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(Photo Illustration by Josh Jalil)

(Photo Illustration by Josh Jalil)

Update (Tuesday, Sept. 4): After a tremendous amount of thought, I have personally decided to keep the site going as long as we have the money to proceed. It may not be for a full season, but there really is no decision to make.

I can’t thank the people who have donated enough, and we owe it to them to continue our coverage as long as we can, down to the last penny.

Please let me know if you have any questions or input on our coverage or our fundraising efforts. Thank you.

– Jeremy Balan


Update (Wednesday, Aug. 1): We’ve updated our goal, decreasing it from $110,000 to $60,000. It appears we won’t be able to hire a full-time photographer this season, despite our efforts. We’re also setting a deadline of Sept. 1. If we do not get to our new goal of $60,000 by Sept. 1, we will not be able to continue our coverage for the next school year.

We are continuing to pursue long-term funding from local and national foundations, but we are locked in long application processes. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help keep alive.

Dear Supporter,

As of March 12, 2012, we have officially been recognized as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization by the IRS.

This makes all donations going forward tax-deductible and we have issued letters acknowledging donations to all those who contributed over the summer, so they could deduct the donations on their taxes.

We are beginning to pursue long-term funding by seeking grants and aid from foundations, but we have adjusted our goals for the 2012-2013 season. We are now looking to raise $110,000 for the upcoming school year, so we can hire a full-time photographer and expand our coverage even more next season.

I am deeply thankful to all those who have contributed and I can’t stress my gratitude enough. Simply put, we would not be around without you all.

I hope that we can continue to build the site to serve the readers, alumni, parents and most importantly, the student athletes.

– Jeremy Balan

Note: You can also donate at any game we cover with a credit card, using our new iPad application. If you would like to donate with a check, please e-mail Jeremy Balan at for more information.

Donation Levels

$25 – Freshman
$50 – Junior Varsity
$100 – Varsity
$250 – All-League
$500 – All-Star
$1,000 – All-City
$10,000+ – MVP


“I wish that there was an award for what you guys are doing. On so many levels you’re providing a great product and a great service. Just one of many ‘atta boys’ that I know others share. We (parents and schools) need to keep sports as a way of engaging our kids, and you give both the acknowledgement of effort on the part of the athletes and the forum for discussion. That’s pretty special.”

– Walter Cohen

“As a Mission mom, I want to say thanks for all your organization does for high school sports in this city.”

– Katherine Straznickas

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47 Comments on "Donate: Help Keep Alive!"

  1. Rock n Sock Em Robots | August 1, 2012 at 1:18 PM |

    Have you ever thought approaching Pepsi or another corporate sponsor who can underwrite your entire website? They used to sponsor High School Sports Focus when it was on the air here on Ch 36.

    • This seems like an interesting idea. Is this possible JBalan?

      • Possible is an interesting word. Major corporations are difficult to infiltrate. We did apply for a grant through Pepsi and I don’t think we ever heard back from the company.

  2. C’mon people don’t let let this website go down. BTW, I don’t own a credit card, know nothing about making a paycheck and even worse, I haven’t been working this past summer.

  3. Uncle Frank | August 16, 2012 at 1:17 PM |

    Sent in my donation on the same day I sent a check to the SI Athletic Dept.

    Seemed like a nice symmetry.

  4. Kezar for Keeps | August 21, 2012 at 3:23 PM |

    Uh, so people are just ok with this site going away? Why is no one else making a big deal about this? The coverage is just going to go away and no one cares?

  5. In any case, if SanFranPreps discontinues, thank you Jeremy for all your hard work and effort for the 2 years of SFP… Im sure if you want to continue covering hs/prep sports, Maxpreps or NorCal preps will scoop you up in a second.

  6. C’mon people, don’t let this website shut down in 9 days.

  7. Great site – just made a donation to hopefully help keep the lights on…….

  8. Please, please, please don’t give up! I think lots of people don’t know that this site could go out of business in 2 days. Please give it more time!

  9. I can’t believe D-Day might be coming tomorrow for this website.

  10. Corporate grants are few and far between, but perhaps a NorCal company like Safeway? Try it out!

  11. Brown and yellow | September 3, 2012 at 9:18 AM |

    So….. Is this website cancelled?

  12. CSN Bay Area partnered with Cal-Hi Sports Bay Area, maybe they would be willing to put in some funds.

  13. Do you think partnering with Sports Basement or Sports Authority is a possibility? They would love to put their name all over a site that Bay Area teens go to.

    When do you think the donations will last until? Until basketball season? Thanks Jbalan

  14. First, thank you Jeremy for keeping the site going.

    Secondly, everyone who cant put 2 and 2 together needs to realize coverage will be limited. So dont go crying when your game or team isnt covered or mentioned. He’s doing what he can with the limited budget he has.

    Lastly, one more big thank you to Jeremy.

  15. how about west coast gear? they’re all over the radio waves like knbr. just thinking outside the box here, but how ’bout merging coverage/ads with or prep2prep?

  16. To address advertising in general…

    Advertising is not a viable option for funding the site. We will gladly take it and appreciate those who have advertised in the past, but our traffic, albeit very good for a local site, does not warrant high advertising rates. That is why we went non-profit. Any advertising, based on our traffic, is a drop in the pail for what we would need for operating expenses.

  17. CSN Bay Area just partnered with Cal-Hi Sports Bay Area, maybe they would be willing to put in some funds and have your writing contributing to their website or something. I’m surprised at the lack of donations but perhaps businesses would be willing to pitch in.

  18. Sorry Jeremy – I forgot I submitted my comment earlier….for some reason, it was still on my screen when i got home. :)

  19. Jeremy – any possibility of tying in with They are more of an informational site but perhaps they could advertise / sponsor San Fran Preps in some way. Just throwing out ideas.

    I’m also posting the link to this page in various FB groups I participate in, including a rather large summer basketball league that I play in (80+ teams). Out of the 80 teams (Men, Women, Youth), there is a good number of coaches (Jason Lee of Lincoln Girls, Jeremy Lee of Galileo Boys, among others) that play, some current players in the AAA and a lot of former AAA players (both younger and older).

  20. Jeremy if the money for SFP runs out would u consider doing it as a volunteer job similar to what the yay area’s finest guys do? I realize that the amount of coverage would probably drop substantially, but some is still better than nothing.

    • As much as I’d like to say yes to this question, it’s just no longer possible for me to work on a volunteer basis.

      That’s how we started, which was fine, because I was a student and living off of student loans. Now, I have more than myself to think about in terms of bringing in a livable wage and would need to have a full-time job.

      • Would you be willing to sell this site?

        • I hope he doesn’t go with this option. Normally, once something is sold, the original format and ideas that we’re used to get changed (sometimes to the point where the old format becomes non-existent).

        • There is no selling. Because it is now classified as a non-profit organization, it is no longer “owned” by me. It is essentially owned by no one, or in a sense, everyone.

  21. Didn’t this guy just collect 60 grand almost a year/x amount of months ago? Does he really need 120,000 dollars to keep a website up and pay some photographers? I must be missing some important details because another 60,000 seems a little crazy

    • Your screen name is certainly accurate, but you are missing some important details.

      Do you think that all of the content on this site magically appears? It is a full-time job and it takes a lot of work. That work is hard to do without funding.

      The money enables me to edit stories, be a reporter, handle payroll, compile schedules, and manage a group of about 15 reporters and photographers. It also allows me to pay rent, buy groceries, pay for car insurance, student loans, gas – you know, the things you get a job to pay for.

      This site is a non-profit organization, as well as a journalism organization. The combination of those two things, especially for a local sports site, is extremely rare, but good luck finding another non-profit journalism organization with a yearly operating budget of less than $60,000.

  22. Once upon a time (when I was in high school), there was an annual luncheon or something called “Save High School Sports” which raised quite a bit of money into the SF Public Schools. Additionally, the Giants contributed funds to the public schools as well. I know the luncheon went by the wayside and not sure if the Giants still contribute to the public schools.

    I wonder if SF Preps and readers could encourage our local sports team to contribute to SF Preps. After all, it is a community organization after all.

  23. Let’s restart having major donations again right now!!!

  24. JB,

    I hope you keep up the great work.
    In order to keep this in the readers’ forefront, I suggest you consider putting the donation thermostat on each page, possibly with screen names, real names or “anonymous” of recent donors. Here is a link of one site that I have seen this work well on:

    It’s not much but I’m sure no donation is too small, so I’ll be donating $25 today.

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