Boys Basketball: All-City Team Player of the Year Taylor Johns (center) and first-team All-City selections (from left) Herman Pratt, Gione Edwards, Joshua Fox, Nate Cohen and Mark Alexander. (Photos by Devin Chen, Doug Ko and Eric Luis. Illustration by Josh Jalil) Player of the Year Taylor Johns (center) and first-team All-City selections (from left) Herman Pratt, Gione Edwards, Joshua Fox, Nate Cohen and Mark Alexander. (Photos by Devin Chen, Doug Ko and Eric Luis. Illustration by Josh Jalil)

By Jeremy Balan

It’s almost scary how similar the statistics are for Sacred Heart Cathedral standout forwards Joshua Fox and Taylor Johns.

Even with largely different offensive games, the two UC Riverside-bound seniors both averaged about the same amount of points (Johns had a slight edge at 14.5 per game compared to Fox’s 14.4) and rebounds (Johns again held a slight edge at 8.1 to Fox’s 7.1), and the two were far-and-away the best players in the City all season.

That, along with their kinship on and off the court, made the decision for Player of the Year significantly more difficult.

Fox had a flair for the dramatic, hitting some of the biggest shots of the season, but the determining factor came on the defensive end of the floor. Fox was a plus defender and had his share of blocks and steals, but Johns’ ability to block and alter shots was a game-changer.

That’s why he’s our Player of the Year.

Johns’ shot blocking, as well as his ability to change the emotional flow of games with emphatic dunks, were a invaluable weapons for the Irish all season and the impact of his defense was displayed in the Division III state championship game.

With Johns off the court with foul trouble for much of the second half, the athletic Alemany guards drove through the Sacred Heart defense without worrying about the senior’s 6-foot-6 frame and long arms meeting them in the paint.

Fox headlines a first team that acknowledges versatility and all-around effectiveness rather than pure scoring.

Fox scored, rebounded, distributed, shot 40 percent from 3-point range and showed a taste for taking clutch shots.

Mission senior forward Gione Edwards led all City scorers with 19.5 points per game, but also led the Bears in rebounding (10.3 per game), blocks and was second on the team in assists.

Academic Athletic Association Player of the Year Mark Alexander, Marshall’s 6-foot-6 center, had a triple-double in the AAA championship game and was one of the best inside defenders all season.

Urban junior guard Nate Cohen, the Bay Counties League West Player of the Year, led the Blues to their first winning season since 2004-2005 by averaging over 17 points per game in league play, taking in 7.2 rebounds per game, while leading the team in assists (5.2 per game).

The final first-team selection, Sacred Heart junior guard Herman Pratt, made his greatest impact as the best on-the-ball defender in the City and scored 10 points per game. He didn’t average a ton of rebounds or assists, but always seemed to do something late in games to help the Irish win.

The drop-off from the first team is far from steep, with highly-sought recruit Stephen Domingo, human highlight-reel Trevor Dunbar, sharpshooter Chris Young, inside-outside threat Harold Getz and explosive Isaiah Boone all pushed down to the second team.

Bonta Hill contributed to this report

2012 All-City Team

Player of the Year
Taylor Johns, senior forward, Sacred Heart Cathedral

Coach of the Year
Darrell Barbour, Sacred Heart Cathedral

First Team
Mark Alexander, senior center, Marshall
Nate Cohen, junior guard, Urban
Gione Edwards, senior forward, Mission
Joshua Fox, senior forward, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Herman Pratt, junior guard, Sacred Heart Cathedral

Second Team
Isaiah Boone, senior guard, Lick-Wilmerding
Stephen Domingo, junior forward, St. Ignatius
Trevor Dunbar, sophomore guard, St. Ignatius
Harold Getz, junior forward, University
Chris Young, senior guard, Lincoln

Third Team
Ares Brown, senior guard, Lincoln
D. J. Harvey, senior guard, Riordan
Khalil James, junior guard, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Chris Mah, junior guard, University
Miles Prescott, senior forward, Mission

Honorable Mention
Max Betkowski, senior forward, Galileo
Joshua Blueford, sophomore guard, Leadership
Jonathan Burnoski, senior guard, Balboa
Francisco Chacon, senior guard, Leadership
Terence Ching, senior guard, Burton
Armani Collins, freshman forward, Stuart Hall
Tim Connolly, senior guard, Stuart Hall
Preston Demings, sophomore forward, Marshall
Grant Fineman, senior guard, Jewish Community
Anthony Gumberg, junior forward, Jewish Community
Franeka Hall, senior guard, Jordan
Aumen Holliday, junior guard, Marshall
Nick Johnson, senior guard, St. Ignatius
Gordon Kwan, senior guard, Washington
Geru Mabrey, junior guard, Riordan
Connor Mattoon, senior guard, Bay
Julian Matulich, senior forward, Urban
Demonta McFarland, senior guard, ISA
David Medoff, junior guard, University
Matt Monges, junior guard, Urban
Kevin Murray, junior guard, Mission
Avery Nicastro-Aikman, senior guard, Lowell
Mizell Parker, sophomore guard, Marshall
Tyler Petroni, senior guard, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Antoine Porter, junior guard, Mission
Ray Porter, junior forward, Gateway
Ben Schneider, junior forward, Lick-Wilmerding
Phillip Stone Jr., senior guard, Lick-Wilmerding
Al Woodhouse, senior forward, Waldorf
Nick Young, senior guard, Lincoln

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47 Comments on "Boys Basketball: All-City Team"

  1. COncerned Citizen | April 15, 2012 at 3:03 PM |

    The 28th ranked player in the nation couldn’t even crack the 1st team. As unbelievable as that would normally sound I totally agree.

    • He’s just not that good.

    • Doc holliday | July 28, 2012 at 3:35 PM |

      Thats san francisco for like i said before the people picking these teams are stupid i wont say what i really feel, because it upsets so many even when it is obvious

  2. I have to disagree. I think Mr. Domingo should’ve made 1st team, but I respect SanFranPreps’ decision. I never saw Nate Cohen play, and Gione Edwards was a scoring machine, but his defense looked pretty suspect. Domingo, on the other hand, blocked a couple shots a game and led SI in rebounds.

    • COncerned Citizen | April 15, 2012 at 4:51 PM |

      JJ, He also led them to the cellar of the WCAL. What do the other guys have in common? Their teams won. Domingo wasn’t even the best player on his team. Dunbar was.

      • Riordan was in the cellar.

        • Your opinion is that Dunbar was the best player on SI, but I believe Domingo was the BMOC of SI. Maybe you might like Obama, but I like Romney.

        • Just the facts | April 16, 2012 at 5:15 PM |

          Valley Christian is in the cellar.

          SI vs. ARHS 48 to 43. Not what I call being beat “handily” by SI. Where was SD then?

          ARHS also beat University 66 to 43,
          beat Bellarmine 71 to 61
          beat St Francis 68 to 59
          beat Balboa 67 t0 39
          beat Valley Christian 57 to 48.
          beat St. Mary’s 59 to 36,
          beat Westmoor 56 to 48
          beat Aragon 64 to 41
          beat Terra Nova 73-28
          beat Tamalpais 62 to 36.

          • Just the facts | April 17, 2012 at 6:37 PM |


            SI won only 4 league games: Serra once, Valley Christian once and ARHS twice.

            SI: League: 4W/10L. Overall 11/16
            ARHS league: 3/11 Overall 10/15.

            Not a big difference.

            SI looks pretty over-rated when you look at those facts. Could be SD is also over-rated and that is why SI is over-rated. I am still not sure why SD is rated as he is. But some urban legions or myths are hard to die.

            I think Reardon missed out on a lot of talent he had besides SD and TD. Why? I don’t know.

    • bballobserver | April 15, 2012 at 5:16 PM |

      Should see Nate Cohen play: for at least three years Taylor Johns, Johnny Mrylik and Nate played together in Sunday league at the OC. Nate has started for Urban for three years. He does everything necessary to win: points, rebounds, assists…..and defense (you don’t play for Skiffer unless you love defense). He’s fast, quick….and a sizeable guard. Urban runs and Nate is fun to watch. The BCL Coaches saw it, SF Preps saw it and whoever picks All Metro saw it: they looked to the players and their season and you have to hand it to them……they saw the ballplayers.

      All the best to Taylor Johns. Among the most fun to watch and he loves the game.

  3. Don’t blame Domingo or Trevor for Tim Reardon’s incompetent coaching. How is it that you have two of the top players in the state and yet, you come in 6th place in the WCAL? Reardon need to go before he destroys the program further.

    • This is somewhat true. I’m not really sure if SI should give the axe to Reardon yet. SI only started playing their game in the 4th quarter of their last game (against El Camino)…..a little too late. If they played that way from Day 1, the poor season could’ve turned out differently. Hopefully, the rumors that some people have been trying to insinuate on this site are not true, because I’d like my favorite player in the WCAL to be back for the 2012-13 basketball season. See y’all tomorrow at SI around 5pm.

  4. City Lights | April 15, 2012 at 11:27 PM |

    Oh how quickly a coach can fall from grace. I remember Reardon doing great things in his first go as the SI coach. This last season, however, was a complete disaster. It seems like he doesn’t know how to coach big time talent. The high school game is evolving and the SI coaches seem to have a “my way or the highway” approach to the whole thing.

  5. Nate Cohen in a WCAL atmosphere would be a solid player. Extremely strong. As for SI didnt play its game until the 4th quarter of El Camino game. EC was up 24, subs, lazy d – vintage AAU ball time – yes Domingo’s time to shine. He probably is more dependable in run and gun system of AAU, Prep Academy ball. WCAL game does not fit him well. Yes, he will definately will get his looks at next level.

    As for Coach Reardon, boy when he was re-hired, there was nothing but praise. The game has not passed him by; but the dedication and commitment of players and parents may have.

    Yes, it is a different game today. : (

  6. Best of luck to both at the next level Johns and Fox.

  7. i think Graham Gilleran of Riordan should have been 1st wcal

    • bballobserver | April 16, 2012 at 11:17 AM |

      I can’t make a call on WCAL….but I’ve seen him play and he has a game. Moves well in range of the basket. Good rebounder, good shot. Good defense. Good smarts. Moves well up and down the court. Hard worker. Can’t help but like his game.

  8. Johnny Drama | April 16, 2012 at 11:31 AM |

    I’m a big SI homer but we can’t blame the coach for this one. He had ZERO post presence at all and I would argue with those who say he had big time talent. He has 2 very good players and that’s it. They did what they were supposed to do.

    • City Lights | April 16, 2012 at 8:08 PM |


      They had plenty of talent and also some big kids that the coaches were either unable to motivate or light a fire under in the post. SI folks just like to make excuses for those within their close-knit brotherhood of alums. There are plenty of coaches out there (Lippi & Forslund to name a couple) that could have gotten more out of the team.

      Yes, you can blame the coaches if the players don’t hustle. Period.

    • if you don’t teach your team a fast break and secondary offense, If you didn’t allow your team to press even though you had the two fastest guards in the league, If you were out rebounded in almost every game you played based on the personnel selected by the coach and if you made your team hold the ball for the first 20 seconds of the 35 second clock? That’s very poor coaching! Don’t blame the players because they had to suffer through this.

      • The SI offense seemed to consist of passing the ball around the perimeter and/or have TD10 dribble the ball for the first 30 seconds then either SD31 heave up a fade away 3 or have TD10 go one on five and throw up an off balance shot as the shot clock expires. If I was coaching the team – I’d play more of a two man game (pick n roll / pick n pop). I would also insist that SD31 get acquainted with the low post on occasion.

  9. SI has two very good players and those players should have led them to at least a .500 season. They didn’t even come close to that. They were suppose to win this year, right? Yes SD31 was ranked the 28th best player in the country, tell me if SH or Riordan had any of those? SI got out hustled anyway you look at it.

    • SD31 was considered the 28th, 31st or 16th best player in the Class of 2013 (not in the country) depending on what HS scouting website you go to. Riordan got beat pretty handily by SI in both games. SHC beat SI pretty handily in all their games, because they have a more complete team with 2 D1 recruits, one of the best defenders in the WCAL in Pratt and a very underrated point guard who could hold his own, along with one of the best 3 point shooters in the WCAL. SI’s point guard was pretty good, but you don’t get 2 points for making your defender fall down and trip over his shoelaces.

  10. Johnny Drama | April 16, 2012 at 12:16 PM |

    Can’t blame a coach for a players hustle!

    • Mr. Drama, Coaches get all the credit and all the blame. Who would you blame SI’s crappy basketball season on?? If the team does not play well, you always start with the coach, don’t you? SI really stunk it up this year, maybe next year, Coach can pull it together for SI, I really hope so.

      • Johnny Drama | April 17, 2012 at 9:06 AM |

        You can’t carve bad wood……….he wasn’t dealing with redwood or oak, I’ll just leave it at that. I was adressing your “hustle” comment. A coach can’t make a player hustle, as you mentioned.

        I also disagree with the coach get’s all the blame comment. I would agree if both teams are evenly matched or playing on a level playing field. SI was NOT the most talented team in most of its games (except Riordan and VC whom they beat). I blame their bad season on their talent level, or lack thereof. If some players are overhyped, it is not the coach’s fault. I believe you are an SHC fan right? If so, do you blame Barbour for their state game loss? I don’t, I say they lost to the better team. I stand by my comment that SI didn’t underachieve, they are what they are and played as such. If SHC regress next year without the 2 bigs will you blame Barbour or will you say it is a lack of talent compared to previous years? If Mitty didn’t win league last year with all their talent, then you can blame the coach.

        We can disagree on this one but I don’t blame Reardon for their season, bottom line is that we are not that good.

        • This is a crazy argument. Just because he is an SI alumnis doesn’t mean you should be blind. Coach Barbour did the best he could, SHCdid not embarrass themselves and in most cases overachieved. I do not blame Coach Barbour for losing the state championship but I do know he had the kids ready to play for every game, this is all you can ask for. They lost to a better team that day. Johns and Fox and SH crew worked their way to a championship. Nothing was giving to them. Matter of fact, Johns and Fox were not really recruited by colleges until now compared to how SD31 is. The basic thing I am saying is it is the way SI lost all year, it showed they had an inept offense and no inside player. They did not even play nearly to anyone’s potential, not even yours.

          • I am not a graduate of SI but I do not think the blame lies entirely with the coach. There are some truths in both points of view. SI was not very talented. You say yourself they had no post player so how is that the coach’s fault? They had Domingo who is considered a top prospect but it is fair to say he did not have a great year. The offense was run to their best players’ strengths, outside shooting. When Dunbar penetrated, they had nobody to convert his passes into baskets. They were not a very good offensive team at all. Reardon won his fair share of games, even beating Forslund and Riordan when they had Rob Jones, Jorge Camacho and Logan Shoffner, so he CAN coach. Bottom line is that talent wins games, and he lacked it compared to most of their opponents. Who should they have really beaten that they lost to?

            • City Lights | April 17, 2012 at 10:25 PM |

              I like to root for all the City teams but it’s both sad and amusing watching you SI alums rally the old boy network around a coach that clearly lost his team, didn’t adapt to his personnel, refused to change an arcane Princeton offense, and never developed a HUGE post player who is still raw as clay. Every single bit of that all lays squarely on the coaches head. Just like all credit was due when Reardon won games his first time around.

              Some men just get more out of kids than others. Other men simply need good little boys from good families to coach that will be prim and proper like they used to back in the days of Hoosiers.

              It’s easy (and weak) to blame players for everything.

  11. Just the facts | April 16, 2012 at 2:07 PM |

    Graham Gilleran and Nate Cowen and about 7+ other SF players listed above can be seen on the AAU Olympic Club Elite team. They just won two tournaments in two weeks. They won in their bracket in the Oakland Soldiers Easter Tournament and were third overall among the about 64 teams. They won last weekend at the Esface Tournament in RWC. Graham Gilleran has very good Basketball IQ and is a good overall player and is a selfless player – a good team player.

  12. Honorable mention list could of been tightened up a little bit, went to some of these players games, i think these people are deserving:

    Kenny Hatch
    Daniel Mc.Vernic
    Andreas Peritos
    Jack Gale
    Shaquille Fishser

  13. Kezar for Keeps | April 17, 2012 at 12:03 PM |

    This conversation drives me nuts. Why does everything have to be about SI? Sometimes it seems like even if an SI team went undefeated people would still be disappointed they didn’t win by enough (their fans), or talking trash about how some of the kids aren’t from the city (SI haters). Oh wait, that’s happening right now about the lacrosse team.

    SI fans, get over yourselves. You’re not entitled to be good at everything, every year. SI bashers, get over yourselves too. It’s not hard to see the jealousy in your comments. When you have success, you don’t need to bash SI. It shows how insecure you are.

    • In reading the comments, my take is that more than a few SI fans are tired of the continual internal coaching hires (SI grads only) and would like their school to embrace the coaching talent that is available to them. SI has amazing facilities, so why not get the best coaching to help their student athletes get into the best colleges and play at the next level, whether it be D1 or D3.

    • City Lights | April 17, 2012 at 10:27 PM |

      If the conversation drives you nuts, stop clicking on the link for this thread.

  14. Doc holliday | May 29, 2012 at 3:29 PM |

    This some real rasist bull my son works to hard for this kind of over sight my thank god that the universty,s dont use you for reffrences

    • I’m not sure who or what you are calling racist, but if you are implying that I am, based on the fact that your son was only named honorable mention, you should take a look at the rest of the list. We selected the best players in the City, based on their performance on the court. To say that we discriminated against your son is not only unfounded and insulting, but also shows that you may be in need of some glasses.

      Trying to say that our selections are “racist” not only diminishes the outstanding seasons of those on the first, second and third teams, but devalues future claims on other issues that may be rightfully influenced by race.

      I’m frankly embarrassed for you, that you would stoop to that level of name calling.

  15. Doc holliday | May 29, 2012 at 3:34 PM |

    Jb i thought you knew what you are doing man you need to be impeached or cancelled altogether because you not helping unless you have some realitves playing?

    • WCAL Alum | May 29, 2012 at 4:13 PM |

      I am reminded of that old saying:

      Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open up and remove all doubt. Give Mr. Balen a break.

      At end of day month and years from now, will any of this matter?

    • Bonta Hill | May 29, 2012 at 4:41 PM |

      Me and Jeremy spent hours working on this list. For you, Doc, to say our list is racially biased is absolutely disgusting and ridiculous.

      Everybody is entitled to their opinion, however, you should keep ignorant comments like that to yourself.

      By the way, I’m African American.

  16. I don’t know how someone could be “racist” when the Player of the Year was a African-American, as well as the Coach of the Year. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams were 96% all minorities, with Harold Getz being the only caucasian guy.

    • Doc Holliday | May 31, 2012 at 12:23 PM |

      All racist are not white it’s some black people that are worst as well as asian, latino ext.It’s the powers that be that i am speaking of this is 2012 racist comes in all forms The POY’S they picked are not D 1 quality players they need to hire someone to polish them or they are just going i scout for a couple of schools and i would not touch either one that’s why they are not getting D1 looks. It is 4 guys that are and i have not seen anyone of them mentioned with them and they all have D 1 offers from playing AAU basketball. WHY IS THAT, BECAUSE SOMEONE DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. AND THEIR EGO WONT LET THEM SEE THE LIGHT.AND PUT SOME ONE WHO DOES IN PLACE AND GIVE OUR KIDS A FAIR SHOT I have white in me if you must know just for the recored.

      • The one player of the year we picked has signed a letter of intent to play Division I basketball. As a supposed scout, I think you should probably know that. The fact that you continue with your claim of racism invalidates any points you make.

      • Johnny Drama | May 31, 2012 at 5:32 PM |

        Who are the 4 players getting D1 looks and from which colleges? Inquisitive hoop fans want to know. Personally, I believe you are a bit delusional. Quit filling your kids with false hope.

  17. COncerned Citizen | May 31, 2012 at 1:49 PM |

    Safe to assume your son is Aumen? Enlighten us and tell us who is he better than on the first/second team? I believe this list is based on how the kids actually performed, not their NBA potential, which I am sure your son has in droves.

    • WCAL Alum | May 31, 2012 at 2:25 PM |

      Cant be. Not even a Aumen Holiday on AAA All-League. I also watched several Marshall games and other than the center Alexandar, I did not notice any noticable wow-factor. A quick little addittuey guard, but as with most AAA guards, have trouble with sit-down stifling defenses (ie WCAL). True, would have helped if he had more depth on team. Yes, I am sure he is better suited for AAU (ie no defense ball).

      I enjoy watching a few Pro-Am games a year, but what does it say this past year that a WCAL junior all everything was the best player on the floor.

      Thousands of DI prospects – WOW, funny I dont quite hear of that many players moving on, on a reguler basis.

      I will give you this, AAU does open up a few doors and exposure that arent readily available based on AAA league. But it is far and in between. For as many “DI (rolling my eyes) players and coaches that attend the Nike and Addidas tourneys in Vegas, there are many small colleges(DII, III, NAIA) that use this to find a diamond in the rough.

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