Baseball: Inaugural City All-Star Game set for June 3rd!

(Photo illustration by Josh Jalil)

(Photo illustration by Josh Jalil)

Update (Tuesday, May 29, 7 p.m.): We’ve locked in the times with USF and we will be playing a nine-inning game with first pitch at 2 p.m. The home run competition will start at 1 p.m. Those participating in the home run competition need to check in at the field by Noon and the rest of the players need to be checked in by 12:45 p.m. for warmups.


We know it’s late notice, but we’re happy to announce we will be partnering with the Dante Benedetti Foundation and X-Level Sports to put on the inaugural City All-Star Baseball Game on Sunday, June 3 at the University of San Francisco’s Benedetti Diamond.

The Dante Benedetti Foundation is dedicated to continuing the spirit and legacy of Dante Benedetti by helping kids through the game of baseball. Working in partnership with the San Francisco baseball community, the foundation is providing meaningful financial support to organizations that facilitate active participation in baseball for under-served youth in the Bay Area.

The game is scheduled for 2 p.m., with a home run competition set for 1 p.m. We will not be charging admission, but we will be seeking donations toward our fundraising effort for next season’s coverage.

You can also check out our Facebook event page at this link:

Players, we will provide jerseys that you will be able to keep, but please bring any other equipment you may need. Also, please wear your school hat.

Here are the finalized rosters for the game on Sunday, as well as the home run derby contestants.

Note: This list should not be confused with the All-City teams, which will be published at a later date.

Team City
1 – Nick Johnson, St. Ignatius
2 – Drew Forrest, Lick-Wilmerding
3 – Lucas Howard, Lick-Wilmerding
4 – Kyle Tillinghast, St. Ignatius
5 – Max Barnes, Lowell
6 – Matt Craig, Riordan
7 – Ismael Orozco, Riordan
8 – Gavin Chin, Balboa
9 – Collin Monsour, St. Ignatius
10 – Nick Corson, Lick-Wilmerding
11 – Eduardo Santos, Riordan
12 – Charlie Goldensohn, St. Ignatius
13 – Nick Magyari, Lowell
14 – Connor Cucalon, St. Ignatius
15 – Nick Tam, Lowell
16 – Travis McDow, St. Ignatius
17 – Alex Arnold, Balboa
18 – Jalen Allen, Lick-Wilmerding
19 – Anthony Auerbach, Leadership
71 – Will Campbell, Stuart Hall
Coach: Mike Abbott, Burton

Team SF
1 – Gino Franco, Sacred Heart Cathedral
2 – Remfel Ganal, Lincoln
3 – Joe Cibotti, Sacred Heart Cathedral
4 – Tevin Goodwin, Sacred Heart Cathedral
5 – Javon Phillips, Washington
6 – Manny Serrano, Sacred Heart Cathedral
7 – Dane Vande Guchte, Washington
8 – Avery Velasco, Washington
9 – Alex Skevos, Washington
10 – Nick Nussbaum, Sacred Heart Cathedral
11 – John Schember, University
12 – Chris Miguel, Sacred Heart Cathedral
13 – Alexander Indick, University
14 – Harry Conrad, Stuart Hall
15 – Jack Harrington, Sacred Heart Cathedral
16 – Eduardo Martinez, Galileo
17 – Nate Stern, Urban
18 – Ariel Applbaum, Jewish Community
19 – Alex Asdourian, Stuart Hall
21 – Albie Brown, Urban
Coach: Rob Fung, Washington

Home Run Derby
Max Barnes, Lowell
Harry Conrad, Stuart Hall
Remfel Ganal, Lincoln
Tevin Goodwin, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Nick Johnson, St. Ignatius
Travis McDow, St. Ignatius
Chris Miguel, Sacred Heart Cathedral
Ismael Orozco, Riordan
Kyle Tillinghast, St. Ignaitus
Avery Velasco, Washington

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33 Comments on "Baseball: Inaugural City All-Star Game set for June 3rd!"

  1. There is no such thing as “1st Annual!” The term is “Inaugural” – wait until the second or third one to attempt an “annual” status. Congrats on the effort. What would be better is dedication to more places for middle and high school players to compete, recreate and learn through the summer after high school graduation (including real options for fall and winter baseball, too, esp for those without camp/clinic experience otherwise or whose schools are “numbers-challenged” for players in and out of season). As for the game, are you really going to put 25 players on each side in ONE game and expect it to be a quality game or experience for the players OR fans (parents included)? Who is going to coach the teams? What committee makes the rosters and possibly starting lineups? Who is insuring the activity? What game operations staff and statisticians will you employ? …If you go through with it, make TWO games and enjoy getting everyone in! Best wishes to SF Baseball and again, THANK YOU DANTE!! All the ballplayers: Keep working hard and don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t do it. Prove them wrong if they can’t believe in you. That goes for most kids from San Francisco these days – As for me, I believe in you. Just work hard and do the right thing in life and in the game.

    • That was a lot to process, but I’ll do best to answer all of your questions…

      As far as your suggestion for development of the players in middle school and high school, that’s a little beyond our scope. This is designed to be a sendoff for the seniors and a celebration of their season. We did it for the first time with basketball and it was a huge success.

      As far as your logistical questions…

      – The 51 players listed are the first list. There will undoubtedly be players that can’t make it, but if every player confirms, that would be perfectly fine with me. We want to be as inclusive as possible and I don’t think it will be a problem to get everyone in the game. We had 20 players on each team in the boys basketball game and everyone got enough run. I’m even considering asking USF if they will allow us to play nine innings.
      – The coaches will be announced next week. We already have one confirmed and should find out the second tomorrow.
      – There is no committee that makes the rosters. I will make the rosters the best I can. A lot of people didn’t agree with my rosters for the basketball games, but they both turned out to be close contests.
      – I haven’t decided how we’re going to do starting lineups, but I’m leaning toward allowing the coaches to handle that.
      – We will be handling the insurance for the event, just like we did for the basketball game.
      – I’m not sure why you’re concerned with game operations and statisticians, but they will all be taken care of. We will be supplying umpires, USF will help with the field operations and we have many people who are able to score a baseball game.
      – We will be going through with the game and it will only be one.

      Hope that clears things up.

    • And you are correct about “first-annual.” It’s changed now.

      • Thanks for the insight and I wish you much success, as we all wish the best to the seniors from all SF high schools…
        I would love to see more done with the development of leagues so that teens who attend schools not known for baseball or with liimited attendance/interest who want to get reps and innings can practice and play in the summer, fall and winter…
        Is the league attached to the City College summer class still happening? There used to be a lot of players from the AAA getting work in there, with some guys getting work in from SI or Riordan, etc (esp younger or overlooked players) and real small schools such as SF Christian and a few kids from Daly City. HS students could sign up for that class and play at Balboa Park after the supervised on-field lessons from the instructor. RBI league would take place after… there was a good vibe there and at Crocker-Amazon, as well… What’s the situation now?
        That was my reference to younger hs and even middle school development. Can you take a look into that? It will make a difference to many individuals, building relationships among kids from different schools and better SF ball!
        Best wishes.

        • We have a planned story on the current state of baseball in San Francisco over the summer, as a part of a summer series.

          • Right on, I mean, Write On, JB! Let’s not forget those Ingleside Invaders from the late 80s! So many schools represented on one team – the last SF Neighborhood (Sandlot) League team in 1990 when no other team signed up… Players need innings – and adults who truly care about them and the game!

  2. MissionBear | May 23, 2012 at 11:40 PM |

    Mission’s Jose Murillo should have been selected

  3. SIbaseballfan | May 24, 2012 at 8:48 AM |

    June 3rd is the day after SI’s “Grad NIght”, when the seniors stay up all night and get picked up at 5 am. Not sure they will have it in them to play. Seems like a great event though and the beginning of a cool tradition for SF baseball players.

    • The original date was was the 9th, which clashed with the SI seniors trip to Hawaii and some other things. This was the only other weekend date that worked with USF. We’d love to have everyone play, but we can only bend so much.

      • SIbaseballfan | May 24, 2012 at 11:35 AM |

        I understand, I know it’s difficult scheduling something like this. Just thought you should know.

  4. WCAL Alum | May 24, 2012 at 9:31 AM |

    I am sure it was accidental oversight (difficult to keep track of all seniors). As long as he is a senior, I am sure he can participate.

  5. WCAL Alum | May 24, 2012 at 9:34 AM |

    By the way, it has been 50 years since the City has had a post season all-star game for high school baseball. Many thanks for SF Preps for being the spark to get this event off the ground.

  6. Roll Cats | May 24, 2012 at 4:51 PM |

    Congratulations to Matt De Benedetti of St. Ignatius for making the list

    • its great to see matt on this list he has come up clutch in the playoffs for the cats. Its great to having him play after sustaining an ankle injury a few weeks back. This kid is an All-star, look for him to big things

  7. If you’re going to the all-star baseball game @ USF then parking maybe hard to find that day. The reason is that Mercy (Burlingame) will also graduate @ SI Church that day just like SI the previous day.

  8. Doubt parking will be a problem. Mercy Burlingame isn’t exactly a very big school. Probably about 100 seniors or so are graduating. Plus, it’s a Sunday, and most metered parking on Sundays are free. Also, home run derby starts at 1pm while the graduation starts at 2, so if you go there around 12:45, you will get the prime parking spots. Or, park on Geary or the Haight Ashbury and walk to USF, you need the exercise. I can’t go to the game, so there’s one extra parking spot for you.

  9. to bad they started this now that all the talent is out of San Fran. If they had this all star game 2-6 years ago it would have been really competitive.

    • joe schmoe | May 26, 2012 at 9:38 PM |

      couldn’t agree more

      • WCAL Alum | May 29, 2012 at 11:12 AM |

        In all honesty, based on WCAL trials in WCAL (except for SI this year), overall depth of baseball talent in City has been down for 30 plus years.

        However, I see a bit of a revival, with City travel ball teams (not a big fan); little league earning its place, city parent’s taking advantage of more competitive peninsula leagues.

        • 4-6 years ago. teams like Lick-Wimerding could compete with any of the WCAL teams in SF. it was a Lick-Wilmerding squad made up of WCAL caliber players.

  10. Who will be competing in the home run derby?

  11. Doc holliday | May 29, 2012 at 3:47 PM |

    Thank god for travel ball, and AAU basketball or every on would be stuck playing JC ball

  12. The GW hurler on the poster looks just like Rich Brillhart, Lincoln outfielder from @2000… wonder if there is a relation…who is it and the other two pictured? Thx.

  13. Just like the basketball game, #TeamCity will win this All-Star game. Prediction: 8-6. Also, Kyle Tillinghast should win the HR Derby at 7 to 1 odds. Good luck to all the participants. I hope everyone has a good time and stay injury-free.

  14. Alex Asdourian of Stuart Hall is a beast

  15. Great job with the game today. It was a pleasure to watch all the local allstars, and surely a memorable experience for them. What are the possibilities of getting a senior allstars game and a separate juniors allstars game? That would show off some great players before their last year of high school ball. And would drive up interest for the next year.
    Thanks SFPreps for setting this up.

  16. I can’t thank the San Francisco community enough for coming out and supporting us and the outgoing seniors again today. Hopefully we’ve started another yearly tradition. Both all-star games we’ve put on this season have been a tremendous success and a ton of fun.

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