top 5:

    Boys basketball
    1. Salesian-Richmond (28-2, 1-0): The Pride and Jabari Bird (35 points) let loose in a 91-63 NCS quarterfinal win over Berean Christian-Walnut Creek.

    2. De La Salle (25-2, 1-0): Wednesday’s NCS semifinal game with Castro Valley is a rematch of last year’s NorCal final, a DLS win.

    3. Mitty (25-3, 1-0): Thomas Peters is underrated on team with Aaron Gordon.

    4. Newark Memorial (24-4, 1-0): Gets surprising Las Lomas-Walnut Creek in NCS semifinals.

    5. Sacred Heart Cathedral (23-5, 1-0): Team’s fate largely depends on the injured left ankle of leading scorer Josh Fox.

    Okay, in particular #3 Mitty. Ive seen Thomas Peters 4 times. He would probably be Mitty’s best player if Gordon was not his teammate. But Mitch calling him underrated is absolutely wrong. He is very overrated because the main reason why he accumulates his numbers with relative ease is because of Gordon. You cant block out Gordon on rebounds with one guy so Peters is going to get a ton of offensive reb putbacks. Peters at 6’5-6’6 is not getting any mid range jumper blocked when he comes off screens and he knows hey I can throw up any shot, if I miss, Gordon is going to get it. Lastly you have 6’5 Vranicar spotting up in the corner for a wide open 3 and no one is blocking a 6’5 guy in the corner thats shooting a 3 when youre tallest player is concentrated on Gordon or Peters. But but but wait! Gordon and Peters are juniors! So we get to see an “underrated” Peters again? I like Peters’ game because he makes it look so easy but theres a huge reason why its so easy and thats what makes him overrated.

  3. According to the All-WCAL list, Thomas Peters is a senior.

    • you’re right. he’s a senior. … this should make you happy but you want the definition of underrated, look under Trevor Dunbar.

      • I don’t really think 1st team WCAL is underrated. If anyone is underrated, it’s your boy Pratt. Honorable mention? I think Johnny M is underrated, he should’ve got a D1 to USF.

  4. boys bball top 10?

  5. From Mon. 2/27:

    BCL West boys golf
    Urban 164, Drew 245

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