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Games of the day – First round of the basketball state tournament: We will be at all four of the local CIF State basketball tournament games today, including the Mission-Center and University-Ripon Christian boys games, and the International-Portola and Mercy-Marin Catholic girls games. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

CIF State Division III boys basketball tournament
(12) Center (Antelope) 88, (5) Mission 76

CIF State Division IV boys basketball tournament
(7) Cardinal Newman (Santa Rosa) 53, (10) Marshall 51

CIF State Division V boys basketball tournament
(7) University 79, (10) Ripon Christian 77

CIF State Division I girls basketball tournament
(4) Oak Ridge (El Dorado Hills) 51, (13) Washington 24

CIF State Division IV girls basketball tournament
(11) Marin Catholic (Kentfield) 45, (6) Mercy 44 (OT)

CIF State Division V girls basketball tournament
(8) International 71, (9) Portola 25
(7) Ripon Christian 50, (10) University 41

BCL West badminton
Drew 6, Athenian (Danville) 1

AAA baseball
Lowell 11, Lincoln 1 (5 innings)
Washington 11, Galileo 0 (5 innings)
Marshall 33, Wallenberg 4
Jordan 33, O’Connell 4
Mission 15, Burton 1

PSAL baseball
Summit Prep (Redwood City) 14, Jewish Community 1

Non-league baseball
University 5, Jefferson (Daly City) 2

AAA boys golf
Wallenberg 268, Balboa 282, Burton 328

BCL West boys golf
Drew vs. Stuart Hall @ Presidio, 3 p.m.

WCAL boys golf
Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. St. Ignatius @ Sharp Park (Pacifica), 3 p.m.

WCAL boys lacrosse
Mitty (San Jose) 14, Sacred Heart Cathedral 2
St. Ignatius 18, Serra (San Mateo) 1

Non-league girls soccer
University 1, Tamalpais (Mill Valley) 0
Lowell 5, Drew 0

Non-league softball
University 3, Head-Royce (Oakland) 1
Sacred Heart Cathedral 17, San Mateo 3
Urban @ El Cerrito, 3:30 p.m.

Non-league swimming
Lick-Wilmerding vs. Athenian (Danville) @ City College, 4 p.m.

AAA boys tennis
Lowell 7, Balboa 0
Washington 6, Wallenberg 1

BCL West boys tennis
Lick-Wilmerding 4, International 1

Non-league boys tennis
Lincoln 4, Drew 3

Non-league boys volleyball
St. Ignatius 3, Galileo 0 (25-17, 25-12, 25-22)
Alameda 3, Lincoln 0 (25-9, 25-7, 25-17)

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30 Comments on "Wednesday Scoreboard"

  1. Oddsmaker | March 7, 2012 at 1:43 PM |

    Mission +7 vs. Center
    Marshall +16 vs. Cardinal Newman
    University -3.5 vs. Ripon Christian

    Washington +26 @ Oak Ridge
    Mercy +2 vs. Marin Catholic
    International -13 vs. Portola
    University -5.5 @ Ripon Christian

  2. 5-star Free plays of the Day: Mission +7, Washington Girls +26, and Ripon Christian (boys) + 3.5

    2- Star Free plays of the Day: Mercy +2, Marshall +16

    Leans, in order of confidence: Ripon Christian (Girls) +5.5, International -13

  3. I wonder where will Jeremy, Bonta & Josh go tonight for the state basketball playoff games?

  4. It will be very tough for Marshall to win tonight. They had 32 turnovers in their last game, so they need to cut down their turnovers under 20 in order to have a chance to steal one from Cardinal Newman. The young guards of Marshall need to use their speed and limit the TO’s, and Holliday needs to hit some 3’s. Alexander can’t get in foul trouble.

  5. Girls Soccer

    Drew 0
    Lowell 5

  6. Good luck Mercy!

  7. Looks like Marshall got really close. Great job this season to the Phoenix.

    As for the Mission game, how many uncontested layups off a half court set can you give up? No energy on the court either. Flat flat flat. Center deserved to win and #34 is a nice player.

  8. Thanks for a great year Mercy!! Bu-Bye El Camino….”

  9. marshall played hard and deserved that win. newman wasn’t even that good, but it all came down to the one shot. with 5 seconds left in the 4th down by 2 marshall’s guard mizelle parker shoots for the 2 at the corner of the free throw and hits rim. marshall played smart today with holliday fouling out in the second half. they shouldve won. great season hoping to see what they got in store for the next season.

  10. As predicted, the SF teams didn’t do too hot. I hope International wins State, though. I can’t believe Campolindo and Bellarmine both lost. D3 boys weak because all the underdogs won. All upsets, I believe. If only SI was in it, they would’ve waxed those teams except SHC because SD31 would’ve rained 3’s all over the place.

    • Won’t happen with Reardon coaching. Too bad because they did have the talent.

    • Uncle Frank | March 9, 2012 at 8:48 AM |

      JJ: C’mon. Seriously? He would have rained 3s all over the place?

      Domingo shoots a lot of threes, he just doesn’t make a lot of threes. Two years in a row under 20% and at one point this year it was closer to 10%.

      I’m convinced SD31 would only hit 35-40% (which is the goal for all wanna be jump shooters) if he were the only one on the court. That issue is what will keep him from being great. A 6’6″ wing who won’t go inside in high school and hopes to play a 2 or 3 in college as an outside shooting specialist must be a better shooter.

      Hope it happens but I haven’t seen a whole lot of improvement the last 2 years. Still misses way too many.

      • You are entitled to your opinion and I respect it, but SD31 probably would’ve led SI to a couple “W”‘s in NorCals. The Tourney would’ve provided him a new outlet besides WCAL to show his skills to the people of Northern California. What a disgrace that this wasn’t able to happen because CCS only lets 2 teams to NorCals instead of 4. I’m sure Valley Christian with their 6-9 center would’ve done damage at NorCals also, along with Sd31. Too bad we weren’t able to witness history.

        • It’s hard to tell but EC who beat SI twice lost their first game so you would have to think SI would have had a more difficult draw than EC if they got in. We will never know and anything is possible but I do not think SI would have won 2 games. At most they would have won 1 game.

          • I don’t think a more difficult draw means anything in Norcals cause how is Center seeded #12 and Portola girls seeded #9? Portola should’ve been ranked #12 and Center seeded #6. It really depends if SI got a lucky draw which basically has to do with chance, similar to lottery tickets.

            • WCAL Alum | March 9, 2012 at 1:50 PM |

              JJ. I read that to say that teams that dont know anything about SD31 will have problems with him. That’s not going to happen as he moves on.

              He better learn how to adjust to strong defenses and not depend on people not knowing him.

              • No, it means that unless you aren’t the top 2 seeds or top 4 seeds,the seeding selection is a crapshoot. SI would’ve played a good team or a bad team, it doesn’t matter what seed they got. If you are a 12 seed, that doesn’t mean you are a bad team, that you may be a good team. If you are ranked #5, you could be an average team. If SI got in, the CIF probably would’ve game them a 13 seed, and the CIF probably would’ve let them play Mission as 6 seed. In short, the seedings this year doesn’t mean anything unless you are a 1 seed or 2 seed. Even the 2 seeds are suspect, cause how is Lowell seeded 2.

        • JJ, you are kidding me right? 4 teams? Back in the day it was only the section winner. As far as SD31, he is a good hs player, but they way he came in ranked with the likes of aaron gordon – not even close. sorry to burst your bubble.

          • Fine, go back to 1 team, many good teams will be left out of the state tourney that way.

            • It would be so much better if you’d focus your SI energy to the SI girls instead of the couldve, wouldve, shouldve for the SI boys team. Like Ferris Bueller said at the very end of the credits: Youre still here? Its over. Go home… Go…

              Just accept it JJ… SI boys werent any good this year. They didnt even underachieve. Your record is what you are. They were a bad team that didnt finish .500. Go check out a real TEAM Saturday night at 1055 Ellis Street.

  11. Tough night for a lot of local squads (I’ll throw in El Camino as well). I’m waiting to read about Marshall’s game as they apparently led most of the way.

    For those familiar with Marshall, how come their roster was so small? I mean, they are in Division IV but they certainly could have had more than 7 to 8 players on their roster.

    In any case, couldn’t make any games tonight but have a tough choice Saturday between Lowell or St. Ignatius. I’ll likely be at St. Ignatius as I told one of the players I would go watch her play this season. Might as well be in the State tournament. :)

    • The Casa Grande vs SI will be a better game than Lowell vs Gunn, although I believe both games will be pretty tight and both games could end up with buzzer-beater endings with SI coming out on top on a Crawley putback and Lowell losing by a half court heave.

      • WCAL Alum | March 8, 2012 at 2:10 AM |

        I’m cheap. The best bang for the dollar will be the double header between Miramonte v. SHC in both girls and boys. A lot of green (school colors) at SHC this Saturday night,

        • Go to the SHC doubleheader and listen to the SI game on your mobile device, then maybe bring another device like your laptop to watch another game on Baypreps.

      • SI Girls varsity is already preparing for a potential match up with St. Mary’s Stockton!

        • Just like how lots of people were talking about a potential matchup between SHC and Mission……?

          • WCAL Alum | March 9, 2012 at 8:48 AM |

            I think is was more “hope” than “think”. My take is basketball is easier to predict than (let say baseball). Basketball to extent depends on whole team effort. Baseball does too (CCS tournament), but if you have a pitcher who is dealing, even the best team can struggle.

            I wasnt at either game, but as I indicated before, the NorCal caliboer refs by nature let the kids play through a lot more contact (as these teams by nature of making to NorCal are better overall teams. The AAA does not play well in this scenario (playing through or know how to defend through contact), and that is their demise. The same refs referee WCAL and AAA in City and WCAL has learned to play up to this level. It doesnt guarantee success, but with their depth, they stay competitive.

            Again, it would have been nice to see a City NorCal game.

      • Uncle Frank | March 9, 2012 at 8:54 AM |

        Prediction: SI wins. Maria K-M will be all over CG’s Gretchen Harrigan who must score 30 for CG to contend. In fact, Harrigan scored 30 of their 45 in the loss to Carondolet and only two other players scored in that game. CG is almost a two girl team between the coach’s kid, Sack, at PG and Harrigan. Of course, SI can’t even come close to matching up at PG, but no one at CG is over 5’9″ so SI will dominate on the boards. Not sure SI can beat St. Mary’s though. That would be quite an upset.

  12. SI is a little closer to where I will be coming from than Kezar. :)

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