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Game of the day – Galileo vs. Marshall baseball: The rain washed this game away two weeks ago, but the teams are getting an early start today to try to get the game in. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at: and you can also follow pitch-by-pitch at with the password FB23526406.

BCL West badminton
Convent/Stuart Hall @ University, 3:45 p.m.

AAA baseball
Galileo 7, Marshall 2

Non-league baseball tournaments
Washington 3, Youngker (Buckeye, Ariz.) 2 @ Coach Bob Invitational (Phoenix, Ariz.)
Washington 8, Klamath Union (Klamath Falls, Ore.) 0 @ Coach Bob Invitational (Phoenix, Ariz.)
Lowell 5, Niwot (Colorado) 1 @ Coach Bob Invitational (Phoenix, Ariz.)

Non-league baseball
Stuart Hall @ College Prep (Oakland), 3:30 p.m.

WCAL boys golf
Sacred Heart Cathedral vs. St. Ignatius @ Olympic Club, 3 p.m.
Riordan vs. St. Francis (Mountain View) @ Harding Park, 3 p.m.

Non-league boys tennis
University 7, Lincoln 0
Tamalpais (Mill Valley) @ St. Ignatius, 3:30 p.m.
Riordan @ El Camino (South San Francisco), 3:30 p.m.

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  1. In the boxscore of the game you covered,, I think you gave errors to the wrong team.

  2. I have returned from 2 1/2 days of misery in the dungeon. Go ahead take your pot shots, but not until I list my top 10 summary notes from Saturday’s game. In order from highest to lowest.

    1. Congrats to Alemany.
    2. Congrats Marqeeze Coleman. Far and away the best player (D1 college-ready player) on the court and Max Guercy for stepping up big time when Coleman was on the bench by slicing through the Irish defense like a hot knife through butter.
    3. Congrats SHC on a spectacular season. You have nothing to be ashamed of and you’ll always be one of the favorite teams of all time in alot of alums’ eyes.
    4. Congrats Coach Barbour and all the assistant coaches for putting together a great season and leading this team that had great chemisty, camaraderie, and unselfishness. Truly a joy to follow and watch.
    5. Congrats Taylor Johns on a monster game 13 points and 19 rebounds. You carried yourself well in victory and defeat.
    6. No congrats to the ref who called technical fouls in the most important game of the season. Was there jawing/taunting? Was their excessive shoving? Was there any indication that this game was going to get out of hand where you had to call technical fouls? In addition to your other two referee mates that allowed Alemany to play tackle football on every SH player that held the ball. Were the refs just upset that the Northern California teams had 4-2 advantage over the So Cal teams up to that point? Even with this piss-poor reffed game, SH still almost pulled it out.
    7. If SH makes free-throw like Alemany did, we win.
    8. Yes Coach Barbour was right about out of character 3rd quarter. Specifically Fox taking really really tough shots albeit getting hacked with no foul call. I think Fox knew that with Johns on the bench he needed to make plays and he hurried alot of shots instead of worked the ball around which wouldve resulted in a turnover since Alemany converged on the other SH players like Golden Gate Park pigeons on bread crumbs and hacked away. Khalil James was aggressive but to a point where he was wild in his decisions on either shot or pass… Alemany trapped him into driving and putting him in no man’s land. Pratt could not be aggressive with his foul trouble, Otis gave us all he had in the 2nd quarter, O’Reilly was not up for this big stage, and Johns could do nothing from the bench.
    9. Commendable job by Jeremy Balan on his coverage for the whole week, season. Excellent sports journalism.
    10. I did not shoot any baskets, dribble any ball, pass to any teammates, or called any plays. Im just a big SH supporter and for anyone to think I jinxed or caused SH to lose, you really need to get a better life.

    • I was at the game and I thought SHC played very well. In the end, the stars for Alemany took control of the game. I also think that too many fouls were called but they were called evenly. Fouls did not determine the outcome as both teams were hit evenly. If the kids were allowed to play, I think that would favor the better team, which IMO was Alemany. The play of the SHC seniors carried the team and they were the reason for the game being close. The two headed PG for the irish did not play well. Also, O’Reilly is not quite at this level yet. He looked like a deer in the headlights. Hopefully he will grow from this and be a better player.

      • Actually, we will never know who the best team is, because the best players of both teams were never on the floor at the same time except in the 1st quarter and a couple mins of the 3rd and 4th quarter. I think the 2-headed PG did an alright job; the player that had a “down” game was maybe Pratt. He constantly got trapped and had the ball stolen from him in the 1st half. He didn’t really start getting it together until he picked up his 4th foul. Although Fox had a pretty good game, he took some ill-advised shots which let Alemany back in the game. Johns was really no factor in the 2nd half due to foul trouble. If he plays the whole 2nd half, I think the outcome is different.

        • You are right JJ, we will never really know but talent usually wins out. If you go down the roster man by man, Alemany is clearly the better team. Players usually get in foul trouble due to the player they are guarding. The PG for Alemany was lightning quick and strong as a bull, he is the reason the SH guards were in foul trouble. Also, Johns was battling Coleman and Henderson, 2 big kids. It was a tough game and they performed admirably but Alemany is the better team.

        • Who’s in favor of adding another foul?

          • Crusader 88 | March 29, 2012 at 7:19 PM |

            Why was the officiating worse this year as opposed to other years? I didn’t see too many games this season, I did go to Arco to see SH vs. O’Dowd and that crew was ok, a little inconsistent at times though.

          • Cant do that unless college does that. If it were me, I wouldnt count a technical as a personal. What baffled me about the technical was how many technicals were called on SH, more specifically Taylor Johns for the whole year. If the answer was zero, then this was a classic case of a referee that wanted to be bigger than the stage.

            • I think it was. I saw that player pulling on Taylor’s jersey and mouth off at the ref. Taylor shouldn’t have been called for anything.

            • I don’t think a technical is counted as a personal. Get two and you’re out or one that’s bad enough and you’re out.

              • In the NBA, a “T” is not counted as a personal, but I’m pretty sure a T in high school is counted as a personal (not sure about college). I only knew this from watching the D1 game where the forward was called for his 4th foul (swinging his elbows). While he was cursing to himself as he was walking back to the bench, the ref then called a “T” which fouled him out of the game.

      • A big congrats to SHC on a good year. Ari you hit your points really well. I saw that they should have gotten Johns the ball more in the post area cause he’s to strong and athletic for them to stop. SHC took too many outside jumpers and should of been pounding the paint more. Over all a good year for the irish. keep your heads up and keep working hard to reach your goals…See you next season kids…

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