Russell resigns from athletic director position at Riordan

By Jeremy Balan

According to Vicki Terehyden, the director of communications at Archbishop Riordan High School, Pete Russell has resigned from his position as athletic director at the school.

Russell was hired near the end of the 2010-2011 school year and 2011-2012 was his first full season in the position.

Derek Tate, Riordan’s current dean of admission, has taken over as athletic director on an interim basis, while the school seeks a new full-time AD, but Terehyden said there is no time frame for when the school will fill the position.

“There will be a national search for next athletic director, to find the best fit,” Terehyden said. “You never know how long the hiring process will take. Mr. Tate is a good fit for it, considering his background. It’s a big job, but we have full confidence in him.”

Russell was handed the task of reviving the Riordan athletic department, taking over for long-time athletic director Ron Isola, but will likely be remembered most for his mistakes.

In January, Russell admitted to the Central Coast Section that he had an oversight in filing transfer paperwork for a varsity basketball player last season, forcing the Crusaders to forfeit five games, which knocked them out of CCS playoff contention.

Then, he made critical comments about the CCS when the section officially handed down the sanctions on Jan. 20.

“This seems a little harsh for high school kids,” Russell said in January. “We’re not Ohio State or Florida State. Maybe the CCS has to justify their salaries with rulings like this. I don’t know.”

The comments caused a rift between Russell and CCS commissioner Nancy Lazenby Blaser, who said his statement irreparably damaged their working relationship, which she called “nonexistent” in an interview on Aug. 6.

“The problem with that, and I feel bad for him, is that he’s going to need my help someday and it will be awkward,” Lazenby Blaser said. “He’s lost. He’s really struggled, I think, and he needs more help to do what he’s doing. I was thinking, what did you think the job was? I don’t think he really had a clue. An AD job at a high school is a [grind].”

Russell was a scout in the National Football League and did not have experience managing a high school athletic department prior to his time at Riordan.

Russell was contacted by on Saturday, but was unavailable for comment.

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50 Comments on "Russell resigns from athletic director position at Riordan"

  1. WHOAAAAA! Hey Nancy, you flipped over his remarks, but it is OK for you as the CCS commissioner to make unneeded and negative statements on a prep site? There is a word to describe that sort of behavior. Please stop dumping on the guy so you don’t embarrass yourself any further.

  2. crusaderfan | August 18, 2012 at 11:52 PM |

    Russell got what was coming to him. He was extremely unapproachable if you weren’t someone who had something to offer him. His ways of running the athletic program has resulted in rifts between the athletic department and many other divisions in the school. He was always quick to criticize and would not address issues as they should be addressed. He did not understand or care for the rules of the WCAL and proceeded to allow his coaches to carry out and do whatever they pleased. It is a shame that Riordan’s name has been smeared because of what he has done.

    • Actually, I wouldn’t go that far.

      He was a good guy. He had good intentions. He wanted the best for the kids. I hope he isn’t looked at as a mistake, or for his mistakes, rather his intention to make an impact. It just so happened his impact didn’t happen in the way it could have.

      Personally, I wish him the best. I hope his future is a better fit for him than Riordan was.

    • How exactly did he get what was coming to him? He didn’t get fired, he resigned. And the Russell you describe is not the Russell I know. For those who say he was so unqualified when appointed, the person who hired him thought otherwise.

      • COncerned Citizen | August 19, 2012 at 10:35 AM |

        You don’t resign in the first week of school unless the proverbial you know what has hit the fan. Daly has done an amazing job and you can’t fault him for hiring people he knows in key positions BUT this guy was a bad hire. Daly is making great improvements and positive changes and this hire didn’t work out so it’s time to cut their losses and move on.

        Look at his results, and those are only the ones you read about on SFP. The results speak for themselves and he was bad for the athletic program and bad for the school. He upset and alienated many folks. He may be a good guy, I don’t think that is in question. What is in question is his aptitude and knowledge to be an effective AD. Quite simply, he was weak and ineffective and a terrible reflection on ARHS.

        I wish the Crusaders and Daly best of luck in their AD search. Imagine the results that school could achieve athletically if they had an awesome AD to go along with Daly, who is kicking ass and taking names.

        Hopefully the new AD will have a backbone and do what is in the best interest of the school and most importantly the students. You can’t be easily manipulated in that position.


        • How does a person resign when he just painted his office and brought in personal furniture to make it more accommodating to parents and students. His ability to get the job done–snack bar refurbished, making improvements for the school and caring. He had no assistant or anyone to guide him through what was expected of him. He was hands on and took great pride in seeing things done the right way. There seems to be a total lack of respect for someone who did his job to the best of his ability. I am very dissapointed in this treatment.

          • He had a person that could guide him through the role of the AD – and that was the former AD (40+ yrs experience!) as he was still at the school last year.

    • CrusaderNation | August 19, 2012 at 5:37 PM |

      Crusaderfan what are you talking about? How was he unapproachable? He worked well with the kids and isn’t that important?

      What riff did he cause between athletics and other divisions? Yes there was a problem with band scheduling but that was due to athletic rescheduling due to a student tragedy.

      What issues should he have addressed? You seem to have some real insight here without any facts. Do you have an axe to grind?

      How did he let coaches do whatever they pleased? Aren’t there rules in the school, WCAL and CCS? if this is such widespraed knwledge how come only YOU know?

      Riordan’s name has not been smeared – its just part of the drama the school has has since the 70’s. Its not Penn State or USC or Florida. theres no scandal just drama.

      if you know all these things what did you do to correct them? Maybe you don’t know the rules or understand them.

      just watch them win this year. the tide has changed. Don’t be a hater, be a supporter!

    • CrusaderNation | August 19, 2012 at 9:46 PM |

      He didn’t get fired – he resigned, so how did he get what is coming to him?

      Last time i checked, Isola ran the athletic department for 40 years. Riordan didn’t go bad overnight and it was a series of changes at the school and just not having the horses to run. Oh wait didn’t they win hoops just a few years ago? Didn’t they win football in 2002?

      Do you really think the AD does that much with sports? The AD at every school in the WCAL is juggling a dozen sports, some more with female students and you are so misguided you think they recruit? What are you nuts?

      Imagine coming in to be the AD after someone has been there 40 years and you are starting over. I agree that sports have been in the backseat for a few yearw, but that is a school policy, not athletics. They have to be students before they can play. If you don’t have the right students your academics may be good but your sports suck.

      I just don’t know if you really know what goes on in hih school sports, but the AD is a paper administrator making sure there are uniforms, travel, coaches, compliance, insurance, student paperwork, coaching paperwork, league paperwork, CIF paperwork. What does the AD do about playing the sport, coaching the sport or pulling in students? You know recruiting is illegal in the WCAL so what are you expecting?

      Are you one of those dads living in a fantasy about you kid’s ability and if you don’t get a “scholarship” that school sucks? Stop living the dream and hit reality – high school sports aren’t college and they do the best they have with what they are getting.

      Maybe you should be AD then we can be critical of you.

      • Say what you will about Isola, but all those banners in the gym were earned under his watch, many of those as the head basketball coach during a very glorious time in Riordan history.

    • Sunset District | August 20, 2012 at 5:04 PM |

      Crusaderfan, you are not describing the Peter Russell I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know over the past 15 months. He is a humble, honest guy that seemed to go out of way to attend sporting events and take care of things that been neglected for sometime. If Riordan’s name has been smeared, IMHO Pete Russell had little or nothing to do with it.

  3. CrusaderNation | August 19, 2012 at 5:06 PM |

    Pete Russell is a good guy who tried to make a situation work. Last time I checked Pete did not play or coach and the results were due to a program that has lost its was. Pat Daly has done an excellent job and Dean ofAdmission Derek Tate has brought in a great class. Why not understand the results were guys before Daly and Russell. the class of 2016 has talent and will do damage in the WCAL. Sure they are bumps in the road, but Daly & his team are making huge gains abs quickly.

    Look at the coaches they hired last year – Rich Sweeney (football), Dave Siraguisa (soccer) and Matt Gallegos (baseball) Hey Russell hired those guys what about that?

    No i guess it is easy to be a casual observer who is friends with someone who is disgruntled and think you know the truth – you don’t. As for the problem with the transfer last year, it was a series of errors that created an unfortunate result. Will it happen again – probably not as there are new transfer rules in place for Calif.

    For me, I will be sad to see Russell leave as he is a good San Francisco kid. Riordan is moving quickly in the right direction and the alumni are quite pleased with the prospects for the future. As alumni we know that Riordan’s athletic greatness slipped not due to any one thing and its greatness will be the as it was in the 70’s – driven by students who believe, want to make a difference and work hard.

    Let’s see what you nay sayers have to say when the tide turns and the class of 2016 puts their stamp on the WCAL and brings home championships! Go Crusaders!!!!

    • Johnny Drama | August 19, 2012 at 6:21 PM |

      You may be sad to see him leave but the folks I have spoken with from Crusader Nation are ecstatic he’s gone. I would argue that Daly hired Gallegos and Sweeney, not sure about the soccer coach, but weren’t their combined records something like 3-50. If all the things you said about him were true he would stilll be there wouldn’t he.

      As you all know, I’m an SI guy and have no dog in this fight but from what I heard, Russell needed to go as he did some things this week that led to his resignation. Funny thing is, I first heard this from someone associated with SHC. I then called my buddy from Phelan and although he didn’t know specifics, he did say the alumni he knows are happy he’s gone.

      I do believe the alumni are very pleased with President Daly and the direction the school is headed. Now, since a major obstacle is no longer there, they are hopeful the athletic program will continue to improve. Just don’t hire the former Penn St AD, I believe he is looking for work.

      • CrusaderNation | August 19, 2012 at 9:16 PM |

        Johnny Drama what are you talking about? I dont know who you spoke with from alumni but that just isn’t true. If you heard abouit something this week then you do have a dog in the fight and he is giving you fleas!!!

        There are alot of speculations about ihings and i agree that creates questions. From where we sit, we think that no matter who came in after Isola (40 years baby!!!) was going to face a difficult battle. It is hard replacing someone whose name was so attached to Riordan. There were insiders who wanted their guy, others who wanted someone new and others who just didn’t have an opinion.

        What really led to his resignation was a personal choice – high is not the NFL and given he challenges maybe some insiders resented him. Who knows.

        one thing about those who gave you bad info maybe they are little cry babies who didn’t get there way, can’t be accountable in the Daly way, and just find it easy to gossip and tell fancy stories.

        We think people are worried that Riordan isn’t going to be a doormat and will rise up and kick ass.

        Even better we aren’t going to hide behind some tag name, we are who we are and we’re proud to be Riordan alum – we are THE WRECKING CREW.

        We think the next generation is there now. Sorry SH… Sorry SI times have changed.

        • CrusaderNation you seem to have strong personal feelings invested in this post. It also appears you know what really led to his resignation which makes me believe you are an insider or someone close to the former AD.

          Are you certain Mr Drama received bad info. In reading his previous posts he is an SI homer so I would think he has no ax to grind, but I can’t say for certain. Daly and Russell are both SH guys so maybe Mr Drama heard some inside info as you seem to have. Either way the AD is gone and it is pretty obvious he was in way over his head.

          • CrusaderNation | August 20, 2012 at 11:03 AM |

            Air J good to see you here – you bring back good memories with the glory years of hoops under Eagleson, Isola and Forsland. Hey you forgot 4 consecutive years of soccer chapionship under Tom Carrol.

            I am pretty sure the SI homer got bad 411, but as they say I wasnt in the room, so i couldnt swaer to it. I met Russell with his cousin SFFD a few times and he seemed ok.

            guess what i dont understand, is what did he do to you basketball divas that was so bad? i mean all the negative guys keep talking about basketball. Yes there was the error last year, but there was more to it than that. JM at SI says the paperwork is a struggle especially making sure kids are ok to play. How come the school doesnt take care of that? i mean they have to be a student right before they can play?

            i dont know, it just seems he got a raw deal because some whinners want their way. Maybe i dont know, but what i know is that there is a dog with fleas and the City boys are going to send him to the pound.

            better wash your hands.

            • All Transfer Paperwork was always handled by the Athletic Director.

              Usually in September or August.

              And if the player was not cleared to play by the CCS, the AD would not let him play and let the coach know.

              This did not happen last season.

              The Player was on the Football Roster, so the Basketball coaches assumed his transfer paperwork had been turned. So did I.

              Since the player played in some basketball games, which Riordan then had to forfeit, Riordan was not eligible to go to the CCS Playoffs last season.

              Riordan might have been able to raise another CCS Championship Banner for a Division 4 Basketball Championship.

              • let’s hope the acting and/or new AD is on top of the administrivia/paperwork to handle any transfers this year – but more importantly assist in fulfilling the vision of the athletic program to update the gym and field facilities.

      • Johnny Drama | August 20, 2012 at 7:42 PM |

        I know several almni and it is true, from their perspective, this is a very good thing. You may not think so but it is very small minded of you to say it isn’t true. Not everyone feels as you do. What is obvious is that some people liked the guy and others did not, that is the case for most people isn’t it. But the fact remains that he is gone and if he was the right fit he would not be gone. Spin it any way you want, he obviously was a bad fit for the job.

        CrusaderNation, if you truly want do help the crusader nation, quit posting man. It’s obvious a nerve was touched and you are now a rambling wreck.

        Wrecking crew…that’s cute! The only thing Riordan has wrecked in the last 5 years is their athletic department.

        This is my last post on this subject…I’m done.

        • CrusaderNation | August 20, 2012 at 8:10 PM |

          Johnny if you don’t know the Wrecking Crew yu know nothing about Riordan. We are grads from 74 to 77 who took pride in the school and what we did. Yes we played football and soccer, and yes we are all city boys. One of us works with the cousin and we just hate to see the school torn up over what is really a person and personell matter.

          Besides when we were at Riordan, we played SI tough and well sorry SH boys they were a doormat. Everything goes in cycles – look at SH just a few years ago. You just needs the guys in the school.

          We’re glad to see Daly a city kid, even a tough Irish kid who is willing to make a stand in the spirit of the Irish and believe and get the guys to believe Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

          Hey Johnny thanks for the heads up, but we got skin in the game – Dave, Pete, Matt and Sweeney are our friends. May be we’ll catch up some time at the Portals and we can talk some more.

          • Why would Johnny know anything about the Wrecking Crew.

            He is a Saint Ignatius Graduate.

            It was not mentioned much when I went to Riordan, but I have heard the term before.

            He probably has friends that attended Riordan and knows some people there now.

            Just like I know some SHC Coaches and SI Coaches. I know a few people at most of the WCAL schools, and say hello to them when I see them.

          • At least the Irish won 13-0 on October 26, 1974. Game was broadcast on KALW.

  4. Old School SH | August 19, 2012 at 9:39 PM |

    If Nancy B. wants her member schools and their people to act in a refined, classy, and dignified way, she needs to set the example herself. Yes, Pete Russell got into a beef with her office, yes he said something to a reporter he may have regretted, but move past it! Her August comments scream of some kind of “sour grapes”… Someone in her position is bound to enforce the rules fairly and uniformly… Her comments suggest that Riordan has one coming to it!

    Here’s to Riordan finding a great AD! It’s a great place and has always produced great people! Pat Daly has brought a tremendous amount of energy to the place. I heard that 20 years ago he wanted to be the AD at SHC, but they laughed at him. In a few years, those folks might look like the hoops coach who cut Michael Jordan!

    Mr. Daly sees athletics as part of the school’s “book cover” or “front door” and intends to use sports to reach current students, prospective students, and alums. This frosh class apparently includes large numbers of students from traditional SI strongholds like St. Brendan’s, St. Stephen’s and St. Cecilia’s! As another poster said, he’s kicking ass and taking names and the 2016 class will carry much of the weight in doing
    so! This class apparently includes many kids who a year or two ago would have gone to SHC too!

    • CrusaderNation | August 20, 2012 at 11:13 AM |

      Old School SH right on. Yeah the west of twin peaks came out this year and there are sour grapes. Daly doing the job with that admissions guy Tate (top baseball recruit) so who really cares about the AD. If Daly and Tate are bringing in the right boys, the coaches look better. Masoil no matter how good he is can’t throw if he has no line. Buc can’t win without talent. Siragusa showed what coaching alone can do to improve soccer ( he played for 2 of the 4 winning teams in the 70’s). Gallegos, (enough said) will produce a highly improved team this year. So it all comes down to talent.

      If they dont get in and stay in as students you dont have any tools in the toolshed.

      Hey anyone seen S Domingo? Georgetown before graduation.

      that’s uncool – kids keep your commitments no matter what some coach tells you. Chracter counts.

      • I believe S Domingo is back in SF right now, but should be heading back to G’Town very shortly. Sounds like he could be on the G’town roster this year. He should’ve just transferred to Mitty if he wanted to be Robin instead of Batman.

  5. CrusaderNation | August 20, 2012 at 9:00 AM |

    Nancy is right, the high school job is a grind.

    Its all about the compliance. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.

    We did some checking and Russell was the first full time AD in the schools history. Russells mistake was he was honest.

    Nancy is tough but the job of keeping youth sports clean is difficult.

    Soccer and basketball are the two most polluted with club, academy and travel teams trying to push kids to skip their school team and only plat club, academy and travel. Look at SD leaving SI there is a prime example of what is wrong.

    There are people on this board suggesting they know something from some insider. i doubt it. Daly runs a tight ship and if this insider knows something, which he doesn’t, action would have been taken. We have heard some things and think there are some rats on the ship. They need to go because the parents and kids who really count (hey they pay the bills) are the ones who really matter. Alumni are important but if they arent pating the bills the current customers need to be listened to.

    Its easy to go negative but Daly is working hard to build a first class academic, sports and art program with that international program. WAhy not look at what you have instead of focusing on stuff you just dont know.

    Hey Pete, were having a drink for you today at lunch.

    Good luck to you in whatever you do.

    • I’m shaking my head about last year’s transfer fiasco…especially if Russell was a full-time AD. Wasn’t the student playing football last year? Though it was a good time for Isola to retire, he did run a solid program for many years at the same time being a full-time teacher.

      • and Ron Isola was always on top of the Transfer Paperwork, when Riordan got a transfer.

        Last year is the first time I every had to get involved in transfer paperwork.

        • why would you need to be involved.? again, struggling to understand what russell really did last year.

        • CrusaderNation | August 20, 2012 at 3:09 PM |

          Why did you get involved?

          Didn’t the principal and the AD handle this? I think you some guy that wanted the job and Russell got it.

          Why don’t you just stop the nonsense and realize people are human and make mistakes. i give you had my kid been playing maybe i would be more pissed, but Riordan has always done better with a chip on the shoulder.

          Well the good news is this chapter is closed and you excuse mongers will have to look for something new.

          Maybe that big whinny pants over there telling tales will run out of hot air and just be quiet.

          What’s the next scandal – Ron Isola is getting preferential tee times.

          Support the cause!

        • Sunset District | August 20, 2012 at 4:55 PM |

          ARHS Stats, if you are an insider perhaps you should not be posting on this subject. Mr. Isola and Mr. Russell put a trust in you, and with this post on transfer paper work you have failed to uphold your end of the deal. If you are an insider than you had an allegiance to Ron Isola and no matter who took the position you would be speaking out against. If you are an insider, perhaps your time at Riordan should be limited as well.

          • Nothing I posted is inside information. Read What I Said.

            Some of the other comment’s that are against Mr. Russell are either true or partially true.

            And some of the comment’s that are for Mr. Russell are either true or partially true.

            • Sunset District | August 22, 2012 at 3:38 PM |

              ARHS Stats, what others say on this thread is, at best, a guestimation. When you speak it is as an insider, and one with an alliegance to Ron Isola and you have talked about specific events and circumstances. You should not be on this thread at all. When you realize you are in a whole, the best thing to do is to stop digging; my suggestion to you is to cease and desist from further comments.

        • CrusaderNation | August 21, 2012 at 2:02 PM |

          It just hit me – I am so disappointed.


          Who else knows????

          • Who else knows who he is? It’s not hard to figure out and he doesn’t shy away from it.

            • CrusaderNation | August 21, 2012 at 3:07 PM |

              Thanks for confirming my worst fears – ARHS STATS is a Riordam employee.

              How do you face Daly and look him in the eye?

              I am just sick.

              • Aaah the jig is up!
                I thought it was pretty obvious, but then there’s a reason why such truisms exist: that the truth will always surface, (and back-stabbers will be revealed).
                There is a dog in the house, and he does have fleas, and there is a member of the Crusader TEAM that puts the I in the team, that cares more about themself than the student body they were hired to instruct and inspire. Whatsmore they openly acknowledge it in a PUBLIC forum one that any future AD has access to, as well as Daly.

                Anyone send Daly this lik yet?

                They say change is slow, but ARHS STATS can’t seem to realize that Isola isn’t coming back, and if they continue to look backwards, they will inevitably trip and fall, painfully! But then what AD would take on this job, with the flea infested dog still in the house?

                Hhhm ….is ARHS STATS really on the Crusader side…?
                Or on their own side?

              • CrusaderNation | August 23, 2012 at 8:49 AM |

                the truth is Pete Russell resigned. There were people who did not like him and did not support the cause. There are people who are upset by the basketball paperwork mistake, and without all the facts, who really knows what the truth is?

                The problem with this board is that people who have had access to inside knowledge, Daly’s trust and are charged with doing the best for the Crusaders were really off on their petty rant.

                What i will say is that you the disgruntled, get over it or get out. There is still a mess there because with change comes accountability and Daly wants winners. Those of you who have your own agenda, want your way, stop. There is one voice, Pat Daly and he has a plan to bring Riordan back.

                Why aren’t you talking about Masoli, Mulligan and the rest of the football team? These are hard working kids that WANT to make a difference.

                We figure there are about 10,000 Riordan grads (how many are on the City payroll?) and less than 20 people have commented about this incident.

                So all yiou insiders who want to air dirty laundry, think you know something, think you are someone, all you are is a disgruntled whinner. Be part of the solution or part of the problem.

                Problem solved.

              • They’re not talking about Mulligan and Masoli because this story isn’t about them. It is about Pete Russell resigning. I’d go to the Riordan football preview for that discussion.

  6. I don’t think Michael Jordan was really cut. He was placed on the JV team when he was a sophomore. It’s like saying Trevor Dunbar was cut from JV and varsity as a freshman. He wasn’t cut; he was placed on the freshman team. On a side note, I read an article that the coach who “cut” Jordan is living in poverty and MJ hasn’t talked to him in almost 20 years. MJ is worth a billion dollars and he can’t even help the guy out, because he has some sort of grudge against him for not placing him on varsity. His HOF speech was embarassing too.

    • CrusaderNation | August 20, 2012 at 11:39 AM |

      JJ you’re right MJ was cut his soph year from varsity but played JV. He was only 5’11”. MJ is worth $500 according to Forbes.

      Can I ask, did Russell coach or poison the water or takeaway bsketballs from the basketball team? Seems like the negative voices are from the land of hoops.

      I would have thought football or baseball guys, but hoops….

      Its high school, not the SEC, PAC 16

      • Sounds like he poisoned the entire ocean………again, there is a reason he is no longer AD.

        • CrusaderNation | August 20, 2012 at 3:39 PM |

          No he didn’t poison the ebtire ocean – just the basketball pool. Maybe the basketball people wanna keep stomping their feet. Get over it. Russell left on his own by his own choice.

          Support the cause and get behind Riordaan and the students. The students are the ones who need support, not whinny coaches and hanger ons.

          Support the cause!

    • It was all there in Sports Illustrated about 6 months ago. JJ is right about Michael, he was not cut, but placed on the JV’s. Michael threw that coach totally under the bus.

  7. Too much drama from everybody!
    If you’re a Crusader – get busy being a TEAM MEMBER 150%
    It’s the current student body you need to worry about and get behind – 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 – what are you doing for them?
    Alumni, stop raking the muck – compete on an even playing field, since the real tally will be seen in the results of the successes won by any student body, both athletically and academically!

    As for the scenario of filling the position of a retired 40year (fill in any title) Director, a daunting task. Potentially an impossible one, certainly if any remaining members of the TEAM have forgotten that there is no “I” in team. If any have, you’ve done your family, your team your reputation and your student body a huge disservice! Search your souls. What have you done!

    Pete Russell, GOOD LUCK! I wish you the best.

    • CrusaderNation | August 20, 2012 at 2:59 PM |

      Right on! I could not agree with you more. Let’s get out there and support the teams, the coaches, the student body.

      You basketball divas, stop it. People who lve in glass house should not throw stones.

      Stop the crap, support your school.

      • CrusaderNation, am I missing something? Why the hate on the basketball pool? I sure would be upset if my son devoted his 4 years (+ my tuition $$s)to the Crusader hoops program only to see his sr year squandered by paperwork whose responsibility was of the AD. He had Isola the first half of the year, you’d think he’d run it by him to ensure everything went thru correctly.

        • CrusaderNation | August 20, 2012 at 7:36 PM |

          Hey no hate intended, but all the negatives were basketball people. You are right if my son played hoops and had dreams i guess i would be upset – sort of. I think these people just have an axe to grind with Tussell. If they were really involved with basketball they would know college coaches are talking to AAU coaches, not school coaches. That is one of the problems with the youth sports system – just look at the Domingo mess for proof that the system is broken.

          Anyway when the real truth comes out and it will some day, maybe the haters will be kicking themselves for starting this up in the first place. All i know is AD gone, basketball involved and it is FOOTBALL season. Why aren’t you talking about Masoli?

          Hey Zach, have a great year!!!

          • Crusader Nation, the negatives from the basketball people was because the basketball team was the team that was punished through an “administration error.” Maybe if you looked at all of the banners on the Crusader Forum wall, including the STATE championship banner, you’d see that basketball is what put Crusader athletics on the map, as there are WCAL and CCS championships from every decade. All of the alumni (including me) know that hoops has always been a great Crusader tradition and a big source of pride. Don’t get me wrong as I love football too. My senior year we beat De La Salle and Coach Ladoceur back in the day, but maybe if you knew Crusader basketball history you would understand the disappointment and frustration from the hoops fans.
            I do agree that the past is the past, and it’s time to move on. Good things are happening at the school with Daly, the students, teachers, coaches and alumni. Despite the recent losing on the field, the Crusaders still have the best spirit and support in the WCAL.
            Go Riordan!

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