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Games of the day – Second round of the basketball state tournament: We’ll have reporters at all four local games tonight, as well as the International-Brookside Christian girls game in Stockton. We’ll also do our best to get updates up on University’s road game against Pinewood in Los Altos Hills. For live updates on these games, follow us on Twitter at:

CIF State Division III boys basketball tournament
(1) Sacred Heart Catherdal 90, (9) Miramonte (Orinda) 57

CIF State Division V boys basketball tournament
(2) Pinewood (Los Altos Hills) 79, (7) University 64

CIF State Division I girls basketball tournament
(7) Gunn (Palo Alto) 34, (2) Lowell 24

CIF State Division II girls basketball tournament
(4) St. Ignatius 63, (5) Casa Grande (Petaluma) 49

CIF State Division III girls basketball tournament
(6) Miramonte (Orinda) 76, (3) Sacred Heart Cathedral 61

CIF State Division V girls basketball tournament
(1) Brookside Christian (Stockton) 74, (8) International 54

Non-league baseball
Sacred Heart Cathedral 3, Sacred Heart Prep (Atherton) 2 (8 innings)
Mills (Millbrae) 1, Lowell 0
Tamalpais (Mill Valley) 9, Washington 5
Alma Heights (Pacifica) 17, Leadership 4
St. Ignatius 6, Hillsdale (San Mateo) 4
Lincoln @ Westmoor (Daly City), 11 a.m.
International @ Crystal Springs Uplands (Hillsborough), 2:30 p.m.

Non-league softball
Sacred Heart Cathedral 7, Terra Nova (Pacifica) 4
Monte Vista (Danville) 4, Sacred Heart Cathedral 1

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25 Comments on "Saturday Scoreboard"

  1. Boys
    Sacred Heart Cathedral -12.5 vs. Miramonte
    University +17 @ Pinewood

    Lowell -1.5 vs. Gunn
    St. Ignatius -8 vs. Casa Grande
    Sacred Heart Cathedral -1 vs. Miramonte
    International +18.5 @ Brookside Christian

  2. Lowell House | March 10, 2012 at 3:12 PM |

    Hey Jeremy (Or anyone else who knows the answer),
    How exactly do the divisions in the state tournament work? I see Lowell and Washington are in “Division I” does that mean they are perceived to be better than SI, which is in Division II? Most of the order makes sense (SHC is in the highest boys division with a boys representative) but SI beat Lowell this year, so how does that work?

  3. Where’s the sh game?kezar?

    • Mickey Blue Eyes | March 10, 2012 at 4:32 PM |

      SH game is on campus at SHC. They have a double header. Girls at 6 Boys 730 The campus Gym is on Ellis between Franklin and Gough Streeet

    • Basketball Fan | March 10, 2012 at 4:35 PM |

      The games are at SHCP.

  4. Lowell House,

    Divisions are by Student population of school with Division I being the largest schools and Division V the smallest.

    There used to be a time when teams could elect to play up from their divisions. What was the reason for going away from that?

    • The play up rule was a Northern California rule.

      The Southern Section did not like the rule and got the rule voted out.

      At least, that is what I heard.

  5. City schools dropping like flies. SHC and Lowell girls sent packing. SI girls are leading but Casa Grande puttIng up a fight

  6. Former D5 guy | March 10, 2012 at 7:52 PM |

    @donL, I believe the reason for disallowing teams from petitioning up was that teams would move up into divisions where competition was actually at a lower level. For example a D4 team frustrated about a team in their division preventing them from winnin their section or qualifying for the state title year in and year out could move up to d3 if the competition would actually be easier.. In theory petitioning up is a great tool to allow teams to play at the highest level. Unfortunately it’s an easily abused rule.

    • ARHS Stats | March 11, 2012 at 3:29 AM |

      Most WCAL schools petitioned up to Division One except for Mitty and Sacred Heart Cath.

      St. Francis was the third WCAL school to start playing it’s enrollment Division in the Division Two Bracket.

      St. Ignatius also played down one or two years.

      Bellarmine has always been a Division One School, while Serra moves between Division One & Two.

      Here is what division school’s played in until they had to play their enrollment.
      Mitty and Sacred Heart Cathedral started playing Division Four in 1989 and Mitty in 1988.

      SHC played Division Three in 1988, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003.
      SHC played Division Two in 1992, 1995
      SHC played Division One in 1996, 1997, 1998

      Mitty played Division Three in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003
      Mitty played Division Two in 2002, 2004

      Riordan played Division Three in 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
      Riordan played Division Two in 2003.

      Saint Francis started playing Division Two in 1991.
      Saint Francis played Division Three in 2004.

      Saint Ignatius played Division Three in 1991, due to a paperwork issue, I believe. SI was in Division II in 1995. SI played Division Three in 2004.

      Serra played Division Three in 1993, Division Two in 2004

      In 2005, team did not have the option to move up anymore

  7. Great season Lady Irish. No complaints here with the back-to-back CCS titles… Next year looking forward to going deeper into NorCals.

  8. A AAA team getting a 2 seed was totally a bad idea by the CIF state committee.

  9. Former D5 guy,

    Thanks, I forgot how the petitioning up went. I just remember that St. Joe’s (with Jason Kidd) would always play Division I. Of course, they are playing Division IV these days. In theory, Division ! should be the most competitive (with the larger school populations) but that has not proven true.

    The other change was that AAA schools also were allowed to play within their enrollment level rather than Division I only. When the AAA was more competitive, DIvision I was ok but these days, AAA schools struggle at all levels.

  10. Taylor Johns put on a dunking clinic tonight! Bring on Center next Tuesday.

  11. I would assume the Lowell / Gunn girls game probably set a record for lowest scoring game in modern CIF history. :)

    OK, I am joking a bit and feel bad the Cardinal got knocked out. I would have expected an offensive battle not a defensive battle. I guess I’ll have to wait until SFPreps gives us the scoop to what happened. From reading the Twitter feed while at SI, looks like Gunn played awfully good defense. However, Gunn scoring only 34 points also showed that Lowell must have played pretty good defense too. Either that or both teams just sucked badly tonight!

    • A 2 seed only scoring 24 pts? CIF should spend more time doing their homework besides making up random seeds, like Lowell a 2 seed and SHC girls a 3 seed. A 3 seed shouldn’t be playing a team with only 1 loss. If anything, Miramonte should be the 3 seed. I wonder who’s idea it was making Lowell a 2 seed? I can already tell the D1 girls winner will be from Southern Cali, just by the seeding.

      • Crusader 88 | March 11, 2012 at 10:06 AM |

        In D1 it’s going to be Berkeley vs. Kennedy for the final.
        D2- St. Mary’s Stockton vs. C-Let
        D3- BOD vs. Sac
        D4- Salesian vs. St. Mary’s
        D5- Brookside Chr. Vs. St. Joe’s

    • Neither team shot well in the Gunn-Lowell game and both teams had a lot of turnovers. There’s a story about the game on the Gunn sports website

  12. Good try SH. Wish I could stick with the clichés of keep your head up and better luck next year, but it was a disappointing loss. Where were your bigs and strong defenders? SH was out coached again. I’m not hating, I’m just keeping it real. The SH girls were blue in the face while MHS, were being rotated taking rest. Obviously, SH couldn’t win this game being gassed. Better luck next year.

    • Irish just lacked size. It was obvious tonight. (Plus giving-up 30 second qtr points didn’t help either).

      • SH for certain lacks size but why not go with the two bigs you have? Even if it’s for the heck of it, instead there were too many guards who had way too many turnovers, full cort press wasn’t working, the list goes on and on. They weren’t prepared and what’s the point of bragging about winning CCS when they can’t get through the first round. Once again SH didn’t win the games that counted during the regular season. Well the season is over lets move forward .

  13. Monta Vista (Danville) took 8 innings to def. SHC 4-1 in non-league softball today.

  14. will there be an article on the international game?

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