Boys Basketball: The final word on Stephen Domingo, for now

Many felt Stephen Domingo didn't live up to his potential in his three years at St. Ignatius, but his reasons for leaving the school prior to his senior year are still unknown. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

Many felt Stephen Domingo didn’t live up to his potential in his three years at St. Ignatius, but his reasons for leaving the school prior to his senior year are still unknown. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

By Jeremy Balan

Publicly, the Georgetown University athletic department is barely acknowledging Stephen Domingo’s existence, let alone him becoming a player on its basketball team.

When contacted via his cell phone on Tuesday, Domingo directed any interview requests to the Georgetown sports communications department.

Bill Shapland, Georgetown’s senior sports communications director, did not answer a phone call immediately after, but the school’s sports information director, Mike Carey (not to be confused with the former Sacred Heart Cathedral girls basketball coach), did.

According to Carey, Georgetown is bound by policy that does not allow the athletic department to comment on incoming recruits or allow freshmen to communicate with media before their first semester is complete.

When asked if he could confirm Domingo’s enrollment in the school, Carey repeated, “We do not comment on incoming recruits.”

Domingo then responded to a text, saying, “Sorry, I’m not allowed to talk to the media unless instructed by the communications department.”

The 6-foot-7 17-year-old, that last played for St. Ignatius as a junior in the 2011-2012 season, told the school on July 10, through his parents, that he would not be returning to the high school and would be enrolling early at Georgetown without a degree from St. Ignatius.

The comments above imply that Domingo is associated with the school in some way (likely as an incoming recruit for the basketball team and a prospective student), but do not confirm any association. Yet glaring questions remain as to how he is allowed to enroll without a high-school diploma. Neither Georgetown, with a circular denial of comment, or Domingo, by deferring to the school, is willing to answer or clarify those questions.

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  1. Thanks for all your hard work Jeremy, closely following this story. Its just so confusing how he could enroll without a diploma, and no one being able to confirm if he’s staying/ leaving

    • Just some facts | July 27, 2012 at 9:33 AM |

      He is leaving. Georgetown has a prep high school. He likely has almost enough credits to graduate from a public school just not a private school like SI. He can attend a college and get simultaneous credits at both the college and the HS and he can do classes online. This really is no mystery.

  2. High School Sports | July 24, 2012 at 4:31 PM |

    Perhaps we should just LEAVE STEPHEN, his family, his former high school and his future college alone! The young man did NOTHING wrong – why is this website acting like an investigative website? I thought it was a site dedicated to high school sports — the ones played on courts and fields.

    Fact # 1 – Stephen has a fantastic opportunity to go to an incredible college.
    Fact # 2 – Stephen has obviously dedicated as much time to his academics as he has his hoops – he is an articulate, intelligent young man.
    Fact # 3 – He’s done NOTHING wrong

    Let it go SF Preps. Why is anyone associated with this website contacting the Sports Info Dept @ G-Town? Why is this anyone’s business other than Stephen and his family? He’s 17 – he’s not a pro athlete – he’s not making money – he’s not breaking laws or rules.

    You want people to donate money to the site – go back to what your mission was – cover high school sports. Stephen is no longer a high school athlete – I implore you to leave he and his family alone. How bout a fall sports preview — how bout looking back at the best games of the 2011-2012 season — how bout covering ANYTHING other than chasing this kid around.

    • Our job is to pursue stories that relate to high school sports in San Francisco and to follow through on them.

      What I was trying to do today, and what I have been trying to do since this story broke, was to tell Stephen’s side of this story. I thought it would be better to come from him, rather than having people speculate.

      We are a non-profit journalism organization. At our best, we SHOULD be investigating things, rather than letting them blow over without asking questions. There’s going to be some more of that this summer, on various subjects, so I suggest you avert your eyes.

      By the way, our football previews will begin Friday morning, and we look back on the best moments after the calendar year, not the school year.

      • bballobserver | July 24, 2012 at 4:59 PM |

        JB…..keep up the journalistic mission. The reporting has been fair and balanced and thoughtful.

        Management of the blog space is not simple. We might wish for others to show restraint but all sites are open to a more democratic way of both giving opinion and getting educated. That’s just the breaks.

        SF Preps does a terrific service giving high school sports value. Keep it up.

    • Fact #1: He wont even finish college because hes probably going to have some agent follow him around and give him bad advice and enter the NBA draft when first eligible.

      (A portion of this comment has been removed by staff)

      Fact #3: He stinks as a basketball player and would never want him as a teammate because he offers nothing to the overall team.

      Fact #4: Jeremy Balan does a great job reporting and writing. If you dont want to read it, then move along. Nothing worse than a Domingo apologist.

      • I hate to break the news to you Mr. Gold, but these are opinions and not facts.

        • Fact 4 is actually somewhat factual because if he was as good as he thinks he is SI woulnt have been so bad last year

  3. boomroasted | July 24, 2012 at 6:30 PM |

    no offense to stephen but how is he going to fair against the size, speed, pace and strength of the big east when he stayed away from contact in WCAL? there is only one player in the WCAL that could even think about skipping his senior year and that is aaron gordon. stephen is making a decision that will ruin his basketball career luckily he can still get a degree from georgetown but who only time will tell if he dpes

    • If I was Aaron Gordon’s agent/parent, I would skip his senior year of HS and play pro ball in China for 4 million. Then, make his name available for the 2014 NBA Draft in where he’ll probably get a 10 million signing bonus as a lottery pick. SI would then have a great chance to beat Mitty next year.

      • So you think Mitty will end up in 6th place when AG leaves?

        • I don’t think he will leave because school session is just around the corner, but if hypothetically AG did leave, Mitty would be tied in 3rd place with Bellarmine, behind SI and Serra. SHC would be in 6th place, with the loss of the twin towers. Riordan will surprise people and take 5th, with St Francis filling out the bottom.

          • VC tied for last, btw

          • JJ, So you’re prediction is that SI will finish 3rd behind Mitty and Serra?

            Here’s my prediction…..if the landscape doesn’t change drastically before the start of the season.

            Since this is an SF site, I predict Riordan will finish ahead of SI and SHC this year in basketball. Based on who they have returning and who the other 2 schools lost, they are, IMO, the better of the 3 city teams.

            • Riordan will be competitive, but I don’t think they will have any height. Along with many varsity games, I also watched some JV games too and the best teams were SI and Bellarmine, with Serra and Mitty a close 3rd. The influx of JV players will improve the SI basketball team greatly. From an earlier quote from SI Coach Reardon, he insinuated that SI will run more. This will enable SI to win more games than last year. Keep in mind this is a prediction from a biased SI fan. If I was so awesome at predicting, I would be in Vegas right now making bank, not on a HS sports website, trying to re-live my unfulfilled high school years at SI.

            • WhetherTrevor leaves or stays, I believe it will be SHC, Riordan and SI, though I’d love to see Riordan return to their glory years and come out on top.

          • No, I meant after Gordon graduates. I don’t think he’ll pull a Domingo on Mitty. Obviously SHC will be better than you think.

            • SHC will not have the twin towers but they will be in the upper pack of the WCAL. Coaching has a lot to do with this. Yes, they still will be very competitive. I will say this, I doubt Riordan or SI will sweep them in the basketball season.

              • I agree with you Chris, we may not see any sweeps with when the city schools play each other. They really get up to play a crosstown rival. Although SI’s JV’s were very competitive, remember SHC and Riordan had 2 and 3 sophs playing varsity respectively. Riordan has Ugbaja, Masoli and Arenas as juniors and SHC has Otis and O’Reilly entering their junior year. SI only had Dunbar. I would say advantage Riordan. Returning impact players besides those mentioned above: Mabrey and Gilleran for Riordan, Pratt and James for SHC and really nobody that played a huge role for SI that I can think of. Gilleran is the tallest kid in the group. These are the reasons I said Riordan will do better this year than the other schools as they seem to have more impact players returning and SHC lost the most talent. It will be fun.

            • You are a SHC fan, so of course, you think they will do great. Ask a Seattle Mariner fan in the beginning of the season how they will do and they will say they will win the World Series. I have no idea how Riordan, SI and SHC will be during the 2013-14 basketball season. Alot of things can happen. I just hope SI has a good season this year, so Trevor Dunbar doesn’t go to Findlay Prep in his senior year or takes his talents to Georgetown after his junior year, or become another Kiwi Gardner.

              • Vollert got quality minutes in the beginning of the season, but he didn’t do so hot, so he didn’t play much as the season progressed. Also, the guy with the hyphenated last name played alot in the beginning of the season until he broke his hand (McLean-Vernic?) , Victor Bull (the linebacker) got spot minutes off the bench also. Don’t forget the Deion Sanders of SI (Albert Waters).

              • Yes, M air J, SHC freshman A won the WCAL…they were basically undefeated, they got a good group, no monsters, but ball players they have..

              • Chris, I saw them play once, they were a nice group. They had Parsons who was moved up for the playoffs. Not too much height, which is what makes or breaks a team at the varsity level. If I recall, SI’s frosh teams won league the previous 2 years before last season. That has not translated into success at the varsity level. The team with the best bigs usually win as guards are a dime a dozen.

              • Do U mean Noah Bull?

              • No, he meant Bull from Night Court.

        • Just some facts | July 27, 2012 at 9:35 AM |

          AG’s mom is not going to have her son leave HS. He has two older sibs (sister and brother) who completed HS and went on to college ball.

      • NBA doesnt have signing bonuses. Thats only NFL and MLB. The NBA rookie salary scale is between $4.4 mil/yr (#1 pick) and $1.6 mil/yr (#13 pick).

        Gordon will either be a super athletic PF dunking maching like Blake Griffin or a high scoring SF with a suspect outside shot like Blake Griffin. Some sites list him going into college as a SF. He’ll definitely need to have a consistent outside shot if hes going to make a name for himself in the NBA or go the Griffin route and just dominate as a freakish athlete whose dunks will be on sportscenter top 10.

        • I agree M Air J, SHC needs one or two Big men to get to the top.. and if they don’t get one this year, they will get one to work with maybe next year. Meanwhile, O’reilly and Jackson will have to grow and work if nothing changes. O’reilly will be bigger this year, his dad is huge. I suspect 3-4 sophs will be on the varsity level this year due to the freshman showing more potential and success than last years’ junior varsity level.

  4. High School Sports | July 24, 2012 at 8:53 PM |

    @ Ari Gold – I’m not a “Domingo” apologist. I’m a grown man wondering why other grown men, which I am assuming you are, won’t leave a BOY alone. Who are we to judge Steven Domingo and more importantly, why as grown men are we taking shots at him?

    “Fact #3: He stinks as a basketball player and would never want him as a teammate because he offers nothing to the overall team.”
    That’s a fantastic thing to say about a 17 year old. How pathetic to make a comment like that about a kid! How about we have Jeremy Balan follow you around and see how good you are at your job. He can post daily updates on your performance and we can all log on and comment about the value you add to your company or organization. Maybe we can call your boss, friends and colleagues and ask them to comment on how well you play with others.

    You all realize you are talking about a 17 year old right? He’s not a professional athlete and he really shouldn’t be subject to some of this ridicule.

    I appreciate the coverage of high school sports and don’t mean to infer the site doesn’t add value. It’s fantastic to read stories about high school athletes from SF schools in all the different conferences. The local newspapers don’t cover high school sports so it’s great this site makes it possible for students to “see their name in the paper.” It’s my very humble opinion that this particular young man has been subject to a ridiculous amount of criticism and as far as I can tell, he’s really done nothing to deserve it.

    Steven – on the off chance you actually read the crap people write about you, I wish you the best of luck in Georgetown. I hope you get a world class education and use basketball to better your life, which as far as I can tell, is exactly what you’ve done to date.

    • Under normal circumstances, I would agree with you 100 percent, but this case is different. This is what I said in a response to a criticism on the earlier article, which said we were allowing too many negative comments…

      “We do generally discourage that type of discourse when dealing with high school athletes, but have allowed more critical comments when dealing with coaches, administrators, etc.

      What changed for this article, and you may agree or disagree, is that he is essentially no longer a ‘high school’ athlete anymore. He’s a college athlete now, and frankly has opened himself up to a lot of criticism, whether you feel it is justified or not.

      I’m not saying I’m entirely comfortable with it, but that is the reason for my decision to let in some comments that may not have made it through in the past.”

      He has done something that is unprecedented, certainly for a high school student in San Francisco, and maybe nationally. Something of that nature, that could also have impact on the culture of prep and college sports in the future, deserves a very measured, journalistic dissection.

    • George Nguyen | July 24, 2012 at 10:44 PM |

      High School Sports just made AriGold and many others look like children. Props to that!

      • George, Balan is doing a nice job of being professional, fair and balanced. A true journalistic approach. You on the other hand involve yourself in the lives of high school players and feed their egos to gain favor with them. I understand Balan’s objectives but what exactly is yours if you in fact make little or no profit?

        • Per our Commenting Code of Conduct, please continue to use your original screen name. I changed it this time.

          Thank you.

      • It is not unprecedented for students to leave high school a year early to attend college, as described in this article from May 2010:

        As the article says, “Graduating high school early, or ‘reclassifying,’ might not yet qualify as a trend, but it’s not an underground movement, either.”

    • If you ever bump into any 17 year “phenom” and ask him if hes a boy or a man, what do you think he will say? 10 out of 10, i guarantee you he will say he’s a man.

      Ever hear of the phrase “he’s playing like a man amongst boys”? Thats Aaron Gordon. Thats Jabari Bird. Thats Kevin Greene. And if Stephen asserted himself more rather than working on his “college” game, he would be in that category too.

      If you read anything I’ve ever posted, I NEVER say I want anyone to fail or lose. Im guilty of being critical but to the point where he my criticism comes flying back at my face, I’ll own up to it and praise the guy. I was like this to Johnny Mrlik. I was like that to Trevor Dunbar. So if Stephen lights it up next year and becomes Big East Freshmen of the Year, I’ll own up to that too.

      If theres one or two things Stephen is really good at, its having deaf ears towards criticism or having really thick skin. And thats probably what you should have instead of coming out and scolding me and others have just have AN OPINION on the subject matter. You have your opinion and I have mine. Thats why the USA is so great. Live with it. Im sure Stephen does.

  5. this is ridiculus.he plays for a school so he is a ‘academic player’ in that term academic comes first then the player roll.

  6. merkinworld | July 25, 2012 at 3:41 PM |

    I believe that when the facts to this drama come out, and they will, St. Stephen and his parents will not come off as the” angels” many of you would like to believe they are. Stay tuned.

    • Just the opposite. The fools are the leadership at SI who won’t let go and it starts with Drucker. Stephen isn’t the only one who’s left or not playing next year and I’m pretty sure the new president is going to spot this glaring problem immediately and as an outsider along with Mr. Ruff, begin to finally clean house.

      • Why would you assume that Bob Drucker is the root of SI’s problems on the hardwood?

        • ARHS Stats | July 26, 2012 at 1:24 PM |

          Bob Drucker is probably Saint Ignatius’ best Basketball Coach.

          And the BB Coach every other SI BB Coach is measured against.

          • ARHS Stats | July 27, 2012 at 5:22 PM |

            Back in the late 1970’s and thru the 1980’s, Riordan and Saint Ignatius were coached by Ron Isola (Riordan) and Bob Drucker (SI).

            The Riordan and SI basketball teams would play each other on average 3 games a year, sometimes more, sometimes less.

            But both Coach Drucker’s and Coach Isola’s basketball teams almost always finished in the Top Three teams in the WCAL every year. And a lot of those years St. Francis had really competitive basketball squads also.

            St. Ignatius won some of the games and Riordan won some of the games. But almost every game filled Kezar or USF, where the games were held. Almost all the games were competitive until close to the final buzzer.

            Both Coaches have to be considered by the schools as one of their best basketball coaches ever.

            From 1974 to 1990, Riordan and St. Ignatius finished lower than third place in the WCAL Round Robin Schedule only 5 times.
            1975 Riordan tied for 3rd
            1977 Riordan tied for 3rd
            1979 St. Ignatius 7th place
            1987 St. Ignatius 4th place
            1988 St. Ignatius 7th place
            1989 St. Ignatius 7th place
            1990 St. Ignatius 7th place

        • Decades ago I had Mr. Drucker as a summer school teacher. Awesome teacher and a great person.

      • merkinworld | July 26, 2012 at 1:42 PM |

        Why does Ruff get a free pass?

      • Uncle Frank | July 27, 2012 at 12:02 PM |

        Drucks, 5 years retired, is doing the coaches evaluations? Seriously, do you just make this stuff up? He goes to maybe 10 games a year. He will be a more consistent presence at JV football games than basketball (grandson is a LB on that team).

        Ruff and Knight will clean house? The status of one sport in one department (athletic) is probably Item #53 on their agenda. You obviously have no idea how the school works.

        • ARHS Stats | July 27, 2012 at 4:09 PM |

          Coach Drucker goes to many of the Sporting Events at SI.

          I have seen him at Freshman Basketball Games, Water Polo Matches, and Swim Meets. I think he comes to at least one Swim Meet each season and two Water Polo Matches (Boys/Girls) each season, if not more. Since Football has so many fans, it is hard to tell at those games, since I am busy most of the time. The other sports all give me time to see who is there.

          Now I don’t go to every St. Ignatius home game, by any means, but I think I have seen him at about 50% to 75% of the games I have gone to each year.

          • thecityplanner | August 2, 2012 at 2:13 AM |

            Nothing will change at SI.

            Ruff will do nothing. The new President will do nothing.

            As far as Drucker goes….he was the man in the 70’s and 80’s but that was back when SF had talent and there was plenty to go around.

            The Riordan and SI teams of the 80’s were pretty damn awesome and super fun to watch.

            I was at those games at Kezar and while they did run the goofy “Drucker weave” at certain times in the games, it was not run ad nauseum like it is under Reardon, DeBenedetti, and Mulkerrins. It is not a Princeton offense…it’s more like a 2nd grade version of the Princeton offense. The Drucker weave is a great play to run when you want to kill the clock….or you have no faith in your players…or you want to transport the game of basketball back to the 50’s….or when the coach doesn’t have any clue how to run a real play.

  7. Ask the question, who does the coaches evaluations…he was a great coach in his day, but the rules of the game and the player’s ability has changed. SI is a great school. I hope they can figure it out.

  8. Wildcat Nation | July 26, 2012 at 2:37 PM |

    I believe it has less to do with SI and more with the current state of our sports culture. I also believe that’s the root of most peoples anger/frustration with this situation. Sports, especially at the high school level, should be pure but highly touted athletes always seem to have agendas. This isn’t entirely the athletes fault considering all the pressures from the outside, especially the media.

    • Just some facts | July 26, 2012 at 6:36 PM |

      There are many PR agencies that offer pure marketing for high school athletes. They are at all the “camps” as in “exposure camps” . The parents are able to indulge in this as a choice for the professional promotion nationally of their athlete and it is as professional as any other marketing of a product or brand. There are also scouting agencies which are businesses solely to market prospects to colleges – kinda the other side of the same coin. Then there are the prep schools that do something similar but more polished and some with more academics and others with more athletics (ex. Findlay). Google and you will find. There are books written about coaches and promoters that make a really very good living on the promotions of these “touted” athletes that usually start at pre-HS age. There are whole businesses and thousands of persons who make a living on the promotions of the athletes at high school level and less. I am not sure that many of the readers or posters on this website have a real idea of all that is involved here. Most of the HS athletes at the SF HS’s are not likely directly involved in this professional big time promotional marketing but there are some of the high end athletes in the Bay Area with parents who can afford to partake in this. It is truly amazing. When was it that this began? that might be interesting to read about – for the readers and posters on this website === including the huge new business of prep schools and re-classifying. Has anyone Google’d images of SD31 in the last couple years and noticed all the really professional photographs – some in an action pose are clearly in games but could still be done by a hired professional photographer _ you do know that the photos on websites like Maxpreps are available to purchase and that there are videographers who sell game film centered on a particular player to be sent out to schools and some of SD31 images online are simply posed head and torso shots. Some may be also from the DreamVision promos shots or the USA17 shots. But all are promotional no matter for who is paying. This is a big industry. This is no longer high school basketball like the readers of this website remember or think is normally going on here. There is some of that still happening but there are these clearly exceptional cases that are polished. Watch for more to come. There is a lot more going on that is not on this website – lots of a big sports marketing industry that promotes at younger and younger ages. I am sure his parents (professional mother with advanced degree) who have sent their only child to some of the best private schools in SF want him to get a degree at Georgetown but then the NBA may call and who knows what a degree will be (MBA vs NBA that is the question as they say).

      • Yea, when I google SD31’s name and look at his images, all you see is YayAreasFinest,,, PremierBall, etc. watermarks on the pictures. Maybe someone from PremierBall or someone associated with them is his agent, since they were the 1st ones to break the news of his departure. Honestly, I’m not sure if SD31 will be wearing the Hoya uniform this year, unless he’s taking accelerated “GED” courses right now. Hollis Thompson (who also skipped his senior year) only practiced with the team in his 1st year (starting in the spring semester); he did not play. SD31 could graduate Georgetown when he’s 19 or 20 (49ers QB Alex Smith graduated college in 2 years), so that will enable him to pursue his pro dreams at a very young age. Too bad Domingo wasn’t able to talk about his reasons for leaving. I think one of the reasons is that the Domingo family saved $18K on yearly SI tuition, since their son isn’t mmatriculating at that school anymore.

        • Just some facts | July 27, 2012 at 9:14 AM |

          You will have to trust me on this one – but saving $18k this year of tuition would not likely be much of an issue for the family.

  9. Just some facts | July 26, 2012 at 6:47 PM |

    Oh and as an aside – who doesn’t know that there are now and at other times of the summer and year HUGE ‘tournamnents” presntly in Las Vegas (and of course other venues) – in fact 4 are going on now in LV involving as one article online said 1064 TEAMS so that means who knows maybe 15,000 players easily – resulting in who knows how much money for Las Vegas – with hundreds of high school age coaches, hundreds more college coaches, recruiters, photographers, videographers, promoters, etc etc. I am sure I leave some categories out. Effectively a large scale convention with dozens of games going on all day long at dozens of venues or courts with teams from all over the US. This is BIG business and big toime entertainment at a huge cost. This is so much bigger than what is just SF rivalries. This is the way it goes now. There is no going back now. The student-athlete cannot partake in this industry or he has no chance of making it to a college team no matter what level.

  10. Domingo more then likely is going to enroll in a high school back east that can accept the grades, AP courses, test scores (AP, ACT, and SAT) that he has passed at SI, thereby giving him enough credits to graduate from that particular high school and thus being able to enter into Georgetown. Probably not done very often but totally legitimate. If that is the case I am sure the NCAA clearinghouse has already been looking over his grades and test scores to determine his eligibility. This is not unheard of except for the fact that he plays a sport.

    Back in the day at a public school if you had enough credits you could graduate a semester earlier then your class. I don’t know if that is still done but it should still be possible to do. Best of luck to the young man. SF high school sports will carry on as will SI.

    • Just some facts | July 27, 2012 at 9:12 AM |

      I have always wondered why this move is so surprising to persons on this website. Georgetown has its own prep school = Georgetown Prep. Obviously he will be enrolled in it. There has been for many years that at private as well as public schools the ability for HS students to attend classes at a college (usually a Jr/Community College) and obtain simultaneously credits for HS and for college from the same class. This occurs in SF between Riordan and City College across the street but this has been happening for decades in a lot of citiies and states. Additionally it is actually possible for kids in some of the private college-prep schools in SF to roll-over into a public school and find out that they are in fact almost totally qualified to get a public school diploma or have to take only 2-3 classes which they can in fact do ONLINE. This issue of his not having “enough” credits” to graduate from SI is a non-issue. It is totally amazing to me that this has so much play on this website.

      • If SD31 will “obviously” be enrolled at Georgetown Prep, will he be playing on their basketball team, since he still has 1 more year of high school eligibility. Is he graduating from Georgetown Prep?

        • i would buy him a pizza and then call the NCAA right after to report him for receiving improper benefits.

  11. There have been and still are people harping on the fact that the AAA had fallen off the map for college recruiters for various sports (basketball, baseball, football, etc).

    At some point I posted somewhere (maybe it was norcal preps) that it was ok. It meant the kids in the AAA were playing because they wanted to play and enjoyed the sports they were participating in. It meant they didn’t have to worry about various AAU, college recruiters or others influencing their decisions.

    Now with the Domingo situation, this might ring even more true. Even though the AAA is still not a powerhouse league, there are some players that attract AAU attention. I can imagine that the WCAL and other more competitive leagues have to go through this with some of their players as well.

    Even in youth sports, there is so much competition for a players time these days. Never mind the recruiters. If a kid is good in CYO, he’ll likely be hooked up with an AAU team somewhere. If you’re an Asian kid, you might have OPTIONS of either AAU or Asian tournament teams out there.

    When I coached CYO, it was frustrating to hear half of my team playing in other tournaments and missing practice.

    Things have changed and it’s going to be like this for the foreseeable future.

  12. I’m amazed by the negative comments about this young man’s status. He and his family decide to enroll in a prestigious university a year early and everyone assumes something is not right. What happened to the “way to go!” for being able to accomplish that. In order to get into Georgetown you can be assured that he had to meet NCAA clearinghouse requirements. Which means he completed high school in some form or fashion. Extra classes at night or in the summer. Georgetown is not going to give away one of those coveted athletic scholarships without crossing those t’s and dotting those it’s. So I’m sure Stephen Domingo is in good standing if he’s able to do this. Good for him.

    So all we’re left with are those so called SI fans bashing him and commenting that he wasn’t that good anyway. Really! He just got a scholarship from a top level D1 university. Must be okay in their eyes. That’s all that matters.

    If I’m not mistaken, these high school kids objective should be to get into college. He’s there. Mission accomplished. Let’s hope others can do just as well.

    Last thing, kids should be critiqued as well as praised. As long as it’s balanced and fair, there’s no reason to shield them from it. FWIW.

    • Just like most of those who are complaining that this “young man” is receiving too much negativity regarding his decision, I think you may be missing the point…..

  13. Just some facts | July 27, 2012 at 9:43 AM |

    Those who are trying to predict how the schools will end up next year should hold on because with this new 30 day transfer rule, things are stirring up. There are at least a few transfers in the mix. There is at least one athlete going around and “trying out “schools for a transfer possibility which could shake up things in the WCAL. It may only be a power play but there are parents who have been known critics of certain coaches or programs who are shaking up the “usual” circumstances with coaches and schools and with the easing ot this transfer rule, the players may change before Bball season. There are also players who are moving on to prep school and re-classifcations. SI has some changes coming. Other SF schools too ,,,, possibly.

  14. Just some facts | July 27, 2012 at 11:47 AM |

    J Balan, Wow you had SD31’s cell phone number? ! – that may explain somethings.

    • Yes, I’ve done several stories on him in the past. I got his phone number when I was working on the article about him making the USA Basketball squad.

      When I get a phone number I keep it. It’s a good practice for a journalist.

      What exactly are you intimating?

  15. Uncle Frank | July 27, 2012 at 12:10 PM |


    Thanks for all the good work. Months ago, I had posted that I heard he wouldn’t play basketball for SI this year, but this going to GT early is quite a surprise. And, there are still so many questions.

    I thought I read somewhere that this type of early departure has a precedent as Duke had two players do it. Nonetheless, I don’t understand how he can play for GT this year without a diploma and/or enough units to graduate.

    Lastly, the circular non-response by SD and the GT SID makes me think they don’t have all the answers themselves yet.

    Congrats again. Keep updating the story.

  16. Uncle Frank | July 27, 2012 at 12:19 PM |

    From MaxPrep’s article:

    His early arrival plan at the Big East Conference school is not unprecedented. Current Duke Blue Devils Andre Dawkins and Alex Murphy bypassed their senior year of high school to join Mike Krzyzewski in Durham.

  17. Just some facts | July 27, 2012 at 12:21 PM |

    Just that you seem upset that this all came as a surprise for you….. But don’t take it personally. He didn’t tell his own closest teammates or the Coach or the AD or the Admin at SI. You seem so interested in how this all is going to happen and it must be a frustrating problem that you can’t get an answer despite having the phone number. It will all play out – as I said this is no big mystery. It will unroll in short time.

    How about the fact that 6 seniors and at least 2 juniors on the SI Varsity will be leaving…. This should make for an interesting fall.

    BTW Did you go to high school in SF? if so where? Just curious.

    Frankly, like the Mirkarimi debacle – I really look forward to this situation not being in the news any longer. Just an opinion. I know my name says differently but sometimes I do have an opinion as you do too. I feel I can sense your opinion about this SD31 story – but that is my opinion and intuition.

    • It didn’t come as a surprise to me, because I actually got a tip that it would happen in the spring, but didn’t think it was possible after talking to the folks at SI (they obviously didn’t think it was possible either).

      I’m not upset he’s leaving, but I’m certainly disappointed I won’t be able to cover him in his senior year, in which SI probably would have been our preseason No. 1 team. What frustrates me the most, is that I haven’t been able to tell the whole story. That drives me crazy, but it appears I’ll have to just deal with it for the time being.

      I went to John Burroughs High School in Burbank, about 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles.

      • ARHS Stats | July 27, 2012 at 3:58 PM |

        I like that Jeremy went to High School in Southern California.

        It makes him a neutral observer to report on San Francisco High School Sports.

        He can get some idea of the history of the schools from people at the schools (like me) but he is not bias one way or the other.

      • Just some facts | August 1, 2012 at 2:00 PM |

        I pretty much hinted at it to you in another story and you shut me down good – saying you didn’t think I could know what was going to happen – and other put-downs. Let’s step away from this story now and stick to the SF sports now. SD31 is no more a story for

    • 6 seniors and 2 juniors leaving SI? The basketball team?

      • Just some facts | August 1, 2012 at 2:10 PM |

        6 senior SI Basketball players graduating from SI and at least two of their taller better players not returning. So at least 8 of last year’s players out …..

        • Ok, so Domingo is leaving, that’s 1 player. Who else is leaving because you said 2 of the taller players are also leaving (and a total of 8 players are leaving)? I doubt Vollert would be leaving SI because his Dad and basically his whole family went to SI, aunts, uncles, etc….I also doubt Noah Bull would be leaving, since he’s an All-WCAL linebacker in the making and contributed well off the bench as a forward, and his older brother graduated from SI as a standout center. The only other tall player on last year’s team is Quin Butler, doubt if Terrance Roberts, Jr. is still on the team, though.

        • If you’re counting the 6 graduating senior from this past year’s team, plus up to 5 underclassman not returning or not playing, the total will be 11 of last year’s 15 man roster gone.

  18. I like this JUST THE FACTS guy. He’s like Bob Ley doing Outside the Lines.

    This last year probably has aged Tim Reardon at least 10 years. As if he didnt have enough gray and white hairs. I had him decades ago as a summer school english teacher. Fun, young, energetic guy. Of course he was in his young 20s and now hes in his 40s. I honestly think he enjoys coaching Freshmen teams more because the expectations arent as high. Thats what I believe happened with SH’s Tim Burke. He stepped down as head varsity men’s to girl’s freshmen coach. Sometimes you just take a step back and just be happy to coach and teach without worrying about the peanut gallery and primadonna players.

    • ARHS Stats | July 27, 2012 at 3:53 PM |

      Freshman teams do not have high expectation of a League Championship by the schools alumni. (Any School not just SI)

      The Alumni come back to watch the Varsity teams in any sport.

      The Alumni of any school wants to see their school’s team play for a League Championship every year.

      The Freshman teams have no expectations put on them by the Alumni, if they even go to the games.

      When Alumni go to Freshman games it is usually to see if their school has any talented players on that Freshman team. The only other reason is because they have a child on the team or a friend of theirs has a child on the team.

      So it is a lot easier to Coach on the Freshman Level, since you only have to deal with the players and their parents, the AD’s office, and the Head Basketball Coach.

      There are no reporters asking you about what happened in the game, or about your team. These questions are all put to the Varsity Head Coach. Also there are no message boards complaining about your coaching style.

  19. City Lights | July 27, 2012 at 9:44 PM |

    Seriously though. Steve’s gone. Who really cares anymore? I think it was selfish and ridiculously short-sighted by his parents but I’m quickly not caring anymore.

    You best man up soon though Little Stevie as the Big East will smack the Charmin Stay-Puft softness out of you QUICK. No more U-17 Olympic, AAU, run-foul-line-to-foul-line chuckin’ threes, not getting to the rack or the foul line, or playing Downy-fresh cuddly defense.

    Goodbye Steve. Good luck. Next topic.

    • merkinworld | July 28, 2012 at 9:22 AM |

      I think Sean Miller of Arizona, agrees with your scouting report. I think he saw enough after 1 game.

  20. thecityplanner | July 27, 2012 at 11:40 PM |



    I’m posting my first comment on this story but none of it surprises me. I frequent a lot of WCAL games and when I saw Domingo play in his sophomore my initial thoughts were ” why is this kid even at this school?..why have his parents not pulled him?”.

    The coaching under Debenedetti was so unimpressive it was flat out sad.

    The coaching this past year under Reardon was not much better although Reardon had done a great job in his previous tenure leading SI to the State semi-final I believe. However I would put an asterick by that one because his two main horses were Tobini and Legarza who had played together since 1st grade and were as throwback as you could get in todays’s highschool hoops game. Looking back I gave Reardon a lot of credit but now I’m not so sure.

    On the girls side, the same thing is true. Mulkerrins is put on a pedestal but really? This year he had a great squad and he still lost to Mitty 3 out of 4 times including the WCAL and CCS championship. Mitty was led by a sophomore and SI couldnt stop her. When he got his team to the state semi final he got blown out by another sophomore. He didnt have his team ready at all.

    What do DeBenedetti, Reardon, and Mulkerrins have in common?

    A) They all went to SI and are related to “Inside SI” families.
    B) They all primarily played soccer while going to SI.
    C) NONE OF THE PLAYED VARSITY BASKETBALL IN HIGH SCHOOL let alone any other type of competitive hoops.
    D) They all seem to be totally removed and ignorant of the AAU game.

    St Ignatius has a lot of issues and the WildCat Faithful on this Board need to look at some of those issues.

    The program is second rate on both sides but especially the Boys side.

    Domingo should have transferred after hid freshman year. His parents gave SI a chance to make improvements and bringing back Reardon was not the solution to the ridiculousness of DeBenedetti.

    Having said all that…I’m bummed not to see SD31 play his senior year especially with Dunbar. I remember being shocked by the fact that Dunbar was not allowed to play Varsity his freshman year even though he was playing for the Oakland Soldiers. I knew right there that Reardon didnt know what was going on. The Oakland Soldiers would have ripped SI Varsity to pieces but yet Dunbar was told to play JV.

    Switch it up or Dunbar will be gone next…and if youre response is “so what” then I suggest you petition the Mecca of Mediocrity (SI) to transfer out of the WCAL because you don’t relaize what an amazing conference the WCAL is.

    Oh yeah…the reason SI Lacrosse and Crew are so successful is because they have nothing to do with the old boy SI network. Those programs operate independently of the mediocrity which has been stewing in the Athletic Department’s office for decades.

    SI could have brought in a “real” athletic director 2 years ago when Vergara stepped down (finally)…what did they do? They gave the job to Coach Mulkerrins’ brother if you can believe that.

    That’s why it’s called the old boy network.

    GOOD LUCK DOMINGO. You didnt need this crap.

    • During Reardon’s 1st tenure as head coach, I don’t think his best team was the Legarza-Toboni team. I think that team always lost to Serra and Drew Gordon’s Mitty team. I think the team you are thinking of (the team that made the NorCal finals) was the 2004 team when they had D1 player Jesse Lopez Low (UC Davis) and sophomore Matt Jones who later received a D1 to Brown University. Team also had Brian Wilhelm, Max Mizono, and Tim Szarnicki. I believe Szarnicki and Lopez Low are the freshman basketball coaches right not at SI.

      At any rate, I do think there is some truth to what you are saying and the good old boy network. But isn’t SHC using the good ol boy network philosophy by signing Lyran Russell as their girls coach, and before that Mike Carey?

      • JJ, Lyran is a basketball player not a soccer player. Lyran played for every organization other than the NBA. He is the real deal and time will tell. To the City Planner, Dunbar would have been better at SHC last year and probably this coming year. I believe SHC could have taken State last year if Zapel and Jackson were not injured. The bench mob was not deep enough. There is a lot of truth to what you are saying, it would not hurt if SI tried an outsider at this point.

        • Just because Mr. Russell was a great player, doesn’t mean he will be a great coach. In the NBA, for example, all those Hall of Famers who try to coach are horrible (Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Larry Bird?). Even Michael Jordan is bad at evaluating talent (picking Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison). It seems like the best basketball coaches are bench-warmers, such as former Laker coach Phil Jackson. Even Bob Drucker is considered SI’s best coach, but did he even play varsity basketball???

          • Im not hearing that you dissed Larry Legend. Larry was the only one of the players you mention who was successful as a head coach and led the Pacers to a 2000 nba finals appearance and had a winning record as coach not to mention winning record as GM.

            • That’s why I put a question mark next to his name because I really wasn’t sure and I was too lazy to do some research. I just figured he was mediocre since he never won a ring as a head coach or GM, but his credentials as a coach/GM are better than I assumed. As for SHC girls basketball, I can’t really see SHC competing against SI and Mitty (no size in the frontcourt), so I believe LyRyan Russell will have a tough time his 1st year in the WCAL, but good enough to make the NorCal playoffs like last year.

      • thecityplanner | August 2, 2012 at 1:31 AM |


        in the 06/07 season, Reardon coached SI and lost to ODowd (44-42) in what I believe was the State Semi’s in DIII.,ca%29/basketball-winter-06-07/schedule.htm

        It was a solid team with Toboni and Legarza really going beyond their potential to play great team ball. Fun team to watch.

        You mauy be right about the 04 team but I didnt follow that team and don’t remember.


        • I believe that is the NorCal semifinals in 2006. The 2004 SI team made the NorCal finals, which is basically the Final Four. 2006 team made the Elite 8.

        • merkinworld | August 3, 2012 at 9:42 AM |

          You are correct. That team was fun to watch. The key word in your post is “team”. They had no superstars, or prima donna’s on that team. They played tough D, rebounded well and did the little things like setting screens and getting to loose balls. From the stands, It looked like they actually enjoyed playing with with other. The playoff game against BOD was a great game, with a great atmosphere. BOD fans traveled well and the crowd noise and intensity reminded me of the old city battles before SI and SH went coed.

        • merkinworld | August 3, 2012 at 5:14 PM |

          nice link to maxpreps. O’Dowd went on to the DIII state final where they lost to Artesia, led by one James Harden.

    • merkinworld | July 28, 2012 at 8:49 AM |

      The first course Domingo should enroll in at Georgetown, would be a class in Ethics.

      • Domingo also needs to take a class in public speaking.

      • thecityplanner | August 2, 2012 at 1:27 AM |

        The first course he should enroll in is “why did I pick a high school with such a poor coach.”

        Domingo proves that high school is meaningless anymore when it comes to hoops.

    • City Lights | July 28, 2012 at 10:29 AM |

      Wow… theCityPlanner just gave a total smackdown to the Good Ol’ Boys! lol

      As I read that I was hearing the original Dukes of Hazzard song in my head: “making their waaaaay, the only way they know how, that’s just a little bit more than the law can allow, Just the good ol’ boys…”

      I don’t know if everything you said is accurate as I’m not an alum or affiliated with SI, but if it is all true then it’s pretty embarrassing for them.

      None of them played varsity hoops?! Really?! What the what?

      Regardless of the good ol’ boy mentality though, Domingo’s parents made a bad choice. With the 30-day rule he could have easily finished high school wherever he wanted to if the SI coaches were that bad.

      Now that I think of it, Reardon’s best team at SI that went to the Norcal final was with Lippi’s players. Interesting.

    • Johnny Drama | July 28, 2012 at 1:48 PM |

      Our second rate program won CCS in 2 of the 3 major boys sports, played in the WCAL title game in baseball, won a WCAL outright title in LAX. The girls hoops team was WCAL co champions. Every school in SF would love to be as 2nd rate as SI was last year. You sound like a fool calling an athletic program with the above accomplishments on its resume as second rate.

      And Dunbar never played JV’s..he played Frosh A’s and won league. Your information is second rate!

      • City Lights | July 28, 2012 at 2:33 PM |

        To be fair Drama, CCS championships are weak in football and basketball. They’re nice for a ring and some memories for the reunion, but WCAL championships really mean something. The only teams you have to compete against for most CCS titles are the other City WCAL schools and MAYBE Burlingame.

        You are always great at the country club sports though! Great job on a tough WCAL Lax title. Outright at that!

        By the way, do you have any comment on the good ol’ boys hiring policy?

        • Johnny Drama | July 28, 2012 at 3:36 PM |

          City Lights, I actually agree with you, WCAL titles are a true measure. BUT, my comment was directed at the fool who was saying SI’s program is second rate when they had more impressive hardware than ANY other city school. By his standards, the whole damn city is second rate.

          Thank you for your congratulations on our outright WCAL Lax title. How many and in which sports did your school win? (crickets)

          That country club sport you are referring to propels many young folks to prestigious schools, so say what you want about it, it gets kids to where they need to go.

          Hiring policy? None of my concern? They hire who they want to hire.

          And to adress your comment about Reardon winning with Lippi’s players….Barbour won with Perez’s players. Remeber that group made state as frosh. Interesting! I believe Fox was at SHC before Barbour was there also and Johns was already enroute as well. This will be his first year with the kids HE brought in..let’s see how they do?

          And yes, going to Georgetown is a bad decision……right!

      • thecityplanner | August 2, 2012 at 1:40 AM |

        This past year was certainly better than most for SI…I agree. However the football team may have won a CCS Champ but in reality they finished 1-5-1 in the WCAL.

        The Baseball team did great…true…but look at the overall WCAL championships in baseball. SI is last.

        The girls hoops team lost to Mitty 3 out of 4 times including the WCAL Champ and the CCS Champ…..technically they were co-champs…but really they were no where near Mitty and they ended up getting blown out by St Marys Stockton.

        SI Lacrosse, like I said, is really not connected to the Athletic Dept and thus does not subscribe to the good ole boy network…which is a big reason why the program is so good. The SI Lax program is largely made up of Marin kids so not sure you can really count that as a “City” school in that particular sport….just saying. The SI Rowing program is also great but…again…totally run outside of the good ole boy athletic department. The Lacrosse and Rowing programs are led by coaches that have competed at the highest levels in their respective sports.

        Calm down Johnny Drama…I know it pains you to see that SI has only one ONE WCAL CHAMP in 45 years of WCAL Baseball…but the truth can hurt.

    • @CityPlanner You mention that the SI Lacrosse program is successful because it has nothing to do with the old boy SI network. 5 out of the 6 coaches in the program are Saint Ignatius grads. Just saying

      • The head coach, Chris Packard, an exceptional coach who sets the tone and culture for the entire program is not from SI. I assume that you forgot to mention that the most important coach was not from SI?

  21. CCS championships in basketball may be weak, but in football it isn’t. There alot of tough football teams in CCS. Why do you think SI won only a couple CCS football championships in their history. How many has SHC won? SI had to beat Valley Christian who had the best running backs in the Bay Area on their road to a CCS title last year. Then, they neutralized Valentino Miles in the CCS championship game when he gained over 200 yards in the 1st game. Who else are we supposed to play? CCSF or the 49ers? To you, It seems like the only way CCS football championships would be legitimate would be if the CCS put De La Salle in CCS.

    • City Lights | July 28, 2012 at 4:09 PM |

      CCS football championships are legit when you play in the Open Division. Period.

    • JJ, SHC won one CCS title in 2008.

      • All CCS titles are legit. Being that said, the best teams do apply for the open division. To be honest, if you played league over again(with lst years teams), I imagine SHC and SI would still have finished in their same respective places (in middle of pack).

        Look, historically neither has been an annual contender in football; however recently both are at least being competitive in the toughest league in California.

    • I’ll buy your argument as soon as one school gives back a CCS trophy.

  22. merkinworld | July 29, 2012 at 1:23 PM |

    I don’t always agree withe Mr. Drama, but I agree that SI is far from 2nd rate.

    • City Lights | July 30, 2012 at 2:56 PM |

      Mr. Drama is definitely correct. SI is not second rate. They have a relatively powerful and classy program. Nor is SHC or ARHS second rate, nor are many of our other schools in the city.

      Notice, however, that Mr. Drama will not address the elephant in the room with regards to hiring of coaches for all of the mainstream big three sports.

      None of the SI alum coaches played hoops? That is really odd. Can’t get over that one. Are there any other Vars head coaches in the City or the Bay Area that haven’t played high school b-ball? Is that normal and I’ve just never heard of it?

      • Johnny Drama | July 30, 2012 at 7:16 PM |

        Now that Allocco is gone to the greener pastures of the Big East, IMO Rich Forslund wears the hat as the best coach in the area. He led Riordan to B2B State finals, winning 1 and has done wonders at HMB. I don’t believe he played HS ball. Can you get over that City Lights.

        When Reardon was winning it wasn’t an issue was it. Again, we won in 2 of the 3 major sports so the issue or non issue you all are referring to is in hoops. Again, the school can hire who it wants when it wants. We’ve been around for 150 plus years and we are doing just fine. Enrollment is up and our kids are going to great universities, many of them on athletic scholarships. To think Domingo left because of coaching is rather lame. You want to know why he left? Because he COULD. Because he had an OFFER and he decided to accept it. Now if all you experts could accept that, this diatribe would be over.

        • Forslund played varsity ball at Riordan and is still active in his support of the Crusaders as he is seen at many games when his schedule allows.

          • City Lights | July 31, 2012 at 1:37 PM |

            So I guess there are no other varsity head coaches that haven’t ever played the game. Interesting. What is also interesting is the manner in which Drama played the entire SI Ol’ Boy Network’s hand and train of thought when he stated:

            “The school can hire who it wants when it wants. We’ve been around for 150 plus years and we are doing just fine. Enrollment is up and our kids are going to great universities, many of them on athletic scholarships.”

            While that is all very true, it could lead to a pretty big correction in all-time Bruce-Mahoney standings as SHC continues to evolve with the modern game of the keystone sport of the B-M series, basketball, and more athletes start taking advantage of the 30-day rule to transfer to the Irish.

            • I certainly don’t know about every coach, but I know about one, who may be the most respected in the City.

              I’m pretty sure Pat Mulligan never played varsity basketball when he was at SI, but is arguably the best X’s and O’s coach in the City at Wallenberg.

            • Johnny Drama | July 31, 2012 at 5:06 PM |

              Forslund attended Riordan and his son played for Riordan but Rich Sr did NOT play basketball for Riordan. He may be an avid supporter of the school but he is not a former player. So again, the best coach, IMO, did not play. Jeremy mentioned Mulligan. If he did not play, there goes your theory….BOOM!

              As far as the BM trophy…we have a significant lead and with the status of our football and baseball teams I feel pretty good about our chances in the years to come. Also, SHC will not be a hoops power, unless as you say, they take advantage of the new transfer rule. Only time will tell but I am not sweating losing our enormous edge in the BM series.

        • Drama, you have your head deep in the sand dunes to think your varsity coaching is not the one and only issue with the SI basketball program. What are you going to say when 5 returning players from last year’s team either transfer or choose not to play?
          If you know anything about basketball, which coaches like Foreslund do (he’s available hint ,hint!), you can see how poorly they’re coached. Just look at their basic fundamentals- it’s glaring and that made up offense they call Princeton? Not even close.
          Frankly, the new 30 transfer rule is a great opportunity for SI because if they don’t change and hire coaches who are current and experienced, they’ll continue to lose more players and it will be a windfall for schools like Riordan, Sacred Heart and Stuart Hall who are getting kids to transfer to their programs because of the quality of their coaching.
          Your football team let an “outsider” with a year of pro experience to coach Stinn and your baseball team allowed an “outsider” who was the USF Junior Dons coach to coach baseball and look at the success you had. Don’t you want to win? What are you guys afraid of?

          • Johnny Drama | July 31, 2012 at 5:21 PM |

            You are contradicting yourself man. You preach about the “good ol boy network” but you just pointed out it is non existent in the majority of our programs. As you say, outsiders coach baseball and football yet you and other posters say the network is ruining the program. Which one is it? Reardon was very successful as a varsity coach before so he had the track record. Let’s see how he does this year and if the administration decides they need a change, they’ll make a change.

            What will I say if more kids leave the program? I will say good luck young man. Other than Dunbar, there are no difference makers left. Anybody who leaves because they think that will improve their chances of a hoops ride, ala SD31, they are a bit delusional. So I think you just proved that there is not a good ol boy network…you guys answered your own question.

          • Coach Forslund | August 1, 2012 at 11:03 AM |

            Johnny Drama, first thanks for the compliments. We, myself and our coaching staff have worked very hard to make HMB a player on the basketball scene. I have always been fortunate to recruit great assistant coaches to work with me and all the programs I have been associated with, starting with Peter Pollat, Rich Buckner, current Riordan coach Mike Molieri, current MA coach, Dwayne Fontana, Ray Kelly, Erik Newman and currently John Parsons. There are many outstanding coaches in the area and I am very fortunate to be considered a good one.

            I did not play varsity basketball at Riordan. I graduated having turned 17 in Feb. of my senior year and was 6’0, 160 lbs. Simply wasn’t good enough to play at that time. In my Frosh yr. of college I grew 4 inches and put on 25 lbs. and played some Club ball at USF and continued that while attending law school at Hastings.

            But, I have had a passion for basketball since I was 7 and strive to improve every year, by attending multiple coaching clinics, picking the brains of many of the Bay Area’s best coaches and watching as much video as possible. BTW, one of the great college coaches never played HS ball, Roy Williams.

            Would also like to wish Stephen all the best at my son’s alma mater. I believe he will do quite well.

            And, finally thanks to Jeremy for putting together and maintaining this great site for HS athletics. We are all very fortunate to be able to share our opinions on it.

            Best swishes,

            Coach Rich Forslund

            • Johnny Drama | August 1, 2012 at 2:54 PM |

              Thanks coach for clearing things up and for your bio. You’re a class act.

              We also proved that wcalsf has no credibility ot he is full of hot air.

              Thanks to coach and to Mr. Balan for offering their input on this topic. Coach Williams…nice.

              City lights need not worry, class will be in session all year! Anything else you’d like to learn?

              • Not full of hot air Drama, just misinformed as I received the info second hand from another former Crusader. My bad.
                Good to hear from you coach Forslund, and great job @ HMB. Your protege, Rich Buckner, is doing a great job despite the challenges over the past few seasons.

              • City Lights | August 1, 2012 at 10:08 PM |

                So Drama, you’re comparing Tim Reardon to not only Rich Forslund (California State Champion), but to Roy Williams?!?! (National Champion)

                Wooooow… laughing my expletive off. He’s a decent coach but c’mon man.

                By the way, when you said:

                “You are contradicting yourself man. You preach about the “good ol boy network” but you just pointed out it is non existent in the majority of our programs. As you say, outsiders coach baseball and football yet you and other posters say the network is ruining the program. Which one is it?”

                …you obviously didn’t pay attention when @SA mentioned the people brought in were specialist position coaches. Answer this, are the head coaches in football, basketball, and baseball SI alumni? BAM! Feel the smackdown as it courses through you.

                “Schools in session”

              • According to wikipedia, Roy Williams lettered in basketball and baseball in high school. He also played JV basketball in college (UNC).

        • thecityplanner | August 2, 2012 at 1:07 AM |

          Johny Drama-

          Here ya go buddy….The Mighty SI did have an AMAZING Year in 2011 winning the CCS…..AWESOME!!

          Did you ever happen to actually look at their record in the WCAL last year during their mighty CCS Championship year?


          Wow….a CCS championship over an almost equally lame SH team really doesnt ook that impressive now.

          Bellarmine 7-0-0 1.000 12-2-0 0.857 539 191 1 L
          Serra 5-2-0 0.714 11-2-0 0.846 505 244 5 W
          Archbishop Mitty 4-2-1 0.643 7-4-1 0.625 308 243 1 L
          St. Francis 4-3-0 0.571 6-6-0 0.500 308 286 1 L
          Valley Christian 4-3-0 0.571 6-6-0 0.500 363 344 1 L
          Sacred Heart Cathedral 2-5-0 0.286 7-6-0 0.538 347 283 1 L
          St. Ignatius 1-5-1 0.214 6-6-1 0.500 360 374 3 W
          Archbishop Riordan 0-7-0 0.000 1-9-0 0.100 132 376 7 L

        • thecityplanner | August 2, 2012 at 1:52 AM |

          sorry fellas.

          The “City” schools are all second rate in most everything with the exception of a few programs.

          Across the board, Danville is stronger than San Francsico.

          Now that’s sad.

          • Ask the parents of Danville kids where they grew up , in fact ask that of the entire Bay Area incl Sacramento, and most likely they grew up in SF. Change in demographics….

      • Johnny Drama | July 30, 2012 at 7:18 PM |

        Notice however that Mr. Lights has not answered how many WCAL titles and in which sports, his school won last year.

        • City Lights | July 30, 2012 at 10:13 PM |

          I am a fan of all City schools, so you can see I won far more championships than you and your Cats last year. lol

          • Johnny Drama | July 31, 2012 at 5:09 PM |

            Just as I thought….you didn’t win ****!

            Way to polish a turd lights.

            • City Lights | July 31, 2012 at 5:34 PM |

              Child please. You have no idea what I have or haven’t won at the high school or college level. I’m not here to fluff my accomplishments nor do I have anything to prove to you. I suppose it’s possible to care less what you think about me but I’d be in a coma. lol

        • thecityplanner | August 2, 2012 at 1:20 AM |

          I agree that SI had a great season in baseball in 2012…no doubt… buth ere is the facts when it comes to baseball in the WCAL and who has won the league btw ’67 and ’12

          SERRA 17 Championships
          BELL 14
          ST FRA 13
          MITTY 6
          ROR 2
          SH 2
          VC 2
          SI 1 !!!!!!!

          Actually the word Mediocrity is doing too much justice to the St Ignatius Baseball program.

          They are actually historically the worst team in the WCAL.

          But hey! Yes, you did win a mediocre CCS title in a week division in ’12. Hoo Rah!

          I guess youre right….keep on hiring those good ole boys…seems to be working out pretty good. I highly doubt Bell, Mitty and Serra only look at their own…but apparently Johnny Drama loves being the doormat of the WCAL.

          • SI lone WCAL Championship was round-robin, they lost in first round of league playoffs. To their defense, they did make it to CCS DI final that year but lost to Leigh (I believe).

          • Johnny Drama | August 2, 2012 at 4:41 PM |

            All time WCAL Championships 1967-2012…boys only..girls sports are light entertainment:

            Bellarmine -231
            St Francis -106
            Saint Ignatius – 57
            Serra – 56
            Mitty – 30
            Riordan -29
            Valley Christian- 10

            Good ole boy network is good enough for 3rd all time. You chose to focus on baseball, factors those out and Serra looks pretty mediocre! You tried to cherry pick one sport but here is the complete picture. Either way, are 3rd overall and 2nd all time in hoops.

            Men lie, women lie….numbers don’t!

            • Lets just forget about 2 through 8 Drama. There’s no remediation to the mean here. Bellarmine unless the school gets shut down is never going to drop from that #1 spot in total league championships. Sadly if you combine all 3 of the city schools championships, it’s still not even half the number. … padding their number with titles in volleyball, soccer, water polo, tennis, cross country? It just translates how far superior their athletic program is there and not just the top 3 sports.

              I do find it funny that a good number of their great football players just make it to lowly San Jose State. Yah yah its D1, but the Spartans are always ranked in that 110-129 range in all of D1 college football. Nothing to boast about.

              • Johnny Drama | August 2, 2012 at 10:35 PM |

                It is outta reach brother!

              • thecityplanner | August 3, 2012 at 10:34 PM |

                Johnny D

                I only was addressing your boasts about the 2 SI CCS championships in 2012.

                Like I said the football team was 1-5-1. That’s ONE win and FIVE LOSSES in the WCAL. Any of the Southbay coaches would be fired with that record but you’re jumping for joy.

                I only brought up the baseball numbers to point out the fact that while SI had a very good 2012, overall they are abysmal.

                We all know that SI was a athletic powerhouse “back in the day” when San Francisco was a very different City and generally speaking the largely immigrant, 1st gen, and 2nd gen students at St Igantius were tough as nails and ready to spill blood on the fields.

                The “ole boy” coaching network had not kicked into gear at that point and the Jesuits were very much running the school(1950’s through 1970’s) Now there are hardly any Jesuits on campus and the school is run by lay people who have their own agendas that are much more “mediocre.”

                Thats all Im saying and, like you said, the numbers prove it.

                I want SI to stand proud and be equal to the Southbay as much as you do…probably more. However the problem lies structurally in the City…the City Government…and the fact that kids and kids sports are far more important to the overall community in the South than in SF.

                Many of the better athletes at SI and SH don’t even live in SF. I think someone made a point that a lot of great athletes in the ‘burbs were born in SF and simply moved to the ‘burbs. That actually might be true for Oakland but it is not true for SF. The majority of great suburban athletes are not from San Francisco.

                All you have to do is look at the successful programs…study them….and you will see why they are successful or not. it’s usually going to be directly connected to the grammar school programs where good athletes are becoming great athletes.

                Another MAJOR MAJOR POINT is race.

                Don’t you think it’s really sad that suburban schools are more racially diverse than St Ignatius?

                When I go to a St Ignatius game against Valley Christian…or Mitty…or even Marin Catholic…and their more racially diverse and “just” than St Ignatius?

                How is that St Ignatius can still produce sports teams that are primarily white?


                Because there is a structurally strong group of people at St Ignatius that have no interest whatsoever in entering the 21st Century even though they exist in one of the most diverse cities in the world (well it used to be). There is a fear at SI of integration.

                I want St ignatius, SHC, and Riordan to matter as much as anyone on this Board. Im not against SI…Im for SI….but Im willing to face the honest facts which have to be addressed to St Ignatius can honestly be on par with Bell and Mitty.

              • Johnny Drama | August 4, 2012 at 2:14 PM |

                I hear what you’re saying, although we beat 2 WCAL schools to win that CCS title in football, one of which is a football power.

                If you look at previous posts, I have been saying the same thing you are saying for quite some time. SF is no longer a blue collar town and the change in demographics has hurt all the city schools and has diminished our ability to compete with the south bay schools, where they have a much larger pool of students to select. Thousands of families are leaving SF in droves and with that, there was a power shift in athletic supremacy primarily to the East Bay. Serra is the only WCAL school between SF and the south bay. The south bay is much larger geographiocally than SF where 3 WCAL schools compete for dwindling number of kids. Thus, we have the Marin/Peninsula bus!

                Also, while I am not saying SI is a melting pot, I would disagree that we are any less diverse than Marin Catholic, St Francis, Bellarmine and Mitty. AG32 is the only non white kid on the Mitty team, and he is 1/2 white. 60% of our starters on last years hoop squad were African American. If you’re theory was correct, then Riordan and SHC would be doing much better than they are. Riordan has been terrible for the last 5 years, since they won CCS in football and hoops. They are very diverse and are the worst WCAL school in SF. I believe it has less to do with diversity as you say but rather lack of athletes in general. And as far as SF being one of the most diverse cities in the world, not anymore. The cost of living has risen so much that a family of 4 can no longer afford to buy, let alone live in the city.

                I will say it appears we both want the same thing, for the holy trinity to be relevant again. And while I have also said WCAL titles are much more impressive and difficult to attain, in today’s landscape, a CCS title for a city school is something to be lauded, not denigrated.

            • To keep it real, what are the WCAL totals for the three major sports only?Football, Hoops and baseball?

              • From 1967-Present

                Bellarmine 18
                St Francis 17
                Serra 6
                Mitty 4
                Valley Christian 4
                Riordan 3
                SI 2
                SHC 0

                Riordan 14
                SI 13
                Mitty 9
                St Francis 7
                SHC 3
                Serra 3
                Bellarmine 3
                Valley Christian 1

                Serra 17
                Bellarmine 14
                St Francis 13
                Mitty 6
                SHC 2
                Riordan 2
                Valley Christian 2
                SI 1

                St. Francis 37
                Bellarmine 35
                Serra 26
                Mitty 19
                Riordan 19
                SI 16
                Valley Christian 7
                SHC 5

              • Irishi Italian | August 4, 2012 at 9:27 PM |

                Another obvious reason for Bellarmine dominance. Enrollment is 1,600 Boys. Compare that to about 600 boys for each of SHCP and SI.

              • thecityplanner | August 5, 2012 at 4:06 PM |


                All points are right on for the most part.

                The City really doesnt have enough kids to really support 3 WCAL schools…and thus the talent pool is diluted.

                I have thrown out the idea that St Ignatius might consider dropping out of the WCAL so they can retain their “ole boy” approach to hiring and the lack of firing.

                Riordan might want to consider dropping out too.

                However…I do believe that there are valuable lessons to be learned from the things that SI, SH, and Riordan do succeed in.

                The CYO program and Catholic City league is not what it used to be. it used to be that you could play for Epiphany or St Cecilia’s and go straight into the WCAL…that is not longer the case. Playing CYO is irrelevant aside from the fun of playing with classmates (which is important).

                I know a quality SF soccer family who had an athletic daughter who played at a classic west side Catholic school…and it was assumed she would make the team at her high school (SI in this case…bc SH soccer is pretty weak right now). When she got cut from the frosh team her mother was totally upset. The final roster was made up of all club players. If you had not played on a club team you can’t make the team at a strong program. That’s all there is to it. And if you played for the right club team you go straight to JV or Var.

                One of the reasons SF soccer is so poor is because the City doesnt have enough fields….and there is no dominant club team. In any other municipality in the Bay Area there would be no debate about astro turf at Beach Chalet but in SF there is a confused small group of people that could care less about soccer and kids.

                SF can be relevant again but it will take a much deeper commitment to great club teams…like Mission Rec. There is a reason SI, SH, Mercy, Lowell, and other schools can compete with the upper eschelon. The reason is Mission Rec.

                When you look at the SH championship teams, Eilese OConnor and Maria K-McD at SI, they all came from the Mission Rec pipeline.

                The same can be said about the SHC volleyball program which is outstanding and the SI Lacrosse program. It’s all because of stellar club teams.

                Go SH / GO SH / GO RIORDAN / GO SFUSD

  23. merkinworld | July 29, 2012 at 1:29 PM |

    This could be a win/win. Stephen graduates with honors from Georgetown. Enjoys a10 year career in the NBA, becomes an all-star, and wins a couple of titles along the way. He then comes back to SI once a year to help with fundraising, similar to what Tom Brady does at Serra…Just kidding.

    • If he donates enough money to SI after his 10-year NBA career, maybe they can construct a bronze statue of him in the foyer of the gym and re-name it Stephen Domingo Plaza.

      • I wonder if SI would rather have a statue of Stephen Domingo, or that SI alum on that Glee show on Fox.

        • Josh Weinstein | July 30, 2012 at 4:59 PM |

          I think SI would prefer a statue of Darren Criss from Glee. Technically he is an alumnus of SI. Stephen Domingo is not because he only went to SI for three years and never earned a diploma from the school.

          Plus, Darren Criss actually made it to the top of his profession, being on network prime time TV and starring on Broadway. Domingo is a long long way to being in the top of his profession, the NBA.

  24. I think the negative comments are mean-spirited and selfish. It’s Stephen’s life. He gets to make his own choices. If he were injured and couldn’t play his senior year at SI, what would people be saying? He has an amazing opportunity and he would be foolish to throw it away just to please the critics at SI. So the school has to struggle to create a winning team next year. Big deal, that’s life. When kids enroll in a school, they pay the bill. They are consumers. The school is hired to educate a child — not the other way around. Stephen Domingo was not hired by SI, and he is under no obligation to continue at that school. He never signed a contract that he has to play basketball his senior year. He’s a free agent! Good luck, Stephen!

    • merkinworld | July 30, 2012 at 5:26 PM |

      You are absolutely right. He doesn’t owe anything to anyone but himself. He must do what he thinks offers him the best chance for his own success. He could easily be the next Reggie Miller, or the next Tamir Goodman.

  25. Just some facts | August 1, 2012 at 3:46 PM |

    BTW in the photo above doesn’t it look like he is looking down to hide that fact that he wants to smile/laugh or smirk about some secret thought he is holding from the spectators. He has a smile/smirk on his face.

  26. Let’s us keep it MORE real. Just include championships after the WCAL championship game. SInce early 90’s WCAL went to the politically correct with all making playoffs and possible co-championships after playoffs in basketball and baseball. Since football always ended at end of league season, you may have a tie (ie co-champ). This also doesnt take into account those who won championship after finishing 5th or below in league (hence not making playoffs) From 1968-Present

    Bellarmine 17
    St Francis 16
    Serra 6
    Mitty 4
    Valley Christian 4
    Riordan 3
    SI 1
    SHC 0

    Riordan 13
    SI 12
    Mitty 8
    St Francis 5
    SHC 4
    Bellarmine 1
    Valley Christian 1
    Serra 0

    Serra 13
    Bellarmine 11
    St Francis 11
    Mitty 4
    SHC 2
    Riordan 2
    Valley Christian 2
    SI 0

    St. Francis 32
    Bellarmine 29
    Serra 19
    Riordan 18
    Mitty 16
    SI 13
    Valley Christian 7
    SHC 6

  27. I appreciate being able to keep up with the ongoing story of Mr. Domingo so thanks SF Preps. In this day in age the grassroots and AAU and top 100 and mcdonalds all american and adidas camps on TV is a big deal and a big money maker, people love to see it. people eat it up. so it only makes sense that the local paper covers the local basketball star. i liked that one story about the 6 or 7 kids who are currently playing college out of the class of 2011. thanks

  28. just leave the guy alone none of you can or would help him. you selected him to the second team all city as i said a few months ago you people selections are horrible. I am happy to see a student smart enough to get out of here. whlie the players of the year by whos ever selecting are going to Jr. college and D2 go figure. All i can say is get it right and start giving guys with real possibility to go to the next level respect.

    • You’re a little late on this story and pretty much everything you talk about. Everyone else has moved on.

      The player of the year in basketball is in Division I, actually, not that it matters.

      The All-City teams were selected on high school performance, not on projected upside.

    • Wow, I thought this story was already put to rest. I practically forgot about Domingo, although I agree that maybe he should’ve made 1st team, but the other guys who made it were very deserving. Time to move on, though. he’s not in HS anymore.

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