Boys Basketball: Dunbar settles into comfort zone in Pro-Am debut

St. Ignatius' Trevor Dunbar crosses over a defender in his first game of the San Francsico Pro-Am on Tuesday at Kezar Pavilion. (Photo by Doug Ko)

St. Ignatius’ Trevor Dunbar crosses over a defender in his first game of the San Francsico Pro-Am on Tuesday at Kezar Pavilion. (Photo by Doug Ko)

By Zack Farmer

St. Ignatius guard Trevor Dunbar was nervous sitting on the bench in the first quarter of his first San Francisco Pro-Am basketball game on Tuesday night at Kezar Pavilion.

But it did not take long for Dunbar to shake the jitters.

He came off the bench with 22 seconds remaining in the first quarter and drilled a 3-pointer from the left corner to end the frame, giving his team, the Bay Raiders, an early 30-18 lead en route to the 94-77 win over Bay City.

St. Ignatius’ Trevor Dunbar drives past a defender in his first game of the San Francsico Pro-Am on Tuesday at Kezar Pavilion. (Photo by Doug Ko)

“The second I hit that 3-pointer in the corner, that’s when I felt like I can do this,” Dunbar said. “They were bigger than me, stronger than me, but I know what I work on all the time and I know what I can do. It made me feel like I belong.”

Dunbar, who will be entering his junior season at SI next school year, faced a different brand of basketball than he is used to and, for the first time, was doing it against adults.

He shared time at point guard with San Francisco State’s Marquel Hoskins, and played alongside Cal forward Bak Bak and USF’s De’End Parker.

“It gives me a lot of confidence,” Dunbar said. “These are some of the best people from the Bay Area, so I feel like I can do pretty good against some of the best people in the Bay Area that are adults.”

Now with a game under his belt, Dunbar is confident going forward in the summer league that has featured NBA players in the past, as well as a bevy of talent from local colleges and select high schoolers.

“I feel like I know what to expect,” Dunbar said. “I know that [the referees] are not going to call everything. I’m not going to look for any fouls. I’m just going to go up.”

Dunbar was able to penetrate the Bay City defense on multiple occasions on his way to nine points in his Pro-Am debut.

“During practice [the coaches] said all they want me to do is just set everybody up,” Dunbar said. “But I saw that there wasn’t any help defense, so I went to the rack a few times.”

Marshall guard Aumen Holliday is on the roster for Bay City and was in attendance, but did not enter the game on Tuesday.

The Bay Raiders play again on Monday against East Bay at 8 p.m. Holliday’s Bay City squad plays again on June 28.

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23 Comments on "Boys Basketball: Dunbar settles into comfort zone in Pro-Am debut"

  1. Nicholas S | June 20, 2012 at 7:42 AM |

    Are the games at Kezar?

  2. Nice story, hopefully this experience will translate into more wins for his HS team.

    • Great story on a very talented guard which ran the same day that S. Domingo made the 17U USA team as one of 12 players selected…Huge accomplishments. So ask yourself how did their team do so poorly, finishing in 6th place? To me this highlights that both players need to find a system that matches their athletic ability and that place is not SI.

      • How can you say SI is not a good fit for the double D’s (Dunbar and Domingo)? SI’s team will have alot of new faces on varsity next year. The chemistry will be different. Besides Dunbar and Watters, SI had no speed last year. Next year it will be different with much more speed. I think the SI coaches are not stupid and will try to implement game plans catered to their strengths. SI will finish around 2nd place in the WCAL, while SHC will finish around 5th.

        • Strengths like shooting a fadaway 3 pointer after running the 3 man weave for 34 seconds. Yup thats some strength alright.

        • You mean “SHC will finish around 2nd while SI will finish 5th” and then thank God for Valley Christian and Riordan so they don’t finish dead last.

          • Would not surprise me if SHC finished second in league. They are a resiliant bunch! I wish all city teams well.

            • Unless SHC’s new transfer is a D-1 stud, I don’t think SHC will take 2nd place in the WCAL. No SanFranPreps player of the year Taylor Johns and no San Francisco Examiner SF Player of the Year Josh Fox. If Lebron James and Dwayne Wade left the HEAT, they wouldn’t be that good either.

              • and Examiner player of the years were both Johns. The Examiner doesn’t select it’s own POYs and All-City teams, they take ours. Maybe you’re thinking of the Chron? I don’t remember how they picked All-City/Metro/Bay Area/NorCal teams.

              • Yea, I was thinking of the SF Chronicle’s San Francisco player of the year which was Josh Fox.

    • SI should be better next year. Trevor will only get better and stronger. Plus, SI’s JV’s were very strong in league, almost getting 1st place. I think next year’s team will have more weapons than this past year. Last year, if either Dunbar or SD31 had a bad game, SI usually lost. Next year, they will have 4 or 5 3-point shooters, depending if SD31 plays for the red and blue, along with bigger bodies in the front court. I hope SD31 gets the gold for Team USA this summer. In the highlights on the internet, it seems like he’s added new moves to his game.

      • No speed with Waters, Dunbar and Domingo on the team????… Wrong system.

        • Besides Dunbar, H2O, and Domingo, who else was fast? Domingo isn’t that fast. If you had a 4×100 track team of Josh Fox, Taylor Johns, Herman Pratt, and Khalil James, they would smoke a track team of Waters, Dunbar, Domingo and Antonio Aguilar/Nick Johnson. Unless the whole SI basketball team gets the norovirus, SI should double last year’s win total.

      • BigMikeDC | June 20, 2012 at 1:43 PM |

        JJ – “if SD31 plays for the red and blue” – there’s an if? why would he not olay his Senior year @ SI?

        • Haven’t you read all the rumors on this site, such as “He’s going to Findlay Prep or Bishop Gorman” or “he’s staying at SI, but will not play basketball for SI” ?? I don’t think he ever debunked the rumors either.

          • BigMikeDC | June 20, 2012 at 2:09 PM |

            He’s been seen on campus, obviously not this last week (senior retreat), so he’s probably not going anywhere. Is it normal for players going on to college not to play their senior year in high school? Seems they would want to stay competitive.

  3. SI Sports Radio | June 20, 2012 at 11:10 AM |

    Please tune in and listen to a special SI Sports Radio program on Wednesday, June 20 at 7pm where we will countdown the Top 20 Moments and student-athletes that made the past school year special and historic. Included in the program is a round table discussion with game highlights and recorded interviews with the SI student-athletes, coaches, and alumni.

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    You can listen to SI Sports Radio with a computer, smart phone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

  4. A bit of bad news for our dynamic duo Taylor Johns and Josh Fox, UC Riverside is barred from the NCAA Tournament next year because of poor Academic Progress Rate scores. Not saying they wouldve made the tournament next year anyways but just relaying the news.

    • What about the NIT, CBI Insider, and that other tounament nobody cares about? Does that mean UCR doesn’t have a high graduation rate for their basketball players?

    • Never mind. I just read the article. UCR is banned from their own conference tournament which basically means they are banned from any other tournament also. Too bad we won’t be seeing Josh Fox and Taylor Johns during the “One Shining Moment” song.

  5. Jbalan,

    Why was my comment with video of Trevor Dunbar deleted? Did it advocate violence, racism, or libel, or feature profanity? Or if you don’t allow readers posting video, let me know and I won’t waste your time next time. Thanks.

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