Basketball: State tournament brackets feature 11 San Francisco teams

Eleven San Francisco teams are in the State Championship tournament beginning this week, but only Joshua Fox (right) and Sacred Heart Cathedral are favorites to reach the state title game. (Photo by Doug Ko)

Eleven San Francisco teams are in the State Championship tournament beginning this week, but only Joshua Fox (right) and Sacred Heart Cathedral are favorites to reach the state title game. (Photo by Doug Ko)

The CIF released it’s state tournament brackets this afternoon and 11 teams from San Francisco will play in the tournament this week. First-round games are Wednesday and second round games are Saturday. Here are the brackets that feature San Francisco teams.


Division III
(1) Sacred Heart Cathedral [25-5] (first-round bye)
(9) Miramonte (Orinda) [19-9] @ (8) Sierra (Manteca) [27-3], 7 p.m.
(5) Mission [23-10] vs. (12) Center (Antelope) [21-8] @ Kezar Pavilion, 6 p.m.
(13) Foothill (Palo Cedro) [21-8] @ (4) Campolindo (Moraga), 7 p.m.
(3) Foothill (Sacramento) [28-3] (first-round bye)
(11) El Cerrito [20-8] @ (6) El Camino (South San Francisco) [25-5] , 7 p.m.
(10) Lindhurst (Olivehurst) [24-7] @ (7) Enterprise (Redding) [20-8], 7 p.m.
(2) Bishop O’Dowd (Oakland) [24-5] (first-round bye)

Jeremy’s take: There’s no shock the Irish got the top seed and if Mission can win it’s first two games of the tournament, we could be looking at a all-City NorCal semifinal. The bracket sets up for a showdown everyone has been waiting for in the championship game, between Sacred Heart and Bishop O’Dowd.

Division IV
(1) Salesian (Richmond) [30-2] (first-round bye)
(9) Calaveras (San Andreas) [19-9] @ (8) Half Moon Bay, 7 p.m.
(12) Gridley [14-13] @ (5) Ripon [18-13], 7 p.m.
(13) Arcata [24-5] @ (4) Central Valley (Shasta Lake) [20-8], 7 p.m.
(3) Sacred Heart Prep (Atherton) (first-round bye)
(11) Riverbank [23-4] @ (6) St. Patrick-St. Vincent (Vallejo) [19-11], 7 p.m.
(10) Marshall [15-14] @ (7) Cardinal Newman (Santa Rosa) [26-5], 7 p.m.
(2) Modesto Christian [26-5] (first-round bye)

Jeremy’s take: I expected a tough draw for Marshall on the road and they got one in Cardinal Newman, which was the No. 3 seed in the North Coast Section playoffs and despite its No. 7 seed, could arguably be the second-best team in the bracket.

Division V
(1) St. Joseph Notre Dame (Alameda) [26-4] (first-round bye)
(9) Durham [19-10] @ (8) St. Francis (Watsonville) [17-12], 7 p.m.
(12) Bentley (Lafayette) [23-7] @ (5) Central Catholic (Modesto), 7 p.m.
(13) Sacramento Waldorf (Fair Oaks) [25-4] @ (4) Liberty Christian (Redding) [25-1], 7 p.m.
(14) Tulelake [24-4] @ (3) Capital Christian (Sacramento) [25-5], 7 p.m.
(11) Fall River (McArthur) [23-5] @ (6) Branson (Ross) [24-9], 7 p.m.
(10) Ripon Christian [23-6] @ (7) University [20-10], 7 p.m.
(2) Pinewood (Los Altos Hills) [25-2] (first-round bye)

Jeremy’s take: The Red Devils will host the Sac-Joaquin runner ups and could have a rematch of last season’s NorCal semifinal with Pinewood in the second round, if they can get past Ripon Christian.


Division I
(1) Berkeley [26-2] (first-round bye)
(9) Pleasant Grove (Elk Grove) [21-9] @ (8) Palo Alto [19-5], 7 p.m.
(12) Heritage (Brentwood) [24-5] @ (5) Oakland Tech [18-11], 7 p.m.
(13) Washington [14-15] @ (4) Oak Ridge (El Dorado Hills) [23-8], 7 p.m.
(14) Castlemont (Oakland) [16-11] @ (3) Kennedy (Sacramento) [23-8], 7 p.m.
(11) Armijo (Fairfield) [23-7] @ (6) Deer Valley (Antioch) [21-8], 6 p.m.
(10) Mission San Jose (Fremont) [27-3] @ (7) Gunn (Palo Alto) [19-6], 7 p.m.
(2) Lowell [25-4] (first-round bye)

Jeremy’s take: I won’t lie, I am stunned the Cardinals got a first-round bye and the No. 2 seed. That just doesn’t happen for AAA squads and may have never happened before. Lowell has been in the last six state tournaments and has had better records than this season in five of those years, but has never had a seed higher than No. 4. Nothing shocking about Washington heading out to Oak Ridge, the Sac-Joaquin runner ups.

Division II
(1) St. Mary’s (Stockton) [28-3] (first-round bye)
(9) Chico [17-5] @ (8) Dougherty Valley (San Ramon) [20-9], 7 p.m.
(12) Florin (Sacramento) [24-5] @ (5) Casa Grande (Petaluma) [30-2], 7 p.m.
(4) St. Ignatius [25-5] (first-round bye)
(3) Mitty (San Jose) [24-5] (first-round bye)
(11) River City (West Sacramento) [27-3] @ (6) Pleasant Valley (Chico), 7 p.m.
(10) Alameda [22-7] @ (7) McNair (Stockton) [27-4], 7 p.m.
(2) Carondelet (Concord) [26-3] (first-round bye)

Jeremy’s take: Not surprisingly, the top two NCS and CCS teams occupy the four top seeds in a this is a bracket that may be the strongest across all divisions. St. Ignatius will likely host fifth-seeded Casa Grande, in the second round.

Division III
(1) Bishop O’Dowd [26-3] (first-round bye)
(9) Christian Brothers (Sacramento) [23-7] @ (8) Paradise (17-11), 7 p.n.
(12) Acalanes (Lafayette) [15-13] @ (5) Modesto Christian [25-6], 7 p.m.
(4) Terra Nova (Pacifica) [23-6] (first-round bye)
(3) Sacred Heart Cathedral [15-14] (first-round bye)
(11) Vanden (Fairfield) [22-8] @ (6) Miramonte (Orinda) [28-1], 7 p.m.
(10) Oroville [13-15] @ (7) San Marin (Novato) [24-6], 7 p.m.
(2) Sacramento [25-6] (first-round bye)

Jeremy’s take: The Irish have a ton of momentum and will take on the winner of the Vanden-Miramonte matchup. If not for beating No. 4 seed Terra Nova in the CCS championship on Saturday, Sacred Heart likely would have hit the road in the first round.

Division IV
(1) Salesian (Richmond) [28-3] (first-round bye)
(9) Anderson [20-9] @ (8) West Campus (Sacramento) [23-6], 7 p.m.
(12) Colfax [18-9] @ (5) McKinleyville [22-7], 7 p.m.
(4) Soquel [25-4] (first-round bye)
(3) Calaveras (San Andreas) [28-3] (first-round bye)
(11) Marin Catholic (Kentfield) [22-8] @ (6) Mercy [26-3], 7 p.m.
(10) Bear River (Grass Valley) [20-9] @ West Valley (Cottonwood) [21-6], 7 p.m.
(2) St. Mary’s (Berkeley) [24-7] (first-round bye)

Jeremy’s take: The Skippers would have undoubtedly had a first-round bye if they beat Soquel in the CCS championship game, but now they’ll have to work to get out of the first round against a very tough Marin Catholic squad that only lost to No. 2 seed St. Mary’s by three points in the NCS semifinals.

Division V
(1) Brookside Christian (Stockton) [26-4] (first-round bye)
(9) Portola [25-5] @ (8) International [21-10], 7 p.m.
(12) San Domenico (San Anselmo) [22-7] @ (5) Pinewood (Los Altos Hills) [18-12], 7 p.m.
(13) Capital Christian (Sacramento) [17-12] @ (4) Hamilton (Hamilton City) [29-0], 7 p.m.
(14) Colusa [20-7] @ (3) St. Joseph Notre Dame (Alameda) [20-10], 7 p.m.
(11) Durham [11-16] @ (6) Turlock Christian [26-4], 7 p.m.
(10) University [26-5] @ (7) Ripon Christian [21-5], 7 p.m.
(2) Eastside Prep (East Palo Alto) [15-13] (first-round bye)

Jeremy’s take: This is the worst bracket (by far) as far as seeding is concerned. International gets no respect at all for nearly beating St. Joseph Notre Dame in the NCS championship game and will have to take on top seed Brookside Christian if they beat Portola in the first round. I know No. 5 Pinewood is the defending champ, but this year the Panthers have no business hosting a first-round game or being seeded ahead of International and University. Both Pinewood and No. 2 Eastside Prep rolled through a tremendously weak CCS bracket to get to this point and did not have to deal with anything close to University’s and International’s playoff opponents until the CCS championship game.

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  1. Sorry this took so long to get up. It took me a long time.

    I didn’t approve any comments on the brackets on other stories, so please resubmit all of the comments on this post.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. Anyone know where to find the schedule?

  3. Thanks for posting! Wow, I am shocked (nothing to Lowell fans here) that the Lowell girls got a first round bye.

    I guess I could ask Don Collins but does anyone (Jeremy?) know how the seedings are determined? Is it strictly a judgement call or is there some measuring system in place and Lowell placed high? I assume it’s some combination of evaluation and looking over quality wins / etc. The AAA schools usually do get penalized by being in a league that isn’t super strong.

    Good luck to the Cardinals though. Now they made it a little hard for me as I would like to catch St. Ignatius play in their State game too.

    • ARHS Stats | March 4, 2012 at 7:50 PM |

      The section commissioners, get a list of each team’s wins or losses on the season. No scores are shown on the sheet.

      The Commissioner’s may comment on how each team played in the section championship game.

      Key Points that are looked at any head to head wins or losses with teams in the division.
      Also looked at if other teams from that team’s League have been seeded in the other divisions.
      After that the games against other teams that are still playing are looked at.

      Any games against other section teams are looked at, and the commissioner, whose section the team is in will comment about how good that team was this season.

      Pinewood and Eastside College Prep both played Mercy (SF) at least twice and Pinewood has playoff history also. So the other section commissioners would know about the Pinewood team from previous years playoffs.

      • ARHS Stats | March 4, 2012 at 8:22 PM |

        Lowell has wins vs. Sacred Heart Cathedral, Gunn

        Lowell lost to Pinewood, St. Francis (twice), and St. Patrick’s/St. Vincent’s

        Kennedy did not play many games against other section’s teams and were not the #1 seeded SJS team.

        Oakland Tech beat Deer Valley, but lost to Eastside College Prep and Mission San Jose.

        Berkeley has wins vs. Sacred Heart Cathedral, Archbishop Mitty, Terra Nova, Saint Ignatius and only lost to St. Mary’s (B) in Northern California

        So on the board for the #1 seed are the section champions: Berkeley, Kennedy (Sac), Lowell, Gunn, and Oakland Tech. Berkeley gets the number one seed

        So on the board for the #2 seed are the section champions: Deer Valley, Kennedy (Sac), Lowell, Gunn, and Oakland Tech. Lowell blocks Gunn, Oakland Tech blocks Deer Valley, and Kennedy did not play out of section teams. Lowell’s four losses trump all the other teams, who have twice as many losses. So Lowell gets the #2 seed.

        So on the board for the #3 seed are the section champions: Deer Valley, Kennedy (Sac), Washington, Gunn, and Oakland Tech. Oakland Tech blocks Deer Valley. I do not really know the the reason Kennedy became the #3 seed, other than they are the Sac-Joaquin Section Champion.

        • ARHS Stats | March 4, 2012 at 8:43 PM |

          Also the Section Commissioners try to put the teams from each Section’s Championship Games in opposite brackets.

          So if Deer Valley did not get the #2 or #3 seed, they would be waiting until the the #6 seed was discussed.

          So after St. Joseph Notre Dame got the #3 Seed, International could get the #4 or #5 seed and if they did not get those, they would be waiting until #8 seed was discussed.

        • ARHS Stats,


          Looks like the deciding factor for Lowell to get the #2 seed was Win-Loss record. Funny that you listed their four losses in your post AND those were the only losses of the season. I think Lowell did earn some respect with their pre-season play. If they had beat St. Francis or Pinewood (close games), Lowell could been considered for a #1 seed though Berkeley would have been the #1 seed regardless.

          I mentioned this early in the season when Lowell beat SHC, the team seems a lot different than in years past. They was some legit players on the squad. I hope they haven’t lost their edge playing in the AAA. On the other hand, playing in the AAA gives Coach Kuwada a chance to give his bench an extended run. Lowell’s top players should be fresh but the bench can be prepared to play.

          • ARHS Stats | March 5, 2012 at 3:52 AM |

            I looked at Lowell’s schedule, first, and the only team that I did not know, right away, whether it was good loss was the St. Pat’s game.

            Pinewood (lost in Championship Game) and St. Francis (lost in Div 2 Semi finals) would have been mentioned as good teams in the C.C.S.

            I was putting down the games that were going to be mentioned during the seeding meeting and trying to see if anything stood out.

    • Yea, I think the selection process for the seeds is like college basketball where they look at records, evaluation, and strength of schedule. I doubt they would use a BCS system, where a computer is involved in the selection process.

  4. Rickjames | March 4, 2012 at 7:10 PM |

    Tough draw for Mercy have to contend with Easom of Marin Catholic. Good Luck!

  5. Crusader 88 | March 4, 2012 at 8:14 PM |

    In D1 I think Kennedy of Sac should be #2, but good luck to Lowell!

  6. Ruckjames | March 4, 2012 at 8:30 PM |

    SI will get through 2nd round in Div 2 but will have have to play St. Mary’s of Stockton in the 3rd assuming both will in their games in the 2nd round.
    It will be a tough match up for SI but I think it will be a good game. Same as last year they got thru
    1st and 2nd rounds but was not able to beat BOD. Good luck SI!

  7. For the AAA fans, this is Mission’s opponent Center’s schedule:,ca%29/basketball/schedule.htm

    They are 21-8 and have played and lost to some good teams, including Foothill and Sierra from the same D3 bracket. I have never seen any of these teams play. If anyone has, can they give some insight?

    This is Marshall’s opponent Cardinal Newman:,ca%29/basketball/schedule.htm

    I wish I could give Marshall one more rotation player. I’m afraid foul trouble is going to hurt them.

    • Center’s got a lot of size including two 6-8 guys on their roster. Don’t know how athletic the big guys are, but Mission has to get into their running game and not play half court. It should be pretty entertaining. Unfortunately, won’t be able to make the Nor-Cal game as I have Warriors season tickets that night (and it’s bobblehead night).

      • Mission playing half court? Is that a joke? If anything, Mission will have an advantage because Center is a 2 hour drive to Kezar, while Mission already played alot of games in Kezar and will have home fan advantage. I’m going to the Grizzlies game too, lol

      • The two 6-8 guys don’t even play. I just looked at a boxscore of a recent game. It seems like they have a 10 guy rotation, and alot of 6-4 guys. Mission will have a tough game, just by looking at their size. Their team picture looks pretty intimidating.

        • JJ ,

          I did not have a chance to look through the box scores for center until now. Looks like Mission may meet up with a team that will run up and down with them. I didn’t say Mission would intentionally walk the ball up. However, as Center had some big guys, my first though was they might just dump the ball into the post and play a grind it out ball game. If Center is a running team, then it will be an entertaining game at Kezar Wednesday.

    • At this point they will have to play smart. They’ve proven that they can beat good teams. But from here on out, they will have to rely on smart play and trying to out-smart/out-think their oponents. They can’t afford to take too many risks as the teams that they have a chance of playing will have depth, height, speed, etc. Despite this, they can pull through and upset some teams.

  8. who knows what marshall might do. they can prove the top teams can be defeated. marshall just might pull through. sf alum, your right they’re going to have some foul troubles but they are going to have to step their d up. mark is going to play a big role in this and our offensive player demmings is going to have to step his o-game. as for holiday hes going to have to play like he played aganist wash ..[drive it in and hope he gets a foul] also the two sophomore guards is going to have to take better shots.

  9. Lowell probably got the higher seed this year (as compared to other years) because their strength of schedule was probably stronger this year (and they did pretty well). I do believe they can and will do some damage in the NorCals.

    Good luck to the lady eagles. I hope they can pull off a couple of upsets.

    I’m glad Mission will host a game this year instead of traveling like Wash had to do last year. Plus, if I’m not mistaken, Mission’s seed is higher than Wash’s was last year. I just hope Mission continues to play well and not like they did when they had that slump in the preseason. Had they not entered that slump they would’ve had a better record.

    Marshall is an underdog, but I’m pulling for them to do some damage. Teams will look at them and think that they will have an advantage. However, Lincoln can vouch for the fact that don’t let what you see fool you. Good luck to Marshall.

    Good luck to all of the AAA schools. Let’s pull some upsets and show everyone that the AAA is getting stronger. I’m proud of all four teams!

  10. WCAL Alum | March 5, 2012 at 9:04 AM |

    Pulling for SHC to win on Saturday and Mission to win two games this week (if they get past Centers, Campolindo is a tough environment to play in). With Mission coach a SHC grad, it would be a can’t-miss game.

    There hasnt been a NorCal game with a WCAL/AAA match-up for quite a few years. I believe SHC v. ISA and the time before that, the 1996 SI/Balboa classic.

    • @WCAL Alum…I think Lincoln beat Bellarmine in 2001 and also beat Serra in 2002 both first round matchups, and don’t forget Galileo upseting SI (Lippi, Whitehead, and Skiffer) in 1998 @ SI before eventually losing to eventual Norcal Champion St. Joes.

      • @WCAL Alum, also don’t forget the 2001 NorCal DIII championship when Marquise Kately and Riordan beat Dante Sawyer and McAteer @ Arco Arena. Riordan then lost to Bishop Montgomery in the State championship.

        • WCAL Alum | March 5, 2012 at 2:35 PM |

          Of course, I just wasnt sure if McAteer played Riordan that year so I didnt put it down. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • ARHS Stats | March 5, 2012 at 2:02 PM |

      Riordan beat McAteer in the 2001 Division 3 NorCal Championship Game.

      McAteer closed in the next couple of years, maybe even the next year.

    • merkinworld | March 5, 2012 at 5:57 PM |

      si-bal at kezar was a doozy. was it cassidy raher bombing the 3’s from the corner for the cats? The red-haired undersized si center guarding bal’s 6’9″ big man. Great game.

      • Yes, Raher hit nine three-pointers in that game. SI fell behind 12-0 to start game but came back to win in OT. Eventually lost to DLS in NoCal finals in Oakland who had Gary Payton’s brother( Brandon) at PG.

  11. Dont forget the Mcateer vs Riordan matchup in the NorCal finals. I had to check the year and it was in 2001. Marquis Kately vs Dante Sawyer. Mcateer was pretty good but Riordan was at another level.

  12. Keep it real | March 5, 2012 at 2:22 PM |

    Yes I would
    Love to see both SF teams play each other but let’s
    Get by the first game!! For mission than on the road to only have to come
    Back home and play a rested SH Team
    With Fox getting one
    More week to get better!!! But I would
    Love to see the two mission
    Kids who went to
    SH get a chance to play their old school-just think
    If SH had porter ,Edward and they had knight from EC- would be a state
    For sure!!! And zac got hurt who
    Would be a for sure pls!!Not to forget -Jackson who could out shoot all these guys!!!

  13. Everone is getting ahead of themselves. Mission and Marshall could lose their 1st round games. Marshall is decent, but people forget that they lost by 35 to Burlingame who would’ve been in last place in the WCAL and maybe in the championship game in AAA? Mission also lost 2 times to Burlingame pretty handily. I think Mission lost to Stuart Hall too. Also, the history of the AAA in the CIF playoffs is 1 and done, so unless both AAA teams play great, the same could happen to both teams. Center and Cardinal Newman have a great record, because they are good teams.

    • I’m shocked that Mission got such a high seed. Even if White doesn’t play for El Camino, I see them as a better team than Mission. Center will be an awfully tough matchup for the Bears. If Mission can play disciplined, they’ll have a shot.

      In Division IV, I expected Arcata to be seeded higher. I don’t expect Marshall to do too well in their matchup. Newman is an awfully tough team.

      And Keep It Real, Mission’s first loss to Burlingame was 8 days after the Turkey Day game. The second loss was at the end of December.

  14. Keep it real | March 5, 2012 at 5:42 PM |

    JJ your right it will be hard for both AAA teams but Misson didn’t have 3starter when they played them due to football -and it’s always good to hope for the city teams to do well a this point!!! Still think SH and BOD to see who go to state!! With BOD winning by 4 and I’m a SHC fan!! But time will tell if we can win it all- but looking at BOD play they are a lil deeper in-side

  15. merkinworld | March 5, 2012 at 6:04 PM |

    BOD may have a harder second round game if they play Foothill.

  16. Johnny Drama | March 5, 2012 at 8:52 PM |

    I’ve been on vacation for a few weeks visiting my brother and when I return I find out the Cats didn’t make norcals. I was hoping to catch a game on Wednesday but it isn’t happening. I’m disappointed but not surprised. From what I saw of this years team, I knew the lack of an interior scorer would come back to haunt us. It sounds like it did versus EC. You can’t win shooting jumpers and having your guards go one on one to the hoop. If Domingo and Dunbar get hot at the same time, they can upset a team like Serra. If they aren’t hot, well, we usually lose. Domingo , at this stage of his HS career, is a complimentary player and needs a guy like Mrlik taking some defensive attention off of him. Hopefully he can be a true leader as a senior. The WCAL may be more wide open next year….we will see.

    In reading some previous posts, I now understand why merkinworld is bitter. I’d be bitter towards SI as well if my kid had to go to SH and I am an SI alum. It all makes sense now!

    Anyway, I hope SH can win state this year. They have a legit shot. I am rooting for them because I want them to do it for my man Ari Gold. He’s the only reason I am rooting for SH! Good luck Ari!

    PS…as far as the girls’ teams go….who cares…..light entertainment.

  17. JB – I agree wih you that the Norcal D-V girls seedings are pretty ridiculous. I don’t think the Pinewood #5 seeding is too bad, but the #7 given to Ripon Christian is inexplicable and it causes ripple effects for the rest of the teams. RC lost in the SJ Section semi-finals, didn’t play anyone of note during the season except Turlock Christian (with whom they split two games), and has a Freeman rating that would place them a distant 11th among the 14 D-V qualifiers for Norcals. Based on strength of schedule and record, International should have gotten a #6 seed, or at worst a #7 (if the overriding goal was to avoid a second round rematch with #3 St Joes). If International got the #7, then Turlock could have been the #6 and Uni should have been the #8 or #9.

    The seeds get messed up by the fact that the committee does not want to place two teams from the same section in the same 3 or 4-team sub-bracket. That results in teams not really being placed in the true order of their relative strength. Even so, the Ripon Christian placement is completely out of whack with any rational explanation. Uni should “upset” them dramatically! (Uni basically got the 7 seed, except that they have to play an away game.) International will have to rise to the challenge, but there is no question that they got a bad deal in the seedings this year.

  18. Speaking of the state tournament, who here remembers the Mission Bears teams from the 1990’s? I am pretty sure if was prior to the Balboa Bucs “Jet Offense” (which was around 1994 to 1996).

    I think the Bears were coached by Ernest McNealy and he had a son playing for the Bears too. The Bears were city champions for 3 years in a row. For some reason, I just remember the Bears being super quick and challenged Jason Kidd and St. Joesph in the state tournament but lost.

    Unfortunate SFGate’s archives don’t go that far back but I’m sure someone here remembers those teams.

  19. Thank you JB for the info and patience to put these babies up. Congratulations to all the teams and best of luck.

  20. “Jeremy’s take: This is the worst bracket (by far) as far as seeding is concerned. International gets no respect at all for nearly beating St. Joseph Notre Dame in the NCS championship game and will have to take on top seed Brookside Christian if they beat Portola in the first round. I know No. 5 Pinewood is the defending champ, but this year the Panthers have no business hosting a first-round game or being seeded ahead of International and University. Both Pinewood and No. 2 Eastside Prep rolled through a tremendously weak CCS bracket to get to this point and did not have to deal with anything close to University’s and International’s playoff opponents until the CCS championship game.”

    I think you may have needed to research this a little further – Pinewood beat St. Joseph ND in the Head Royce tournament, and beat International by at least 30 points in the preseason, maybe that would explain the higher seeding?

    Don’t get me wrong Pinewood is nowhere near the team they were last year, but I have seen them play both in the SI tournament, and the Head Royce tournament, where they beat some good teams.

    If you go to Max preps and compare like opponents, you will see why the seeding is the way it is. Makes more sense than people might think. Both University & International have lost to teams that Pinewood & Eastside beat.

    Good luck to all the teams still in the running – GO GET ‘EM!!

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