Boys Lacrosse: Sacred Heart Cathedral comes back late, but falls to St. Francis in OT

Sacred Heart Cathedral junior attackman Milo Gates holds off a St. Francis defender on Wednesday at Crocker Amazon Playground. (Photo by Devin Chen)

Sacred Heart Cathedral junior attackman Milo Gates holds off a St. Francis defender on Wednesday at Crocker Amazon Playground. (Photo by Devin Chen)

By Jeremy Balan

For a first-year varsity program, the Sacred Heart Cathedral boys lacrosse team has had its fair share of heartbreaking losses.

The Irish fell 11-10 in overtime to St. Francis of Mountain View in West Catholic Athletic League play on Wednesday at Crocker Amazon Playground. It is Sacred Heart’s third overtime loss of the season.

St. Francis senior midfielder Ryan Claus scored the game-winner with just 1:06 remaining in the overtime period, driving through a double team on the left wing with the Lancers shorthanded due to a deflating unsportsmanlike penalty.

Sacred Heart Cathedral junior midfielder Colin Franceschini shields the ball from a St. Francis defender on Wednesday at Crocker Amazon Playground. (Photo by Devin Chen)

The Irish (5-11, 1-7) trailed 8-3 early in the third quarter and 10-7 late in the fourth, but scored three unanswered goals in the final 2:28 to force overtime and the final Sacred Heart goal came on a shorthanded opportunity of their own.

With standout junior attackman Milo Gates serving a slashing penalty, fellow junior Colin Franceschini worked his way behind the net and found midfielder Jacob Cuffe unattended in front on a backdoor cut.

Cuffe took the pass and quickly buried the ball low in the net with 10 seconds remaining to tie the game at 10-10.

Even though the Irish were resilient late, Sacred Heart head coach Richard Cooke was not satisfied with the overall effort of his team, especially early in the game, when the Irish offense struggled to penetrate against the St. Francis defense. The Irish also compounded offensive struggles with 31 turnovers, including nine in the fourth quarter.

“It should have never gone to overtime, I’ll be honest with you,” Cooke said. “The last time we played them, we had an easy time and today we came out flat and didn’t give much of an effort.”

Gates, who has a team-high 97 points on the season in just 16 games, scored a game-high four goals and had three assists. He either assisted or scored the first six Irish goals, often worked his way through multiple St. Francis defenders to score and drew double teams throughout.

“Every single game he carries our team,” Cooke said. “It’s pretty much his team and he puts them on his back.”

The supporting Irish cast made key plays late, but seemed content to pass the ball around the perimeter at times and Sacred Heart didn’t score until the 3:06 mark of the first quarter.

“They were waiting for [Gates] to do something,” Cooke said. “There could have been more out of us. There’s so much potential on this team, they just don’t know it yet.”

St. Francis (7-12, 2-7) is only in its third year of varsity competition, but the Irish got their first WCAL win in school history with a win over the Lancers in March.

“We’re two growing programs that are evenly matched and every game is going to come down to a literal fight,” said St. Francis head coach Greg Derus. “They fought and beat us at our place by a goal, and the same thing happened today.”

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
SF: 4:55 – Everett Moiseff
SHC: 3:06 – Ryan Golembiewski, assist Milo Gates
SF: 1:51 – Arthur Morgan, assist Samuel Carver

Second Quarter
SF: 8:36 – Taylor Chadwick
SF: 5:00 – Alex Frazier, assist Carver
SF: 3:10 – Sean Elmurib, assist Jake Kidwell
SHC: 2:31 – Gates
SHC: 1:58 – Gates

Third Quarter
SF: 9:16 – Morgan, assist William DeWitt
SF: 8:59 – Elmurib, assist Kidwell
SHC: 6:50 – Golembiewski, assist Gates
SHC: 4:50 – Peter Van Zandt, assist Gates
SHC: 2:35 – Gates

Fourth Quarter
SHC: 5:32 – Golembiewski
SF: 4:07 – Matthew Meissner
SF: 3:17 – Meissner
SHC: 2:28 – Golembiewski
SHC: 2:07 – Gates
SHC: 0:10 – Jacob Cuffe, assist Colin Franceschini

SF: 1:06 – Ryan Klaus

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  1. Will Mallonee got the goal with 10 seconds left.

  2. that was last year, will mallonee is #2 this season, Jake Cuffe is #18

  3. Milo Gates, #19, goes by “Sedge,” his middle name. Go Irish!

  4. Im not hating on SH lax or the coverage, I think its great we are having so much more new city teams this year, (bay, riordan, drew, SH) but why has the SH team already had two full articles while other more established teams in the city have not. Urban seems to be becoming one of the more competitive teams in SF.They beat SH by 1, lick by 2, and already have a 17-0 league shutout against Bentley . University which is a distant but undisputed #2 in the city after SI has already beaten lick by 11 , has two league shutouts against Bentley and Sonoma Academy, and has quite a few other huge wins on their schedule. Once again i’m happy that I get to know more about an up and coming program like SH, but is there a specific reason that a first year varsity team, that has had very little success this season is getting so much attention, while some other established and competitive teams have gotten none so far. Im sure that you have a good reason, whether its just conflicts with your schedule or some other reason im not aware of, but im just curious why this particular team has gotten so much attention, when they have not yet done much to warrant it. Is there something about this team that we are just not aware of yet?Anyways i hope i dont sound like im criticizing you in any way as i truly do appreciate your site and all the hard work that goes into giving SF high school athletes and fans something as special as this, I was just curious as i had seen so many updates about the SH lacrosse team.

    • Coverage is day to day. We try to cover the best game on any particular day. This is the first time we covered the SH boys lacrosse team this season.

  5. Thanks for your explanation. The other article I was referring to was the summary of their previous game against St.Francis which you featured in your Prep Wrap up section.

    • No problem. The Prep Wrapup is entirely based on what coaches, ADs and teams send in. If Lick, Urban or University lacrosse would send in info on any one of their games, they would be in the Prep wrapup.

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