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Game of the day – Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. Bishop O’Dowd boys basketball: The top two seeds in Division III will compete in a much-anticipated NorCal final. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

CIF Northern California Division III boys basketball championship
(1) Sacred Heart Cathedral 61, (2) Bishop O’Dowd (Oakland) 57

WCAL baseball
St. Ignatius 6, Bellarmine (San Jose) 4

Non-league baseball
Washington 5, Menlo-Atherton (Atherton) 3 (9 innings)
International vs. Branson (Ross) @ College of Marin (Kentfield), 11 a.m.
Lincoln @ Jefferson (Daly City), Noon
University @ St. Helena, Noon

Non-league boys lacrosse
Urban vs. Jesuit (Carmichael) @ Boxer Stadium, Noon
St. Ignatius 17, Jesuit (Tampa, Fla.) 5 @ Jesuit Lacrosse Classic (Houston, Texas)
Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. Jesuit (Carmichael) @ Crocker Amazon, 4:30 p.m. (rained out)

Non-league girls lacrosse
St. Ignatius vs. Beckman (Irvine) @ OC Invitational, 9 a.m.

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33 Comments on "Saturday Scoreboard"

  1. I’m at Arco. BOD came out hot first quarters. Using their size inside. 2nd quarter Fox went iso and Pratt got hot. Tie game half time. I’m knocking Longrus, he’s nothing with Ashley!!!

    • IRISH All the way baby . Great work young men . Love the effort from Josh in particular having come off an injury , I thought he would not be as effective , but 21 and 13 , wow that’s what stars are made of . Not to take anything away from the rest of the crew , Taylor did his thing , and what more do you want from Pratt ? , now let’s take that State Title , the writings on the wall . The Green Machine is on a quest .

  2. Way to go IRISH…great win 61-57 against O’Dowd…love the team work by the IRISH this year. Coach B deserves coach of the year as well getting the most of his players..

  3. Sacred Heart Cathedral beat Bishop O’Dowd 61-57 to win the CIF Nor-Cal Division III Championship. SHC will play for the State Division III championship next Saturday in Sacramento.

    Play-by-play will be at Game time is 2:45.

    This game will be televised on X-Finity on CHN channel 104 at 8pm tonight and 7pm on Sunday.

  4. City Lights | March 17, 2012 at 1:45 PM |

    GREAT JOB IRISH! One more game and your place in history is set!

    Feels like a team of destiny. Wow. Barbour can win two state titles just a few years apart. Looks like SHC will be king of SF hoops for a long time.

    Sorry SI. I guess you can go hug the CCS football trophy and make yourselves feel better about the fact that Barbour owns the assortment of recycled SI grads that will inevitably coach the Wildcats from now til eternity.

    Good luck next week SHC.

    • Calm down City Lights. Take a deep breath. “King of SF hoops for a long time”?? Good luck with that.

      • Whatever= Why don’t you just worry about getting SI to play TEAM ball, it doesn’t matter if you have great players but getting them to develop team chemistry and play together is a whole different story. Don’t agree, take a look at the miserable year SI had, SI had much more potential. I suggest you take a seat and savor the IRISH team for going all the way and representing SF. Quite a feat anyway you look at it. Which school in SF wouldn’t want a chance to play for the State title??

        • City Lights is correct. As long as SI continues to hire inbred grads to coach with their limited knowledge, they will always be in SHC and Riordan’s (coming soon) shadow.

          • Johnny Drama | March 18, 2012 at 11:17 AM |

            This is funny, especially coming from anyone who is pumping up Riordan’s last place in everything athletics. @HS, that inbred gard you are referring to beat your inbred grad Forslund in the CCS final in his last year before he returned. You all had Jones, Shofner, Camacho and company on that team. And your current inbred coach hasn’t had too much success as of late. So before you start to claim any athletic accomplishments over SI, you need to crawl out of the athletic sewer you’ve been in since 2007-08.

            • Drama buddy! Thanks for supporting the green white and blue all the way to State! What a game vs BOD yah? Don’t waste your time with the boys in their white sweater vests. If they keep up their futility in the major sports, soon, they’ll just be known as the high school with the best band and foreign exchange program. Sports will be an afterthought.

              Ah yes, Mr Kevin Greene. Mr 20 rebounds in the state final in 2009. Can Taylor Johns channel his inner Kevin Greene on Saturday vs Alemany? Count on it! Count on Fox with the double double. Count on Petroni with clutch 3s and hustle plays at the right moments. Count on Pratt with key offensive rebound putbacks with a close score and Gary Payton like defense on the other teams best perimeter player. Count on Khalil James coming up huge in the 4 quarter with a basket in the key no one expected him to make. Count on State Championship #2 for the men’s hoops team and for brilliant head coach Darrell Barbour.

        • You said SI had more potential than SHC which basically means they aren’t that great yet. Basically, if SI’s 6-6 player had a bad game, they lost. If he had a good game, it was 50-50, if he had a great game, they won most of the time. If the point guard had a bad game, SI lost. With SHC, if Fox has a bad game, then Johns had a great game and vice versa. Only way SHC loses is if both have a bad game which is rare, and even if they both have a bad game which I don’t think ever happened this year, they still had a shot at the end to win it.

  5. Congrats Irish!

  6. What a game! Taylor Johns with the block of Longrus was impressive!!! He matched him the whole game. This team needed Ashley. Longrus showed toughness but he had no offensive impact and miss a bunch of free throws. Fox was the man. When they go iso on top with him it’s like how he took over the Serra game in wcal playoffs.

    Oh it only gets tougher next week! This team is up for the challenge. Go Irish!

    • merkinworld | March 17, 2012 at 5:29 PM |

      I agree. I expected more from R. Longrus(signed with Wash St.). I was more impressed with #4 Daniel.

  7. Way to go Irish, all I kept hearing about after last season was how brilliant and dominent SI were going to be this year. The Irish play a brand of team basketball that SI while parents are in charge will never play, I like Coach Tim but I don’t envy him the task of dealing with a bunch of cry baby parents. On the other hand you have Coach Barbor, candidate for Coach of the year, who takes no rubbish from parents and ye is not class of whatever! He just plain gets out there and coaches his socks off. what a fanatic way for SH seniors Fox and company to end great years of service to the school, a chance to be State Champs! Baby,

    Yea “Go Irish”

  8. merkinworld | March 17, 2012 at 5:17 PM |

    An elderly gentleman from Sacramento, sitting behind me summed it up best. BOD may have been deeper , with more individual talent , but SH played better as a team, was a better coached team and #3(Josh Fox) was the best player on the court. Congratulations SH. See you next week in cowtown.

  9. Crusader 88 | March 17, 2012 at 6:17 PM |

    I made it up to game and I have to say that I was impressed with SH’s composure after falling behind big. Lots teams have a hard time with outside shooting at that arena, perhaps some depth perception issues?
    Anyway Fox was very impressive, it appeared he WILLED his team to victory. If I was a college coach I’d want a kid like him on my team. Coach B deserves a lot of credit for keeping the team focused and ready. Good luck in representing the WCAL, CCS, and San Francisco next week vs. Alemany.

  10. Crusader 88 | March 17, 2012 at 6:18 PM |

    I do find it funny though that some SH supporters, in their moment of glory, still have to badmouth SI. Love those city rivalries!

  11. Basketball Fan | March 17, 2012 at 9:47 PM |

    What a game! And congrats to the Irish men for staying focused and playing like they have all season – as a team! Can’t wait to see them in Sacramento next Saturday! GO IRISH! Congratulations to Herman Pratt on getting his award – well deserved for such a great young man.

  12. what award did Herman Pratt win, I would like to know because this guy is the most consistent player from day 1 of the season.

    • Pratt won the Sportsmanship Award. The CIF said it’s the most prestigious award given. I don’t know how they tabulate the winner, but my guess is that the head coaches nominate the player before the game starts, and the CIF says his name after the game.

    • At the end of each game, there was an sportsmanship award given to one player on each of the two teams. Player that exemplified sportsmanship throughout the NorCal tournament. You couldn’t have given it to a more deserving player than Herman Pratt. In fact, if he wanted to he’d probably say this was a team award not an individual award because all the players on SHC exemplify sportsmanship and team sacrifice.

      Ok I take it back on Longrus… 8 pts and 14 rebs is a solid effort. The missed ft’s costed BOD… This kid got a well deserved scholarship to a D1 school in WSU. I shouldn’t knock that. After all NFLer/SHC grad Jason Hill went to WSU and thats nothing to be ashamed of. It slipped my mind that BOD is a catholic school, Longrus probably is a really good kid raised with a good family and values. Sorry Richard. Good luck to you on the next level and make the Bay Area proud!

    • Basketball Fan | March 18, 2012 at 1:10 PM |

      Herman Pratt received the “Pursuing Victory with Honor” award: check out the short video on that speaks to it. He is a humble young man that plays consistently with team focus. Like the SHCP team: it is about team and not individuals.

      • I do not know Pratt personally. However, I love the intensity on every game he has played for SHC. I have watched a lot of SHC games and their is not one game where I can say he was just going thru the motions. He really gives it his all. This award makes up for being snubbed in the WCAL. Thank you, Mr. Pratt, for being a great representative of Sacred Heart.

  13. Johnny Drama | March 18, 2012 at 9:41 AM |

    I caught the game on replay last night. Fox and Johns played great. If they play like that next week, they should win. I don’t know much about who they will play but if the twin towers can replicate yesterday’s performance, they have a legit shot.

    As far as the SI bashing goes, I wouldn’t expect less from SH. Their inferiority complex shines through clearly when they accomplish something. Rather than celebrate their team, they feel the need to bash SI…..NICE. It will take alot more than winning some hoop games to be on par with SI as a school. Keep trying, it hasn’t happened in over a century and quite frankly, it never will.

    Hey Pablo, you need to read the posts when your girls team lost and you will see the crybaby SHC parents bashing the coach in a public forum. They were calling for his head, saying little Becky should get more run and questioning his every move. When one bashes someone for doing something they also do, it is called being a hypocrite.

    SH has had the better teams in SF since 2009. I’ve always given then credit for doing what they had to do to get players. Johns was a great find! Barbour seems like a class act also. His coaching will be tested next year, unless Johns has a younger but taller brother that is currently a freshman somewhere!

    Ari, I hope they win state for you man! Like I said before, you and Kevin Greene are all I like about SHC!

    • Basketball Fan | March 18, 2012 at 1:54 PM |

      Johnny Drama,
      Bitterness is a hard thing to deal with on an everyday basis and I see that it is hard for you in this post. The parents are always a challenge and I think that both Coach Barbour and Coach Carey have dealt with it in mature manners by staying off these sites and focusing on the kids and team. I hope the young men and women let these comments roll over their backs (if they are exposed to them) and keep playing and having fun. The SI vs SHC/SHCP bashing stuff is getting old.

    • WOW Drama, you live up to your name. I’m not an SI, or Riordan hater, I love the competition I’m a WCAL fan I think it’s one of the best league in the country. Do you realize the comment” the next find ” and younger but taller brother that is currently a freshman somewhere must meant that SHCP recruits players to come to SHCP somehow. Are you so arrogant to think that SI has not done the same for years. I’m not going into details or names, (take note) but look into your own house before pointing fingers.

      • Ive read enough of Johnny Drama’s comments and I can say first hand he does not like SH I can only speculate why he thinks SI is great in everything because he went there. But its all part of the rivalry I guess. All I can say is the SI basketball team really didn’t do well this year and for that matter, really underachieved. Maybe next year, they can do better in the spirit of being positive. But Big Rich, its true what you said 100% and I dare Drama man to come out and say SI does not recruit student athletes.

  14. Here are the results from the Big Cats Relays

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