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Games of the day – Basketball section championships: We will be covering every section championship tonight, from Kezar, to the East Bay, to Santa Clara. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

AAA boys basketball championship
(L2) Mission 89, (L3) Marshall 76

AAA girls basketball championship
(N1) Lowell 47, (L1) Washington 35

CCS Division II girls basketball championship
(1) Mitty (San Jose) 49, (2) St. Ignatius 48

CCS Division IV girls basketball championship
(2) Soquel 63, (1) Mercy 58 (59 on scoreboard)

NCS Division V girls basketball championship
(1) St. Joseph Notre Dame (Alameda) 70, (6) International 68

Non-league badminton
University @ Washington, 3:30 p.m.

Dick Murray baseball tournament
International vs. Lincoln @ Westborough Park (South San Francisco), 2 p.m.

Non-league baseball
Riordan 1, Lowell 0
Hillsdale (San Mateo) 10, Washington 3
St. Ignatius 11, Del Campo (Fair Oaks) 2
University 1, Pescadero 0
Galileo vs. Gateway @ Moscone, 3:30 p.m.
Bay vs. Mission @ Jackson, 3:30 p.m.

AAA fencing
Urban 6, University 3 (boys)
University 5, Urban 4 (girls)

Non-league boys lacrosse
Sacred Heart Cathedral 14, Leland (San Jose) 5
Bishop O’Dowd (Oakland) 10, Urban 3

Non-league girls lacrosse
St. Ignatius 17, Foothill (Pleasanton) 16
University @ Granite Bay, 5:30 p.m.

BCL Central girls soccer
International 6, Pescadero 0

Non-league girls soccer tournaments
Manteca 2, University 1 @ Buff Cup Tournament (Manteca)

Non-league girls soccer
Convent 2, Bentley (Lafayette) 1
Lowell vs. Branson (Ross) @ College of Marin (Kentfield), 4 p.m.
Bay vs. Urban @ Kezar Stadium, 4 p.m.
Drew vs. Gateway @ Kimbell, 5 p.m.

Non-league softball
Woodside 5, Sacred Heart Cathedral 4
Bay 19, Oakland Military Institute 5
Urban 13, Branson (Ross) 1

AAA swimming
Washington vs. Galileo @ Hamilton, 4 p.m.
Wallenberg vs. Lowell @ Sava, 4 p.m.
Balboa vs. Lincoln @ Balboa Park, 4 p.m.

Non-league swimming
Drew @ Athenian (Danville), 4 p.m.

BCL West boys tennis
Drew vs. Lick-Wilmerding @ City College, 4 p.m.

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41 Comments on "Friday Scoreboard"

  1. sfpatriot | March 2, 2012 at 1:17 PM |

    Also (not listed above) , non-league girls varsity lacrosse
    Berkeley High at SHCP, Moscow field 3:30pm

    • sfpatriot | March 2, 2012 at 6:32 PM |

      Berkeley won 13-2. It was the SHCP’s first game ever at the varsity level for girls lacrosse.

  2. JB, SI v Mitty is for Div II title, not Div III…

    Regarding this game, the two teams split regular season, and Mitty won in WCAL title game…

    Game will be won by whoever plays their style. SI wins with slowing it down and getting the ball inside to their bigs, must rebound and they cannot turn the ball over. Mitty wins with getting up and down, creating turnovers, and letting their athletic players take over.

    This SI team although their record this year is outstanding, will have a hard time beating super athletic, quicker teams. They are the best girls team since SH’s 2007-2009 teams. But would get destroyed by 20+ points by the SH”s 2007-2008 team that went 33-0.

  3. marshall taking aaa championship this year.

  4. Stone Man | March 2, 2012 at 4:34 PM |

    I reallyappreciate your website and updated information, thank you for having this.

  5. Girls Soccer

    Lowell 1
    Branson 0

  6. Mercy guards Fail to get their Senior center Sabahi the ball. 5-6 1 shot in the first half. Hesitation and pressure got the best of all the guards on the team, Illalio & Sabahi hope that your team learns from this devistating mistake.

  7. Sabahi had one shot in the second half excuse me.

  8. Looks like SI girls with the upset… Beating up Mitty inside… According to the broadcast, SI girls are 5-9 in CCS title games… Can they hold on??? Stay tuned.

  9. Great effort… Josie Little is going to be practicing her free throws after this one. If its any consolation if SI girls was still Div 3, they wouldve won in a landslide. Onto NorCals.

    • Ruckjames | March 2, 2012 at 8:25 PM |

      Next year they will roll over Div 3 coz there will be no competition.
      No Terra nova and SHC would not be that good.

  10. Ruckjames | March 2, 2012 at 8:21 PM |

    San Francisco girls varsity teams went 0-3 in championships games, SI is 0-6 under Mulkerrins in CCS finals. Today SI had another chance to win but definitely Mitty was more determined and well coached!

  11. next year, marshall shall be one of the favorite because theyre returning 4 of their starters. along with the tall lincoln and mission bears as always

    • Alexander had 12 blocks tonite and a whole bunch of pts and rebounds. Marshall will miss his inside presence which cannot be replaced. Marshall will be in D4 in Norcals, so they can still do some damage this year. Very exciting team. The refs were pretty bad, though.

      • alexander should be the player of the year this year because he provides lots of defense with the blocks. lots of rebounds and contribute with lots of points

        • Yea, I agree that Alexander should be player of the year for the AAA. He helped get Marshall to the championship game, when they were probably picked to finish in the middle of the pack in preseason. By the way, they just showed 2 clips from the AAA championship game on CBS, Channel 5 News, lol.

  12. Ari Gold–bush league comment re-Josie Little and free throws. Bad taste to single out any one player by sport, team loss. And you pick on a freshman? Show some class, pal.

    • SI Fan,

      I won’t go into too much detail because I do not want to violate the Code of Conduct, however, if you check the comment history, you’ll find out certain commenters do more criticizing and bashing than actual commenting. So, please don’t be shocked (even though I do empathize with what you’re saying).

  13. Great job to both Mission and Lowell (both were my picks to win!) on winning the championship.

    • No disrespect to Mission, but the refs helped Mission win. Marshall constantly got tackled and hacked, and the ref would call traveling. Then, when Mission hops 2 times on 1 foot, then nothing. When Marshall picks up a loose ball, it’s traveling again. Refs basically tried to foul out 2 of Marshall’s best players. They used 3 refs for this game, and it was pretty bad. I think 1 ref would’ve done better.

      • JJ,

        What you said is not surprising to me. I honestly do not know where to begin….

        The AAA has some of the worse basketball refs in the Bay Area. I say this with confidence because I’ve played ball when I was in high school. They were horrible back then too. It’s as if they have their favorites and they will make sure their favorites have the upper hand. I do not know if this is true or not, however, it would be hard to convince anyone that they don’t when their actions prove otherwise. I hope Mr. Collins finds another referee organization to ref AAA games because it’s way overdue.

        The finals always uses a 3-man/woman referee format. I don’t know if this is good or bad. If you have two people out there that already is horrible, why add on a third?

        • Wasn’t at the game tonight so didn’t see the game. But since I’m a ref too (though I took a season off this year), I took a look at who worked the AAA boys championship game tonight. There’s one official who I believe also worked in the East Bay as well. Considered one of the better refs in our group. The other two refs were solid guys too.

          I can assure you that the referees in the AAA will likely not change. There is a reason for this but I’ll keep it to myself for now. Also keep in mind that the same officials group also serves the BCL, WCAL, etc, etc as well. While not every official will work every league (scheduling, other officials getting work, etc), the top officials get around to the “top games” (playoffs, championships and perhaps state playoffs / championships). So it is a little unfair to call all officials in the AAA bad as they work other leagues / groups too.

          While I am certainly not a top official in the group, I did do an AAA girls semi-final back in 2004 or 2005 Unfortunately, that’s my highlight of my officiating career thus far as my work has conflicted with officiating.

          I mention this because many people outside of officiating have no idea what goes behind the scenes. If I recall correctly, coaches are asked to nominate officials that they like to work their various playoff / championship games (it’s either nominate or cross out officials they don’t like). Obviously not every coach is going to nominate the same officials so assignors need to work that into the mix.

          The other part of the deal is scheduling availability. Coaches can nominate all the officials they want but lots of officials work in multiple groups or have different options so they won’t be available to work every game. So, that’s how I got into the AAA girls semi-final. One of the coaches apparently had nominated me but I wasn’t exactly at the top of the list. However, the officials ahead of me weren’t available so the day before the game, I was called and I accepted.

          JJ – I’m not usually too blunt but your comment about 1 official doing better in a game is just silly. It is easy for FANS on the sideline to say that one official can work the game. With the tempo of the two teams playing, one official would have extreme difficulty keeping up for a full 32 minute high school game.

          As for two officials versus three officials, three official setups have their advantages. Each of the three officials have to focus on their specific areas. Two officials have some overlap and depending on the play, can work out ok. But I think three person is better for these high level / intensity games.

          With the athletic ability on the court tonight, three officials is definitely better than two. The other consideration for three officials? ALL STATE PLAYOFF AND CHAMPIONSHIPS are three officials. Many of the officials who are doing the section playoffs and championships are usually nominated for the state games. It is in all officials best interest to work three person games to get themselves ready. I know the WCAL is all three officials while the AAA is part regular season / all playoffs. I forget about the BCL and stuff but I believe the CCS / NCS is all three officials.

          Officiating is not a simple matter of “blowing the whistle”. Officiating is all about trust, communication and working as a team. It’s a bit of an art to meld three different people together into one unit. It’s not just the basketball teams that have to work together on the court.

          • The CCS used two officials in all playoff rounds this season until the finals.

          • Don L.,

            I hear what you are saying. One thing is for sure, you are right about the AAA not changing officals anytime soon. Some of the ones that are around today were around when I was playing.

            These refs may ref in other leagues, but for some strange reason you hardly hear as many complaints about refs in the BCL and WCAL as you do in the AAA. Not one AAA coach has anything good to say about AAA refs. There are a few good ones out there (because I’ve seen them and talked to them), but for the most part, they’re not good. I could go on and on, but I find it strange that when these same group of refs work outside the AAA they actually can officiate. Maybe it’s the scheduling of who’s working the games or some other factor. I know refs go through rigorous training and I know it’s hard work. However, do the job right across the board.

            • I’ll be entirely honest, I’ve seen awful officiating this season and a lot of it, not only regarding judgement, but concerning attitude and communication when dealing with players and coaches.

              My point, though, would be that no one in their right mind (sorry Don) would want officiate a high school basketball game. I am a hockey referee (not so much any more) and I know verbal abuse, but nothing compares to a heated high school basketball game.

              I often am embarrassed for the people who are being irrational and verbally abusive in the stands, most of which are full-grown adults.

              • Communication between coaches and officials do need to get better in basketball. That has always been a huge problem.

          • The game will be televised on Infinity On Demand under (Sports>high school sports) next week sometime, so you can watch the game on your own spare time. 2 of the refs were bad, but 1 was good. The 2 “bad” refs seemed to be favoring one team. The game was like watching a tennis match, so yea, 3 refs are better than 1, but I could plainly see some favoritism in 2 of the refs. Even if all 3 refs were good, I think Mission overall had the better and deeper team and they deserved the championship, but Marshall could’ve won it because alot of momentum was taken away from them in key moments of the game.

            • WCAL Alum | March 3, 2012 at 3:43 AM |

              Here’s my take on the officiating. The local organizatin lets the players dictate the play of game. They allow a more physical game and challenge the teams to play up (v. over officiate). Either you can play at the tempo (more physical than fast), or you dont. Watch a WCAL game and kids adjust up and play the more physical game. Unfortunately with the AAA (in general), the physical play and lack of discipline to play through the hard contact and maintain a physical and disciplined defense, contributes to a sloppy looking game. The refs award a strong defense more than a strong offensive. Again they challenge the kids to play through the hard contact.

              That is another reason why AAA rarely makes it out of NorCal first round; players cant play through hard physical game without struggling offensively and getting into foul trouble on the defensive side (where depth of a team becomes an issue)..

              The local organization lets the kids pound and if they were able to carry the advantage through the contact they are ultimately successful.There is an irony is this as the AAA has some of the fastest players in the area. Unfortunately, as a whole the league cant maintain that tempo without appearing sloppy that adds to the frustration of players and fans. It is definately a hard game to watch. Is the answer to call more fouls, but then you get the other side saying “let em play”

              Again very few AAA can maintain the hard physical game on the offensive side and that is their demise when they get beyond their league.

              Many people say, let the kids play through, but when the refs do, it means play through the hard contact.

              • This sounds more of a comment to bash the AAA than about the officiating. Each official is different. Not all of them allow physical play. This is a known fact if you’ve actually watched a lot games. The key words there are “a lot.” I highly doubt that any official allows the players to dictate the play of the game. If this was the case, than the officials would not be needed! At the beginning of the game, the officials will tell the coaches how they will call the game. Each official will not call the game the same. I know this from personal experience because I coach basketball. Unless you’re an actual referee like Don L., is than it’s hard to believe your comment is true.

              • GCJ. I know of no ref that will tell a coach how he will referee a game-that is a recipe for disaster. Most good coaches have an idea if a ref is inclined to hold the whitsle or call a tight game. Officials will allow players a chance to play up to a certain tempo; if they cant handle it, it is decided by most crews after the first chance to get together (ie first time out; end of first period).

                Its not a bash towards the AAA but a challenge to play to your ability.

              • A lot of referees are willing to tell a coach how they will officiate a game because (1) it keeps good communication between the coach and ref and (2) it prevents problems during the games. If a coach knows how the ref will officiate, then the liklihood of him challenging a call is lessend. I’m speaking as a current basketball coach. I ask refs this question all of the time and they tell me. It’s a good way to keep open communication during a game between a coach and ref (which is needed).

              • WCAL Alum | March 4, 2012 at 3:28 PM |

                I agree with you that communication is important and a referee should not be big-leaging any coaches. Its just important that communication doesnt get in the way of their primary duties of officiating the game.

  14. picture marshalls furious 5 plus theo and john sears eligibility …….i see aaa champions.#beastsquaad

  15. Jove caynaan | March 3, 2012 at 6:47 PM |

    misson so raw

  16. Jove caynaan | March 3, 2012 at 6:48 PM |

    Mission won turkeyday jv basketball and vars basketball i say they did what wash did last yeah how about you guys????

  17. (Broad sweep of comments to everyone):

    Jeremy – Interesting that the CCS only used two officials until the championship. I have not officiated a CCS game or actually seen one so good to know. I wonder if this was a new thing or always the case. THe Sand Dune Classic used to have three officials all the time but cost became a factor and so know you have two officials.

    As far as your comments about the quality of officiating, I assume you meant the AAA not everything you’ve seen in the City this year right? Regardless though, it’s interesting to hear “outsiders” opinions of the officiating. You should talk to our group and give them your thoughts. The group has evaluations and other things that involve improving the officiating overall so that should not be a concern. Public comments about fellow officials (good or bad) is bit of a no-no (we are not the NBA here). So understand why I will decline making comments on specific officials or game situations. :)

    Jeremy’s comment about “no one in their right mind would want to officiate a high school basketball game” is interesting. I think officiating any sport requires a love of the the sport first and foremost. But as Jeremy alludes to, you HAVE to love to officiate as well. I obviously love basketball (coached CYO for 12+ years, played in Asian leagues for 20+ years, officiated CYO for 20 years / High School for 10 years). The reason I took a break for officiating high school basketball this year was that it became a bit of a chore. Trying to balance jobs, officiating and a few other personal things just was too much. Too much of anything is a negative so the break was good for me.

    GJC01 – Interesting comment about AAA coaches complaints. I know several coaches in the AAA and I’ve talked to them so I think I have a good idea why there are complaints. Of course, in the interest of privacy, I’ll decline to share (I have a separate opinion as well but also not worth sharing at this time).

    JJ – I will watch the game as you suggest. I won’t comment as noted above. To be fair, the angles on TV may make it hard to judge the quality of the calls anyway.

    But for everyone, let me give some insight into the post game that usually occurs after most games (especially playoffs or championships). First, many officials (especially the top ones) tend to hang out together to discuss game situations and other things. So not only were the three officials working the boys / girls AAA championship games, I’m pretty sure there were a ton of other officials hanging out as well.

    During halftime and even after the game, the situations are dissected and discussed. It could range for “partner, thanks for getting that call, I was blocked out or just missed it” to “partner, that call wasn’t needed, you could have held your whistle and let them play through stuff”.

    All in all it’s educational stuff. Officials don’t just work a game and just walk off. We do care about how we do, though we don’t necessarily care for the crap we have to put up with during games. :)

    • Don L.,

      I can vouch for you when you say that officials do talk about the game. When I’m coaching, at half-time I can see the officials talking about calls that were made, tempo of the game, etc. On one occasion, after the game, the opposing coach went to ask the officials a question about the game and they stayed and talked with the coach for quite some time.

  18. From Fri. 3/2:

    Non-league girls soccer
    Lowell 1, Branson (Ross) 0

    AAA swimming
    Washington 104, Galileo 20 (boys)
    Washington 64, Galileo 0 (girls)

    Lowell 25, Wallenberg 0 (boys)
    Lowell 25, Wallenberg 0 (girls)

    Lincoln 48, Balboa 3 (boys)
    Balboa 66, Lincoln 52 (girls)

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