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Game of the day – Lowell vs. Terra Linda football: For the second season in a row, Lowell kicks off a week before every other City squad and will hope to replicate the results of last year’s last-minute win over Bret Harte. Terra Linda went 3-7 last season. For live updates on this game, follow us on Twitter at:

Non-league football
Terra Linda (San Rafael) 32, Lowell 8

Non-league boys soccer
University 1, Cardinal Newman (Santa Rosa) 0
Drew 7, Contra Costa Christian (Walnut Creek) 0
Mission 2, Redwood (Larkspur) 1
Bay 1, International 1
Branson (Ross) 2, Gateway 0

Non-league girls volleyball
Drew 3, International 0 (25-20, 25-23, 25-19)
Galileo @ ICA, 5 p.m.

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10 Comments on "Friday Scoreboard"

  1. Ahhhh, new season, new fresh cut grass, new shiny helmets, and a AAA team that went for the 2 pt conversion instead of kicking the PAT. Yup, AAA, football is here again.

  2. Or four safeties.

  3. Regardless on how they scored, I think it’s an embarassing loss to start off the season in the home opener for the Cardinal on a beautiful day. I think Lowell needs to try a different offense because 8 points isn’t gonna cut it. I didn’t go to the game, but I assume Lowell kept running the same plays and they got stuffed almost every time.

    • Not an assumption JJ. Most AAA teams run only 3 plays. Dive, toss, or trap. I would say they should run 15 HB passes off the HB toss or sweep since the other team’s DBs and safeties are cheating to the line of scrimmage since they dont respect AAA passing game. Except maybe Galileo who throws more than they do run. But not too confident even in the HB pass since none of their players can probably throw the ball more than 20 yards down field.

      • Your statement about AAA teams only running three plays is patently false.

        Galileo is actually going to shift from the spread to a pro-style offense. Washington will also employ a pro-style offense this year. Balboa will run the spread again, as will Marshall. I’m not sure about Lincoln, but all they did was throw when I was at practice last week, and they have a new assistant coach, who ran the spread at Galileo last season. As for Mission, I’m not entirely sure what they will run this season with McFarland in the backfield.

        Lowell is the only AAA school that your statement is close to . They are regimented in their double-wing system, but they also had single-wing looks today and ran two halfback toss passes that grazed off the receiver’s fingertips. Both would have went for touchdowns with better timing.

  4. How did they look SHC look, Ari?

  5. Jon Goldsmith | August 26, 2012 at 8:15 AM |

    In the early 2000’s, Lowell used to dominate opponents in the AAA with that “simple offense”….what happened?

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