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Game of the day – Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. Alemany boys basketball: The Irish are seeking their second state title in the boys program’s history and their first since 2009. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

CIF Division III boys basketball state championship
(S1) Alemany (Mission Hills) 71, (N1) Sacred Heart Cathedral 67

Non-league baseball
Galileo @ Westmoor (Daly City), 11 a.m.
International vs. Lincoln @ Westborough Park (South San Francisco), 2 p.m.
University vs. Bentley (Lafayette) @ Moscone, 3:30 p.m.
Lowell vs. South San Francisco @ Orange Park (South San Francisco), Noon (rained out)
Lick-Wilmerding vs. Cloverdale @ Skyline College (San Bruno), Noon (rained out)

Non-league boys lacrosse
University @ Menlo (Atherton), 1 p.m.
Urban @ Pacific Collegiate (Santa Cruz), 2 p.m.

Non-league girls lacrosse
St. Ignatius 11, Cherry Creek (Greenwood Village, Colo.) 8
Granite Bay 17, Lick-Wilmerding 0

WCAL softball
St. Ignatius @ St. Francis (Mountain View), Noon

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52 Comments on "Saturday Scoreboard"

  1. JB – I think a proper label would be “Game of the (2011-2012) YEAR”
    Great series all week. Go Irish!

  2. Joshua Levine | March 24, 2012 at 11:24 AM |

    The Lick-Wilmerding Twitter feed has said that their baseball game today has been rained out.

  3. Oh well Irish had a great run. It would have been nice but the ball didn’t bounce their way in the end. Good luck to the seniors and hope they all continue to do well in college. To the underclassmen hope to see you guys back playing in post season next year.

  4. Great season Irish, keep your head up. The team accomplished a lot and represented SF well. Being a class act is how you lose as well..I will always love this 2012 team, great leadership and poise.

  5. Ok, since admissions just happened at SHC, does anyone know of any great talent for the class of 2016 regarding basketball yet?

    • Josh Weinstein | March 24, 2012 at 8:12 PM |

      I heard SHCP only took 300 students for the Class of 2016 with girls in the majority. But wasn’t Taylor Johns a transfer?

      • Im sure they will take more than 300 members for the freshman class. Just wanted to know if anyone knows if anyone with above average talent coming in the freshman class for the basketball team. Im sure their will be a transfer here and there too.

        • COncerned Citizen | March 24, 2012 at 10:03 PM |

          You’re sure…hmmm…interesting. Can you tell us who it is?

          • of course, Im not sure, but I wouldn’t be shocked if someone wanted to play ball for SH and Coach B.

          • Josh Weinstein | March 25, 2012 at 10:25 AM |

            I heard from a parent this week with a son just admitted to the SHCP Class of 2016 that the number will be 300 admitted. I don’t know how many students will be let in off the wait list though. Anyone from SHCP Admissions Dept on this board?

            Doesn’t really matter anyway because athletes can transfer into SHCP like Taylor Johns did from what I’m told. They just have to clear the CCS rules.

            • Im sure any student can transfer to Riordan or SI as well. Just like students can transfer to public schools as well. It goes both ways.

            • Im sure they can find some big men to hold down the post sooner or later. They will have a pretty young team next year, lots of sophs I surmise. If “BIG GAME JAMES” can take BART from Union City to Sacred Heart, I am sure someone else is willing to do that to play for Coach B. He has a good reputation and has an eye for talent.

  6. I must agree, Alemany came out in force. The SHC crowd did not appear to be as big or loud. What happened to the school spirit?

  7. Johnny Drama | March 24, 2012 at 7:48 PM |

    Caught the game on TV. It was a pretty entertaining game and I was rooting for SH to the dismay of many in the room. Primarily for my man Ari Gold. Trying to be as objective as possible, the better team won. From top to bottom Alemany had more talent. Coleman was as good as advertised. SH had no answer for him. When he sat with 3 fouls in the first half, SH made a run but as soon as he returned, Alemany regained control. He ended up with 27 points and sat a large portion of the 2nd Q with 3 fouls. He threw down some monster dunks and swatted a Johns shot to the 5th row. He’s a legit D1 player. Alemany’s guards were also a step ahead of the Irish guards. Petroni kept SH in the game with his shooting. I commend SH for hanging in there and playing hard.

    I do not think the refs were horrible, if they were, they were horrible for both teams. Alemany also fouled out 2 starters and both teams were in foul trouble. As mentioned above, the best player on the court had 3 fouls in first half although 1 was a T. Some of the SH players appeared to have stage fright when Johns went out. Coleman was the difference, he was almost “Gordonesque” in this game.

    Someone asked in an earlier post how many state titles SI has, trying to rub it in our faces. The answer is 1, same as SH and Riordan: advantage NOBODY. Barbour seems like a good guy, next year we’ll see what kind of a coach he really is.

    On behalf of the SI contingent, and I will take the liberty to speak for the Riordan contingent, I would like to welcome SH to basketball mediocrity. The more the merrier!

    • The refs were horrible for both teams. I’ve never seen 4 players foul out in a HS basketball basketball game before with about 4 more in foul trouble. I think SHC could’ve pulled it out, but Fox was a little cold to start off the 3rd quarter, which enabled Alemany to come back. Add to the fact, Johns picked up 2 or 3 quick fouls in the 3rd. Alemany has 3 D1’s on their team with sophomore Bear Henderson already getting an offer from Colorado. Very good team, but SHC should’ve won.

      • SHC should have won? Really? What game were you watching? Coleman owned the 2nd half – 20 pts. If these two teams played each other 10 times, I think Alemany would win 7… just too much talent, too quick.

        With that said, nice run for WCAL schools. Still, in my opinion, one of the top two or three competitive leagues in the state.

        • Use your original name please. It’s in the Commenting Code of Conduct. I won’t change it again. Next time the comment won’t be approved.

        • I think the game would’ve came out differently if the refs didn’t call make-up fouls in the 3rd quarter. Basically, the refs tried to foul out Alemany’s best player in the 2nd quarter, then they probably knew they messed up, so they tried to foul out SHC’s inside presence in Taylor Johns in the 3rd. While he was out, Alemany went on a big run. If Johns is still in the game, all of those shots wouldn’t have been made and SHC would’ve maitained their 8 pt halftime lead. SHc still could’ve tied the game with 10 secs left in the game if that tap-in by Johns curled in. Unfortunately, it didn’t, and SHC was denied their 2nd State Championship. Basically, the theme of the game was foul out each team’s best players, and whoever has the better bench, we’ll anoint them as State champions.

        • Lessee… SHC sits their best player and Alemany’s big shot gets points. Coincidence?

          • Johnny Drama | March 26, 2012 at 8:24 AM |

            Well, let’s see..Alemany’s 2 bigs are out and SH is leading, they go back in and they lose and John’s gets into foull trouble..coincidence?

      • When did SI win a state title in hoops? Riordan was the first ever for an SF school in ’02 and SHC followed in ’09.

      • Josh Weinstein | March 25, 2012 at 10:08 AM |

        Yeah, someone (SI, SHCP, Riordan, anybody) stop Mitty next year in the WCAL. Only one more year of Aaron Gordon.

        • Johnny Drama | March 25, 2012 at 11:34 AM |

          They won in the era in which they played, just like SH did. I give the most respect to Riordan’s basketball accomplishments as they dominated local hoops in an era that was the most dominant across the board. In the record books it all counts as the same.

          • I like this era. SHC is 9-2 against Riordan and 10-2 against SI since 2008.

            • Johnny Drama | March 26, 2012 at 8:27 AM |

              The AD era…..after DEBACLE in 2008, haha!

              • What “DEBACLE” in 2008? Winning the Bruce-Mahoney Trophy? The CCS Football title? The Girls undefeated National Championship basketball season? I’ll take that “DEBACLE” any day.

        • Riordan is the only team that could hold down Gordon..

  8. tom mccormick | March 24, 2012 at 8:26 PM |

    poor free throw shooting cost the irish today. congratulations on a great year. it was definitely the most entertaining and evenly-matched boys game so far.

  9. Great season Irish! Way to represent.

  10. Just pointing out that I’m pretty sure the SI v. Cherry Creek game crowns the SI girls the best of the west…. Let’s Go Cats.

    • Josh Weinstein | March 25, 2012 at 10:03 AM |

      And by best in the West, that means the territory all the way through Texas and Colorado according to some lacrosse websites. SI was ranked #1 before the Cherry Creek game and they should jump up to a #1 ranking joining the SI boys in some polls.

      • I don’t think SI girls Lacrosse should be ranked #1 in the West. They only won by 3 goals on their home field. If the game was in Colorado, I think Cherry Creek would’ve won. Plus, I don’t think Cherry Creek is that dominant this year. With the SI loss, they now have 2 losses.

        • Winning by three goals is a whole lot better than winning by one… And SI has no losses? Check the results before you state statistics.

          • If SI girls lacrosse go undefeated, they should be ranked #1, but I don’t think that will happen. They will lose to either Carondelet or lose to a team in Houston, Texas.

            • They beat Carondelet last year and Cherry Creek, who SI just beat, is better and ranked higher than Carondelet… not sure why you believe that?

              And they were ranked #1 last year, so you must be Irish or an SI Reject for hating so much.

              • At the end of the season, we will see the number “1” under the column that says “losses” for SI girls lacrosse in the 2012 season.

  11. Josh Weinstein | March 25, 2012 at 10:04 AM |

    Correction: I mean SI was ranked #3 before the Cherry Creek game yesterday.

    • SI was actually ranked #2 before the game yesterday. And ranked #1 in CA because they beat Carondelet last year.

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