Basketball: Gragnani Memorial City All-Star Game set for April 16!

(Illustration by Josh Jalil)

(Illustration by Josh Jalil)

Update: Rosters are updated and official, with jersey numbers! We have also listed players that will be participating in the 3-point and dunk contests. The contests are only open to players in the games. To enter, e-mail: The contests will be between the girls and boys games.

We’re partnering with the Bay Area Warriors this year to put on the fifth-annual City All-Star Game on Monday, April 16th at St. Ignatius Prep. Admission will be $5, with the girls game set for 5 p.m. and the boys game set for 7 p.m.

You can also check out the event’s Facebook page at:

We will be celebrating a great season of basketball with the seniors-only event, but we are also announcing that we have officially been approved by the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

We are working diligently to get out letters acknowledging donations to all those who contributed over the summer so they can deduct the donations on their taxes and we will continue to take tax-deductible donations at the City All-Star game and online.

Note: This list should not be confused with the All-City teams, which will be published at a later date.


Team City
6 – Gordon Kwan, Washington
7 – Terence Ching, Burton
8 – Phillip Stone Jr., Lick-Wilmerding
9 – Tyler Petroni, Sacred Heart Cathedral
10 – Chris Young, Lincoln
15 – Damonta McFarland, ISA
17 – Ares Brown, Lincoln
18 – Francisco Chacon, Leadership
19 – Grant Fineman, Jewish Community
20 – Avery Nicastro-Aikman, Lowell
21 – Isaiah Boone, Lick-Wilmerding
22 – Nick Young, Lincoln
23 – Brandon Barnes, Washington
24 – Joshua Fox, Sacred Heart Cathedral
25 – Taylor Johns, Sacred Heart Cathedral
28 – Julian Matulich, Urban
Coach: Matt Jackson, Lincoln

Team SF
6 – Jonathan Burnoski, Balboa
7 – Anthony Castillo, Riordan
9 – Laboyd Ricard, Stuart Hall
10 – Zev Newman, Bay
13 – Tim Connolly, Stuart Hall
16 – Max Betkowski, Galileo
17 – Henry Gale, Bay
18 – D. J. Harvey, Riordan

19 – Nick Johnson, St. Ignatius
20 – Shaquille Fisher, Mission
21 – Michael Loginoff, St. Ignatius
22 – Daniel Selsor, Riordan
23 – Gione Edwards, Mission
24 – Mark Alexander, Marshall
25 – Al Woodhouse, Waldorf (injured)
28 – Antonio Aguilar, St. Ignatius
30 – Miles Prescott, Mission
Coach: Dezebee Miles, Marshall


Team City
1 – Monique Mariano, Mercy
2 – Mariah Masoli, Mercy
3 – Nerissa Solvien, Wallenberg
4 – Raelyn Cheung-Sutton, Washington
5 – Denia Ebersole, International (injured)
11 – Brianna Friedrich, Sacred Heart Cathedral
12 – Tianna Mitchell, Mission
13 – Courtney Sabahi, Mercy
14 – Phacharee Arunleung, Washington
16 – Amelia King, University
Coach: Jason Montana, University

Team SF
1 – Melanie Choi, Gateway
2 – Courtney Gong, St. Ignatius
3 – Carly Kuperschmid, Urban
4 – Hayley Lew, Lick-Wilmerding
5 – Brenda Young, Lick-Wilmerding
8 – Franeka Hall, Jordan
11 – Kaitlyn Crawley, St. Ignatius
12 – Jessica Garrett, Lincoln
14 – Katie Waters, Lick-Wilmerding
15 – Marisa Hedgepeth, Drew
Coach: Michael Mulkerrins, St. Ignatius

Boys 3-point contest
Max Betkowski, Galileo
Jonathan Burnoski, Balboa
Anthony Castillo, Riordan
Francisco Chacon, Leadership
Terence Ching, Burton
Gione Edwards, Mission
Grant Fineman, Jewish Community
Nick Johnson, St. Ignatius
Gordon Kwan, Washington
Michael Loginoff, St. Ignatius
Tyler Petroni, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Miles Prescott, Mission
Daniel Selsor, Riordan
Philip Stone Jr., Lick-Wilmerding
Chris Young, Lincoln

Girls 3-point contest
Franeka Hall, Jordan
Mariah Masoli, Mercy
Tianna Mitchell, Mission

Dunk Contest
Ares Brown, Lincoln
Taylor Johns, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Laboyd Ricard, Stuart Hall
Nick Young, Lincoln

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93 Comments on "Basketball: Gragnani Memorial City All-Star Game set for April 16!"

  1. Congrats to everyone who made the team! Sf preps, what was the basis or requirements for making this all star team and who chose it?

    • It’s an all-senior event, because CIF rules only allow seniors to play in all-star games. We picked mostly from our own observations, but also with a little help from all-league teams.

  2. Is BCL West playing WCAL and AAA playing BCL West like last year, etc…? Or, will the teams be split up randomly?

    • Two games, straight up.

      I’d like to split up the teams East vs. West or North vs. South, but depending on who confirms, we might have to do some gerrymandering.

      Ultimately, we want a well-balanced, competitive game, so whatever we need to do to achieve that, we will.

  3. Congrats to the kids who are listed above. See you at the game.

  4. why are some names highlighted?

  5. Sexy And I Know It | March 31, 2012 at 7:05 PM |

    Who’s going to be the Coach’s for each teams?

  6. Any special reason why the game isn’t going to be at CCSF this year?

  7. What’s up with the Riordan seniors not submitting their RSVPs yet? Haven’t the Internets reached Phelan Ave yet?

  8. do they bring their own team jersey

  9. It’s against the rules for a high school player to have an agent (i.e. Mark Alexander).

  10. How did you decide who made the team? You say that you decided from your own observations? Did you look into who was going to be playing college ball, or who had the best stats on each team, or who played the most this season? Just kinda getting an idea of what your observations are….

  11. I didn’t pick the names, but looking at the all-senior list, it seems that all the players named on the list were senior players who made very significant contributions to their respective teams.

  12. If no one else RSVP’s when are you posting the second round draft choices?

  13. I hope Maria & Stacey show up for that event because it’s @ their school.

    • ARHS Stats | April 5, 2012 at 2:03 PM |

      I am pretty sure Maria is on the SI Lacrosse team, right now. So she is probably not going to play.

      • She won’t be playing because she’s going to be on a college visit.

        • R U talking about Stacey Ward? Also, what about Sophie Navarro?

          • They are not going to be playing.

          • Overall, it looks like the Michael Gragnani Memorial City All Star Game looks will have a big turn-out. There could be some no-shows, but the confirmed list looks staggering. Hopefully, F. Hall will confirm, so we can actually see her play against other girls. If not, it’s ok because either she has a big term paper due on Tuesday the 17th, a midterm test on Tuesday, or she doesn’t want to Brittney Griner on everyone.

  14. The have to expand the All Star Games to include all players or at least Upperclassmen! The class of 2013 is insanely talented and more talented than the class 2012.

    • Underclassmen means anything under seniors. It’s CIF rules. Nothing we can do about it.

    • I have to disagree with you that the Class of 2013 is more talented than the Class of 2012 in basketball. Besides SD31, who else will be highly touted in the Class of 2013? Khalil James?

      • I would agree with jdazzle that 2013 is a better class simply because I feel like they have a lot more depth than 2012. While the headliners in 2012 are very good (not great or hugely recruited) Fox and Johns, 2013 has that headliner getting national attention in Domingo, and then tons to talent in the bcl and aaa in Cohen, Getz, Mah, Monges and Antoine Porter. I would say that those players alone are significantly better than anybody below Fox and Johns on the senior list above

        • and then of course James and Pratt, but your very wcal minded if you think the second best player in that class is khalil james

          • Kevin Murray along with A. Porter from Mission are very good players, but I doubt they will have the same impact as a Mark Alexander. Gione Edwards Class of 2012 was probably the best player on the Mission team. I forgot about Pratt, maybe the 2nd best player in the City, after Domingo. If the All-Star team of 2012 played the All-Stars of 2013, I think 2012 would spank the Class of 2013 because 2013 is full of guards who mainly shoot from the perimeter and 2012 would kill them inside with a frontline of Fox, John, Alexander, and Gione Edwards at shooting guard.

  15. jj next year come on out to some bcl games you really tend to sleep on the bcl and they have some skilled players man

  16. Class of 2013 is talented, but the All-Star team of Cohen, Getz, Mah, Herman Pratt, and Domingo at center with Geru Mabrey and Khalil James coming off the bench wouldn’t beat the starting 5 of Fox, Johns, Mark Alexander, Gione Edwards, and DJ Harvey, PJ Stone, or Isiah Boone at point guard. Then Nick Johnson, Burnoski, Terrance Ching & Tyler Petroni coming off the bench would drill 3’s all day long when the All-Stars of 2013 pack it in the paint in order to stop the inside dominance of the Class of 2012. If there ever was a game, the rebounding difference would be 40 rebounds Class of 2012 to 8 rebounds Class of 2013. Final score: 68-54, Class of 2012 the winner

    • SD31 at Center – that’s a good one!

      • JJ too funny, just too funny…. lets say that again… Domingo at CENTER.. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAH

    • bballobserver | April 9, 2012 at 5:28 PM |

      Everything else aside……2012 v 2013 would be fun to watch, good for SF high school b ball…and surprising. Just having the venue for all these players to meet on court. A great fan experience.

  17. Seems like you guys forgot about Lick and Stuart Hall’s frontline?

  18. mark a.,ares b.,max b,,shaquille f.,chris y.

  19. Why no Gione? No “d” in Gione?

  20. C’mon remaining five invitees not being heard from. We need responses by midnight tonight.

  21. Looks like the other 3 will be no shows next Monday night @ SI.

  22. Christopher Lee | April 10, 2012 at 12:08 PM |

    Why is the ISA guy up there all of a sudden?

  23. Great decision to add Michael Loginoff (SI Class of ’12) to the mix.

  24. Still no word from either Sophie, Kyra, Leah, or Brenda.

  25. Nobody from oconnell?

  26. Joshua Levine | April 11, 2012 at 6:46 PM |

    Make sure to invite all of your friends and family to this! All of the writers from the staff will be there along with photographers. I promise you that you will not want to miss this!

    It’s important to celebrate the accomplishments of all of the players who will be there – whether they are playing or are underclassmen. Let’s all have one final gathering to remember some of the greater players and moments of this year’s basketball season.

    I’m absolutely pumped about this and you should be too. There’s a reason there are over 60 comments on this page – we all are so passionate about basketball. Show up and bring everyone and let’s make this another amazing basketball event for our athletes in San Francisco.

  27. oh its actually over team city is gonna run this

  28. Team City boys will win by 12

  29. also do we know about starters?

  30. Team City girls will win by 4

  31. I think we should add a girls slam dunk contest & to see any of the girls can dunk like Lisa Leslie or Brittney Greiner.

    • In the near future I mean.

      • I doubt any HS girls in San Francisco can dunk without the use of a trampoline or chair. The McDonald’s All American dunk contest had female contestants and I don’t think even 1 female made a dunk.

        • boomroasted | April 12, 2012 at 3:41 PM |

          they actually had one and she dunked it twice. one handed and two handed. c’mon dawg

  32. Doesn’t seem like the rosters were split according to geography. I wonder how were the teams selected?

  33. This is going to be a great game…it would have been interesting to see how everyone played with other teams….like splitting up team members from the same high school. Regardless, as Joshua stated, we should all go out and show our support!

  34. where will they practice

  35. We need more girls 3-point competitors rather than just one.

    • Wouldn’t be so interesting if either centers of Courtney Sabahi or Amelia King compete in the 3-point contest.

  36. There will be more female 3-point contestants if you decide to give out a cash prize or Borders gift card to the winner.

  37. Waka Flocka Flame | April 12, 2012 at 7:50 PM |

    Will there be a video for those who won’t/can’t be there? There should be. That would be ill

  38. Looks like Team City on both the boys and girls side will win. Congrats to all of the players and great job and all involved with putting this together.

    My picks for the winners of the contests:

    3-pt. Contest (Boys)-Terence Ching

    3-pt. Contest (Girls)- Mariah Masoli

    Slam Dunk Contest – Tayler Johns (Too bad Mark Alexander from Marshall wasn’t in this)

  39. what time is the dunk contest/3pt contest being held?

  40. Do players need to bring shorts or are they being given.

  41. take pics and videos

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