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Games of the day – Lincoln vs. Marshall boys basketball: The Phoenix showed flashes of greatness this year, but dropped both regular-season meetings with the Mustangs, including a disheartening 51-29 loss last week. St. Ignatius vs. El Camino boys basketball: The Wildcats dropped a non-league game to the Colts in December, but a win tonight puts them into the section championship game and gives them a spot in the state championship tournament. International vs. San Domenico girls basketball: The Jaguars have already advanced further than any girls basketball team in school history, but will take on their BCL Central rivals in the semifinals. International dominated the Panthers in the league championship game, but San Domenico proved they could beat the Jaguars with a 50-40 road win in January. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA boys basketball semifinals
(L3) Marshall 52, (L1) Lincoln 47
(L2) Mission 66, (N1) Lowell 51

CCS Division III boys basketball semifinals
(2) El Camino (South San Francisco) 51, (3) St. Ignatius 45
(1) Sacred Heart Cathedral 56, (4) Valley Christian (San Jose) 47

NCS Division V boys basketball semifinals
(2) Branson (Ross) 73, (3) University 46

CCS Division III girls basketball semifinals
(2) Sacred Heart Cathedral 54, (3) Santa Cruz 45

NCS Division V girls basketball semifinals
(6) International 62, (7) San Domenico (San Anselmo) 39
(1) St. Joseph Notre Dame (Alameda) 58, (5) University 44

CCS Division II boys soccer semifinals
(3) San Mateo 3, (10) St. Ignatius 2

CCS Division III boys soccer semifinals
(3) Sacred Heart Cathedral 4, (2) Burlingame 3 (OT)

BCL West badminton
Convent/Stuart Hall 5, Athenian (Danville) 2

Non-league badminton
Lowell @ University, 4 p.m.

AAA baseball
Washington 26, Burton 0
Lowell vs. O’Connell @ Balboa Park, 3:30 p.m. (rained out)
Balboa vs. Wallenberg @ Big Rec, 3:30 p.m. (rained out)
Lincoln vs. Marshall @ West Sunset, 3:30 p.m. (rained out)
Galileo vs. Jordan @ Crocker Amazon, 3:30 p.m. (rained out)

PSAL baseball
Jewish Community vs. St. Lawrence (Santa Clara) @ Big Rec, 3:30 p.m. (rained out)

Non-league baseball
University @ De Anza (Richmond), 4 p.m. (rained out)

BCL West boys golf
Bay 162, Urban 174

Non-league boys lacrosse
Drake (San Anselmo) 6, Urban 5
Berean Christian (Walnut Creek) 9, Sacred Heart Cathedral 8 (OT)

Non-league girls lacrosse
Piedmont 15, University 4

Non-league girls soccer
Drew 2, Waldorf 0

Non-league softball
Lowell 4, Sacred Heart Cathedral 2
Urban 9, College Prep (Oakland) 9
Mission vs. University @ Moscone, 4 p.m. (rained out)

Non-league swimming
Lick-Wilmerding 121, Bentley (Lafayette) 42 (boys)
Lick-Wilmerding 94, Bentley (Lafayette) 59 (girls)
Convent/Stuart Hall @ Athenian (Danville), 4 p.m.

WCAL boys tennis
Bellarmine (San Jose) 7, Riordan 0

Non-league boys tennis
St. Ignatius 7, Urban 0
University @ Lowell, 3:30 p.m.
Lick-Wilmerding vs. Lincoln @ City College, 3:30 p.m.

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55 Comments on "Wednesday Scoreboard"

  1. Can we please not have commentors make imaginery gambling lines for the games today?

    I have no issue with predictions, call out an exact score if you like, but please no +/- spreads. High schools sports are an extension of our educational system.

  2. JB U have International vs. San Domeinco (San Anselmo) & not St. Joseph Notre Dame (Alameda) in the “Games of The Day” section of today’s scoreboard. Please correct it ASAP.

    • That is correct.

      • JBalan:
        On Twitter SFPreps posted: Games of the Day: Lincoln-Marshall and SI-El Camino boys basketball, and University-SJND girls basketball

        • Gotcha. That was a mistake. The games we are covering are correct on the site. Also, please use the name you originally started with on the website (see the Commenting Code of Conduct). I’ve changed it, but won’t do so again.

  3. Quick (although minor) correction: International MVBB advanced to NCS Finals in 04-05 and 05-06!

    Should be a great game between two very well-coached teams!

    Go Jags!

  4. I think SI will win by more than 2.5 points.

  5. AAA boys
    Lincoln -7.5 vs. Marshall
    Mission -9 vs. Lowell

    CCS boys
    St. Ignatius -3 vs. El Camino
    Sacred Heart Cathedral -14.5 vs. Valley Christian

    NCS boys
    University +6 vs. Branson

    CCS girls
    Sacred Heart Cathedral -6.5 vs. Santa Cruz

    NCS girls
    International -8.5 vs. San Domenico
    University +4.5 vs. St. Joseph Notre Dame

    • Very sharp lines, but I gotta put a lil somethin-sumthin on SI -3. Also, gotta put it down for Marshall +7.5. If Marshall pulls through, will add Lowell +9 for the 2nd game, but not really feelin’ it for some reason because the athleticism of Mission might be too, too much. If Marshall gets beat handily, not playing Lowell +9. Lean: Branson -6

  6. JB will you be covering at Kezar or at SI tonight?

    I dislike showboaters. I really admire Taylor Johns and Josh Fox whenever they throw down a dunk and they dont jaw at the guy that guarded them. They just run down back on defense and dont say a word.

    Elijah White of El Camino, during the last 30 seconds of the Santa Cruz game, showed up the benchwarmer that was guarding him.

    What is wrong with me!?!?! Im pulling for SI!!! … I guess I dislike showboaters more than SI.

    • I will be at both games at SI tonight, although only the SI-EC game will get a full story, unless something crazy happens in the SHC-VC game. The SHC game will likely go into the wrapup.

      Bonta will be at Kezar, Josh will be at International and we may have a celebrity report from the University game on the road.

    • Do you hate smack-talkers because Michael Smith of EC was doing it to one of the players of Santa Cruz, Jamie St John.

      • @JJ… at first when St. John walked over Smith while he was lying on the floor I thought it was disrespectful… Then naturally Smith got pissed about it like any person would, but you could tell the next 5 possessions he was just on St. John like white on rice and yapping in his ear. No one else was guarding their guy as tight as he was and this “defense” was stirring up some Santa Cruz fans to yelled out “Calm Down!” which led to a response from Smith’s family on the other side to tell the Santa Cruz fans to “You Calm Down!” .. I was sitting in back of the SC fans that said that.

        I think it pretty much ended when St. John went for a layup and Smith hacked him from behind and Smith just celebrated with a couple pounds to the chest. Basically, he was a hot-head and unfortunately his coach or teammates didnt tell him to get his head in the game instead of trying to exact revenge.

        • Yea, I heard when the SC fans yelled Calm Down. I think Michael Smith later tackled one of the SC guys under the basket. The refs should’ve stepped in, or else it could’ve got put of hand. I think after the game, the 2 players were staring each other down while watching the 1st quarter of the SI game, because I was sitting behind Mr. Smith and St John’s eyes were looking at him.

  7. JB, can you explain to me why SH boys’ are in D-2 & the girls’ are in D-3 in CCS?

  8. So Ari and JJ,

    Are you guys going to come say hello to me tonight?

    • Unfortunately no JB. But you enjoy the games.

    • Probably not, because you look busy whenever I see you at the games. Plus, the scoreboard might make me confused because I’m pretty sure EC will be the “home” team, while SI will be the visitors on the scoreboard. So SI will sit on the side that JBalla sits on?

  9. Oops yes I did mean SI. Thanks JB.

  10. Im sure it was from behind, but I just heard on the SI broadcast that SD31 got blocked by 5’6″ Elijah White…………..

  11. Michael Smith like NBA Jams on-fire! 14 points. SI cant hit the broad side of a barn. Oh well, 16 more minutes until the end for SI men’s hoops.

  12. Im speechless… down 22 after 3 periods, Reardon sitting down his starters?? More showboating by El Camino. Theyre in for a rude awakening in the final vs SH.

  13. Steve Kassel | February 29, 2012 at 6:42 PM |

    Not at all surprised to see El Camino blowing out SI. I’ve seen El Camino play five times this year and they will give SHC a very tough game.

    • I don’t really think a 6 pt loss is a blowout, but El Camino played better for 3 quarters. Too bad SI didn’t play like the last 5 mins of the 4th quarter all season. I’ve seen SI play about 8 times this season, and this last game was basically the story of their season. When you think they get over the hump, they lay a dud in their next game. Look at their record, it’s not very good. SI couldn’t hit the ocean in the 1st quarter; I wouldn’t be surprised if they went 0 for 7 to start the game. Hate to admit it, but SI probably would’ve lost to SHC by 10 on Saturday, then they would’ve lost to Bishop O Dowd by 14 in Norcals. Tough season, but the Cats will be back next year. After the SI game, everyone went home, and the SHC game felt like church, which SHC pretty much coasted to a easy victory. Tyler Petroni must’ve been sick because he was MIA. I hope SHC beats El Camino by 20 because I really didn’t like the chest-bumps of El Camino after the final buzzer sounded, because they were celebrating like the won the NBA championship. Good luck to the Irish.

  14. Wow Wow Wow.. just straight admiration. EC almost choked this one. Great 4th quarter SI.

    • I didn’t catch the whole SI – EC game but was very disappointed in SI’s play tonight. The most troubling thing to me is that they didn’t seem to play hard or smart basketball. Their play(s) seem to consist of Dunbar dribbling for 30 seconds then shooting a jump shot or dribble drive to the basket. SD31 was almost completely invisible for the most part. When he did touch the ball he seemed to favor fadeaways over EC defenders six inches shorter than him. If I was coaching SI – I would run a two man game with TD10 and SD31 and make sure that SD31 spent much more time in the low post and get him moving towards the basket instead of shooting fadeaways over much smaller players.

  15. Sister Frances Meyer | February 29, 2012 at 8:54 PM |

    The score for the SHC girls game was 54-45…..not the score you have on your website.

  16. Branson absolutely dominated in the 2nd half. I can’t believe Uni crumpled like that.

  17. Wow is right. I knew SHC would win tonight. Stunned and excited by the SI-EC game. SI should be really good next year. SI’s coaches were good in the past but… they need a new O. Granted they had guys missing a LOT of shots this year but they still need to change so very bad. I hope they figure it out. Hopefully they will. Maybe they can call up Lippi for some advice. lol

    Think about this. SI has gotten BOUNCED out of the playoffs for three years in a row before the CCS final which = no Norcals, AT THEIR HOUSE! How embarrassing. Mills, Burlingame, and now El Camino have exerted PAL dominance over the Cats. Daaaang…

    Good luck Irish in the final. Bring down the El Camino swag from level 9. They need to learn to respect the 415 and the WCAL.

    • Yea, the PAL pretty much owns SI. I was at all those 3 games when SI lost in the CCS semis to Mills, Burlingame, and unfortunately El Camino too. You are right, they need a new O. When they started running, that’s when they made their big comeback. They should try to run more, like alot of commenters have said in the past. Overall, I think SD31 had a poor game because he kept missing in the 1st 3 quarters, then he got hot in the 4th quarter when it was essentially too late. Anthony Knight of EC was running through the SI D like an orange cone drill in the 1st 3 quarters, and Michael Smith reminds me of SI great Johnny Mrlik. Trevor Dunbar vs Elijah Smith matchup was a draw.

  18. could we see a Mission vs Sacred Heart Nor Cal 1st Rd match up?? Don’t count it out!!

    • Not if SHC wins on Saturday.

      If SHC wins on Saturday, they win be the #1 or #2 seed, and have a first round Bye.

      Last year the Top 3 Seeds received BYEs

    • Won’t see Mission-SHC in NorCals because Mission is Division 4 and SHC is Division 3. Marshall is also Division 4.

    • It would be an SF Rebel convention if it happens. That would be a fun game that SHC would eventually win by 10-15. Gianni and Antoine vs. their old SHC teammates. With more St. Mary’s, Shipwreck, Megan Furth, and Rebel Alumni than you can imagine.

  19. El Camino…punk basketball. Obviously haven’t been there before the way they act.

    SHC will shut these guys down and shut them up.

    El Camino in NoCal’s? Good luck with that Colts.

    • I watched El Camino play five times this year and they we’re always kind and respectful. I made it a point to speak with them and congratulate them after Burlingame lost to them in the PAL finals. They were all real gentlemen.

  20. What a bunch of haters. First SF and others on another post brags how bad EC is and how SI will kill them then EC plays to where they are up by 22 in the 4th quarter and you all start to complain about their cockiness. They are not cocky, they are proud of how far they have come. Give them a break. MSmith with 20 points continues to be their leading scorer and was first team all league, Anthony Knight with 10 points played an exciting game and he too was all league first team, E White PAL MVP did not have the best of game but he fought to the end. They won their division, won PAL, are in the CCS Championship and came in second in the St Francis tournament beating St Francis. Dang people give them some credit. There are three boys who basically got their team to this last leg and still no love is showed to them.

    By the way, MSmith family did not scream anything to any Santa Cruz players. I was sitting close to where his mother and sisters were and that flat out did not happen.

    Great job to the rest of EC Team for showing a bunch of SI supporters what a good public school team can produce.

    • Stick to one name when commenting please. I’ve changed your name, but won’t do it again. Next time your comment wont’ be approved. Please read the Commenting Code of Conduct.

    • Good luck on Saturday. EC is ranked #12 in the Bay Area (I believe), while SI isn’t even ranked. EC has a good team, but alot of people in the stands were saying that it was an upset when EC beat SI tonight, even though they beat them by 10 earlier in the season. Even the linesmakers gave EC no respect, lol. And I honestly think it was one of the EC coaches who posted that SI would win by 20 and that EC would have no chance, so they would have bulletin board material and show it to the players. Either that, or an EC supporter posted that to give a psychological edge to EC’s players.

  21. Shocker that SI lost but congrats to the Colts. I don’t really know the current group of El Camino kids too well but an adult asian league that I play in has been hosted at El Camino High for the last 7 years or so. The past coach really revived the program and had the team on the upswing. The players from both the boys and girls at El Camino helped out managing the facility and selling food & drinks. The kids were pretty respectful when I saw them the past few years.

    Now, some may say that El Camino was showboating a bit but let’s remember this. From the Chronicle article, El Camino hasn’t been in the CCS Finals in a while (or ever, don’t remember off the top of my head). I’m pretty sure that El Camino was quite thrilled (like AAA teams would be) if they were able to knock off a WCAL school.

    It’s almost like if the down trodden / Moneyball Oakland A’s knocked off the super power houses in New York or Boston.

    • Don L.,

      Isn’t there a difference between being happy and showboating? You can be happy and respectful. Showboating is done to taunt and embarrass the other team.

      • EC was just happy, but SI supporters including myself are just disappointed that SI had 3 mediocre basketball seasons in a row. I’m sure if SI came back and won, the SI student body would’ve rushed the court, then the EC fans would’ve felt it was disrespectful too. If anyone was disrespectful, it was the EC fans chanting na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, Hey hey hey, goodbye with 10 secs left in the game. But it’s true that the EC players acted like they won the NBA championship, tho.

        • The Na-na-na-na…hey-hey-hey…goodbye chant is also part of the game (just like holding up the three fingers after making a three). So I can’t see how that can be offensive. Although, EC did beat SI on their own court and that maybe what’s really eating SI supporters and fans. Maybe y’all had high expectations and thought that SI would go on to meet SHC. Honestly, I thought SI would be facing SHC as well. However, I notice that when things don’t go SI’s way, they tend to come on here or elsewhere and complain (just an observation). This is not true for everyone, but I noticed that during football season as well.

          But what gets me is that when you do have something good (like the SI girls basketball team) no one is on here talking about them. Most of the focus is on the boys. In essence, don’t complain about the bad, appreciate what’s going good.

          By the way, congrats to the SI girls team who will be facing Mitty in the championship on March 2nd.

          • University and other private school supporters sometimes complain how an article is written after a loss, so I guess I see your point. I didn’t really notice any sour grapes by Si supporters during football season, tho.

            • I noticed that too. I don’t see why anyone would complain about how an article is written. Of all of the things to complain about, that is one of the dumbest things to complain about. The funny thing is, they always return to this site (or whatever source) to continue to read the articles! That makes no sense either.

              A simple solution, if they don’t like it, (1) stop relying on that particular source and find another one, and (2) start your own site if you think you can write better!

  22. They have never been in the CCS Championship or won the PAL Tournament in the history of the school so win or lose against SH, they have already won in so many ways this year and White and Smith return next year for their senior year. It is pure excitment that has a group of incredible kind and respectful boys chest butting. They deserve some great adreline rushes.

    Sorry JBalan, share a email with my partner, I will make sure to do it right.

  23. About to the El Camino “showboating,” I won’t go to the lengths some are going to, but there were some things Smith was doing that you don’t normally see in high school sports.

    He hit a bunch of 3s in the first half and a couple of times looked directly into the SI crowd after making shots and once put his fingers into an “OK” or “3 sign” and then dropped his fingers into invisible holsters on both sides of his waist. These are simply observations and didn’t bother me as an observer, but I could see how they could rub SI fans the wrong way.

    • JB,

      There was a kid on the Galileo team that did this at the game against Burton last week. He hit a couple of three’s and, as you stated, put up the “three” sign and dropped his fingers into an invisible holster. Holding up the “three” sign is nothing new. However dropping the fingers into an invisible holster might be an added addition (because this wasn’t done when I was playing).

      A lot of people do this, so either the SI fans have been sleeping and haven’t been paying attention, or they are just upset that their team got beat….again. I guarantee that if their players were the ones doing this, they wouldn’t have any complaints about it. But since they were on the receiving end of it, the complaints are flying. It’s just part of the game.

  24. Congratulations to SH! 3 CCS Championships this weekend, Boys Basketball no big surprise, great win though considering Coach Barbour was without two very key starters, I said it from the beginning of the year, this could be the year that this team goes all the way through “State” Kudos to the Girls BB team, just like last year, save the best for CCS. Now my Favorite, Coach Wilson, again coach of the year can he bring home a Soccer CCS Championship to SH! this would be huge, especially considering the young age of this team, loosing a ton of great seniors last year.
    Congrats to Coach Prior at SI, tough year but never gave up and was a kick of the ball away from CCS Final.

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